A/N: Insert the character of your preference as who Jail refers to. (I like to imagine it's Amy, myself. Because it's absurdly hilarous she'd beat up Combat Cyborgs.)


"And your poor partner. I fear they're not going to fare well, Signum." Whether she had simply interrupted Scaligetti mid-rant or he had staged that, Signum didnt really care.

Agito. Leave. Signum's mental command was short and brooked no argument. The UNISON device made her exit in a hurry. She didn't want to see this.

"And what do you suppose their last words will be? Will they cry out for you, Signum? Their dear monster?" Staged, obviously. As if the last ten corridors of reliving her time with the Book of Darkness were not clear enough that Scaligetti was playing with things he did not understand.

"Fool. Every cyborg you send against them is already dead." Signum cut directly through the control panel, nicking both of Jail's legs, and kicked it out of the way. "What did you hope to gain, Scaligetti, by making me revisit my past? You know I already remember it. Every terrible, sadistic detail."

Jail smiled. "You are a monster, dear Signum. Far more than I could ever be. You simply must admit that."

Signum lunged, flame racing along her blade to cauterize the shallow wound it left in Jail's neck despite his efforts to dodge. "But I know that, Scaligetti." She hit him with the flat of her blade, knocking the mad Doctor to the ground, and left several shallow wounds in his back with quick slashes before he scrambled away.

By the time Jail could turn over, Signum was there again. Levantine's bladed edge pressedly lightly against his cheek. "The only one who does not understand I am a monster here is you. You try to summon a power you cannot even comprehend." Levantine ignited again, burning Scaligetti to the bone, and Signum gave every sign of enjoying his scream of agony.

"I am not some innocent Bureau mage. I am a Wolkenritter. Hell followed in my footsteps once. I am nightmare, I am hatred, I am rage and the death of worlds." She bent down in front of him, Levantine resting lightly against his crotch, as she caressed the teeth exposed by his burned-through cheek with a finger. "Now do you understand why you should never have sought," Levantine shifting rapidly to touch his left hand and igniting, a finger reduced to ash, and another sweet scream, "to see how far I may be pushed?"

No answer. Scaligetti appeared to be trying to think rapidly. Signum sighed and refocused his attention with another lost finger, this one cut off conventionally. "You think you are a monster? You think your infantile efforts are any comparison to what I have done? I have ten thousand years of practice at being malevolent, Scaligetti. I am a monster, to be sure. So terrible no human mind, not even yours, can comprehend. Now say," she placed the flat of Levantine's blade against his neck, "you understand."