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"What you mean she has cancer?" Charlie yelled into the phone. Bella just stared at him with wide eyes as he talked to the doctors. He couldn't mean me could he? She thought. "She's only 17!" Her father yelled into the phone. "She when for a daily check-up and now you telling me she has leukemia?" Bella eyes misted over at the word leukemia. This couldn't be happening. Not after what happened to Seth.

"They want you to go check in to the hospital tomorrow after lunch," Charlie told Bella after he had hung up the phone with the doctor. Bella just nodded, her thoughts four years away. "Bella?" Charlie waved his hand in front of her. Bella shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Yea dad?" She answered him. He let out a sigh. "Bella I know your scared and after what happened to Seth I don't blame you." Her father started. Bella jumped up from the table making Sue her Dad's second wife look up at her. "Bella," She scowled at her. "I'm going to my room," Bella called as she raced up the stairs.

In her room, Bella let the memories of her step-brother fill her.

"Bella, I scared" Seth gripped her hand as the doctor told them the news. Seth had leukemia. Bella patted his knee. " I know Seth, but I'll be here for you. All the way." She promised him.

"His heart failing him," Charlie had told them two month after they been told the news. "The doctor is giving him two more hours to live." Bella jumped up from her place in the doctor office and raced to her brother. By the time she got there his heart had failed him and they was pulling a sheet over his head. Bella broke down into tears. Seth was only 11 at the time of his death.

"I broke the only promise I had give him! I told him I would be there for him and I broke it." She cried to her best friend Jacob. "I wasn't there when he died."

Bella let out a yelp when her phone when off breaking her thoughts of her dead brother.

"Hello?" Bella sniffed into her phone.

"Bella?" Bella heard Jacob voice through the phone. "What's wrong, why are you crying?"

"Nothing gets passed you," She muttered to him. Jacob let out a snort. "Bella what's wrong?" Bella let out a sigh and told him about her having cancer and the doctors wanting her to check into the hospital tomorrow. "I'm going with you, I want to be with you." Bella told him that she wanted him to be with her.

"Do you need anything else?" The nurse asked Bella as she got into her new bed for the time being. Bella just shook her head. The nurse nodded with a smile and left. "The doctor will be in here short to talk about the treatments." She called over her shoulder.

"You got a nice view," Jacob commented to her as he looked out her window.

"Yea, of the rain." Bella rolled her eyes. Jake let out a laughed and walked back to her. He sat down in the seat that was open next to her bed. "Where's Charlie?" He asked her.

"Getting Sue and himself some coffee." She had begged them not to come but Charlie wouldn't hear of it.

"So did they tell you where the cancer was? With Seth it was in his heart right?" Bella nodded. Jacob was the only one Bella could take about Seth without crying. "Beside his heart, it attacked it at the end causing it to stop. And no, they haven't told me anything." Jacob grabbed her hand. "You're going to fight this, Bella. You will beat this. I know you and you will not go down without a fight." Jacob smiled at her and Bella grinned back.

"Now that's what I like to hear," A voice from the door of Bella's room. They turned to see a young looking doctor with golden hair and honey looking eyes. "I'm Dr. Cullen, but you can call me Carlisle. How are you feeling Isabella?" He asked her.

"Bella," She corrected him. "And scared to tell you the truth." Jacob squeezed her hand. Carlisle smiled her.

"Its okay to be scared, Bella. We all get scared. Now have you been feeling tried or hurting anywhere?" Bella raised her eyebrows. "To come to think about it, I have been tried. But I just passed it off being a teen." Carlisle nodded. "And have you been feeling any pain?" Bella nodded and pointed to her sides. "That's why I when for a check up. At first I passed it off as um women things, but when it didn't go away I knew it wasn't that." Bella blushed.

"Well I would like to run some test and then well see what we find, but first I want to get some blood work done." Bella made a face. "I hate needles." She winced and Carlisle smiled kindly at her. "Its okay, I promise it wouldn't hurt that much." With that he left.

"You wouldn't leave me during the blood work will you?" Bella asked Jacob. "I'll be here, always." He kissed her forehead. "I love you," He muttered to her. Bella grinned at her best friend

"So we have the all the test we want and we know where your cancer is." Carlisle told her as he walked about into the room after supper. Bella raised her head from where she had been reading. Jacob stood up and walked over her side. Carlisle sighed.

"Bella I'm just going to be straightforward with you," Bella sucked in air. "The cancer already spared to far and the chance of you living through this is about 15 percent."

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