Family heirloom Chapter 10

"Wind Hammer!" Naruto screamed, lifting his hand up the air around his hand shimmering in the shape of a giant mallet. Violently sweeping his hand in a downward axis, his enemy doing a back flip away surprised by the shear amount of power behind that hit, not even waiting to imagine the damage if that would have hit him.

"Good but try harder gaki, you need to know how to use these without your bloodline!" Jiraya exclaimed jumping out of the way of a wind bullet, I can't keep dodging these forever he will eventually get me.

"Now my turn!" Jiraya said while doing the signs for a finishing move that can't be countered with wind.

Naruto watched Jiraya with a calculating glance; his throat bulged to unimaginable size before black oil exploded from his mouth rushing toward Naruto at a very hasty pace.

With only seconds to think Naruto decided to put to use a jutsu he had copied from sasuke, more or less he just took the concept of his grand fireball jutsu and put his own twist on it.

"Dragon breath: incinerate!" Naruto screamed, a stream of blue/black fire erupted from his mouth, the outcome was as expected.

"I'm gonna feel that in the morning" Naruto said in a raspy voice wincing at the pain in his throat.

"What the hell was that brat! Good god, stop inventing jutsu, its getting really annoying!" a slightly singed Jiraya said in a annoyed tone. When that jutsu hit my oil it didn't even cause a huge explosion as I had imagined… the oil just kind of… evaporated.

"Yeah… I don't ever plan on using that jutsu again, it hurts my throat… *cough*… a lot." Naruto said in a voice that sounded a lot like he had been smoking for many years. "Jiraya I have a question…"

"Yeah gaki?" Jiraya said, dusting himself off.

"You never answered when I asked about if using my bloodline would kill me… I need to know." Naruto said, shifting from foot to foot, he wanted to know… but at the same time he really didn't. Figuring that training was over for today he started to walk away from the training grounds and head back to the hotel. Turning he motioned to Jiraya to follow, seeing him nod Naruto kept on walking, waiting for an answer.

"Well uhh kid… I really didn't want to burden you with that information… hey wait up!" running to catch up to Naruto, he fell into step with him and continued, "But since you asked you deserve to know…" Jiraya took a deep breath to collect his thoughts, "It does eventually kill you… if you use it to much it will. But if you don't use it every day your body will eventually reabsorb the poison… you know that saying 'with great power comes great responsibility' Naruto?" Jiraya asked, finally looking at the boy, seeing him with a determined look on his face he let a smile grace his face you will go far my boy, you wont even let death slow you down.

"Yeah what about it?" Naruto asked, not seeing the relevance. Giving Jiraya a funny look he kept on walking, the town coming into view.

Ok maybe I was wrong, he's just too stupid to understand he might die… that's the last time I give him credit where it's apparently not due. "Oh my god! Never mind, your to dense to get it." Jiraya exclaimed, bashing Naruto over the head as they walked through the hotel door.

"Why do you have to be so *yawn* confusing pervy sage? I mean I got what you said bout my chakra poisoning me but… the r-*yawn*-est I don't ge…" Naruto dropped like a stone, not even realizing how tired he was, as soon as he hit the bed he was gone, not even being able to finish his sentence.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto, surprised that he stopped mid sentence, "You knucklehead, you don't even realize how much chakra those jutsu use up…" Jiraya tucked Naruto in and went to sleep as well, his last thoughts before he went to sleep where, sorry I left you alone for all theses years Naruto, it was better for us to meet later in life, trust me ill make it up to you.

Unbeknownst to them, someone had been secretly spying on Naruto and Jiraya all day, and watched the current scene with disgust, ill have much to tell my master…


Time skip: 2 Weeks.

"Master, Master!" came the sound of an unknown voice, the only back ground noise being water dripping to the floor and if water could sound menacing, this water was proving to be menacing.

"What is it Raejen?" a clam voice responded to the running messenger. A shadowy outline of a man appeared out of the darkness, seeming to be made of shadows himself.

The sound of wood hitting stone floor resonated in the massive open room as the man walked closer, awaiting the arrival of the now slowly jogging messenger.

Bowing to the mysterious figure just out of the ray of light in the middle of the room he began explaining, "Sorry for being so loud master, but I did as you asked and was spying on Naruto as a potential recruit. I hid and followed Naruto and jiraiya where training and during there mission, they where doing some mock fighting to make Naruto more battle ready during the trip, and I noticed a few times that Naruto used some…" Raejen took a minute to calm himself, "Weird chakra, it looked gold to me, and he was also using some very high level wind and fire Justus. Of which even the likes of jiraiya had trouble avoiding." Not hearing an answer Raejen started to worry that he had said something wrong. "Master Danzo?"

Danzo's one eyed face materialized into the light, followed by the rest of his bandaged and broken body. "Very good Raejen, and by your report would you recommend Naruto to join our forces?" Danzo said in a strong yet calm voice, "and did you happen to hear anything Naruto and jiraya said?"

"I'm sorry sir, I could not hear any of their conversation, though they seemed to have talked quite a bit… I was too far away most the time, there battle was quite a large affair, I worried for my own safety by getting too close… and yes, based on my report, I would highly recommend Naruto as being on the top of our recruit list, he seems to have immense talent." Raejen shifted in his position, he had been walking all day, and his feet where really starting to bother him.

"I see… Did anything else eventful happen during the supposed peace mission?" Seeing Raejen nodded his head no, accepting his grunts answer, he continued. "You are dismissed, and again, very good Raejen." Danzo melted back into the darkness; I have plenty to think about tonight… plenty indeed, if he is attached to jiraiya to firmly, I may never be able to recruit him… That's enough for now, I must sleep, and besides, I have someone else in mind… someone who has something I could really use for my personal gain. Danzo limped to his room quietly, as quiet as you can be with a cane on stone floor. He thought until he passed from consciousness to the land of the dreaming. Much thinking indeed…..


*Yawwwwwwwwnn!* Wow, that was the best sleep I had in a long time! It must have been the trip over the last two weeks, took a lot out of me, nice to sleep in my own bed though... Naruto stretched as he walked toward his Restroom, almost tripping over all the clutter on his floor. As he walked about his room, slowly wakening, all he could hear was birds chirping and the rustle of Saturday early-risers outside.

"What beautiful weather!" Naruto yelled to no one in particular, as he took a look from his bedroom window.

Deciding that he wanted to see what new smells would greet him today, he opened the window and was greeted with hundreds of delightful smells, the smell of fresh made ramen being the most recognizable. Instantly running for his hazardous pile of clothes in the corner of his room, he quickly put a pair of clothes on, determined to not waste another minute of this beautiful day!

"A bowl of Misu Ramen Please!" Naruto yelled to the old man behind the stand, who smiled as he handed one he already made for him. "How did you know?" Naruto asked, clearly surprised by the old man's preparedness. Naruto was already lost in his food though, so he wasn't that keen on getting an answer.

"Oh Naruto… you come here every morning and order the same thing, why would this morning be any different? Oh and that reminds me, I should go and get another bowl, seeing as how you are almost done the first! Haha." The Ramen man ran to the back of the food stand to grab another bowl, It's a job in itself to keep up with Naruto's insane eating habits.

After eating another seven bowl's of Ramen, Naruto could finally begin his day. "*Belch!* Oh man am I ever full!" Naruto exclaimed as he pushed the curtain/door aside. Where to next? Well to find the old man Hokage ovecourse! Naruto bolted down the street toward old man Hokage, getting a few yells and curses as he raced between crowds.

"Hokage! Old Man!" Naruto screamed as he materialized behind the Hokage, He had so much to tell the professor. "Old man your getting slow, you sure you don't wana just give me your hat and call it even?"

"Gee boy! You're going to give me a heart attack one of theses days! I'm glad your back, how was your mission, I see that you got back quite late last night. And I think seeing as how your bloodline works, no one if fast then you" The Hokage said with a grin, masking his surprise, I'm glad you got home safely Naruto. The Hokage thought with a smile as Naruto recounted the events that happened on their trip there.

"But anyways! After our battle, jiraya and me went back to the hotel and crashed for the night. The next morning we basically just walked around town, and we eventually came across the town hall. We where warmly greeted, jiraya explained our being there, and they welcomed us and said that there resources where at our disposal. So we thanked them and went our way, later I was thinking about my real mission." Naruto paused a minute to recollect his thoughts, and continued. "and I thought, 'Hey you think they may have some records I could read about my bloodline…' So I high-tailed it back to the town hall, and met with the Kazekaze, and asked him if he had a library on bloodlines. He said that they did, but even he was not at liberty to let a foreigner in. But he did provide me with an alternative." Naruto was stopped by the Hokage's hand. Man what now, I was just getting started! Naruto crossed his arms and grunted, all this achieved was making the Hokage laugh.

"Naruto Please, I didn't ask for a Blow by Blow account, just resume it for me, I need to go for my late morning walk. I love the boy to pieces, but sometimes he can be quite a handful.

Naruto's frown quickly turned back into a toothy smile, "Sure thing old man, well basically, he sent me to an old woman of the village, who has a great deal of knowledge on bloodlines, I was also told that she is quite proficient in the art of puppetry. Oh I remember her name, it was Granny Chiyo… I think… Anyways she helped a lot, it took awhile to get her to agree to tell me a bunch about my time Bloodline, but in the end, she did." Naruto said with a nod of his head, feeling satisfied that he had resumed it pretty well.

"Wait Naruto, how did you get her to tell you?" The Hokage inquired, last I heard, she wouldn't talk to anyone about the past, or really anyone at all.

"Oh did I leave that part out?" Naruto questioned, getting a nod as his answer, "Well it was on purpose cause I wana leave something for you to think about." Naruto winked at the old man and walked out of the office, glad he avoided looking stupid. He took a second to stop by the Missions center, as he had a plan to work on something soon, but sadly didn't have the money for it. So he went by and picked up a few Chuunin level missions, but only ones within city walls. As those where the only Chuunin level missions available to him.


Kami I hate Manuel labor! Naruto said as he dug his shovel into rocky ground, what was his job again? To dig a trench for a farmer who lived in the agricultural part of Konaha. (A.K.A Rich part of town) Why was this a Chuunin rank mission? Oh that's right, cause the old bat that lives here has a bunch of money and can afford to pay a Chuunin to do this. Hey wait! Why am I doing this myself? I could make a bunch of clones to help, could get this done in a fraction of the time!

"Hey boy, Er… Boys! You don't look like Chuunins, why am I paying for a Chuunin when I don't get one?" Akane yelled at the group or dirty Naruto's, she was old, but could still make her voice carry quite a distance.

One of the Naruto's paused to consider the question, "Your right we are not Chuunin, but we can still accept Chuunin missions within city walls." The Naruto yelled back, pleased with his answer, he went back to work, "Almost done! Then we can head back to ichiraku for supper!" Getting a round of applause and a few 'Whoops' and 'Woohs' before they all went back to work.

"Oh okay…" Akane yelled back… feeling slightly stupid, not knowing who she was talking to, so she headed back inside to get some tea. An odd pack of boys, good workers though. I wonder why they all look the same…

3…2…1… Done! Yes finally, I'm starving! Naruto mentally cheered, he dismissed his army of equally dirty clones before throwing down his shovel, he then ran toward the large barn style house to tell Akane that he had finished. "Akane? You here?" Naruto said as he opened the front door, dusting himself off before he entered the house, as shoveling for so long had left him quite dirty.

"Yes Naruto? Have you finished already?" seeing him nod in reply she continued, "Would you like some tea? You look like hell warmed over. And where are all your friends?" She said with a laugh.

"No thanks Akane, but thanks for the offer, I should be getting going. Just wanted to let you know that I had finished. Oh and them, they where just clones, they make the job move along faster" Naruto said back with a smile, deciding that this old lady wasn't as senile as he had thought. Waving goodbye, he walked out of the front door and started his way home, Weird to have an older lady be nice to me, I'm used to all the frowns and mean looks, well one person at a time I guess.

Naruto paused in the middle of the road for a split second as he slowed time, no point losing a few hours of this beautiful day walking. That was his last thought before he sped toward home.


When he got home he thought of going and seeing Hinata before supper, but decided that he still wasn't sure on how to approach her… I still don't know… after last time… I'm not sure how I feel, and I don't want to do anything to embarrass myself…

"Naruto are you okay? You're not eating…" Ayame said to Naruto, while leaning on her elbows on the counter in front of Naruto's bowl or ramen.

"Oh yeah sorry, I have a lot on my mind is all…" Naruto responded, going back into his mind, not even being able to finish his sentence. He shifted in his seat, seeming to be mulling over something uncomfortable in his mind…

"Well share away! What's on your mind? And don't let your ramen get cold!" Ayame exclaimed, she turned away for a second to grab a chair to sit on, as her feet where bothering her from standing up to long.

"Well I don't know… I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking about… you're a girl you could probably help me though…" Naruto again shifted in his seat, not sure how or what to ask Ayame. He had known her his whole life, its not that he had trouble talking to her, no it's the subject… "Well see it's just… I had gone and seen lady Hinata a couple weeks ago… and when we where talking I had a weird pull in my stomach, I had wanted to kiss her…" Naruto said distressed. Turning as red as a tomato mid-sentence. "and we sort of did… like by accident though, but the strange part was, that I liked it…"

"Awwww! Naruto! You're in love! That's so sweet, and with lady Hinata nonetheless, it's kind of a Romeo and Juliet kind of story!" Ayame exclaimed in a dreamy tone, she giggled at Naruto's embarrassment.

"I am not! Its Hinata, she's just my friend, and I have no idea if she even likes me. Besides, who's Romeo and Juliet?" Naruto asked, confused my Ayames statements. Maybe she is right… but does Hinata feel the same..? I do really like her; she's the only girl my age that is nice to me. I don't know… I haven't noticed her showing any signs of likening me… But she still didn't jump away when we kissed. What could that mean? Ugh! I don't know!

"Romeo and Juliet? Umm I read a book about them, too long to explain, boy meets girl, parents don't approve of the boy… so on and so on… and yes you are in love! Trust me on this one, she DOES like you! Why haven't you seen her?" Ayame was almost yelling by now, seconds away from reaching over and grabbing Naruto by the collar.

"I was away on missions… and uhh well… I was just busy I guess…" Naruto stuttered out, much alike the girl they just happened to be talking about. Does she really like me? Well… I guess now that I think about it… she does always blush when I'm around… but I figured that was because she was just shy…

A look of shock came across Ayames face. "Naruto! That's no excuse to not go visit Hinata! If you really loved her you would be there right now!" Ayame closed her eyes and looked up at the ceiling to show her disgust at Naruto's actions. When she received no answer, she was worried she had hurt Naruto's feelings. But much to her surprise when she opened her eyes there was a pile of change and no Naruto around to be accounted for. Much to her chagrin his bowl of ramen was untouched. "He must really love that girl, he never even touched his ramen" Ayame whispered to herself as she wiped off the countertop.


Naruto had made his mind up. No excuses, no exceptions. He was going to tell Hinata how he felt. But the first challenge that came to mind was getting past the Hyuga Complex guards… but as soon as he thought of it, he already had the solution, Time Control. He subconsciously slowed time and leisurely slipped past the guards, gaining easy access to the living quarters of the complex. Checking each room with care he came upon only one empty room, of which he knew was Hinatas, instantly recognizing her tantalizing smell. But he was alarmed by the emptiness of the room, No Hinata… Where is she? Naruto rushed out of the Hyuga complex in a desperate search for Hinata, at an insane speed he rushed from wall to wall of Konaha in search of her. Getting worse ideas in his head by the minute, ranging from 'she ran away!' to 'she was kidnapped'

Gladly, before he completely lost it, he came upon her at the third training ground; she was sitting, leaning against the post Naruto has been tied to, she was looking at the stars… Why do I feel this way..? That queasy feeling is back again. I know one way of getting rid of it… Naruto calmly and quietly went and sat beside Hinata before he released his grip on time.

"Beautiful night to look at the stars, don't you think?" Naruto said with a smile, sitting like her, Leaning against the post to her left. Without a word he gently moved his hand to rest on hers… and at that moment… Nothing could have felt more right.


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