Chapter One

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5:30He wakes up, and then lays in bed for exactly two minutes.

5:32He gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom, and brushes his teeth. It has to be mint.

5:37He washes his face and pugs in his hair straightener.

5:38He goes back into his room, makes his bed, then gets out his clothing and lays it out.

5:42He undresses, folds and puts away his pajamas then gets dressed. Boxers, jeans, T-Shirt, socks, accessories. That specific order.

5:47He goes back to the bathroom, straightens his styles his hair, and then applies makeup. Eye-liner only.

5:52He picks out a jacket, triple checks his work in his back pack, grabs his keys and wallet then goes downstairs.

5:57He grabs a piece of toast, puts on his shoes, and says bye to his brother before leaving to his car.

6:00Drives to school.

It had to be like this every morning. Every single morning. If he didn't have school, he would just nix the last step and sit down and read a book. He does this every morning, to the very minute. Why?

Because, Sasuke Uchiha had the rest of his life planned out. Down to the very last minute. OCD to the extreme.


Sasuke considered himself to be different from all of the other 17 year olds. Well, besides the obvious reason. He was, of course, amazingly good looking, extremely smart, popular, and desired by all yet desiring no one.

His natural traits alone made him better. But he was an Uchiha, so those traits were expected.

No, what really made him different, what made him better, was the fact that he knew, he knew, what he was doing with his life. You can go up to any teenager in that High School and ask them what they are going to be doing once they graduate, and you just might get an answer. And even if you do get one, that student will be doing something completely different in five or ten years.

Sasuke knew where he would be in five years, even in ten years. And for that, he was proud. But he had to know what he was going to be doing in this time next year, or next week, or in a few months.

One time, a few years ago, Sasuke forgot to update his schedule on his computer before he went to bed. When he woke up that following morning, 15 year old Sasuke had a complete mental breakdown and trashed his whole room looking for his schedule. He ended up completely demolishing a wall with his desk chair in search of the file.

Ever since then, Sasuke kept multiple copies of this information. That night, two years ago, he stayed up for days typing up his schedule. No, not his schedule. His life. Sasuke was writing his life. And the fact that he was creating his story before he had lived it didn't frighten him. In fact, he felt secure knowing exactly how his life was going to be at any given moment. It was satisfying.

To this day, Sasuke had 21 copies of his life and was currently working on ten more copies. He had one copy on paper, hidden under his mattress. He had two on different flash drives, one attached to the end of his toothbrush, and the other on his car key ring. He then had 14 typed copies stored on four different computers. When he turned 16, he asked his parents for a Swiss Bank Account, and in that account he has three copies. And the last copy is on a one inch by one inch microchip.

Implanted in his left butt cheek.

Yeah, Sasuke liked to know that his life was safe, and nobody was going to change that.


Sasuke opens his car door and tosses his back pack onto the passenger seat before sliding in and carefully closing the door behind him. Taking his crowded key ring out of his pocket, the teen makes sure that his flash drive is still securely attached to the metal loop before inserting the key into the ignition.

He starts up the car and lets a small smile show on his face when he hears how well it is running. Last week, Sasuke had leant Itachi his car so that his brother could drive some drunken friends home, and supposedly one of them had grabbed the wheel and steered the car into a lamp post. Therefore, his car had been in the shop until two days ago, and the whole bill got landed on Itachi.

Slowly easing out of the drive way, Sasuke drove down the street, and took a left onto Carlson Road.

Sasuke leaned forward a bit and reached over to turn on the radio. The morning seemed awfully quiet; there weren't even that many cars on the road. Continuing to drive down the road, Sasuke enjoyed the morning silence, hoping that it was a sign that the rest of the say would be relatively calm.

That is, until Sasuke caught sight of someone riding a unicycle in the middle of the road.

Sasuke squinted, and indeed, there was a blonde person riding a unicycle in the middle of a four lane road. Sasuke's eye did not deceive him.

Sasuke frowned when he saw that he was rapidly approaching the lone unicycler, and the person was not speeding up. Stepping on the gas pedal, Sasuke revved the engine in hopes that the blonde figure would get out of the way. If this continued much longer, he was going to be late to school.

Sasuke clenched his teeth and gripped the leather steering wheel to the point that his knuckles were turning white. The blonde person was now unicycling backwards and was waving at him. Sasuke couldn't tell whether it was a male or a female, but whatever gender this person was, they were either going to get out of his way, or crawl away from this with tire marks on their face.

Sasuke pressed his foot down on the gas pedal increasingly harder until his was almost twenty feet away from the spastic blonde, who looked like they were having some sort of compulsive seizure on top of the unicycle before steering the one wheeled contraption to the side and letting Sasuke pass.

Sasuke smirked to himself and looked at the rearview mirror and noted that the blonde was glaring at him. Good, let the person glare. Sasuke didn't really give a shit, as long as he got to school on time and didn't mess up his schedule. It's not like he was going to have to deal with the person again, so it didn't matter what they felt towards him.

The teen absentmindedly listened to music for a few minutes until he found himself pulling into the student parking lot of his school, Konoha High School.

Sasuke drove around the parking lot until he got to the row that his parking spot was in. Student didn't really have designated parking spots, but Sasuke had staked this one out last year, and no one really wanted to see what would happen to their car if they parked in his spot.

Once parked, Sasuke glanced at his watch and saw that he was only one minute behind and smiled. He would have more than enough time to meet up with Naruto and get to first period.

Popping open the door, Sasuke grabbed his pack and got out of the car, again gently closing the door behind him before enabling the alarm system. Slinging his pack over his shoulder, the teen walks briskly to the front of the school and through the massive double doors.

Heading over to the table where he and the group usually meet, Sasuke stops and turns when he hears his name called and spots Naruto heading his way. Sasuke waves slightly and walks towards his friend.

He and Naruto had been friends since the beginning of middle school, even though they have got to be the most opposite people in existence. Sasuke was dark and quiet where as Naruto was bright and obscenely loud. They mutually hated each other throughout elementary school, but they learned to tolerate each other when they hit middle school, and they ended up befriending each other because of it. Now, the two of them are seen together practically everywhere, and are pretty much inseparable.

A perfect example of the degree that they contrast each other would be today's clothing. Sasuke was wearing black jeans, a long sleeved charcoal t-shirt with thumb holes cut into the sleeves, a black spiked choker, and a pair of worn converse. Naruto was wearing garishly bright neon orange baggy cargo pants, black sneakers, a black short sleeved shirt with orange stripes on it, and an orange bow tie.

Sasuke was certain that no other living person could pull off wearing so much orange like Naruto could.

The two of them started walking together to their first period class, falling into their years old habit of Sasuke on the right and Naruto on the left.

Naruto glanced over at his friend before opening his mouth. "So, you look even more grumpy then usual. What happened?"

Sasuke grumbled and crossed his arms. "Some manic blond person decided to ride their fucking unicycle in the middle of the street this morning, at like… three miles an hour."

Naruto snorted and shook his head. "Did you hit them?"

Sasuke frowned. "No. I have more self restraint then that." Naruto chuckled and bobbed his head, narrowly dodging a group of oncoming preps. "Yeah, remember when that old lady who accidentally scratched your car with her cart? Some self restraint then. Good thing I was there, 'cause you sure as hell couldn't restrain yourself."

Sasuke's frown deepened. "Yeah, whatever dobe."

Naruto sighed and then smiled dorkishly. "Spoken with love, I know. Anyway, did you hear about the new kid?"

Sasuke looked at him before spinning around and kicking at someone who had just slammed into him. Naruto raised an eyebrow. Sasuke was in one hell of a bad mood this morning. Usually, he only yelled at people when they slammed into him in the hallway.

Sasuke turned back and brushed a chunk of hair out of his face. "Hm. What new student? I don't recall Mr. Umino saying anything about a new kid."

Naruto chuckled and readjusted his back pack on his shoulders. "Yeah, he mentioned it when you were in the bathroom. I guess I forgot to tell you." The blonde shrugged. "Oh well."

Sasuke snorted. "Yeah, 'oh well'. Boy or girl?"


The dark teen sighed. "Thank God, I wouldn't have been able to stand another girl. I hate women."

Naruto broke out in laughter, which caused Sasuke to chuckle slightly. Naruto's laughter was infectious. The blond teen stopped by their classroom door and held it open for Sasuke.

"And that, my friend, is why we are gay," Naruto muttered before following his best friend into the classroom.

About three quarters of the class was already seated, which wasn't too bad when you take into consideration that the majority of the class usually rushes in during the last 30 seconds before class starts.

He and Naruto take their seats near the back of the room, dropping their bags down beside their chairs and sitting down. Well, Sasuke neatly set his bag on his desk whereas Naruto let his clunk to the floor, and Sasuke almost gracefully sat in his chair, whereas Naruto practically body slammed the thing. But hey, that was his style.

As soon as the bell rang, Mr. Umino, their English teacher walked into the room and stood in front of the class, waiting for his students to shut up. [A/N: When I say English, I'm talking about writing essays and whatnot, not learning the English language.]

Clearing his throat, Mr. Umino smiled warmly when everyone stopped talking and gave him their attention. "Good morning. I hope all of you had an outstanding weekend. First things first, I would like everyone to pass forward their Current Event paper. Remember that you may turn it in tomorrow for half credit, but no late work is accepted."

At this, everyone started digging around their bags for their assignment. Sasuke unzipped his bag and grabbed his stapled work and handed it forward to the girl sitting in front of him. Setting his bag down on the floor next to him, he noticed that Naruto also passed forward some paper.

"So you actually did your work?"

Naruto looked at him and smiled smugly. "Yup. I finished it two days ago."

Sasuke raised his eyebrows. "I'm impressed. You even finished it early, congratulations. What was your topic?"

Naruto grinned. "How doctors are the most efficient killing machine. I say we should screw hospitals."

Sasuke snorted. "Yeah, okay. Have fun with that."

Once Iruka had gathered all of the papers, he paper clipped them all together and set them on his desk before addressing the class again. "Secondly, as you all should remember, we have a new student coming today. I'm not quite sure when he will arrive, but I want all of you to treat him with kindness and respect. Okay, now I would like all of you to take out your text books and turn to Chapter 17. I would like to finish covering advanced sentence structure, and maybe delve into some pathos, ethos, and logos work."

Sasuke smirked when he heard Naruto groan. Undoubtedly the blond forgot his text book at home, so Sasuke pulled his book out of his bag and placed it near the edge of his desk were Naruto could look at it.

About 25 minutes later, the class was almost done with Chapter 17, and Naruto had managed to fall asleep twice before being awakened by Sasuke slamming the blonde's forehead on his desk.

Mr. Umino was about to talk to them about organizational signals when the classroom door slammed open, scaring the shit out of practically everyone in the room, except for Sasuke of course. He was used to those kinds of things.

Sasuke's eye twitched when he saw that the person who slammed the door open was none other than the blonde freak who had been unicycling in front of him on his way to school. You may wonder how exactly he knew that it was the same person, especially since he hadn't been able to get a good view of them, but the fact that there hair was in the exact same style, they were wearing the exact same clothing, and the fact that they were holding a unicycle, gave it away.

Naruto woke up with a start, and stated sleepily at the foreign person standing out of breath in the front of the room. "Who'zat?"

Sasuke only growled.

Mr. Umino slowly put down his book and blinked, before a grin made its way across his face. "Well class, I would like to introduce to you our new student."

The blonde boy, Sasuke could now refer to him as "boy" seeing as how he was certain now, turned slightly and gave a little wave to the class. Sasuke frowned, noticing how the blonde looked as though he was searching the room for something.

Sasuke's eyes widened. Or someone. Shiiiit.

Mr. Umino folded his hands in front of him and continued smiling at the disheveled teenager. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class, and maybe say a few things about yourself."

The blonde looked at him strangely for a few seconds before seeming to realize what he had asked him to do. Turning to fully face the class, Sasuke gave him a quick once over before nodding to himself. Yup. Heee's insane.

The blonde teen was wearing black knee length pants, high top converse, a white t-shirt on that said "Evil Muffin" with a picture of a cute, anime-ish muffin below it, elbow length black gloves on, and three multi colored belts. Not to mention he was holding in one hand his unicycle, and Sasuke couldn't tell exactly what they were, but it looked like in the other hand he was clutching a sheet of metal.

Clearing his throat, the odd teen addressed the class. "My name is Deidara, I don't have a last name 'cause I don't like it, un. Um, I like to unicycle, as you can probably tell. And I like art, specifically pottery and sculpting, un! I also like going to movies and hanging out with people. I don't like scorpions, because this one time I was at my Uncle's house and one bit me on my-YOU!!!"

And for the second time in less than five minutes, Deidara scared the shit out of everyone in the class, and this time, Sasuke was one of them.

During the new kid's introduction, he had been mentally picking through the whole class, searching for someone. And just as Sasuke had suspected, it had been him. As soon as Deidara's eyes had fallen onto Sasuke's form, he flung his arm madly in his direction and then shrieked out his discovery.

Promptly after Sasuke had been notified about being found, he froze. He had no idea how to handle this situation, especially now that the manic blonde was now determinedly making his way over to Sasuke.

"Dude, is that the guy you were telling me about?" Naruto had leaned over after Deidara's outburst and muttered to Sasuke. All the other teen could do was nod dumbly.

Sasuke groaned inwardly as Deidara planted himself in front of the empty desk to the right of Sasuke, the blonde dropping his ratty, torn up back pack next to it and carefully setting his unicycle on top of the vacant desk.

Sasuke's mouth dropped open as he realized that the sheet of metal that Deidara was holding was actually a license plate, and not just any license plate, Sasuke's license plate.

How the fuck did he get my license plate?!

The dark teen's eye twitched when he saw that Deidara had fastened his license plate to the front of his claimed desk with some duct tape. Sasuke made a mental note to punch Naruto later when he heard his friend snickering.

Deidara, pleased with his handy work, then picked up his unicycle and unattached the license plate off of it then neatly secured it to the front of Sasuke's desk in the same fashion.

Nodding to himself, the blonde stood up and turned around before addressing Mr. Umino. "Um, would you mind if I could sit here please, un?"

Mr. Umino looked like he wasn't quite sure how to take the new student's outburst and just shakily nodded his head before scratching his cheek and telling everyone to continue reading from their text books.

Sasuke sighed as Deidara planted himself in the chair next to him and leaned over to whisper. "See? Now we are friends forever, un! It's the least you could do seeing as how you almost ran me over."

Sasuke glared at nothing in particular when Naruto decided to lean in front of him and offer up a hand. "Hey, the name's Naruto. Nice meeting you."

Deidara grinned and shook Naruto hand. "Hi, un."

"Don't let Sasuke get you down. I heard about the whole thing this morning. If he does anything asshole-ish again, just punch him. Or tell me and I'll punch him."

Deidara laughed and nodded his thanks.

Naruto leaned back to his chair and muttered to Sasuke. "He doesn't seem that bad. Maybe he won't hate you for the attempted murder."

Sasuke glared at his friend before turning his attention back to the front of the room. Noticing that the rest of the class was starting to pack up, Sasuke realized that there was only about five minutes until 1st period was over.

Standing up, Sasuke places his text book back in his bag, along with his spiral notebook and his pens. He was about to sling it over his should when Deidara jumped in front of him, again startling the dark teen.

The weird blonde clasped his hands behind his back and rocked back on his heels, looking at Sasuke expectantly. "So, un. Why did you try and kill be back there? I didn't do anything to you, un!"

Sasuke twitched. The teen's "un" thing was starting to get annoying. "You weren't moving, and I was going to be late to school. And I didn't try and kill you."

Deidara sprung forward, striking a new pose, this time a very girlish one. He had one hip cocked with one fisted hand resting on it, the other foot was out to the side, and his other hand was up in the air, point accusingly at Sasuke. "Did too, un. You accelerated quite quickly at me. If I hadn't moved out of the way, I would be road kill, un!"

Sasuke scoffed. "I did not try to kill you. And you were the one who vandalized my car!" With that, Sasuke angrily pointed at his license plate, now attached via duct tape to Deidara's desk.

Deidara smiled sheepishly. "You have my license plate too. See? That means we are friends, un. It's what me and my friends back home used to do. And for the record, you did try and kill me."

Sasuke stared at Deidara with astounded confusion. Did he never shut up? Out of the corner of his eye, Sasuke spotted Naruto inching away from the arguing duo, motioning that he was going to go ahead and leave for second. Sasuke nodded at him minutely and refocused his attention back to the pouting Deidara.

Oh, great. Due to Deidara's constant whining, pouting, and supposed "friendliness", their argument had attracted a group of eight or so females. Females that despite Sasuke's hotness and popularity, decided to side with the "cute new boy".

"Why are you being so mean, Sasuke?"

"Gasp. You tried to kill him?!"

"Poor baby."

"Asshole, Sasuke."

"Wow, what a douche bag."

Sasuke sent a death glare at each of the annoying hags who were pestering him, smugly noting that they shut up, before grabbing his bag and stomping out of the classroom.

Catching a look at one of the clocks in the hallway, Sasuke realized that while he was being boggarted by women and an annoying new kid, he was now five minutes behind his schedule.

Readjusting his back pack strap on his shoulder, Sasuke plowed through the crowded hallway, cursing Deidara under his breath, and headed towards second period, hoping that Naruto had at least saved him a seat.

-- Deidara's POV

It was 7:20 in the morning, and the snooze button was being pressed for the eighth time. A slim, pale hand snaked back into a cocoon of covers after harshly beating the button on the top of the clock.

A muffled groan was emitted from the mass of blankets, and everything shifted as the teenage boy under the mound rolled over, successfully rolling off the bed.

Groaning again, the clump of blankets stilled as the teen went back to sleep, not caring whether he was on his floor or on his bed, when the alarm went off again.

Very much like a butterfly escaping from a cocoon, a blond figure slowly emerged from the multicolored linens. First a head, topped with a mass of tangled blonde hair, next a bare slim torso, shortly followed by a boxer clad waist and thighs, his legs and feet following last.

Staggering slightly, the groggy teen turned to his alarm clock and squinted, frowning as the sharp ring of the alarm penetrated his sleep induced haze. Reaching over, he turned the alarm off and bent down to look at the time.

It took a few seconds for it to sink in that he was an hour late, but when it did, the teen turned from being sleepy and sluggish to wide awake and extremely frantic.

The boy spun around, trying to quickly locate the outfit he had planned to wear for his first day of school. Unfortunately, he must have misplaced it has he was forced to pick clothes off his floor and hurriedly pull them on.

He grimaced as he saw that he was now clad in some black baggy knee length pants and a weird muffin tee-shirt that he had never seen before. Trying to save his appearance, he pulled on his classic high tops, three neon studded belts, and his favorite pair of black, elbow length gloves.

The teen spun around again, searching for his school supplies when he heard his mom scream at him from downstairs.

"DEIDARA! What in the hell are you doing?! I swear to God if you are late for school on your first day, I'm going to club you with a frying pan!"

Taking on an incredulous look, Deidara shook his head and located his old messenger bag hanging from his desk chair. Laughing slightly in relief, the blonde grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He was going to have to skip breakfast that morning. Not like it mattered, eating early made him sick.

Heading out of his room, Deidara shut his door behind him and thumped down the stairs, making sure the stomp his feet extra hard. His mother hated it when he did that.

Jumping the last few steps, Deidara swung around the corner of the hallway, simultaneously grabbing his unicycle which was leaning against the opposite wall.

Tucking the one wheeled contraption under his arm, he turned into the kitchen and saw his mom, leaning against the counter, reading a magazine and drinking a cup of coffee. The woman looked up as she heard her son enter the room, and as Deidara locked eyes with his mom, he was reminded yet again where he got his looks from.

His mother was young, only 34, which was young, considering that Deidara himself was 17. She was tall, taller than an average woman her age, and was thin and curvy where it mattered. A soft, angled face nodded in his direction before turning back to the article. He had his mom's hair, as hers was the same shade of light blonde. She had her hair down today, letting it fall in thick waves down her back and around her face.

"You better get going if you want to make it to first period. I wasn't joking about the frying pan," she casually said, motioning her coffee cup towards a rather large pan sitting on the opposite counter.

Deidara looked at it in shock, before hurriedly giving his mom a hug and turning around and rushing out the door. "Put that thing away mom, you'll hurt yourself."

With that, Deidara shut the door behind him and jogged to the end of his driveway before getting on his unicycle and heading down the short street to Carlson Road.

Even though it was odd, Deidara loved to unicycle. Actually, because it wasn't common was one of the reasons why he picked it up in the first place. He had found it at the junk yard when he was 10, and spent a week teaching himself how to ride it. He had even named it. Bronswick the unicycle.

The thing had a history, and Deidara loved it.

Smiling happily to himself, the blond reached into his pocket and fished out a hair band, happy that he hadn't taken it out the last time he wore the pants. Reaching up, he expertly kept his balance as he parted and tied up his hair the way he liked it.

Flicking the high pony tail back, Deidara absentmindedly looked around his surroundings, still getting used to the town. As he looked to his left, he saw a very expensive looking black car stopped at a red light.

Whistling at how much that car probably cost, Deidara looked through the windshield at the driver as he cycled past and almost lost his balance and totaled Bronswick.

Sitting casually in the driver's seat was a gorgeous black haired teenager, one hand on the wheel, the other dangling out the window. Deidara blinked and continued to stare. Sure, he had seen people better looking, people with exotically angled features, taller and slimmer, but this teen, just the way every single feature stood out was amazing.

Deidara had now got off Bronswick and was standing at the crosswalk, continuing to look at the teen.

The blonde was awed by how the raven haired boy's features flowed gracefully from one to another, just like how Deidara tried so hard to draw in his sketches. Black eyes stared ahead, high, slightly prominent cheek bones smoothed down and lead to a small, pink mouth. Jet black hair framed his face, feathering down his cheeks and ended at the nape of his neck.

Deidara shook his head and smiled slightly.

Hopping back up in Bronswick, Deidara continued cycling down the sidewalk. It was odd, but the teen actually reminded him of one of his ex-boyfriends. He had the almost the exact same features as the boy back there. Except his ex was more fierce, more controlling and sharp. He had long, silky black hair that reached to his middle back, and he had been tall and slender, an almost arrogant tone to his walk, something that screamed 'I'm better than you, deal with it.'

Deidara looked back over his shoulder at the still black car. That relationship had ended badly. His ex may have looked like an angel, but under all his looks, under his outward perfection, was a snide bastard who felt like everyone should worship him.

Deciding to try and get the teens attention, Deidara swerved into the middle of the road, hoping to possibly try and see his face with some sort of emotion on it. The blond was really looking forward to being able to draw him.

Hearing the car engine rev as the teen started driving, Deidara grinned excitedly, turning Bronswick around so that he could get a better look at the black haired boy's face.

Seeing that the teen was looking at him, Deidara waved at him and grinned, cycling a swervy line up the street, hoping to get a better angle of view.

Frowning as he noticed the teen speeding up, Deidara noticed that the guy was bee lining for Deidara.

Deidara looked around nervously, hoping that the teen would slow down and stop looking so angry at him. What had he done? He was just trying to get a better view of his face.

Deidara's eyes widened when he saw that the other teen wasn't slowing down and was actually continuing to speed up. Deciding to abort the mission, Deidara twisted his hips, guiding Bronswick sharply to the left and back on the side walk. Seconds later, the sleek black car sped by him, continuing down the road.

Deidara squinted as he saw a familiar looking sticker on the back of the rear window. Eyes widening, the blonde realized that it had been a parking sticker for a student at Konoha High School. Glaring at the receding car, Deidara formulated a plan in his head to get back at the teen for attempted murder.

Deidara huffed and looked at his wrist before groaning and realizing that he had left his watch at home. He sighed and looked around, lazily unicycling along the sidewalk. Judging by the time he had left his house and the time it actually took him to get to school, add in the time he lost ogling that teen, Deidara figured that he was going to be at least half an hour late to his first period.


Just as he had predicted, approximately half an hour later, Deidara tiredly cycled into the student parking lot of his new High School.

Hopping off of Bronswick, the blonde tucked the unicycle under his arm and started walking towards the main entrance, sighing when he noticed that there weren't any students wandering around.

Absentmindedly looking around, Deidara was pleased to see that the school had decided to keep a large amount of trees in the lot and the surrounding area, instead of clear cutting everything. Out of the corner of his eye, Deidara spotted a very familiar looking black car and did a double take when he realized that it indeed belong to the asshole of a kid he had run into earlier.

The blonde shrugged and changed course, now heading to the sleek car. He was already late to his class, what's a few more minutes.

Stopping in front of the car, Deidara smirked. Setting Bronswick carefully on the ground, Deidara crouched down in front of the bumper, staring at the license plate of the car. Reaching into his pack, the teen pulled out a small box, about the size of a pencil case, and opened it up.

Pulling out a small screwdriver, he turned back to the license plate and smiled to himself before starting to unfasten the plate of metal. Starting a few years ago, Deidara had made it a habit to carry a small tool box with him whenever he took Bronswick out. The unicycle may be old and trusty, but that's just it. Bronswick was old, and every once in a while, a bolt or two needed to be tightened or replaced.

The license plate came of pretty easy, seeing as how the car probably wasn't that old. Putting up the screwdriver and snapping the case shut, Deidara stuffed it in his bag and stood up. Reaching down, the blonde grabbed Bronswick and the mean kid's license plate before turning and continuing to walk towards the school.

Jerking his shoulder, Deidara shifted the strap of his bag higher on his shoulder and hopped up the curb and lightly jogged to the front entrance. Using his foot seeing as how his hands were full, the teen pushed open the door and stepped inside the school.

Looking around, Deidara nodded in acceptance. The school was very nice actually, a lot better than any of the schools that he had attended before hand. Looking to his right, Deidara saw a set of huge double doors with the word "Office" printed in large letters above it. Deciding that going there would be his best choice; the blonde spun on his heel and marched over to the doors, using his hip to push them open.

Deidara scanned the room, noticing a large counter with three ladies seated behind it, all of them looking at him rather curiously. Probably because students were supposed to be in class.

The one closest to him, an older looking woman with blond hair tinged with gray, smiled kindly and motioned him over. "Come here, dear. You look lost."

Deidara smiled hesitantly and slowly moved over to stand in front of the counter. "Yeah, I kinda am, un. This is my first day here and I'm not really sure where to go."

The lady smiled knowingly. "Ah, make sense. Well, what is your first class?"

Deidara perked up and set Bronswick on the floor, leaning the unicycle against the lower part of the counter. Shoving his hand in his pant pocket, the blonde rummaged through useless bits of paper and lint before coming across a thick, folded piece of paper. Pulling it out, he unfolded it and then quickly scanned the list of classes.

"Um. It says I have English Comp with Umino?"

The lady smiled again, nodding as she quickly typed something into the computer. "You will find Mr. Umino's classroom if you go out the doors, go down the hall to your left until you reach the last door to your right. Id hurry along if I were you. Class is about over."

Deidara nodded his thanks before shoving his schedule back in his pocket and leaning down to grab Bronswick.

Heading over to the doors, Deidara gave a quick wave to the smiling lady before pushing his way out and walking towards the hall that she had directed him to.

Glancing at a clock hanging on the wall, Deidara started running down the hall, realizing indeed that class only had about twenty minutes left.

Reaching the end of the hall, the blonde stopped to catch his breath and scanned the name plate on the door. 'Iruka Umino.' At least he had the right class.

Using his semi-free hand, the teen pushed open the door and quickly walked into the room, flinching when he saw that about 30 pairs of eyes immediately went to him.

Looking over to his right, Deidara spotted a man whom he assumed to be Mr. Umino stand up hesitantly and look at him questioningly. Deidara gave him a small smile, and felt relieved when the man adopted a look of understanding as he realized that Deidara was the new student he had been expecting.

Deidara averted his eyes to the rows of desks in front of him, scanning through the rows to see if he could locate the black haired teen he had run into earlier. Perhaps he was in this class?

"Well class, I would like to introduce to you our new student."

Deidara glanced quickly at his new teacher before turning to the class and giving a small wave, uncertain what he was supposed to do. Until Mr. Umino spoke up and prompted him to speak. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class, and maybe say a few things about yourself."

The blonde turned back to the man, looking at him confusedly before realizing what he had asked the teen to do.

Clearing his throat, Deidara tried to quickly come up with some things about him that the other students would find interesting, all the while continuing to scan the class for the black haired student. "My name is Deidara, I don't have a last name 'cause I don't like it, un. Um," he really didn't know what they would find interesting. He was a particularly 'interesting' person, "I like to unicycle, as you can probably tell. And I like art, specifically pottery and sculpting, un! I also like going to movies and hanging out with people." He didn't want to make himself seem like a complete recluse. "I don't like scorpions, "he decided to tell them what he didn't like, considering that he couldn't think of anything else that he did, "because this one time I was at my Uncle's house and on bit me on my – YOU!!!"

While he had been talking about his experience with a scorpion, the blonde had spotted a black haired teen in the far back of the room, looking like he was trying to scoot down in his seat. Squinting, Deidara quickly identified him as the vehicular offender from that morning and instantly shrieked out at him.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Deidara yelled at himself for acting like that in front of the rest of the class, but at that moment he didn't really care. His plot to get close to the teen, and then kick him in the face had commenced.

Making his way to the back of the room, Deidara happily noticed that there was a vacant desk next to the raven haired teen, and immediately dropped his bag next to the desk and carefully places Bronswick on top of it. No need to cause unnecessary damage to his transportation.

Out of the corner of his eye, Deidara noticed the blonde teen sitting next to the raven haired one lean over and whisper in the others ear. Deidara frowned to himself. It would ruin his plans if the black haired one was taken.

Moving over to the front of his new desk, Deidara reached into his bag really quick and pulled out a roll of duct tape. He never left home with that stuff. Kneeling down, Deidara smirked to himself when he saw the look of incredulity pass over the other teen's face when he had seen what Deidara was carrying. Positioning the license plate on the front of his desk, Deidara duct taped the piece of metal onto the wood and stood up.

Smiling happily, Deidara carefully unattached his own license plate from Bronswick and moved to stand in front of the other teen's desk, attaching his license plate in the same fashion.

Deidara giggled quietly when he heard the other blond teen snickering at his friend.

Standing up and brushing his hands together, he turned around and addressed a very confused looking Mr. Umino. "Um, would you mind if I could sit here please, un?"

Mr. Umino looked like he wasn't quite sure hoe to take Deidara's outburst and just shakily nodded his head before scratching his cheek and telling everyone to continue reading from their text books.

Deidara smiled again and moved over and planted himself in his new desk before leaning over to whisper at the angry teen next to him. "See? Now we are friends forever, un! It's the least you could do seeing as how you almost ran me over."

Deidara's smile fell a little when he didn't get a response, only a glare. The blonde teen sitting on the other side of the raven haired boy leaned over across the desk and offered up a hand. "Hey, the name's Naruto. Nice meeting you."

Deidara grinned and shook Naruto hand. At least not all of the people here were complete assholes and tried to kill him. "Hi, un."

"Don't let Sasuke get you down. I heard about the whole thing this morning. If he does anything asshole-ish again, just punch him. Or tell me and I'll punch him."

Deidara laughed at the other blonde and nodded. He liked Naruto, he was pretty nice.

Shifting his attention to the front of the room, Deidara saw that everyone was packing up and stood up, grabbing his own bag off the ground. 'So, his names Sasuke?' Glancing over at the other teen, Deidara smiled to himself. 'He really is pretty. I hope I don't butcher his face when I try to sketch him. Maybe I'll even sculpt him!' Deidara smiled gleefully to himself.

Looking over again, he noticed that Sasuke was about to walk away. The blond jumped in front of the dark teen and grinned, clasping his hands behind his back and rocking back on his heels. "So, un. Why did you try and kill me back there? I didn't do anything to you, un!" Deidara looked at Sasuke expectantly. He really did want to know what he did to the other boy in order to deserve almost being run down.

Sasuke twitched and glared at him. "You weren't moving, and I was going to be late to school. And I didn't try and kill you."

Deidara cocked his hip and put one hand on it, and used his other hand to point accusingly at the other teen. "Did too, un. You accelerated quite quickly at me. If I hadn't moved out of the way, I would be road kill, un!"

The dark haired boy scoffed at him. "I did not try to kill you. And you were the one who vandalized my car!" Sasuke angrily jerked his hand and pointed at his license plate.

The blonde smiled. "You have my license plate too. See? That means we are friends, un. It's what me and my friends back home used to do." Total bullshit. "And for the record, you did try and kill me."

Deidara inwardly chuckled as he noticed Sasuke staring at him in confusion. Deidara noticed Naruto motioning something to Sasuke, and realized that the other blonde was just letting his friend know he was going on ahead.

Deidara's attention shifted suddenly to the right as he saw that a small group of preppy girls had surrounded him and were glaring at Sasuke. The blonde wrinkled his nose. Women. Blegh.

Deidara's disgust turned to amusement as the girls started berating Sasuke for his actions towards Deidara. Apparently, the black haired teen disliked females as much as he did, as the other teen started glaring at them when they started to insult him.

"Why are you being so mean, Sasuke?"

"Gasp. You tried to kill him?!"

"Poor baby." Deidara flinched minutely as one of the chicks started stroking his hair in sympathy.

"Asshole, Sasuke."

"Wow, what a douche bag." Deidara snickered when the dark teen's glare upped a level. Letting out a sight of relief when the girls immediately dispersed, Deidara saw that Sasuke had hurriedly grabbed his bag and shoved through the students that were still lingering in the classroom.

Shrugging, Deidara picked up his own bag and slung it over his shoulder, grabbing Bronswick and turning to head out of the classroom.

Shoving his hand back in his pants pocket, the blonde fished out his crumpled schedule again and noticed that he Anatomy next with a Gai Maito. Sighing in dejection, Deidara put the paper back in his pocket and moved along with the tidal wave of students, hoping that some how he would end up where he was supposed to be.

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