Chapter 8: Meeting the folks

Caught in between drifting back to the here and now, a husky voice caught Max's attention. "Hey, are you the person that's involved with our son?"

"What? Who? Who are you?" Max asked in alarm. This was too much. First, Brin and Ben! Now this! Max thought.

"I'm sorry. I'm Edward Cale. Edward Logan Cale, Logan's father, and this beautiful lady is Logan's mother, Michelle Louis Cale. You're the one Logan is in love with; am I right?" Edward said.

"Yes. No. Maybe. I … I really don't know. But he's gone on to greener pastures or rather non-transgenic pastures. Logan's moved away, I guess… I … ah, haven't been able to find him. He's somewhere, because he's still doing his cable hacks. Oh shit! I shouldn't have said that. His parents don't know that. Stupid! Max thought looking worriedly at his parents. Man, they are a handsome couple. Now, I know where he gets his striking good looks and long lean figure from his dad. And green eyes from his mom. Max thought as she took in the view of both Logan's parents.

Blushing, Michelle said, "Why thank you dear. I haven't had that much admiration since," she had to think, "Oh, it was before Mr. Cale proposed."

"Come to think about it, I was in college when lovely young ladies looked at me the way you are now," Edward said huskily.

Oh shit! I forgot where I am! They're going to think I'm a pervert, geez. Isn't anything private around here? Thought Max.

"No, dear. In this place your thoughts, feelings, and anger goes very much noticed and heard here. Don't worry; we've been watching our son … and you, for some time now. I … we were devistated when you died and then was taken back to Manticore. Logan tried to join us when he thought he had lost you, but then he had the help and support of Bling, Cindy… or rather Original Cindy, even that lunatic Calvin… Sketchy, as you all call him. Your friends have rather … unique, names don't they?" Michelle said, breaking the tension between Max and them.

"And because you gave him that transfusion a while back, he still has some in him by the way, you two are connected in someway. He can sense whither or not you are sad, depressed, even in danger … Until now, he's lost, Max. He's had your strength, your joy for life, your danger, your everything. Since you've come back to him, these vibes or feelings have gotten stronger. However, as before, when he thought he had lost you … That's what he's thinking. Trying to go on but the emptiness will get to him. May ... Maybe he will complete what he started when you died, Max," Edward said sadly.

Michelle hastily said, "Max, you have to go now or it will be too late for you to return. By the way, there are three sisters looking after Logan. They'll explain when you see them. Maybe, the sisters won't let him get into a funk because of your death."

"Great! More competition! It isn't bad enough to save my siblings and the world; I have to fight my sisters over Logan! Geez, my plate is full enough," Max said sarcastically.

"No, my dear. They are there to help Logan get a cure. They're not after Logan... Well, Liz maybe. She's in … Oh, cat like thing you girls go into. She has her eyes set on Logan for that.

"Great! A cat in heat! That's just great!" Max was very upset with that news.

"Oh, don't worry, your sisters will keep your sister away from Logan," Edward intervened. "Logan still is deeply in love with you, but if he's anything like me… he'll be hard tempted not to do anything he'll regret. Trust me on that, Max. You and your sisters are very, very attractive." Edward said, looked over at his lovely wife, "Oh my dear, I didn't mean …."

"Go, dear. I'll straighten him up. Logan has too much of his father in him, but where you're concern he sees only you. Take care, Max. It's time." Michelle said smiling sweetly to hopefully her daughter-in-law.

"Okay. Now how do I do this again?" Max asked in confusion.

"Just think of where you were and you'll be there in your body. If you want to be dramatic, click your heels two times together and wish. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Michelle said giggling.

"Yeah, right!" Max said frustrated, "Gotta blaze. Um, nice meeting the both of you." And then she was gone.

"Well, that was interesting," Edward said, smiling to his wife, "I like her. She's got spunk and very attractive to boot."

"Yes, on both accounts. She's good for our son, where as the others, well, let's just say he didn't make the wisest choices on any of them after our death. Valerie was a good example … The way she manipulated him," Michelle said, looking at the spot where Max disappeared from.

"Yes, my love," Edward sighed, took his wife's hand and strolled into the fog.