After the Jam Pony hostage and Terminal City Siege, Logan convinced himself to do something, he never thought possible. With his apartment gone and living in a rundown house that even keeping water running would make a saint curse, and the woman that he loved with all his heart had said she was with someone else before his apartment had been destoryed; he had had enough. His heart couldn't take seeing and reacting to all that was happening. With Bling's help and outside associations, he moved into the curtain of the night to be somewhere new to him. No one knew him or his alter ego which was fine by him. Max or members of his family did not know of his decision. The only person was Bling, which Logan had sworn him to secrecy from everyone including Max.

He moved through out the city as if he had been born there. Logan had managed to set up a computer shop fixing computers and selling software at a low price from the measly insurance check he got from his apartment. Life was good on the outside, but his inner feelings were about Max was a mess.

Logan had setup the Informant Net, that was one thing he had accomplished in his To Do List after leaving Seattle. He had maintained vigilance on the crime in Seattle from a distance. With the informants he had collected over the years Eyes Only was up and running better than before. He was amazed and satisfied.

Bling had setup a clinic there in the quaint city, so he visited Logan often. However, this particular visitation Bling was quiet. This disturbed Logan immensely. He was aware that Bling had been hounded by Max, and it was getting to the strong man. "What's got you down in the mouth?" He teased. "Never knew you to be quiet so long, man. So spill."

"Oh, it's nothing just thinking. Maybe I'll move here. Even though, I need the money I get from working at the hospital and there's Sarah. Never mind," Bling said absently.

"Is there problems at the clinic?" Logan asked concerned, thinking he might be able to help.

"No. There's nothing wrong at the clinic, it's doing just fine," Bling said, with unease in his voice. "Have you found a cure for the virus?" Bling suddenly popped out.

"No, I would have told you. I've been sending email after email through the Informant Net and no luck, why?" Logan said sadly. "It doesn't matter since, you know, Max isn't...." He couldn't go on.

"I know man. I've been checking also in the hospital and so has Dr. Shankar. Well, listen I'd better get on the road. It's a long drive but the people need me so I guess it's worth it," he smiled. "See ya next trip, man." He got into his car parked outside the computer shop and headed back to Seattle.

Logan started walking around not in the mood to work on the computers. He said out loud, "I'm not in the mood to work and no one seems to need anything this evening, I might as well close up shop and go home early," he shook his head, "Oh boy. I must be going nuts, I'm talking to myself," he said with a chuckle and went to turn everything off in the back.

He was heading back from shutting everything off when the front door chimed. Man, I spoke too soon. What is it this late? He thought edging his way to the front.

"Are you Mr. McClinsky? The owner of this store?" The tall brunette asked.

"Why yes, I am. What seems to be the problem, ma'am," Logan looked at the pretty lady with his million-dollar smile.

"Oh. Well, my computer is sick. It's really acting screwy; can you fix it? I've got some important files on it and... and, I don't want to lose them. I know the basic stuff on a computer, but I don't know what to do with this. Kind of like a worm going out to lunch. It seems to be eating all my information, you know, as if I put information in yesterday and today it's not there. I don't know, maybe I'm losing my mind. It started about, oh, two weeks ago maybe," she said frustrated.

"Well, if it's got a worm in it, it's got to be sick. Tell you what, I can back up your files and go from there in the morning. How does that sound?" Logan said smiling at the lady.

Hesitantly she said, "Now these are private and personal files on my patience. Just important files that you can't discuss with anyone. Do I have your promise, you know, you won't divulge anything you might read in there?" The brunette eyes were wide as if pleading for this. Her eyes were sky blue with a hint of brown.

And Logan was mesmerized in them. Like being hypnotized. "Uh, yeah, I promise. Your names what? Doctor...."

"Standish, Dr. Camille Standish. I hope it doesn't take too long. I really need it, for my work. I'm over in the medical lab doing research. My number is 3 6 0; of course you knew that, 3 5 8 1 4 7 4. Do you want my home number?" She looked at him with fluttery eyelashes.

"Uh, no this will be fine. And Doctor, I'll get on it first thing in the morning," Logan said shaking.

"I'm not married, so there won't be a problem if you call me at home. So if you want my number then... well, I'll give it to you," she said bringing her flirting up another notch.

"No, this will be fine," he said, as he was walking her to the door. Locking the door, he breathed a sigh of relief. Shaking his head, he pulled the shade down and proceeded to the back with the computer.