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Title: A bleach story

Pairing: Ichigo and Yoruichi

Rated: M

Author notes: this is a variation of the arrancar/ Hueco Mundo arc

Summary: Ichigo is now a captain in the soul society Yoruichi his lieutenant, and both are now finally falling for another. When Aizen capture's Ichigo for an experiment. But he escapes and loses his memory now they must find him for the war with Aizen about to come (Yoru x ichi pairing with lemon's involved)

Chapter 1- Prologue and Beginning's

Inside a small cave in the desert Hueco Mundo. Moon light steams inside on the worn tired figure as he stumbles in.

Ichigo was tired, to say the least he had been on the run for a while now with the Arrancar's hunting him. His soul reaper uniform and captain's haori were torn an bloody from some mostly minor scratches he had received during his escape from Aizen palace.

"Damn, finally a break from running" Ichigo said in a husky voice as he collapsed onto a moss covered boulder. "How long has it been since I escaped or for that matter how long since I was kidnapped from the soul society by Aizen?" He wasn't sure a day, two, or maybe a week. Ichigo sighed "I got to find a way to get back before they find me"

The problem was he didn't know how to go about that his mind was a bit of a blur since he was captured, he started to go over the details in his mind.

"I remember the sudden attack when we got back to the soul society and Yoruichi and I having to fight those two Espada while we waited for the others, then the light enveloping me then being subdued and knocked out by those two traitors Gin, and Tousen, then waking up in some kind of audience room with Aizen sitting on a throne talking to the Espada about me. I got out of there pretty quick guess they thought I would be out for a while".

"Well king what are we going do now" came the slightly mocking voice of his inner hollow followed by his wise mentor old man Zangetsu " yes Ichigo we should remain alert they could find us soon and we do not know how strong those Espada are and we must get a message to the soul society"

Ichigo closed his eyes and entered his inner world where there stood Zangetsu in his tattered suit and cloak ( as always caught in some wind) and his inner hollow which he just referred to as hollow, he merely resembled Ichigo but in the form of a hollow. "I know guys but how am I gonna send a message all the way out here".

" idiot, don't you ever think how did you ever get to be a captain" replied his hollow with a large smirk on his face.

"Ichigo do you not remember the training you took along with Yoruichi when you became a captain on how a captain can send emergency messages?" Zangetsu asked him.

Realization dawned on Ichigo as he remembered. He began by tracing over the hidden insignia of his rank on his haori. A small glow signalled that it was ready. It was a special form of camera that all captain's had in case of emergency and were required to send a message to a certain person they selected. A small orb of kiddo then appeared near his face with a string of light attached to his shoulder. He began his message when all of a sudden he heard a voice yelling from outside the cave.

"Hey soul reaper get out here we know your in there come along nicely and we won't have to rough you up!"

Ichigo cursed "Damn, looks like this will have to wait" An idea occurred to him as he walked outside of the cave and looked at four Arrancar's standing in front of him they all appeared to be either numeros. Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief he was confident he could handle these low level grunt's

He assumed a stance then yelled "Ban-Kai!", a cloud of smoke enveloped him. As it cleared he stood in the slightly ragged clothes of his Bankia form "Tensa Zangetsu" he said softly as he assumed a battle stance. The Arrancar's seemed a little unsure of themselves when they saw how ready for battle Ichigo was

"Remember Lord Aizen wants him taken alive" said the leader of the small group as they prepared to charge the wafting soul reaper.

"I'm sorry but I don't have time to waste here so I won't be going back with you guys" Ichigo said in his calm yet mocking tone, he wanted to finish this quickly before the Espada felt his spiritual pressure and came running. He picked his first target then charge at them roaring as he did so.

Approximately 3 weeks earlier

The sun was just coming up over the horizon as Ichigo walked out onto the front porch of his cozy little cabin inside the Seireitei. He breathed in the cool mourning air, he was nervous as all hell, today was his test to become a captain of the 13 court guard squads. The test involved him giving a display of his combat skills in front of all the captains and lieutenants before they decided if he was captain material.

He heard a voice behind him yawn "ah stop worrying Ichigo you've got the job this is mostly a formality" said Yoruichi the woman who would be his lieutenant.

Ichigo turned to the look at the dark skinned goddess as she walked towards him, he started admiring her in the early mourning light she was wearing a blue muscle shirt and her black panties which was her traditional attire for bed "or to have a little fun teasing me " Ichigo thought sarcastically as he began to think about his current situation. They were going to be living together in this cabin which they requested due to unusual circumstances concerning Ichigo. One being he was only 18 and still in high school, which is why he would not have a barracks or a squad till he was older, this suited him just fine.

He had asked Yoruichi to be his lieutenant since she had already been staying with him ever since the last arrancar attack on his home town when he had defender her from a sneak attack by an enemy and taken her to his home to treat her wounds. From that point she had asked to stay with him, he was a little unsure why but was happy with that since he had harboured some strong feelings for the goddess ever since he first saw her true form. Those feelings had only grown as he felt drawn to her even though he could not show it yet due to his uncertainty about her feelings. Ever since he rescued her, as she liked to put it, they had gotten to know one another Ichigo found his interest in her becoming stronger and he wasn't sure but he thought he felt the same from her. True she liked to tease him and always was coming onto him but as he asked himself for the thousandth time "does she want me or just want in my pants".

Still he hoped to find out and she was a skilled person an they got along quite well. It was a good match with her as his lieutenant.

Yoruichi also wondered the same thing as Ichigo "why does he always push me away maybe he likes someone else". Ever since there first meeting she was fascinated by him, his strength, compassion, kind heart, selflessness, and was just yummy in her eyes. This interest she could tell was a lot stronger then the other men in her past.

Mostly then it was just a little fun but no true connection, with Ichigo she sensed something but wasn't sure about his feelings. When he asked her to be his lieutenant her heart did a flip for joy, maybe this was the sign she was looking for.

"you'll just have a little sparring match to show your strength as part of tradition then they can make you a captain" Yoruichi said to him giving him a lovely smile to boost his confidence.

"I know Yoruichi but I'm still nervous this is pretty big becoming a captain" Ichigo gave a small chuckle for getting so worked up. Yoruichi got closer so that only a few inches remained between them and gave him a seductive look "maybe what you need is a little incentive to your best today" she giggled, Ichigo blushed a deep shade of red "what do you mean by that". Yoruichi leaned into him wrapping her arms around his neck her lips very close to his now "I'm sure I can think of something" she whispered in that sexy voice she used around him.

"Cut that out Yoruichi" Ichigo said as his face turned an even darker shade of red even though when he thought he was going to kiss him he was very excited.

Yoruichi pouted " well in that case maybe it'll have to be your reward for tonight" she winked at him. Ichigo shook his head as she went back inside so they could get some breakfast going before his test. During this Ichigo would sneak peeks at Yoruichi when she wasn't looking thinking about how close her body had been to his. Yoruichi noticed a few of those looks and smiled to herself "so he is interested in me I'm glad but maybe my passes' are too forward he's still a virgin an does seem a little unsure about what's between us" she looked over at him he currently had his back turned she walked up to him an wrapped her arms around his waist "You'll do fine out there Ichigo I know it" she told him. He smiled thinking she must care about him after all, he turned so he could wrap his own arms around her "Thanks Yoruichi an I'm glad you agreed to stay with me as my lieutenant" he said looking into her lovely golden eyes which he adored so much. She was also staring into his cinnamon eyes thinking the same thing when there faces both started moving closer to each other.

They were about one inch apart when someone came in through there door and they heard the voice of Kisuke Urahara "Good mourning you two I trust I am not disturbing something am I?" he chuckled as they broke apart both blushing and he received glares from both of them, "I just came to get Ichigo, your test is in 45 minutes so better get ready and you to Yoruichi you'll have to be there as Ichigo's future lieutenant". He then left to wait on the porch. Ichigo turned to Yoruichi "I guess we'll have to put that on hold till tonight after the test and ceremony " he blushed as Yoruichi got close to him an said "I'll hold you to that handsome" then laughed as he blushed even harder.

20 minutes later there were both fed an dressed Ichigo in his soul reaper uniform with Zangetsu on his back an Yoruichi in he favourite outfit of dark tight pants and orange shirt which she favoured since the shirt's color reminded her of Ichigo's hair. They know headed off to the first division barracks where Ichigo would take the test. He was again feeling nervous when he felt a pressure on his hand, looking down he saw Yoruichi holding his hand giving him a smile she had recently been giving him as if to say don't worry I'm here with you. Smiling back at here he held her hand as they walked, with Kisuke watching them the whole time with a happy smile on his face behind that fan of his.

They arrived at the Barracks and walked into the large courtyard where head captain Yamamoto stood with the other captains and lieutenants behind him. Ichigo let go of Yoruichi's hand as she an Kisuke went to stand on the side lines, she winked at him sending her good luck message which he smiled at her for. He stood before the assembled officers and looked at them and said confidentially "I'm Ready".

A/n: this was my first fan fic hope it turned out good. Got a good little story to run with will hopefully make next chapters longer. I'm also bad with titles so don't hang me if the title of my story sucks. Enjoy!