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Lexi turned towards Ellen, Ash and Jo. "I don´t mean to be rude but could you give us some privacy please?" Ellen and Ash nodded and started heading to the storage room which was located in the very back of the roadhouse. Jo however didn´t move an inch and remained in the same spot with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Jo, please. We have some hunter business to discuss." Xander pleaded.

"My Dad was a hunter, I know all about the business. Why can´t I hear what she has to say?" Jo demanded.

"Yes, he was a hunter but you are not. Now go." Lexi snapped but Jo didn´t move. Ellen and Ash had returned to get Jo. "Joanna Beth, you heard her. Come on. NOW!" Ellen ordered. She had known Lexi for years and knew that if she made requests like that, she had damn good reasons to do so.

"Mom, I can´t believe the blind faith you have in her. This is our bar and whatever she has to say to the Winchesters, she can say in front of us."Jo yelled at her mother. She then turned back towards Lexi. "Stop treating me like a little girl. The only reason why I don´t hunt is because my Mom doesn´t let me. I know a lot about hunting and I can fight, too." Ellen was furious and just about to drag her daughter into the storage room by force but Lexi stopped her.

"So you think you´ve got what it takes to be a hunter?" Lexi rested her hands on her hips.

"Yes." Jo replied with a firm voice and glared at her.

"Prove it." Lexi demanded.

Xander knew to well what his sister had planned. "Cmon Lexi, just leave it." He pleaded but she just shook her head. "Stay out of this Xander. You heard her yourself and now she has the chance to prove it to all of us."

Dean and Sam were speechless. Sam was about to try and reason with Lexi but Dean held him back, he remembered to well what happened the last time someone pissed her off. Besides he knew where she was going with all this.

"This is your chance to prove it. If you´re so convinced of yourself then it should be no problem for you to take me down. Hit me with your best shot, little girl." Lexi said in a mocking voice which made Jo furious.

Who the hell does she think she is? I´m going to prove that arrogant bitch that I´m just as good as her, Jo thought and got ready to attack.

She started off by throwing punches but Lexi blocked them all easily. Jo then attempted to righthook her but Lexi got hold of her fist and painfully twisted her arm to her back. In a desperate attempt to free herself, Jo swung her elbow at Lexi but she got hold of it aswell. Lexi pinned her to a wall without letting go of Jo´s arms which were still twisted onto her back.

"I´m wearing 3 inch high heels and am wounded from a previous job and yet you didn´t even manage to land a single punch. What makes you think you can handle demons, vampires or any other evil sons of bitches? " Lexi said and let go off her. Jo just stomped away without saying another word.

"I´m sorry Ellen." Lexi apologized.

"No, don´t be. She needed that." With that Ellen and Ash walked back to the storage room.

"Was it really necessary to humiliate her?" Xander was noticeably upset at his sisters behaviour.

"You know as well as I do how damn stubborn that girl can be. I feel bad but it was the right thing to do. Amateur hunters are not only a danger to themselves but also to others. Just remember those idiots Ed and Harry." Lexi explained and then turned her attention towards the Winchesters.

"Back to business. I assume Sam was born in 1983 and that your mother was killed when he turned 6 months old? Slashed abdomen, pinned to the ceiling and afterwards burned to ashes?"

Sam was stunned. How did she know that all that? Both Winchesters exchanged confused glances.

"How do you all know that? Are you and Xander..." Dean began to say.

"No, we´re not like Sam. Xander and me were born in 1981. Our babysister however was just like Sam and our mother died the same way as yours." Lexi cut him off.

"Was like me?" Sam asked.

"She was killed in a car accident a few years ago." Xander answered.

"You seem to know a hell of a lot more about him than we do. That demon you said you were tracking in Idaho, was that him?" Dean concluded.

"Let´s just say we had some time to bond and yes that was him." Dean and Sam were now even more confused at her answer. She took off her blazer to reveal numerous cuts and bruises all over her now bare arms. Lexi then lifted up her top to show them the huge gash across her abdomen.

"Oh my god." Dean and Sam said in unison.

Lexi pulled her top back down and put on her blazer. She went behind the bar and poured herself another glass of Jack Daniels.

"Believe me, Azazel is one powerful demon. Even holy water won´t do him any harm. However I came across something that could kill him." Lexi explained and downed her shot in one go.

"Word has it that a hunter by the name of Samuel Colt made a gun that can kill anything. Lexi and me have been looking for it but we haven´t managed to find it. At least not yet." Xander continued.

"I´ve been working on a computer programme that will detect any of the signs that indicate Azazels presence. I was hoping that Ash could help me with it. Speaking of him, I´ll go get him." She went to the storage room to get Ellen and Ash and returned 2 minutes later.

They all moved from the barcounter to a bigger table and sat down. Lexi got her laptop and the journal she´s been keeping on Azazel out.

"Can I take a look at it?" Sam asked and pointed at her journal. She nodded and passed it over to him. Ash had returned from his room with his selfmade laptop clutched under his arm.

Lexi let out a small laugh as he placed the laptop beside hers. "You still have that thing?"

"Why wouldn´t I?" Ash smiled and put an arm around her.

"We built it years ago when we were still at MIT." Ash explained as he saw Dean and Sam looking confused at them.

"MIT? You went to MIT?" Sam asked.

"Yes, that technology school. You know it?"

"Of course." Sam replied.

"Anyways, I had a full scholarship but was kicked out for fighting." Ash explained.

"Yes because of all the people there, you had to hit Jack. I could have handled him myself."

"He called you a slut. Was I just supposed to stand there and tolerate that?"

Lexi was touched and gave Ash a peck on the cheek. "It was a sweet thing to do but also very dumb."

Dean watched their conversation intently and jealoucy took over him. "Could we get back to Azazel please?" he snapped, which earned him a glare from Sam.

"This journal is amaizing." Sam complimented Lexi as he handed it back to her.

Lexi filled Ash in on the programme she had been working on and handed all her notes to him. "It´s pretty much finished and I was hoping that you could give it a personal once over. Maybe you could improve it by using the Winchesters journal." She suggested and he nodded.

Lexi excused herself and went to the bar where Ellen was cleaning up. "Can I have a Gin and Tonic please?"

"Sure, hon." she replied.

Lexi looked around and saw a folder beside the bars stereo. "Hey Ellen, what´s in that folder?" She asked curiously. Ellen got the folder and handed it to her. "Killings in Wisconsin, apparently there´s a killer clown on the loose. Wanna have the case?"

Lexi opened the folder an scanned through it. "Sounds interesting, why not."

"Hey, what the hell are you doing with my folder?" Jo asked angrily. "I gave it to her. Xander and her will handle the case." Ellen glared at her daughter and Jo knew right away that it would be better to shut up. She glared at Lexi and walked over to the boys. I´ll flirt with Dean that will sure piss her off, Jo thought and grinned. She sat down next to Dean and moved closer to him. They got talking and he responded to her flirting. Lexi returned to the table and wasn´t pleased to see Jo making her moves on Dean. She simply ignored them since she knew that Jo wanted her to react all jealous and make a scene.

"Hey Xander, I got us a case. Killer clowns in Wisconsin. What do you say?" She grinned at him.

"I don´t know Lex. You promised me you wouldn´t hunt for another week."

"I know but cmon, I´m itching for a hunt and besides my wounds have scabbed over already. I´m almost as good as new." She put on her puppy dog eyes.

"Okay." He eventually agreed.

Lexi smiled at her brother and then turned to Ash. "Hey Ash, how long will you need for the programme?"

"Hmmm, give me 51 hours." He replied and smiled.

"Ok. Would you mind if I get changed in your room. These highheels are killing me."

"Why do you wear them then?" Ash asked.

"Duh, they make me look good." She grinned. As if to prove her point, she walked away swaying her hips seductively. Ash whistled while Dean smirked at the sight of her backside.

"Dean?" Jo asked, tyring to gain Deans attention again.

"Hmmm, did you say something?" he asked absentminded.

"She seems to be holding up ok." Sam said to Xander as his sister walked out the door.

"It looks like that but I know she´s not. She hasn´t really talked to me about it and she´s been quite detached the past few days. Physically she´s ok but it´s her emotional state I worry about." Xander explained. Maybe I should ask them to tag along. Dean seems to make her happy and he might be able to help her cope, he thought.

Meanwhile Jo had gone back behind the bar to help her mother. Flirting with Dean was useless while Lexi was around since he only seemed to have eyes for her.

"Hey Xand, if you need some help with the hunt Sam and me could help you out. It´s no use to sit around and wait until Ash has finished the programme anyways."

"Yeah, why not." Dean was suprised at Xanders response.

Lexi returned with her duffle bag and went straight into Ash´s room. 5 minutes later she exited wearing straight cut low rise jeans, a Led Zeppelin shirt, a grey cardigan and black flats.

"Let´s go Xand." She was suprised to see Dean and Sam get up aswell.

"The boys are coming with us." Xander explained. His sister cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What are you waiting for then? Let´s go." She said and smiled at Ash. "See you in two days." Ash stood up and pulled her into a hug.

The four hunters said their goodbyes and left the roadhouse. "Lex, maybe you should let Dean drive. You had quite a lot to drink." Xander suggested. "Is that ok with you Dean?"he asked and Dean nodded. He fished the keys for the Impala out of his pocket and tossed them to Sam.

"Seriously, I´m fine. No need for you to drive." Lexi told Dean. He put an arm around her shoulders and guided her to her car. "I don´t take no for answer." He gave her a cheeky smile as he opened the passengers door for her.

2 minutes later they headed for Wisconsin.