Excerpt from Admiral's Endorsement to Enforcer Team Seventy Action Report

…it is the opinion of this officer that the Wolkenritter's resorting to lethal force to complete the mission was both necessary and intelligent. Autopsies of the combat cyborgs killed indicate extensive measures were taken to control them, including chemical dependance and self-destruct mechanisms. The majority showed no inclination to surrender and, as the report of Team Seventy makes clear, one Wolkenritter was injured attempting to subdue them nonlethally. The one cyborg that surrendered is currently in medical stasis to prevent her chemical dependancy from killing her. The principal subject also showed no willingness to surrender and injured another Wolkenritter. Per the mission orders, he was apprehended alive, though he sustained considerable though not life-threatening injuries in the process. The operation must therefore be judged successful…

…No investigation into the use of lethal force is necessary or warranted considering the clear and imminent danger the principal subject posed to Bureau personnel attempting to apprehend him, the Circe itself, and her crew. Despite the traditional reluctance of Bureau awards panels to recognize lethality as a worthy achievement, this officer wishes to recommend both Major Signum and Lieutenant Vita for decoration due to their superlative performance in this operation, as well as Commander al-Faddil for his role in supporting them.

Admiral Chrono Harlaown
Commanding Officer, Circe