Repo! The Genetic Opera

I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much

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Chapter One

Shilo stepped through the theatre doors to be bombarded with flashes from multiple paparazzi cameras. She felt numb after all that had transpired here tonight, and all she wanted was to go back home and go to sleep. She was exhausted, the poison her father had been giving her still coursed through her body, and she needed to rest.

"Hey, kid!" she heard a familiar voice call. She turned around to seek him out, and she spotted him at the corner of the building, keeping to the shadows. The shadows seemed very welcoming to Shilo right now.

She ran to the alley quickly and ducked into the darkness where the cameras couldn't follow. As she leaned tiredly against the brick wall she looked at the Graverobber with a feeling of relief. Relief to be away from those vultures, relief that at least one person she even slightly knew was still alive. "Thanks," she sighed and took a few calming breaths.

"You look ready to faint, kid," Graverobber said.

"Yeah, well..." Shilo said, but stopped as she began to feel dizzy.

"Woah, easy there," Graverobber said, stepping forward and catching her in his arms as she stumbled.

A door down the alley opened and Amber Sweet stepped out, spotted them, and made a beeline towards them. She'd already had a new face put on. "Shilo?" she said, a question in her voice. She ignored the Graverobber's presence entirely.

"Y-yes?" Shilo asked, standing up straight and attempting not to vomit.

"Look, Dad left the company to you," Amber started.

"I don't want it," Shilo interrupted.

"Well then, that makes things easy." She tossed Shilo a ring of keys, which Shilo missed and they clattered to the ground. "Those came off your Dad, I figured you might need them."

"Um..." Shilo started, startled by this side of the infamous Amber Sweet. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because you had something I wanted, GeneCo." Amber explained. "I'll make sure you get a cut, since the company should be yours anyway."

Shilo hadn't even thought about money, she'd never had to before. "Thank you?"

Now Amber turned her attentions to Graverobber, who was watching Shilo for any signs of passing out. "As for you... I'm kicking the habit."

"Good, I won't have to tell my clients they're shit outta luck after you clean me out anymore." Graverobber said with a wicked grin.

"It also means no more of this ass either," Amber said, running a finger along his jaw. She then sauntered back into the theatre.

"Like I'm really going to miss it," he retorted sarcastically to her retreating figure.

Shilo finally gave into her blackout. Graverobber caught her before she hit the ground and started to carry her, to just where he didn't yet know.


Her eyes were heavy as she attempted to wake up. She was in all-too-familiar surroundings, her down comforter was pulled up over her, the bed with a few stuffed animals on it, and the hideous plastic draping over the canopy. Shilo sat up with a sigh, looking around. Perhaps all the bloodshed at the opera had been a dream, but the last time her father told her something had been a dream, the Graverobber had turned out to be real.

Someone walked in suddenly, and Shilo nearly screamed before she realized it was Graverobber. "You're awake, huh?" he said, walking over and pulling back the plastic sheet. He dropped the day's paper in her lap. "You're famous, kid."

Shilo picked up the paper tentatively and stared at the picture of herself. Then she looked down at her clothes, realizing she was still covered in the blood from her father and Mag.

"Well, I've done my good deed for the day," Graverobber said, letting the plastic sheet fall back into place.

"Wait," Shilo said, without knowing why. "I don't want to be alone."

Graverobber stared at her. "Don't you have any friends to talk to?"

"Just you." she answered honestly.

"Kid, I've got a business to run," he sighed, running his hand through his long hair.

She pulled herself out of bed. "Then I'm coming with you."


"I don't want to be here, alone," she said. "Just... Let me get clean and change my clothes."

"Fine," he said, exasperated.

The second he heard the water running, he left the house, really needing to get back to work after an hour's delay. Why did he keep looking out for the kid anyway?

He stepped into the alley and was almost instantly surrounded by Scalpel Sluts and other addicts. He climbed on top of a closed dumpster and raised a vial of the glowing blue liquid above his head. "First hit's free," he said with a wicked tone.


Shilo stepped out of the shower and threw on a simple black dress and her boots. She grabbed her knapsack as she bolted out the door to her bedroom. She was extremely annoyed that Graverobber had left without her. Luckily she knew just where to find him.

There was more than just companionship that made her want to be with Graverobber specifically. He was the only person she knew, yes, but she was hurting, physically and emotionally. He had the miracle cure, the one she hadn't been able to extract herself when prompted. She wanted Zydrate, bad.

She made her way out of the house through the tunnel to her mother's grave. She broke into a run the second she was in the graveyard.

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