This takes place at the end of Dark Force Rising, when Fey'lya wants to abandon Rogue Squadron, and withdraw the ship he is in command of, the Quenfis. Abandoning Rogue Squadron would mean the death of Han and Luke. For anyone who has not read the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn, Fey'lya is a bothan councilor in the New Republic who has his own agenda, and is out to get Han and Leia. Han and Leia are now married, and Leia is pregnant with twins Jacen and Jaina.

I took a few liberties with this piece- I sort of paraphrased the section of the book, so you get the main idea. I don't want to copyright, but I am dangerously close to stepping on someone's rights. As I said before, the book is called Dark Force Rising, and is the second book in the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn. I recommend reading the book, which might help you make sense of this piece.

"We can't abandon them!" Leia exclaimed. "Both my husband and my brother are vital members of the New Republic, and there twelve of the best X-wing pilots that we can't afford to lose!"

"Leia, you are letting your personal feelings get in the way," Fey'lya responded calmly. He continued to point a blaster at Leia, while turning to speak into a comlink. "Captain Virgilo? How soon will we be ready to go to lightspeed."

"Another minute or two," Virgilio's voice crackled over the comlink.

"As soon as possible," Fey'lya responded.

"Councilor, Han and Luke know a lot of information pertaining to the New Republic," Leia said frantically. "If the Empire were to obtain this knowledge, there would be major setbacks for the New Republic." She cast a desperate glance at Karrade, who did nothing but stare off into space.

"My apologies, Leia, but there is nothing further I can do for them," Fey'lya replied, as if expressing regret for being out of bantha milk for a small child.

As Leia began to despair, a female crewmember stepped forward, and pulled a blaster from her coat, aiming straight at Fey'lya.

"I don't think so, fuzzball," the girl with auburn hair snapped. There was something familiar about her that Leia couldn't seem to place. Had she seen her before, working in the Rebellion? That couldn't be it; Leia saw many faces in the Rebellion, but the few that survived that era were close friends of Leia's. Besides, this girl had to be barely eighteen. There was no way she had been serving in the Rebellion that long. She must be a new recruit, which meant she couldn't possibly have been promoted to the rank of a crewmember serving on the bridge already. Leia reached out, and tried to touch her with the Force. Even the way she shielded her mind from Leia seemed familiar.

Fey'lya seemed irritated at the crewmember who had stepped out of line. "And who might you be?"

"Nobody you'll live long enough to know if you don't revoke that order you just gave," she replied brashly.

He stared at her. "Listen, now is hardly the time to demand a pay raise"-

She cocked her blaster. "Maybe you didn't hear me the first time. Or maybe that fur you're covered with grows into your head as much as it does out. Whatever. Either way, this ship doesn't go to hyperspace without Rogue Squadron and-" she sneered, "Captain Solo.

Fey'lya's glance flicked to Leia. He was obviously trying to decide whether this was her doing or not, and whether he could stall long enough for theQuenfis to jump to hyperspace. The girl guessed his plan, and said, "You've got fifteen seconds, or I make your decision for you." She made a shooting gesture with her blaster.

Fey'lya made a motion of defeat, and set his blaster down. "There's no way what you intend to accomplish will work. I have too many allies"-

"Never tell me the odds. Kick the blaster to me," the crewwoman ordered.

He did so, and she picked it up, all while keeping her blaster trained on Fey'lya.

"Now, you contact Virgin-o or whoever it was you were talking to before, and tell him you've changed your mind. One false step, and I'll blow your furry Bothan head off."

Fey'lya picked up the comlink and turned on the intercom, and announced, "Intruders have taken over the Quenfis! I repeat"-

Fey'lya's body dropped to the ground. "Had to test that theory, didn't he?" the redhead muttered, walking to the comlink, kicking Fey'lya out of the way. "Attention Quenfis crew members and anyone else who cares to listen. The Quenfis is under new command, one that doesn't intend to leave without Rouge Squadron. Now Virgino, we won't be going to hyperspace quite yet. Gold Squadron fighters, report to your ships immediately, and depart on my command. Captain Virgino, we need you on the bridge.

"That's Captain Virgilio, reporting for duty," Virgilio said from behind. Leia cast a surprised glance in his direction. Aside from the mispronunciation of his name, Virgilio didn't seem resentful of the change in leadership. He simply shrugged, and moved in front of the rebel crewmember to lead the battle.

Leia focused on the redheaded crewwoman. Why had the girl cared enough to put her life on the line for Leia's husband and Rogue Squadron? Perhaps she was the wife or girlfriend of one of the pilots? No, she had singled out Han. An ex-girlfriend? Well, that would explain why she said his name so disdainfully. However, it was not in character of most ex-girlfriends to stick their neck out for past lovers, unless they wanted to finish the guy off themselves. Besides, despite the fact that many younger girls found Han attractive, she seemed a little too young for Han. Although she was brave, she couldn't have been any older than eighteen.

As though the girl was listening in on Leia's train of thought, she snapped her head towards Leia. "You Organa?"

Leia was almost taken aback, but regained her voice and said, as regally as she could muster, "Organa-Solo."

The girl seemed almost amused. "Right."

In an effort to keep up her diplomatic skills, Leia asked politely, "And to whom do I owe my thanks for the rescue of my husband, brother, and one of the New Republic's best X- wing squads?"

"You can save your thanks. Flattery is lost on me. Besides, they aren't saved yet."

She was testing her patience, Leia knew, but if there was one thing she got from being married to Han, it was dealing with difficult people. "You're very realistic, but I'm hopeful. Who will I have to thank when they are rescued?"

"Doesn't matter who I am. I don't intend to stick around."

I wouldn't be so sure about that, Leia thought. Han had stayed- and if he was willing to, there was hope for everyone. At the thought of Han, she smiled. "If you don't tell me your name, I'll have to call you Hanna."

The girl seemed intrigued. "Why Hanna?"

"Because you remind me of my husband, Han."

Everything happened so quickly after that. Enraged, the girl drew her blaster, and pointed it at Leia. "Don't you EVER compare me to that son of a bantha! Just because some smart-mouthed schutta can draw parallels, doesn't mean I'm anything like him!"

Leia remained silent. A girl crazy to attempt to rescue someone she hated might be crazy enough to shoot her on a ship of Republic soldiers. Protectively, she clutched her stomach. "I'm sorry- I didn't mean it to be insulting. I would be proud to be compared to Han, but we're so different."

Resolved, the girl lowered her blaster. "Fine," she said softly. "Just don't mention him again. My name's Jara, by the way."

"Jara," Leia responded. "What a pretty name. Where did it come from?"

Jara replied, "My mom thought she was real clever. She named me after a guy who died when he was about 15. She obviously didn't have very high hopes for me. The guy's name was Jarik, and he died while fighting for the Rebellion," she snorted. "What a waste. But here's a cruel twist of fate- look where I am now."

"You couldn't have picked a better way to meet your demise, that's for sure," Leia said, attempting to sound cheerful.

Jara made an amused sound. All of a sudden, the ship rocked from a blast from a laser cannon, causing Leia to lose her balance.

"Evasive manuver! Zero-one-one! I repeat- Zero-one-one!" Captain Virgilio shouted. Turning to Leia, he said, "The Imperial's backup is here."

"Scramble their sensors. It'll give us a bit of an edge," Leia suggested.

Captain Virgilio nodded, and gave the order. The Quenfis fired on the Star Destroyer with their ion cannons.

Suddenly, a laser fired. This time, however, it came from the Katana, and was followed by a spectacular explosion that turned the Star Destroyer into a massive, fiery ball. They had won.