-Family Heirloom –

Chapter one- Awakening


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"Alright... Does everyone have a slip now?" asked Sarutobi in front of the crowed of tired and rather worse off genin, "then starting at the left, each of you read the number written on your slip out loud."

"I have 8," said Dosu,

"I have 1. What does that mean?" asked Naruto. A few people chuckled.

"7," sighed Temari.

"5," said Kankuro in the same fashion as his sister.

"3," said Gaara, expressionless as always.

"I have 9," mumbled Shikamaru.

"2," said Neji, acting sooo cool.

"6," said Shino also expressionless.

"So Uchiha will be the 4th" Ibiki said, writing on his clipboard "Good, and now I will reveal...the match order for the finals!"

"What!" exclaimed many people including loud mouth Naruto.

"So that's what the drawing was for." Shikamaru sighed, wondering who he'd be up against.

"Well, Ibiki, show them the pairings" said Sarutobi. Ibiki slowly turned his clipboard toward the ninjas; there you could see 9 names paired in grouped in twos, except for Shikamaru.

Naruto U. vs. Neji H.

Neji right off the bat, thought Naruto in a sense of inner joy, perfect,. I'll beat him for you Hinata, and make him pay for what he did.

Gaara vs. Sasuke's U. Many people gasped already anticipating the match, visualising a dead Sasuke.

Kankuro vs. Shino A. Kankuro smirked; this would be too easy.

Shikamaru N. vs. Dosu.

Great, sound boy, Shikamaru thought.

Shikamaru N. vs. Temari. "What a drag. I have to do two matches," mumbled Shikamaru disappointed already finding it too much work to do one match.

"Now then... It's time for you to go plan for your battle, come up with new moves , rest up or do whatever you please. We're all finished here, see you in a month, get out." With that Sarutobi and all the genin and jonin left the arena filled with craters, not to meet again for another month.

I need to ask Master Kakashi for some more training, thought Naruto after the group of chunin hopefuls left in a scramble. "Hey Sakura, where's Master Kakashi!" screamed Naruto. "He's... probably with Sasuke at the hospital," Sakura responded.

Naruto took off toward the Konaha hospital, determined to beat Sasuke to Kakashi for training.

"Hey, where's Sasuke's room?" asked Naruto standing on top of the counter.

"Visiting hours are over," the secretary said calmly despite the boy standing on the counter in front of her.

"But why!"

"Naruto, you're in a hospital," said Kakashi. "Shut up."

"Oh, Master Kakashi, I need a favour..." Naruto was cut off midsentence by Kakashi.

"Stop right there... I already know what you're about to ask so, I've found someone to oversee your training." Kakashi said in a cheerful tone

"Huh? I wanted you to train me, Kakashi sensei," sighed Naruto, sounding disappointed.

Kakashi Shifted where he stood. "...I've got other things going on... I wouldn't be able to give you my full attention," Kakashi said, feeling bad for the blond.

"Let me guess, you're too busy training Sasuke, right?" mumbled Naruto.

"Now, now, don't be jealous, I found you an even better teacher then me," Kakashi said. "Anyway, Sasuke has a certain set of skills that makes him a perfect student for me." He sounded exited, hoping to cheer up the boy... unsuccessfully.

"Who is it?" Naruto grunted, upset by the turnout of this. It worked better in his head beforehand.

At precisely at right moment a thin man dressed in black emerged from around the corner. "It is I," said Ebisu.

"Hey! You're that closet perv!" Naruto said, jokingly, pointing him finger at Ebisu.

"Master Ebisu, a closet perv?" said Kakashi, confused by Naruto's reaction.

"Why would you choose such a loser to be my trainer, I mean he's even weaker than me! Come on! One time he even fell for my ninja harem jutsu technique, and he—." Naruto was cut off by Ebisu putting him in a headlock. "Hey, don't say it!" said Ebisu who was blushing. "I'll treat you to whatever you want later, so don't say anything more about it, OK!" Ebisu whispered into Naruto's ear.

"... Wow. I didn't know you two already knew each other..."said Kakashi, still confused by the scene unfolding in front of him. He shifted and leaned again the wall, eager to get back to his star pupil.

"Well, we best be off then!" Ebisu said nervously.

"Where are we going?"asked Naruto.

"You'll see," Ebisu responded, eager to leave before Naruto said anything more incriminating. Before they could leave, Kakashi gave Naruto a small pep talk. "Now Naruto, Master Ebisu is an exclusive private tutor who teaches the elite... he's a special jonin! He's a better teacher then me, I promise,"

"Ya, ya I won't believe till I see It, and besides, doesn't saying that he's a special jonin mean he wasn't good enough to be a real one?" said Naruto.

"Now, now, Lighten up and have fun." Kakashi finished off with his weird eye smile thing.

Ebisu took Naruto on a walk to the local hot springs, attempting to explain the point of chakra control on the way. As Naruto walked in, he got a peek in at the woman's bath; by the time Ebisu noticed, Naruto all slack jaw.

"Wha…? H-hey N-Naruto, that's the woman's bath!" Ebisu exclaimed. "I will not permit any disreputable behaviour!" He proceeded to hit Naruto in the head. Why does everyone hit me on the head, Naruto thought. Sakura, now Ebisu?

"You're the one who's the closet perv" Naruto said under his breath. "What, do we have to take a bath before we can start training?"

"No, this is where we're going to train." Ebisu ushered Naruto into the Mens side of the hot springs.

"Wha… what do you mean we're gonna train here?" asked Naruto

"Think, what you can do in a hot spring in terms of training?"Asked Ebisu.
"Ummmm...I don't know, learn how to control water I guess…" responded Naruto, still drawing a blank.

"We're going," Ebisu said, "to walk on water"

"Rather than explaining it," Ebisu continued, "I'll just show you." Ebisu started walking toward the water, and when he reached it, instead of walking into it, he stepped on it as if it was a solid surface. When he had reached the middle of the hot spring he turned and looked at Naruto with a smug expression. "Now I want to see you do this." If a closet perv can do it, so that means the next Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki can do it as well, thought Naruto. "SO COOL! Let me try, let me try!" Naruto begged

"Just don't expect to get it the first time"

And he didn't….

As Naruto would build up his chakra he would either have too much or too little, so he would fly a hundred feet away or fall into the boiling water below. But after many tries he started to get the hang of it, and he was doing like a half-in, half-out thing. But just as Ebisu was just about to comment on Naruto's progress, he heard a man giggling like a school girl.

Whipping his head around, he saw the source of the laughter: a man with white hair peeking in on the women's bath. Outraged, Ebisu took off toward the uber perv shouting, "I will not stand disreputable behaviour!" Faster then most people could see, the man turned around and a frog came out of nowhere, smacking into Ebisu, and knocked him out all in the blink of an eye. All Ebisu could say was "You're…" then he was unconscious.

Naruto could only stare. "Well great, I have to train for the chunin exams, and you super perv knocked out my closet perv sensei! Now who's gonna train me?" Naruto pouted thinking about how his situation was worsening by the second.

"I don't know and I don't care!" said the super perv, turning his back to Naruto and started walking toward the exit. Well great, he's a stubborn super perv, thought Naruto before starting laughing, on the inside at least.

"You're the one who knocked him out so it's your job to train me!" Naruto exclaimed. The super perv stopped mid step and thought a second. "You sure do talk a lot," the super perv responded. "How about I say...NO." His tone was firm. "Now let me finish my research... if there are any girls left," he said under his breath.

Now Naruto was getting annoyed. "WHAT! Looking at girls in the bath is REASEARCH?" Naruto Made quite a scene, causing himself to lose concentration in the process and falling into the scolding water below.

"Quiet, quiet, I don't want them to hear you," the super perv whispered, "and anyway, what's in it for me? You're just another snot nosed brat wanting training! What makes you so different?"

Well, Naruto thought, seeing as how he's such a HUGE perv, this should work. "Sexy jutsu!" Naruto preformed his jutsu that he made up to be an ultimate attack to knock out most men with its vulgarness, except it doesn't work on perv's like him, it does quiet the opposite. Naruto disappeared in a puff of smoke, when the smoke cleared he had turned to a too familiar girl that Naruto had copied from a magazine.

The old perv's face went from a confused expression, to a look of complete joy and lunged forward at Naruto surprised, when he hit a real body instead of an illusion, and instead of a bloody nose like normal he started drooling. That's not a normal reaction, thought Naruto. "Now will you train me?" asked Naruto in a sexy, cunning voice.

"YES, YES! But on one condition." The old perv's face was now in an evil happy expression.

"Ok, what is it?" Naruto asked, not expecting anything good.

"... You have to stay like that the whole time."

Naruto reappeared with his arms crossed, frowning. What more could I expect from a old perv? thought Naruto. "OK, here's the deal: I'll do it once in awhile."

"Fine, but even I can tell that was more then a simple illusion. It was a true physical transfer that's like a Kage level transformation jutsu. I cant even do that! I'm impressed; I'd like to see what other tricks you have up your sleeve." The perv smiled. "So, what's your name, kid?"

"Uzumaki, Naruto!" said Naruto giving him a thumbs up. Surprised about what hed said. Kage level! I just thought that's what everyone did; I just looked at what everyone did and copied it since nobody would show me how it was really done. No it couldn't be could it? The old perv asked himself. "Meet me at the falls tomorrow morning at 8, ok kid?"

"Ok, but I never got your name" asked Naruto, trying to get a little info about this old perv, so a first name basis seemed like a good place to start.

"I am the toad sage! Jiraya!" And with that, the old perv got into his battle stance similar to the hyuga style and did a toothy smile, then went back to casual stance and walked out of the springs looking like he'd found his long lost twin, and with a wave he was gone... but Naruto was getting hungry, so he started the short walk from the hot springs to the Ichiraku ramen shop.

"Can I have one bowl of ramen please?" Naruto asked the man behind the counter at the ramen shop.

"I'll have the same," said a mysterious, yet familiar voice. "Iruka sensei!" Naruto yelled in a tone of delight, happy to see his old sensei.

"I heard you got trough to the 3rd part of the chunin exams" said Iruka between bites. "I'm proud of you; have another bowl on me."

"Thanks, Iruka sensei!"

The next morning Naruto got up and decided to go check up on Hinata who was in the hospital. When he got permission to go see Hinata from the secretary—who reminded him to be quiet—he headed toward her room. On his way in he passed a very cold looking Hiashi. Naruto hadn't expected Hinata to be awake after yesterday, but to his surprise she was.

As Naruto walked in Hinata turned to a bright red, which was not unusual for when Naruto was near her. "Hey Hinata, glad to see your awake," Naruto said putting his hands behind his head and giving her a toothy grin.

"N-Naruto what are you doing h-here."Hinata muttered. She squirmed under Naruto's stare.

"I just wanted to see how your doing and all," Naruto replied. "Glad to see your awake." Naruto moved to sit at the foot of her hospital bed.

"R-really." Hinata was suddenly ecstatic her most precious person came to visit her and she was brimming on fainting just from that comment.

"So how you feeling?" Naruto was kind of taken aback by the mood suddenly changing.

"G-good, I guess, considering how I was beforehand. Glad I woke u-up when you came" Hinata mumbled then shot Naruto a weak smile.

"Ya, I'll say. I like you more awake opposed to when your passed out anyways." said Naruto not realizing what he'd said before, ironically, Hinata passed out.

Seeing that as a sign to leave he started his journey toward the falls to meet Jiraya, who wasearly, the opposite to Kakashi. But as he got closer he noticed that he was early so he could get some peeping in before he started training.

Naruto took the chance to embarrass him by screaming, "Hey, what the hell do you think your doing?" It worked even better then he thought!

Jiraya just about jumped out of his skin, turning around with his eyebrow twitching and his finger up to his mouth, the rightfully named pervy sage. "SHHHH, you'll scare away the view!" Wise words from a pervert, Naruto thought to himself trying to contain his laughter.

"Come on, let's start training already," Naruto demanded, stomping his foot on the ground.

"Look, now they're leaving!" Jiraya pouted, "OK, what I'm about to show you is so unbelievably awesome, so cool, it practically is what gives me the name Toad sage." The old perv loves to get the blond all excited, its just hilarious to see his reaction.

"Show me, show me, show me!" Naruto squealed, so excited that he would be able to show off his new move to Sasuke, Naruto was practically bursting at the seams with excitement.

"Not so fast, squirt! You have to get that walking on water thing down first—its essential to this new move I will show you." Naruto sighed and dropped his head in disappointment.

"Well, might as well get dressed for the part, seeing as I'm gonna get wet. I brought my bathing suit cause I thought you where gonna teach me the same old crap that the closet perv could do." Naruto started taking his clothes off and the old perv's face skewed up.

"What I petite little body you have." Then he burst out laughing, Naruto was not equally pleased and said disapprovingly, "Shut up you old perv!" and hit him on the head.

"I'm just playin' with ya, now give it a try!" Jiraya said, still wiping tears from his eyes, Naruto did as he was told, building up his chakra and walking toward the water; but he ended up in a half, half situation again, so when he fell in a few seconds later he was noticeably frustrated at still not being able to do it. "Hey, squirt, I think I know what's wrong, come here." Jiraya asked Naruto to build up his chakra facing him this time, and his suspicions were confirmed: when the Kyubi's seal appeared, there was Orchimarus' 5 prong seal, disturbing Naruto's chakra flow—something Jiraya could rectify.

Naruto had his eyes closed concentrating, so Jiraya took this as a chance to reverse the seal. Each one of Jiraya fingers on his right hand lit up, and he smashed his hand into Naruto's stomach, sending him flying backwards. "What the hell did you do that for?" Naruto asked, fuming.

"Never mind that now, try it again." Jiraya said, chuckling again. Naruto snorted, but did as he was told; but to his surprise, instead of falling in again, he walked on top just as Ebisu had done the previous day. Shocked ,he started jumping up and down giving Jiraya a toothy grin, so happy to finally be able to walk on water.

"What did you do!" Naruto asked bringing his jumping to a halt.

"It's a secret," Jiraya said, smiling with the blond, figuring it wouldn't make a difference to explain to him; usually Naruto would have pressed for details but, just gave him a shrug and lost his concentration and fell in.

Naruto emerged from the water smiling. Jiraya, chuckling on the shore, got up, and helped naruto our of the water. He handed him a towel and asked if he wanted to go for ramen for lunch to celebrate.

Naruto's smile slipped as he he dried himself off, he thought if this what having a dad was like, having fun and working together. Naruto felt all that emotion swelling up threatening to come out as he started to realize what having a family was like. Not having it his whole life, he didn't know what it was like to have someone to look up to, someone to hold precious to him.. "Sure, pervy sage." Naruto said while putting his clothes back on.

After Jiraya tricked Naruto into buying both his and Naruto's ramen, and after saying his goodbyes to Jiraya, and both agreeing to meet late in the day, he went home thinking how he'd go see Hinata in the morning and see how she's feeling.

Naruto walked into Hinata's hospital room, he saw that she was asleep, her face blank, expressionless; Naruto stood there watching her sleep. "You changed her, Naruto," said a voice from behind Naruto. "Hi, Kurenai-sensei," Naruto said, lost in his thoughts. "What do you mean?"

"She's always been watching you Naruto; she always respected you. Just you cheering for her gave her confidence the to fight," Kurenai explained. "You've inspired her to be a better person." She walked up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder, both of them smiling as they watched Hinata.

Naruto didn't respond; he just stood there, watching, wishing she would wake up so he could tell her how he felt. Hinata really cared about me, Naruto thought to himself. I wish I would have realized sooner before all this, before she got hurt. Not being able to stand there anymore he left to go meet Jiraya hoping training would bring up the spirit of the day. And maybe he could get this killer move down.

"Hey, why you hiding behind that bush you old perv, what you doing, peeping?" Naruto screamed to a man hiding behind a bush, looking at a few girls playing in the river a few meters away, and with a few muffled screams and a couple splashes they where gone, followed by a glare from the old man.

"Why must you always interrupt my research?" Jiraiya pouted, dragging his feet on his way out of his hiding spot.

"You promised you'd show me that killer move, remember?" Naruto asked, tapping his foot in a disapproving fashion.

"Ok, if I show you, you have to leave me alone to do my research." Jiraiya said, still disappointed about how Naruto seems to ruin his every moment today. "Ok, now show me." Naruto said. Without further explanation Jiraya bit his thumb and pressed his palm on the ground where a pattern formed around his hand, and then *poof* Jiraya was sitting on a giant toad with a scroll in its mouth. "You're gonna show me... how to do that? COOL!" Naruto screamed, he looked like someone who had won the lottery.

"Yes, but before I do that you have to sign this scroll, in your blood..." Jiraiya explained, amused by Naruto's reaction. "OK... but why in my blood?" Naruto asked, squeamish.

"Because, the summoning jutsu is more or less a teleportation jutsu, and it uses your blood as a conductor, "Jiraya explained enthusiastically, "so you have to sign your name in blood on the scroll and press an imprint of each of your fingers on the very bottom, so they can recognize that its you who summoned them, got it?"

"I...think so." With that the giant frog uncurled his tongue and the scroll hit the ground in front of Naruto and unrolled itself. Naruto did as he was told: he bit his thumb and wrote his name beside the the last, touched each of his fingers onto his bloody thumb and pressed his hand on the bottom of the scroll like Jiraya said.

After Jiraya showed Naruto the proper hand signs and minor details, he sent him to practice.

I'd be shocked if he got anything more then a tadpole the first time, Jiraiya thought, anticipating what he will summon. So Naruto did exactly what Jiraya told him to and, bit his thumb pressed his palm into the earth and the same pattern showed up around his hand as Jiraya's had a few minutes ago. But instead of a giant frog he got a tadpole.

Why would I expect anything else? thought Jiraiya.

"Arghhh... why isn't it working!" Naruto asked, himself frustrated. *Poof!* "Another tadpole!" Naruto wailed. "Wait look, pervy sage!" Jiraya looked up from the book he was reading.

"What? It looks the same as all the others." Jiraiya sighed.

"No, this one has legs!" Naruto exclaimed. being a little overexcited about it.

"Oh, what an improvement," Jiraya responded sarcastically, setting his book down he looked more intently at Naruto.

"Hey kid, come over here," Jiraya asked, putting his hand up and motioned for Naruto to come over.

"What do you want?" Naruto said, still upset from his numerous failures, he went and sat down beside jiraiya

"Have you ever felt 2 kinds of chakras inside of you?" Jiraya asked out of the blue.

"Uhh... well, if your talking colours then I guess..." Naruto explained. "My normal chakra would be blue and the other would be red, but sometimes i feel this other stuff... i have no idea what it is though"

Just as I thought, about the first two... "Now, could you try to get that red chakra flowing?" Jiraya asked.

"I could try..." Naruto responded uncertainly, he started focusing, but to no avail. "Nothing. The only time I have ever gotten it is when I was in danger, or something like I was really emotional." Naruto was hoping Jiraya wasn't going to try to kill him.

Danger, huh? I know just the spot. "Hey, Naruto, let's go for a walk." Jiraya said solemnly.

"OK..." As Naruto and Jiraya walk silently, a few thoughts crossed Naruto's mind. 'Where are we going?' was a given, 'I hope Hinata's alright' and 'I wish I could go get some ramen; I missed lunch.'

Suddenly, Jiraya stopped. "Your training ends here; if you can't even produce more then a tadpole, you're not even worth training." Before Naruto could complain, Jiraya lifted his hand and flicked Naruto in the forehead with surprising force, sending him flying backwards off a cliff which seemed to have no bottom Naruto could see.

All he could hear was wind whistling in his ears as he fell, his mind flickering back to this morning with Hinata. I'm sorry Hinata; I'm sorry I couldn't beat Neji for you; I'm sorry I couldn't tell you how much I care for you... I'm sorry. OK, let's get to saving my life.

Summoning was his only option, but as he was building up his chakra, he sensed the red chakra taking over.

"AHHHHHH!" Naruto wailed, as he felt like he was being squeezed trough a hole to small for his body. Then he was on solid ground again. Wait, Naruto thought, where am I? What just happened? And why am I here?


Sorry how it was terribly close to the manga, but trust me it was necessary for build up I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have to, and it will pick up from here. Oh and don't forget R&R please :)

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