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Emmett McCarthy is an assassin. However, his cover job is as an agent in a people protection program. What will happen when he assigned to kill the same person he is assigned ton protect… a.k.a. Rosalie Hale.

Character Relations:

Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Alice Hale & Edward Cullen… father, mother, daughter & son

Emmett McCarthy & Bella Cullen… brother & sister

Jasper Hale & Rosalie Hale… brother and sister

Edward Cullen & Emmett McCarthy… best friends

Alice Hale & Bella Cullen… best friends

Jasper Hale & Alice Hale… husband & wife

Edward Cullen & Bella Cullen… husband & wife

Character Descriptions:

Carlisle Cullen: tall, blond hair, gray eyes. Fatherly, smart.

Esme Cullen: average height, brownish hair, green eyes. Very motherly, very kind.

Alice Hale: short, dark hair, gray/green eyes. Can usually tell what is happening, loves shopping.

Edward Cullen: tall, bronze/brown hair, green eyes. Is very aware of the thoughts of others, loves music.

Emmett McCarthy: tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Very muscular, he is also kind.

Bella Cullen: short/average height, brown hair, brown eyes. Very clumsy, loved by everyone.

Jasper Hale: average/tall height, blond, green/blue eyes. Cares about how people feel, deeply concerned for well being of his sister.

Rosalie Hale: average/tall height, blond, blue eyes. Can be rude, but she loves little kids.


Carlisle: doctor

Esme: teacher

Alice: model

Edward: lawyer

Emmett: he is an assassin, but nobody knows. Instead, everybody thinks that his real job is the cover job he has, an agent in a people protection program.

Bella: author

Jasper: therapist

Rosalie: singer/actress. The reason she needs protecting is because her ex wants her dead and nobody else does… especially her fans.


Carlisle: 48

Esme: 46

Alice: 23

Edward: 26

Emmett: 26

Bella: 23

Jasper: 24

Rosalie: 24