Chapter 2- Tested

"I'm ready" Ichigo said confidently before the assembled officers. On the sidelines Yoruichi could not help but stare at him with admiration he was strong, confident, yet she knew how kind and gentle he could be. Though she did enjoy the little teasing game she genuinely felt something when his arms were around her earlier. What's this feeling I get when I look and him, when he looks at me when we touch?, she asked herself. This was more then a possible sex fling, she felt something she had not felt before not with Byakuya, or Kisuke. She wondered was it possible she was falling for him.

When he left after the rescue Rukia incident she wanted to go back to the world of the living to hopefully be near him, then they started living together after that raid, she got to know him more and her interest in him got even stronger. Now here they were he was going to become captain, she his lieutenant. A hand on her shoulder suddenly broke her train of thought, she saw Kisuke looking at her intently "I don't wish to disturb you but the heavy starting your giving Ichigo and drooling is quite amusing" he chuckled quietly to himself. She gave him an light smack "shut up Kisuke there's nothing wrong with me keeping an eye on my future captain" he looked at her in mock surprise "oh! How devoted you are I thought it was because you were contemplating what you two will be doing tonight to celebrate" she blushed heavily "that's not of your business…and not likely I don't think he likes me" the last part was not meant for him to hear but seeing the depressed look on his oldest friend he decided to tell her

"Do you recall when you moved in with Ichigo one day he came to the shop for some of your things" she nodded "well as it turns out he had another motive for that generous gesture" he smirked as she turned to face him with a intent look " As it turns out the poor boy was deeply confused you see, since you were showing such interest in him, an he being quite new to this part of life came to me since I have known you for such a long time" he paused

"Well what did he ask you Kisuke c'mon tell me already" her heart began to beat faster with what she was about to hear. "As I recall he was asking about if your advances just meant an interest in sharing his bed or an interest in him" Yoruichi felt her heart drop and looked down at her feet, so I was right he must think I'm just trying to get in bed with him and just that he doesn't know that I do have really deep feelings for him, what an idiot I have been. She was brought out of her depression by Kisuke continuing in what he was saying "His reasons for asking were as he put it" mimics Ichigo's voice "its not that I don't want her I have really strong feelings I'm just not sure what she wants Urahara but its to fast what she's doing maybe that's because I want something more, I then told him not to worry that you would not disappoint his hopes. Yoruichi could not believe it Ichigo wanted to be with her but more then just in bed. In her past men only wanted her body now this man wanted her for her. "thanks for telling me Kisuke" he winked at her "just take your time Yoruichi and enjoy it with him I'd like to see you happy for once as well.

With renewed hope she turned back to the test listening to General Yamamoto followed the ceremony and explain the details to Ichigo

Yamamoto spoke in his deep commanding voice "Ichigo Kurosaki due to your feats and services to the soul society you have been nominated by captains Ukitake and Kyōraku to become an official captain of the court guard squads" said captains both waved and nodded their approval's to Ichigo "after the nomination the reaming captains are required to vote on whether we allow the test to proceed, the vote was carried and majority vote was in favour of pass" Ichigo and Yoruichi both had a few guesses who might have said no "Now begins a test of your strength Ichigo you will duel against two of our captains".

Ichigo drew his zanpakuto an took his stance Yamamoto then called the first of the two names "Captain Kuchiki begin the test"

Ichigo smirked as he watched Byakuya walk out onto the courtyard "So Byakuya looks like we get to have another fight can't say I'm not surprised" Byakuya's lips twitched slightly as though he knew something Ichigo did not " I assume by your tone you believe I voted against you Ichigo, that is not true I believe you would make a good captain despite your crude habits. I simply volunteered to be your opponent since I am aware of your power this would make an accurate assessment" he said this all in his cold tone but Ichigo felt as though he were being complimented and insulted at the same time.

Yamamoto spoke again "This duel will last until we have seen enough the surrounding area is protected and we have healers standing by the combatants may fight at full force, Begin!"

Byakuya charged Ichigo with his sword drawn, he swung from the right, Ichigo blocked easily , then again from above, then to the left, he easily analyzed an counter these simple attacks and he knew Byakuya was doing the same, soon he would get more serious. All of a sudden Byakuya disappeared, but Ichigo was able to follow his flash step, blocking the thrust from behind, which was one of his signature attacks. "well done your reflexes and timing have improved but now we move to the next level" Byakuya said as he flash stepped again. Ichigo smirked "lets go" and he followed suit

The two began moving so fast most of the lieutenants have difficulty following many of the captains began nodding in approval, some commenting on Ichigo's skill . Yoruichi could not help smiling at her Ichigo, as she thought of him now, as he flash stepped so skilfully while duelling Byakuya, she had taught him well.

Ichigo suddenly appeared in front of the captains his sword raised above his head calling his spiritual pressure rising, he then brought his sword down sending a crescent moon shaped beam towards where Byakuya suddenly appeared.

He dodged in though by a hair "it would seem your analytical skills have improved as well, now its time to take things up another level. He held his sword before him and called his sword forth "scatter , sebonzakura" the blade dissolved into a 1000 smaller blades catching the like to make then look like cherry blossoms. Ichigo saw the attack coming and dodged by flash stepping far to the right he raised Zangetsu building up a huge amount of spiritual power and called out his attack "Getsuga Tenshō" a more powerful beam went flying towards Byakuya. He summoned his sword to shield him but the beam nearly cut through shocking him at how much stronger Ichigo had become.

The voice of the Yamamoto stopped the two combatants "Hold your attacks!, we are impressed Ichigo Kurosaki now we bring in the second opponent, captain Hitsugaya step forward. The young captain walked to stand next to Byakuya. Ichigo was surprised "Toshiro you voted against me" The ice wielding captain let that pass "No Ichigo I did vote for you I volunteered to fight you because we have never fought this is a good assessment of when you fight an unknown foe, get ready!" he then swung his sword calling out " Reign over the frosted heavens Hyōrinmaru" an ice dragon shot towards Ichigo but he deflected it with another beam.

The two captains then looked to each other an nodded, Byakuya then turned his sword point down and released it then they both said "ban-kai" activating there second release's "sebonzakura Kageyoshi" "Daiguren Hyōrinmaru". The crowed was awed at the sight of both captain's Bankai's. Yoruichi looked to Ichigo to see him carefully watching them both and smiled as she knew what he was planning.

Ichigo assumed a stand pressing his left hand against the forearm is his right arm following suit with the captains "ban kai" his spiritual pressure went through the roof as a few lieutenants feel back at the sudden wave. They gazed in awe those who had never seen his Bankai: his clothing changed with a more open robe and torn at the hem, the black blade which resembled a normal sword. Some were not sure it was a real bankai but would see be surprised as he said softly "Tensa Zangetsu" then disappeared from sight.

Only the captains could follow him now with his bankai's unbelievable speed. He began to inflict some damage as both Toshiro and Byakuya received some wounds Ichigo suffered a few as well but they could not easily match his speed. As the fight continued they were evenly matched they then combeened an attack towards Ichigo who stood his ground an raised his sword "Getsuga Tenshō" he roared as a black version of his previous attack neutralized the combeened attack from his opponent's.

"That will do" the Head Captain's voice rang out " A very impressive display Ichigo Kurosaki we will now finalize the vote be ready for out summons" Ichigo nodded to his opponents to say good fight they returned the favour then departed with the rest.

Ichigo stood there catching his breath till only he an Yoruichi were left, Kisuke decided it was best to give them a moment, she walked to Ichigo with a spark in those golden eyes and a smile for him "You were amazing out there Ichigo" he blushed at her compliment "I had a great teacher" now it was her turn to blush.

"I thought I saw Kisuke talking to you before the fight was he saying anything important?" she smirked at him "oh just some much needed advice" she then got close to him to wrap her arms around his neck whispering into his ear "they better make you a captain after that show" he returned the favour his arms going around her waist

"I think a little reward is in order" she said in a sexy tone of voice leaning closer to Ichigo looking deep into his cinnamon eyes, while he looked into her golden ones and felt his desire for her suddenly spike. This was different from before not her usual tries. There lips were now inches apart…and then they were together. Yoruichi could not believe it his kiss was setting her on fire, never before had she felt this high. Ichigo could not believe he was kissing this goddess and that it felt so good he can tell this is honest that his doubts must have been wrong. There kiss was now intensifying there tongues meeting and then exploring each other one of his hands was in her hair as the other was at the small of her back and pulling her closer to him while she hugged his neck even harder. Then they broke apart "wow" they both breathed as they caught there breaths and let there hearts settle down, they were both deeply blushing.

Before either of them could say a thing Kisuke suddenly reappeared "oops sorry hope I'm not interrupting" he said with a chuckle "finally glad to see you two breaking the ice or should I say melting it" he laughed again as Ichigo blushed yet still held Yoruichi to him an she rested her head on his chest thinking damn that Kisuke always at the wrong time well at least I got to kiss him, and wow what a kiss. Looking up into his eyes she saw he was looking at her to with a look that made her heart begin to beat faster.

Letting go of Yoruichi "alright hat n' clogs what is it you came back here for if not to interrupt a moment" he lowered his fan to look Ichigo in the eye "the captains sent me to come get you they have finished voting and want you an Yoruichi at the captains room. Yoruichi looked at Ichigo excitedly "lets go Ichigo time for you to become a captain". He nodded and they began walking Kisuke was a few feet ahead of them, Ichigo walked next to Yoruichi thinking about their kiss, true he had never kissed a girl before but with her it was like a jolt or electricity ran through his body, he could tell she was honest about the whole thing which made him smile inside. He decided to see where this would go, had to give it a try.

Reaching down he took Yoruichi's hand in his. She looked up at him pleasantly surprised and squeezed his hand back, giving him a sweet yet sexy smile that was only for him. They held hands an walked together in silence till they arrived at the first division barrack's

He stood with Yoruichi next to him before the captain's, he noticed a few lieutenants looking down at their hands being together. Rangiku whispered something to the other girls, and they all quietly giggled. Yoruichi saw this but didn't care she was too happy to care, she also nodded to Soi Fong to check if she had remembered the gift she wanted to give to Ichigo, Soi Fong nodded back and Yoruichi was feeling excited she wanted the head captain to hurry up.

Said Head captain now spoke "Ichigo Kurosaki, we have discussed and the vote is now unanimous to make you an official captain of the 13 court guard squads, However do to your unique situation you are now the captain of the newly created squad 14" The assembled captains were surprised by the decision Yamamoto was taking.

"Furthermore since you still have duties and responsibilities to attend to in the world of the living, you will have all the official status of a captain but for the time being you will not have your own squad or a barracks. You may now choose a lieutenant" Ichigo looked to Yoruichi who smiled an nodded to him. He faced her an said "Yoruichi Shihōin I ask you to be my lieutenant do you accept". They both looked deep into each other's eyes and saw there desire to be together she smiled an responded "I accept Captain Kurosaki"

The head captain watched this an a small smile appeared on his face "Now captain Kurosaki you may now be given your captains haori" Yoruichi stepped forward "Head Captain Yamamoto I apologize for the interruption but I have something I wish to give to my captain a haori" Yamamoto nodded, she turned to Soi Fong who walked forward with a wrapped bundle in her hands which she gave to Yoruichi. She opened it to reveal a captain's Haori "Ichigo this was my Haori when I was captain I want you to have it" Ichigo smiled as he put it on, it fit perfectly the sleeves came down close to his wrist, the hem of the robe reach to the mid point of his calves, it was designed to be somewhat loose to allow freedom of movement in battle which suited his style of fighting, the inside of the haori had its own colour which was different from the other captain's this one was orange like his hair. The insignia on his back was also changed to mark him as captain of Squad 14.

Yoruichi lost her voice for a moment at the sight of him, he was so handsome in her old haori an she was touched by smile he gave her as he looked up and said "Thanks Yoruichi its perfect" she blushed at his comment. She was then given her lieutenants badge which she decided to wear like a belt due to the fact that her Flash-cry attack might damage it.

Yamamoto spoke again "One last piece of business Captain Ichigo as Lieutenant Shihōin was once a captain she will be charged with instructing you on the duties and responsibilities of a captain, as well as some training all captains must take, the ceremony is concluded, welcome captain".

Inside Las Noches in Hueco Mundo

Aizen sat on his throne with two of his Espada in front of him

"Lord Aizen Yammy and I are ready to begin the attack as part of your plan so we may assess the target" spoke the smaller of the pair. He was medium in height slender, yet fairly muscular, male Arrancar of average height with a sad almost depressed appearance, fairly short, messy black hair, greyish skin, and green eyes. The other was a large muscular brute of a man who bore a resemblance to an adjuchas-menos rather then a vasto lorde arrancar.

Aizen looked at the two an nodded "Very good Ulquiorra, you will determine if I am correct and that whether or not we should proceed, Try not to damage him to severely but get him to reveal his power I will leave those methods up to you an Yammy" Ulquiorra bowed "Yes sir we shall leave for the soul society tomorrow mourning" As they departed Aizen sat thoughtfully on his throne and chuckled slightly "Ichigo Kurosaki now we shall see what you are made of"

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