Chapter 3- Adjustments

They began to file out of the captains meeting room where Ichigo received his congratulations from some of his fellow captain's. Yoruichi stayed close by admiring him and ready to pull him out of here should he get a little overwhelmed by the changes going on

"That was an impressive battle out there Ichigo" Said captain Kyōraku.

"Yes I'm sure you'll make a fine captain Ichigo" Captain Ukitake agreed.

"Guess this means we can fight more often Ichigo" Kenpachi said with a happy glint is his eye.

"Thanks I'll do my best not to let you all down" Ichigo said feeling excited an anxious at the same time

"Captain Kurosaki please come to us if you need anything" said Renji. Ichigo smiled "um Renji you don't need to be so formal around me I don't mind if you still call me Ichigo" Renji smirked "like I was planning on anything differently" Rangiku then tapped his shoulder "Ichigo the captain and I were gonna stop by for a little celebration I invited Renji and Rukia to come to, more would wanted to come but there all busy right now" Ichigo was surprised "oh sure that sounds like fun" he turned to see Toshiro with a sour look on his face clearly this was all Rangiku's idea

As they exited the barracks a crowd gathered to see the new captain since he was quite different from the previous ones. Ichigo was a little intimidated by the sight he had never been this popular and wasn't sure how to go about this, he then felt a hand take his and looked to see Yoruichi standing next to him with a reassuring smile on her face "Don't worry I'll get us out of here" she whispered then spoke up "Apologizes Captain but we must get back to work at the barracks" she said barely containing her laughter. Ichigo took the hint "Oh your right we better get back" he waved to the crowd and then flash stepped towards there cabin with Yoruichi right behind him.

Rangiku nudged her Captain "I bet she just wanted to congratulate him on his success" Toshiro managed a small smirk "Perhaps, its about time those two got things going, well better get back so we can finish up the days paperwork and make this party of yours.

Back at Ichigo and Yoruichi's place they both appeared on the front porch and then went inside, Yoruichi then turned to wrap her arms around his neck an press against him an purred "Well look at you my handsome captain, I'm glad you liked my present"

Ichigo looked at the goddess and felt her warmth against his body her breasts pressed against him. He blushed as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer "of course I love It because it was from you Yoruichi" now it was her turn to blush "you know I had something else to give you when we got back here" Ichigo raised an eyebrow "oh really what might that be?" she leaned close her lips only an inch away and breathed "guess" Ichigo smiled then pressed his lips against her soft ones. She was again amazed he was such a good kisser and she felt so safe and happy in his arms with him kissing her, she let her tongue meet his again this was better then the last time, small moans were coming from her mouth as they continue to kiss. Ichigo heard these moan and it only increased his confidence he loved the feel of her lips against his and having her body in his arms. One of his hands seemed to move on its on as is left her waist and moved up her stomach to caress her breast, she squealed at his touch and was running her fingers through his hair. They broke apart slowly both flushed an breathing heavily looking deep into each others eyes, Ichigo placed his hand back on her waist as he then spoke "Yoruichi th-" she spoke at the same time "Ichigo does-". They both stopped then laughed

"You first" Ichigo said still looking into her lovely golden eyes

"Does this mean that you want to be with me?" she asked with a small amount of both hope an fear in her eyes

Ichigo saw both in them and smiled an said "Yes, ever since I saw your true form Yoruichi you've always been on my mind and you always flirting with me an teasing I wasn't sure how you felt though"

Yoruichi felt her heart jump for joy "Oh Ichigo I've wanted the same thing ever since I met you, you've been on my mind to I just wasn't sure you liked me since you always shied away"

Ichigo laughed "all the worrying for nothing well I'm glad were at this point now, I'm glad your with me Yoruichi I wouldn't want anyone else" She blushed heavily as she replied "same goes for me my handsome captain" she giggled. They leaned in to kiss again. Suddenly there came a some whistles from the door. They turned to see Toshiro, Rangiku, Rukia, Renji, and even Kukaku all standing by the front door smirking.

Ichigo blushed a deep red color "Have you guys ever heard of knocking" he shouted as he an Yoruichi stood together.

"We did, you didn't answer, now we know why sorry to interrupt" Rangiku responded while Rukia an Renji both chuckled

Yoruichi laughed softly and whispered to him "we can talk more about this later Ichigo" he looked back at her an smiled "it's a deal he said back" they broke apart and walked with there friends into the living room to get settled, Yoruichi and Kukaku went to the kitchen to get some drinks

"nice job on getting to captain to soon kid" Kukaku called in her way of saying congratulations

"Ichigo good news Byakuya said he would come by later" Rukia said with a smile sitting down in Renji's lap

"Really wow I'm surprised I didn't think he would have been interested in coming. And when did this happen between you two, congratulations" he smirked as they both blushed

"Well it started around last month before you received your nomination notice in the world of the living" Renji explained as he wrapped an arm around Rukia.

"Brother wasn't going to come at first but when I told him Kukaku was gonna be here he said it might be possible to stop by and pay his respects to the new captain" Rukia laughed as a confused look came over Ichigo's face " Byakuya has a crush on Kukaku ever since when you rescued me it was the first time they saw each other in years. She knows also but wants him to make the first move but likes to flirt with him and make him blush" Rukia began to giggle "its really quite cute watching brother handle this"

"Wow Byakuya likes Kukaku" Ichigo thought for a moment then laughed as well. He could sympathize with having the woman you desire being like that.

In the kitchen.

"So he finally came through eh?" Kukaku said with her signature smirk as she took a drag from her pipe

Yoruichi blushed "it's not like that Kukaku, Ichigo is a real gentleman he wants to-" she saw the smirk on her face get bigger "Oh I see Yoruichi this is different you really like the boy come on tell me you can't hide what's plain to see on your face". Yoruichi thought about the kiss just a few moments ago "he's amazing Kukaku, he's kind, strong, passionate, really cute, and so, so, I can't really explain it, I just want to be with him, I know this more serious then the others before" Kukaku chuckled happily then resumed her smirking "I think I know what's the deal her, looks like little Ichigo has captured little Yoruichi's heart"

Yoruichi looked up at her best friend and was going to reply but then thought maybe she was right this feeling she had when she was with Ichigo could she be falling for him, it was a strong possibility but for now she would just see where it goes . While she was deep in thought Kukaku watched her and a genuine smile appeared on her face she was happy those two numbskulls were together despite what others thought they made a great match

She laughed then replied to her friend "I'm just glad to be with him for now but we'll see where that goes Kukaku. By the way how are things going with Byakuya?" Kukaku laughed "the same I teasing an flirt with him a lot I really like the guy Yoruichi he's damn sexy and makes me laugh the way he acts, I just want him to make the move so I guess now were both the same boat with out men just seeing where it goes" Yoruichi smiled at her friend as the walked back into the living room with some tea and cakes which Ichigo brought back from the world of the living.

She set that down on the table the sat down on the couch leaning against Ichigo with her head on his shoulder "did my captain miss me" she teased as he blushed an the others all smirked or chuckled waiting to see what Ichigo would do. Ichigo forgot about his friends for a moment as he put an arm around her and pulled her a little close "of course I did" she blushed at this he was becoming more comfortable around her she this made her heart beat much faster.

"Excuse me Ichigo but as I recall you wanted to ask me something" Toshiro said break the couple out of there own little world "oh right sorry Toshiro" he blushed as Yoruichi took his hand to let him know she didn't mind "I was just wondering bout what the head captain meant by position being unique am I not able to do what the rest of u can"

Toshiro began to explain "Ah I see I figured you would ask, basically Ichigo you could call yourself a part time captain you don't have a squad but if, for example, an emergency were occurring others would follow you. For now though when given order they apply to you an Yoruichi. Also you are going to get time to go to the real world to your hometown to deal with school there and as part of being in charge of that area. After your responsibilities there are done your position here will become more like the rest of us, you may get a squad of your own by then. Also Ichigo now that you are a captain I will allow you to call me Toshiro when in private but when in public it is still Captain Hitsugaya"

Ichigo chuckled and nodded "ok I get it Toshiro I'll do my best to remember so when do I go back home and for how long?"

"I believe you will be allowed to go back in later on this week which if I recall will be when your new term starts it will be for about a week then back here it may seem short now but the time will increase, for now we just gotta sort things out, a few of us will be coming along as well in case Aizen and his forces attack again" Toshiro explained

A thought came to Ichigo "Yoruichi will you be coming with me?" she smiled and squeezed his hand "yes of course I have to stay with my captain" Ichigo smiled an when there came a sudden knock at the door the others were distracted and he got his chance to give Yoruichi a quick kiss on her cheek and whisper "I'm glad your coming" she blushed deeply and feel giddy at what he just did and said.

Ichigo got up to go see who had arrived. He opened the door to find Byakuya standing there with his usual aristocratic manner "Good evening Captain Kurosaki" he said politely. Ichigo felt a little nervous for a second as this was the first time he had ever come to where he was staying usually he stayed in his mansion "Um good evening Byakuya please come inside, and you can just call me Ichigo I do consider you a friend" He smiled slightly at this and nodded "very well Ichigo thank you for having me-"

He was suddenly interrupted when Ichigo was knocked into the wall by Kukaku who walked up to give Byakuya a quick hug "Byakuya its been too long how have you been" Ichigo saw what Rukia meant it was kind of funny to watch Byakuya keep himself composed when he saw Kukaku and when she hugged him " It is good to see you again as well Kukaku I am well, and how have you been" he said in a surprisingly polite an earnest tone. Obviously Rukia was right Byakuya did have a thing for the fire works master. As Kukaku went back into the living room calling for Byakuya to come an join the fun he stopped to turn back to Ichigo and pulled something from his robes "It is an old custom to present a small gift to new captains as a sign of respect and…friendship Ichigo please accept these" he passed Ichigo a small wrapped package when he opened it he found two necklaces both exquisite pieces of craftsmanship they were pendants attached to silver chain's Ichigo noticed they both had some odd sigils on them and each had a jewel. He suddenly noticed the how the inside of the jewels seems to swirl and shift.

He looked up at Byakuya " I don't know what to say thank you Byakuya these are amazing" Byakuya smiled slightly "they are commonly know as soul pendants fairly rare, you give one to a certain person and keep the other when you speak the name into is to activate it, the jewel will emit a small glow meaning the other person wearing it is alive an thinks of you…they are generally giving to someone you care for" Ichigo understood what he meant something to give to a girlfriend "I understand Byakuya I'm sure she'll like it, thank you" He nodded before turning to go into the living where the rest were waiting.

Ichigo stood in the hall near the front door looking at the pendants. He would give the other to Yoruichi since there beginning there relationship together. He put one of them one it was long enough so it would not swing to much when moving an felt good resting against his skin. He lifted up to his face and spoke her name "Yoruichi Shihōin" it began to glow slightly he smiled and slipped his back into his robes and the other into his pocket to give to her later tonight.

He returned to the living room to find the sake had been passed out Rangiku and surprisingly enough Toshiro were sharing a bottle, Byakuya and Kukaku were off to the side by the window talking softly about who knows what, he wasn't sure where Renji an Rukia were.

Ichigo looked over to the couch to find his goddess sitting there, she gave him a sweet smile patted the spot next to her and he took his seat again, she then leaned into him rested her head on his should will her arms circled his waist from the side, he placed his own arm around her his hand resting just above her sexy ass.

"You were gone long" Yoruichi pouted she had missed him. He smiled at her "sorry Byakuya wanted to talk to me about something, also I have something to give to you later" she looked up at him with a surprised look "what is it?" she asked. He shook his head "you'll see later so what's been happening here?"

Yoruichi did not answer him right away she placed a quick kiss on his cheek then took his hand "Well Rangiku brought out the sake and is attempting to get Toshiro drunk there both pretty much there, I think Renji an Rukia left saying something about attending to their duties but I'm sure they just wanted to be alone, and right now Kukaku is teasing Byakuya" she laughed at that last part. Ichigo looked over to see Byakuya having a hard time to keep from smiling while talking to Kukaku.

Yoruichi then leaned back into Ichigo with a tired sigh "It's been a long day I think I'll take a little nap" she said as she closed her eyes resting her head on Ichigo's shoulder and curled up next to him breathing softly she seemed very comfortable. Ichigo looked over at her thinking I can't believe I've got the most beautiful woman in the soul society curled up next to me, and she wants to be with me. "She cares for you deeply Ichigo she has for a long time you can see it in her eyes" came the deep calm voice of Zangetsu his mentor. I know that now Zangetsu and I wanna stay with her an protect her. "Then open up to her Ichigo show her your feelings" he spoke again and Ichigo could feel his mentor's hand on his other shoulder giving him support, thank you old man he replied.

"well I think I'll call it a night thanks for the good time Ichigo, you and Yoruichi come by sometime, an we'll have ourselves a drink or two" Kukaku said as she got up an prepared to leave waving to Ichigo who waved back and nodded. Kukaku turned to see Byakuya standing up as well "allow me to escort you home Kukaku" She smirked " well know how thoughtful of you Byakuya how will I repay you" she teased him as they left together

A moan come from the other couch, Ichigo looked over to see Rangiku passed out drunk and sleeping with her shoulder on Toshiro who was also at his limit he looked over to Ichigo " I think we had better get going as well" he stood up an stumbled. Ichigo chuckled " I don't think you can make it back to your squad Toshiro why don't you an Rangiku take Yoruichi's room she can have mine for tonight". Toshiro nodded an picked up Rangiku, a good thing he had been getting taller recently otherwise this would have been difficult "Thanks Ichigo, I'll see you in the mourning for the captain's meeting, its early so you better call it a night as well"

Ichigo nodded as Toshiro walked down the hall carrying the sleeping Rangiku. Ichigo looked down at Yoruichi sleeping peacefully, he did not want to wake her, so he decided he would just carry her to her room then take the couch tonight. As he picked her up he heard her mumble in her sleep "umm… Ichigo….". She was dreaming about him. He smiled and blushed as he carried her bridal style to his bedroom with her head against his chest while his arms supported her legs and neck. He kicked the door open softly and lay her down on the bed, she stirred then opened her eyes. She looked up at him and smiled "My Ichigo I'm so touched you carried me to the bed and were gonna tuck me in what a gentlemen you are" she smiled seductively at him and sat up to wrap her arms around his neck bringer her face close to his. He wanted to kiss her right away but first he had to give her the gift "hold on Yoruichi remember what I said earlier" he pulled back a bit her hands rested on his shoulder an he reached into his robes. She looked at him curiously to see what he was going to give her.

Suddenly she gasped and her heart skipped a beat as she saw the beautiful jewel in his hands attached to the silver chain, it was a soul pendant a rare gift that couples gave to each other when they spoke the name into the jewel it would emit a soft glow to show that person is thinking of them "This is for you Yoruichi Byakuya gave me two of them" he pulled his out from his robes so she could see "one for me and one for you will you wear it?" she looked up at him and saw the honesty is his lovely cinnamon eyes, then she felt tears begin to well up in her eyes. Ichigo was shocked "what is it Yoruichi what's wrong" he asked pulling her to him, she rested her head against his strong chest "its ok Ichigo its just no one has ever been so kind to me, men just want my body, you care about me, you're the man I've been looking for who I want to stay with an be with" she said as warm tears of happiness ran down her cheeks "yes Ichigo I will wear it thank you its so beautiful" he pulled back so he could caress her face and wipe her tears away with this thumb "then it's a perfect match for you " she blushed at that. She put on the necklace and like how it felt sitting just above her breasts near her heart which now pounding at this point. She looked down at it and said "Ichigo Kurosaki" the jewel began to glow, they both smiled "thank you Ichigo I'll always wear this"

He smiled at her and was about ready to leave for the couch when her arms where around his neck again "don't go Ichigo stay with me, please" she whispered softly he looked at her she was beautiful, he felt himself becoming around as his desire for her released.

He pressed his lips against hers, pulling her to him, she moaned in pleasure an shifted so she was sitting in his lap on the edge of the bed, so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

There tongue's met and she could feel him down there , she knew he wanted her, and she wanted him. They lips separated as he kissed her neck "oh Ichigo" she moaned and began to remove his haori and the upper part of his uniform.

He began the same thing removing her orange shirt to reveal her backless tank top beneath. He laid her down on the bed and resumed kissing pressing his body against hearing her moan in pleasure. They broke apart again so they could finish removing there clothes. They kept there necklaces on.

Yoruichi was breathless as she gazed at his body he was muscular and well built, her eyes travelled down and she blushed at seeing his manhood which was well built to just as she imagined it.

Ichigo was also breathless, though he had seen her naked before this was different. She was so beautiful, her eyes, her lovely purple hair which was loose around her, her breasts, her soft dark skin, her whole body. He wanted her not just her body, he wanted all of her "Your beautiful Yoruichi, more beautiful then anything" he said in a voice full of passion. She felt her pleasure rise, and her heart beat faster "oh Ichigo" she said in a passionate voice as well, the rest was lost in a moan when he leaned down and kissed her again but also took her breast in his hands and began to rub an squeeze them.

Yoruichi gasped he's so good, oh god I haven't ever felt this good she thought as she felt his hard member against her wet opening, he was hitting all the right spots she moaned loudly as he leaned back an rubbed his member against her now very wet an warm center. She spread her legs so she could rest between with his hands on either side of her head holding up his upper half. Then he entered her, they both moan loudly in pleasure as Ichigo fully entered Yoruichi, he rested a moment till she adjusted to him then began a slow pace as he made love to her, he leaned down against her to clamp his lips on her breast while caress the other with his hand. Yoruichi moaned loudly nearly screaming in pleasure and what Ichigo was doing and at the faster pace he was going at "oh Ichigo oh its..*gasp* so good Ichigo" she said in a breathless voice feeling herself get close to the edge. Ichigo was could also feel it as it became even more tight inside her, he could also feel himself at his breaking point the leaned up again moaning "Yoruichi I'm almost there" she looked up into his eyes "I am too Ichigo lets release together", He looked deep into her eyes determined to keep looking as they went over the edge

With one last deep thrust they both climaxed screaming each others names. Both of them were now breathless as Ichigo leaned down on top of Yoruichi to give her a deep passionate after glow kiss. She could not believe how good he was. Ichigo pulled out of her then collapsed onto his back on her side. She rolled onto her side so could lie partially on top of him with her head on his chest her arm around his waist an one leg raised onto his legs "that was amazing Ichigo" when he did not respond she lifter her head to look up to see he had fallen asleep with a smile on his face. She smiled at his handsome face then heard him breath "Yoruichi" in his sleep. She lay her head back down and said "Ichigo" as she fell asleep right away.

As the two lovers lay together the moon came into view and bathed them in moonlight as they slept soundly together.

Outside one of the Seireitei gates

A black rip opened in out of thin air an revealed a shadowy tunnel, two figures walked out of it an looked up at the closed gate

"it would seem we arrived a little early, no matter we will wait until mourning then draw out the target" said the smaller of the tow

The larger one laughed evilly as he sat down against a tree and waited

The shorter figure looked up at the moon and whispered "Ichigo Kurosaki"

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