Clean Slate

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Slowly and steadily the snow spiraled down from the constantly darkening winter sky, and covered the old trees and pines in the park around the apartment beneath a thick blanket of whiteness.

In one of the cosy-lit rooms behind the windowpanes, Rufus Humphrey was seated in the huge leather armchair by the fireplace, a glass of Hennessy at the table beside him. He felt at peace with the world and himself on an evening like this, when the voices of Lily, Dan and his wife, who played with the children beneath the huge, entirely silvery-decorated Christmas tree in the living room, drifted in through the half opened door.

It was on evenings like these, when he came to wonder how entirely his life had changed. Only six years ago, his first aim in existence had been to marry Lily, whereas now – The soft creaking noise of the door caused him to look up. Like he had expected, his eldest and favourite grandchild had decided to join him in front of the fireplace.

The very next moment, Lainey Humphrey slipped into the room.

"Want to join me by the fireplace, Lainey?" he asked with a smile and the little girl nodded earnestly. "Yes," she told him smiling, as she climbed into his lap, flinging her arms around his neck. "Grandpa – Are you going to tell me a story again?"

"Don't you want to go and play with your new gifts along with your siblings?" he asked with an amused smile, already knowing the answer.

Like he had expected, the little brown-haired girl shook her head.

"No, I'd rather hear one of your stories." He could not help but smile at this. "Well then," he started off, enjoying the happy twinkling in her bright, emerald green eyes, "once upon a time there was a unicorn….

(Fall 2009, NYU University)

Dan Humphrey couldn't believe what Blair was doing to him. Well, he couldn't believe that she was trying to use him. But he thought that she wanted a clean slate. And he really did want to give her a clean slate. But when he was trying to humiliate Georgina just like how he did in high school to him, so he decided to give her back a taste of her own medicine. And she deseved it.

He didn't feel bad for embarassing her. She didn't deserve a clean slate after all.