A/N: I was listening to my iPod and I decided to write this. It was kind of a filler for me because it was so short and simple to write and everything else I'm writing is novel-legnth and not sounding so good when I write it down as it was in my head.

But anyway, expect Neville/Luna, 3rd Generation, Percy/Audrey, and Draco/Asteria in the future.

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The Veronicas-Untouched

Today is the day. Today is the day I show her how I feel. In front of everyone. Bloody hell, what have I gotten myself into?

I walk up to her, my hands in my pockets. She's just standing in the corridor, her long, dirty blonde hair tied up in a loose bun. She's wearing her trademark radish earrings. This is just any other day for her. Well, not anymore.

Her grey eyes light up when she sees me, like the sun trying to peak out of storm clouds.

"Hello, Neville," She smiles and taps her necklace. It's the one I gave her last Christmas: bright blue string tied around a pebble the color of her eyes. "You were right; this rock does seem to have the power to keep away wrackspurts."

I don't respond; instead, I bend down and kiss her. She seems startled at first, but eventually I can nearly feel her ripping out chunks of my hair, her fingers are so tangled in there.

"Ewww, freaks kissing," I hear a third-year Hufflepuff say and pretend to gag.

But the thing is, I don't care. I just want to keep kissing Luna until we're old and wrinkly.

Unfortunately, we both have to breathe.

Luna bites her lower lip and looks up at me. "That was-" She begins, but I cut her off by kissing her again. I open my mouth like Dean told me to and Luna does the same.

We've got a lot of kissing to make up for.

Tom Felton-Time Isn't Healing

Ginny said to give it some time. That I would forget those feelings for her with time. But time didn't do squat. It just made things worse. Because, with time, Luna and I grew closer and closer until I knew her as well as I know myself.

Ron said to give it time, too. He's one to talk; he's had a crush on Hermione since the first moment he saw her on the Hogwarts Express. But I tried his idea anyway, hoping this time it would actually work. But she showed up in my dreams. Her misty grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, pale rose lips, and radish earrings. And, with time, the dreams got less and less friendship-orientated.

So much for time.

Jesse McCartney- Leavin'

Against all odds, Luna got a boyfriend: Aaron Tyler, a Hufflepuff two years older than me. And, according to Ginny, he's "super hot."

And people say I'm the only person who likes Luna that way.

"He's been given love potion," I heard a fourth-year say one day as I walked down the corridor to Charms. "I mean, who in their right mind would want to go out with Looney Lovegood?" Am I invisible or something?

No matter the circumstances, he doesn't deserve Luna. She's too smart, pretty, and funny for him. Besides, ever since they've been "together," Luna has almost always had tears in her eyes.

I want to tell her to leave him, to be with me, someone who won't make her cry. But how do you tell a girl her boyfriend's bad news?


I may have asked Ginny to the Yule Ball, but I actually have eyes for one girl: Luna Lovegood. Yeah, that girl.

She had come with some bloke who refused to dance with her, so she dance alone, her blood-red dress twirling around her. She looks so beautiful with her blonde hair loose and messy as always and her grey eyes rimmed by her so-blonde-they're-almost-white eyelashes.

"Neville!" Ginny hisses, snapping me back to where we are. "Twirl me now!" I twirl her like a ballerina, my heart not fully into it. I'm too busy staring at Luna.

Merlin, what's wrong with me?