Chapter Two

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Warning: Same as last time, dearies.


-- Sasuke's POV --

Sasuke calmly walked out of his third period class, intent on going to the lunchroom, getting lunch, and sitting down and eating with his friends.

Thankfully, he didn't have any other classes so far with the manic blonde from that morning, now known as Deidara. If he was lucky, the blonde would leave him alone and let him get back to what he did best: planning, brooding, and being an asshole.

Lazily walking through the halls, the dark teen scanned the thick crowd, searching for a garishly bright blonde head. If it was Naruto, then he would change his course and walk towards his friend. If it was Deidara, he'd run. Or stop, drop and roll, depending upon the circumstances.

Approaching the cafeteria doorway, more an arch than anything else, Sasuke steered left and got in line for that days hot lunch. Today's fabulous lunch consisted of salad, an orange, noodles with a dressing of your choice and some milk. What a joy.

Waiting patiently in line, Sasuke looked distastefully at the food that was now present on his sturdy recycled-paper lunch tray. Punching in his student account number on the small keypad, the lunch lady waved him by as his name and balance appeared on the screen on her computer.

Sasuke automatically made way for his groups table. They had been sitting there since they were freshman, so his legs new the route well.

Approaching the table, Sasuke saw that only a few of their group had accumulated in the first few minutes of lunch, which was odd seeing as how usually most everyone was there when he got to the table.

Walking over to the end of the oblong, pill shaped table, Sasuke set his tray down and dropped his bag beside the small round seats that were connected to the fold up table. Sitting down, Sasuke glanced over and saw that Naruto had already been there to drop his stuff off. His friend was now probably trying to coax one of the teens behind the counter at the student store to give him free hot water for his Cup Noodle.

Picking up his off white fork, the raven absentmindedly poked at his noodles, glancing around at the few people who were at the table.

There was Chouji, a quiet teen who was undeniably fat, though everyone referred to him as being "pleasantly plump". He had seemed like an odd one at first when Sasuke merged with the group of teens, but as soon as Sasuke had a real conversation with him, the teen realized that Chouji was actually a really nice guy. The sorts that you could sit and vent to for hours and never hear a snide comment from.

Then there was Kankuro. Sasuke didn't mind him either. He was a senior, and a major drama freak. He could be intelligent when he wanted to, but most of the time he just argued with people if he felt he could win it. He constantly wore theatre make-up, purple lines drawn across his face.

The last person was asleep at the end of the table, and that would be TenTen. She was one of the few people that Sasuke actually liked having around. She was a junior like him, and one of the few lesbians he actually knew. She had a thing for weapons, which Sasuke found to be pretty cool actually. Though she wasn't the person you want to scare, as you would probably receive a kick in the face and a switch blade in the gut. Simultaneously.

Looking up, Sasuke saw Naruto and another one of their friends, Kiba Inuzuka. His blonde friend dropped his lunch tray in front of the seat next to Sasuke and shoved his bags off the chair and replaced them with his butt.

Sasuke snorted as he saw Kiba sit on the table itself to eat. The brunette reminded Sasuke of Naruto a lot, with the fact that he was hyper and loud and energetic to the maximum. Kiba, like all the other people in his family practically worshiped dogs. He often brought his small puppy, Akamaru, with him to school when he though they might have a sub.

Naruto frowned when he looked at Sasuke's tray and nudged the other teen with his elbow. "Hey, you wanna swap some food? You give me your noodles and I'll give you majority of my ramen?"

Sasuke glared down his nose at his too-done noodles and then shifted his gave over to his friends Cup Noodle. Shrugging, he pushed his tray over to Naruto and rested his chin on his hand, lazily looking around the table as others showed similar reactions to the gross food.

Sasuke looked back to Naruto as he heard his friend snickering, and looked farther past the blonde and saw that Kiba was balancing his bread rolls on the top of TenTen's hair buns. The Uchiha rolled his eyes and smirked when the "sleeping" teen jumped up and threw Kiba on the table, grabbing one of his bread rolls and attempting to shove it down his throat.

Naruto jumped up and tried to pry TenTen off Kiba when she went for the second bun, muttering something along the lines of "Take it, bitch". Sasuke actually laughed a little when Kankuro reached over and reassuringly stroked the top of Kiba's head, cooing at him and telling him that he indeed had it coming. Chouji just rolled his eyes and kept eating.

Sasuke sighed and grabbed his fork again, plunging it into Naruto ramen cup to brave a taste. This was usual behavior for their group. Someone does something stupid and ends up getting hurt while others laugh and eventually try to help them.

All was well, Sasuke had even deemed the ramen palpable.


Sasuke head jerked up and frantically searched for the origin of the amazingly loud and surprisingly frightening screech. The teen's heart dropped as he saw a furious looking Sakura making her way over to the table, dragging a confused Deidara along with her.

At the pink haired girl's outburst, TenTen had jumped away from Kiba, who was now being helped up by a snickering Naruto. Sasuke groaned at looked tiredly at the enraged girl as she stopped in front of him and jerked Deidara forward. Sasuke almost smiled when he saw Deidara's wince of pain as Sakura tightened her hold on his arm.

"I was on my way to lunch when I caught wind that you tried to kill someone this morning! Looking into it, I found that you tried to run Deidara here over this morning and you didn't even stop to APOLIGIZE?! What is wrong with you?!" Sasuke flinched as Sakura shrieked the last sentence at him, drawing a few gazes to them as almost the whole cafeteria heard the outburst.

The dark haired teen stood up and glared at the girl, and even with his added height over her, he noticed that her glare only increased when he faced her. "As I have told him, the others, and now you, I did not try and kill him! I accelerated to try to convey and the message that I wanted him to move because I needed to drive and he was in the middle of the street."

Sakura snarled and looked like she was about to hit Sasuke. "Why didn't you honk the horn?! You have a car, dumbshit, there are better ways to try and convey a message other than making it seem like there life was in danger!"

"She's right, you know." Deidara decided to pipe in.

Sasuke's glare shifted to the blonde. "I don't understand why you insist on telling everyone that I tried to kill you! I did not, and why were you even in the middle of the road in the first place?"

Sakura, who seemed to be cooling down a little, huffed. "You know what? It doesn't matter, so forget about it." With that, she jerked the blonde by his arm again, this time making him sit in the seat across the table from Sasuke, taking the spot next to him herself.

Clearing her throat, Sakura attempted to get everyone's attention. Well, she got TenTen, Naruto, Sasuke, Chouji and Kiba's attention. She had to throw a spork at Kankuro when the upperclassman wouldn't stop staring at Kiba.

Smiling, now that she had everyone's attention, she spoke up. "Everyone, I would like to introduce to you the new member of our group, Deidara."

The aforementioned blonde hesitantly raised a hand and waved, smiling shyly.

Sakura swung up an arm and pointed at TenTen. "You! Introduce yourself! Then popcorn it, bitch!" she barked out.

TenTen raised an eyebrow at Sakura's shitty attitude and turned to face Deidara anyway, offering up a hand to the blonde. "Hey, there. I'm TenTen."

Deidara nervously shook the girl's hand before hesitantly looking around again. Sasuke smirked, the teen looked really uncomfortable.

"I popcooooooorn", TenTen looked around,"Kankuro!"

The older teen twisted to the side and playfully slugged Deidara on the arm. "Hey. As you heard, the name's Kankuro. Welcome to the crew." The blonde winced again as the other's fist connected with his arm. Sasuke supposed being playfully hit by Kankuro was a lot more pleasant than being gripped by a pissed off Sakura.

Kankuro waved his hands dramatically through the air before pointing with both fingers at Naruto. "Go! Naruto! I chose you!" With that, the drama king snatched the orange off of his lunch tray and chucked it at Naruto head.

The blonde easily caught it and launched it back at the brunette, the fruit successfully connecting with the other's forehead. Chuckling, Deidara decided to speak up. "Ive already met Naruto."

Kankuro blinked then frowned, rubbing his forehead and glaring at the offensive orange before glancing around the table. "Fine, then you, Chouji."

The chubby teen looked up from his food and smiled warmly at Deidara, offering up a hand to shake. "Hi, my name's Chouji."

Deidara smiled less forcefully and shook the brunette's hand. This one seemed pretty nice. "Nice to meet you."

Chouji nodded and waved his hand in Kiba's direction, before opening up a bag of chips and immediately chowing down.

Kiba grinned and reached over to grab Deidara's hand, clasping it between both of his and violently shaking the appendage. "Nice to meet'cha, the name's Kiba Inuzuka, but you can call me Mr. Inuzuka, Sir, Officer-"

"-Dumbass, Retard, Freak, Nutcase." Naruto finished for him. "Really, any of those will do."

Deidara laughed and jerked his hand away from the other teen, his shoulder thoroughly sore from the abuse.

Sakura nodded, seemingly pleased by everyone's acceptance of the blonde. Though she was still pissed at Sasuke, she could recognize a lost cause when she saw one. Standing up, she left Deidara to his own devices and skipped off to buy herself some lunch.

Sasuke shook his head and looked back down at Naruto noodles, realizing that he wasn't very hungry anymore. Pushing the Styrofoam cup back to his friend, the dark haired teen looked up at Deidara, who looked like he was feeling severely out of place.

Smirking at the blonde teen, Sasuke turned his attention to TenTen, who was now showing the small group one of her various tricks. This one involved a six inch long match, and something to do with being able to light both ends of the stick with only twirling it around. Something like that.

"I wanna try!" Naruto exclaimed and moved over to sit next to the girl. Kiba looked at the blonde in alarm and got off the table and walked away from him a few steps. "You really think that's a good idea, Naruto?"

Kankuro, who was already a good twenty feet away and hiding behind a trashcan, poked his head out from behind the plastic bin. "Yeah, you remember what happened last time you approached fire, right Naruto?"

Naruto turned and stuck his tongue out at the nervous teens. "That was an accident and you know it. You can't blame me for that." Shifting his attention to the small pile of long matches in front of TenTen, the blonde reached for one of them, only to have his hand smacked away from an annoyed Chouji.

"Really Naruto, stop being stupid."

Naruto huffed and reached towards the pile again, only to have his hand smacked by Chouji. "Would you stop?! I told you, I didn't mean to do it!"

Sasuke was snickering at Naruto, and Deidara looked rather confused. Glancing around, Deidara's eyes landed on Kiba. "So what did he do?"

Kiba walked over to the trashcan that Kankuro was hiding behind and shoved the older teen out from behind it and crouched down, effectively stealing Kankuro's hiding spot. "He set my sisters dog on fire. Apparently, he heard somewhere that if you burn a wound closed, it stops infection and helps it heal. My sister's dog got a cut, so Naruto tried to heal it by burning the wound shut."

Deidara wasn't sure whether he should laugh or be concerned like the rest of them. Well, Sasuke didn't look concerned, TenTen looked highly amused, and Chouji was still having a slap fight with Naruto.

Successfully distracting Chouji with an orange ("Dammit Naruto! That's my lunch! Give it back!" "Bite me Kankuro."), Naruto managed to get his hands on one of the long flammable sticks. Receiving a small strip of sandpaper from TenTen, the blonde lit one end of the match, grinning as it flared slightly before reducing in size.

Kankuro, now lacking a safe hiding spot, crouch-walked over to Sasuke and kneeled down behind the teen. Sasuke looked over at the drama king and raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?"

Kankuro glanced up at him then returned his focus back to Naruto, who was now slowly waving the flaming stick in the air. "I'm fairly certain that if something goes wrong and you have a massive amount of flames shooting towards you, all you would have to do is glare and the flames would instantly die."

Sasuke nodded and shrugged. "Okay."

Kankuro nodded. "Hence, if I hide behind you, it's not possible for the flames to reach me. That and you act so untouchable that if your glare didn't put the flames out, they would defy logic and actually curve around you, burning Kiba instead."

The senior snickered when he heard Kiba's whimper at that piece of information.

Deidara laughed. "Your logic is confusing, un."

"Yeah well, wait till you meet my sister, her logic is the sort that makes you want to curl up in a corner and cry because of how complex it sounds. And then four years later you wake up and realize that all she said was 'fuck off and die, I'm right' but with really big words."

"Hey look guys, I'm doing it!" Everyone's attention turned back to the blonde who was grinning happily at his accomplishment, while Chouji sat there peeling his orange and looking apologetically at his friends.

Naruto had managed to light the other end of the stick on fire, using the original end to light it. He was now twirling it in the air, similar to how a drummer might twirl and spin a drumstick.

TenTen clapped and grinned at him. "Good job, maybe next time I'll show you how to throw knives."

Kiba started crying.

Naruto jumped excitedly and went to clap his hands, accidentally dropping the lit match in the process.

Chouji lunged away from the table, Deidara stood up and warily stepped back a few feet and TenTen laughed as Naruto looked down and realized that in the process of dropping the match, he had lit Sasuke's ex-lunch tray on fire. Apparently, lettuce was very flammable, and 1000 island dressing was too.

Kiba poked his head out around the trash can to see what was going on and immediately withdrew it again. Sasuke sat there and watched, starting to eat the rest of Naruto's ramen. He was going to eat the whole thing now; Naruto just set his lunch on fire so it was fair.

Naruto stared blankly at the tray as the fire traveled to the dinner roll. "Oh shit."

Sasuke snorted. "Loser."

Sasuke's insult seemed to snap him out of his reverie, as Naruto then hurriedly grabbed the flaming lunch tray and threw it haphazardly at the trash can, somehow actually making the shot.

Naruto grinned smugly and brushed his hands together. "See? I told you it was fine."

And then flames erupted out of the top of the can as the lunch tray caught all of the other garbage on fire.

Kankuro moved from Sasuke's right side so his left, seeing as how the flames were coming from a different direction now. Kiba shrieked as he saw his hiding spot go up in flames and took off down the hall, screaming "Holy shit, fire!" at the top of his lungs as he sprinted.

TenTen was rolling on the floor as she laughed hysterically at what she inadvertently caused. Chouji had packed up his bags and left to go to his next class, refusing to be blamed for any of it.

Sasuke looked around as he saw that the rest of the cafeteria had caught on to what was happening, and people were now started to evacuate the cafeteria. Sasuke sighed and rubbed his temples as the fire alarm started up. Just what he needed, a headache.

"What is going on here?"

Looking up, Sasuke saw that Sakura had finally returned from the dreaded lunch line and was now staring wearily at the flaming trashcan. "Naruto?"

Naruto jumped and put his hands in front of him defensively. "I swear to god it wasn't me this time!"

Sakura raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "Really?"

Naruto shoulders slumped and he looked at her sullenly. "I didn't mean to. Blame TenTen, she was the one who was doing fire tricks in the first place."

The mentioned girl immediately stopped laughing and stood up, clearing her throat and brushing off her clothes. Gathering up the matches, the brunette grabbed her bags and quickly walked away.

Sakura rolled her eyes and looked at Kankuro strangely before deciding not to even ask. Setting her lunch tray down on the table, the pink haired girl sat down and started eating, completely ignoring the flaming garbage can twenty feet away.

Sasuke sighed and continued eating his friend's lunch, and Kankuro continued to sit calmly next to Sasuke.

Naruto just stood there, looking around confusedly. "Um, should we be trying to put it out? I really don't want to get in-"

"How the hell did you people manage this?"

Five pairs of eyes looked to the left and saw that one of the teachers, Mr. Hatake, was approaching them, looking at the fire reproachfully.

Stopping at the end of the table, he scanned over the only people left in the cafeteria, and then looked at the burning trash can. The plastic was now starting to melt around the top edges.

"Well, I know it wasn't Sakura, Sasuke, or Kankuro. I don't know who you are," he motioned towards Deidara, "so that leaves us with Naruto."

The blonde teen gulped and smiled nervously, scratching the back of his head and taking a step back. "Um. I didn't mean to?"

The silver haired man sighed and rubbed the side of his head. "You know what Naruto? I'm not even going to write you up for this. Lecturing you about being stupid hasn't helped before, so I think it's just a waste of energy to try and punish you. It's not even worth it."

Sasuke wasn't sure whether that was a compliment or an insult, but either way, Naruto looked proud.

Kakashi, who was actually carrying a fire extinguisher now that everyone looked, walked over to the trashcan and sprayed the can until the fire was out. Walking back towards Naruto, he gave the blonde the fire extinguisher before lazily walking away. "Next time, at least be prepared."

Naruto chuckled and sat down at the table with the rest of them. Kankuro reluctantly stood up and slid onto one of the small chairs, and Deidara took a seat at the end of the table. "So, how come he knew it wasn't any of us who started it, un?"

Kankuro decided to answer. "Because, something like that isn't our style. If Sakura wanted to pull a prank, it wouldn't be something as generic as a flaming trash bin, she would do something low and spiteful. Something that no one would see coming until it was already ripping their arms off."

Naruto laughed as Sakura glared at Kankuro, but thought it over and nodded in agreement.

"And if I wanted to do something weird, well, it would be a lot more creative than that. I can guarantee it. And if Sasuke wanted to do something, yeah, he probably would have used fire. But it would have been bigger. Like setting a wall on fire, but the flames would spell out his name."

Naruto laughed even louder. "Yeah, cause he is just that badass."

Sasuke snorted and chucked the empty ramen container at the blond, smirking when Naruto loudly gasped when he saw there wasn't any left.

All the teens groaned when they heard the bell ring, signifying that lunch was over and 4th period would be starting in five minutes.

Kankuro stood up and grinned cockily at the rest of them. "Well, I'm off to the library. Have fun with school, kiddies." With that, the senior lazily walked away, turning down a hall at the other side of the cafeteria.

Deidara looked at Sakura in confusion and the pink haired teen spoke up. "He's a senior, so all of his classes are pretty much 'just for the hell of it' classes. He isn't actually learning anything anymore."

Deidara nodded in understanding before standing up as well and shouldering his messenger back and picking up his unicycle. [A/N: Sasuke doesn't know that Deidara's unicycle has a name, so that's why it's just 'the unicycle' instead of 'Bronswick'.]

Sakura followed suit, picking up her hot pink back pack and moving over to stand next to Naruto after throwing away her lunch tray in the now smoking trash can. Sasuke stood and grabbed his bag, motioning with his head to one of the other hallways and started walking with Naruto and Sakura to their next class: Analytical Reading.

Sakura quickly turned around and saw that Deidara was standing in the same spot, looking down at a small piece of paper. "Hey, what's your 4th period?"

The blonde looked up before calling back. "Chemistry."

The pink haired girl nodded and pointed at the hallway that Kankuro had walked down. "It's down there, at the very end." And with that, she waved at the thankful blonde and turned back to her friends.

Sasuke frowned at her and shook his head. He couldn't understand why she brought Deidara into their group, he was annoying, loud, and not to mention he constantly accused Sasuke of trying to kill him.

Glaring still, Sasuke pushed open the door and walked into the class, Naruto and Sakura following behind him as the three made there way to their assigned seats in the middle of the class.

He and Naruto had landed seats next to each other, but Sakura had been assigned one a couple of desks down. Setting his back on his desk, Sasuke took his sat and took out his book for the class.

For about ten minutes, Sasuke blindly read the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, read the book but not registering the words. Looking over to his friend, he saw that Naruto had opened his own book, Much Ado about Nothing, but had taken his cell phone out and was texting someone, using his book as a shield.

Taking out one of his many spiral notebooks, Sasuke opened to a clean page and nudged Naruto, motioning towards the book. Naruto nodded in understanding then punched out a quick message on his phone before sliding the device back into his pants.

Uncapping his pen, Sasuke quickly scribbled on the paper before scooting it over onto Naruto's desk, watching his friend scan the words and take out a pencil.

[A/N: Sasuke's notes are going to be in black (hence the pen) and Naruto's are going to be in normal text (hence the pencil).]


What's up? You usually don't stoop to note writing.

Not my fault we had to take a class that doesn't permit sound. Naruto held in a laugh.

True. But really, what's up?

Sasuke frowned. That Deidara character pisses me off.

I've noticed.

I don't see why Sakura had to bring him into the group.

Because she wanted to make it up to him.

Make what up to him?

You did try and run him over.

My god, ive already said this. I didn't try and kill him.

Yeah okay, but still, there isn't much you can do about it anyway. Sakura's word is law.

Doesn't mean I can't fight it. I really don't like the boy.

Aw, Sasuke's not gay anymore?

I never said that.

Uh-huh, suuuuure. I wonder if Sakura knows yet.

Sasuke saw Naruto take out his cell phone again and flip it open. Don't you dare.

Naruto snickered and continued texting to Sakura. Sasuke leaned back a bit and saw Sakura taking her phone out and scanning the message from Naruto, biting back a laugh and punching put a response.

She says she doesn't believe me.


Meh. I just think you are going to have to get over it, Sasuke. There isn't much you can do about it, especially if you really didn't attempt to run him down.

And I didn't, but that doesn't mean I have to like the scenario.

True. But again, I think your going to have to deal with it for the time being.

Hn. So how are things on your end?

Fine, why?

Sasuke shrugged. I just haven't heard anything relating to what's going on for awhile, so I thought id ask.

Awww, how sweet.

I was being serious.

So was I.

Whatever. We have five minutes left of class loser.

Damn, that went by fast.

That's only because you write slow.

Shut up! I do not.

Naruto stuck his tongue out at Sasuke before ripping out the sheet of paper and crumpling it up. Taking aim at the small metal trash bin, Naruto swiftly launched the wad of paper at the bin and punched the air when he made it in.

Shaking his head at his friend, Sasuke slid his book and his spiral back into his bag and leaned back in his chair, lazily waiting for the bell to ring so that he could go to his 5th period, which happened to be Health.

Thinking back to the note passing, Sasuke realized that he really hadn't heard anything from Naruto for awhile regarding his situation. Frowning, Sasuke looked over at his friend, wondering if things really were as good as he always made them out to be.

Since Naruto's parents died when he was four, Naruto had been bouncing around from foster family to foster family. A few of them were okay, but most of them treated him like he wasn't wanted. Like he was a burden, which Sasuke found to be highly ironic seeing as how the families themselves signed up for the program.

Once Naruto turned 16, at the time he had been living with a foster parent, Mizuki. Sasuke remembered all the times when Naruto would sneak out of his house to go over to Sasuke's, not wanting to stay with the man overnight. Mizuki had seemed like a nice person at first, for awhile there Naruto was really happy living with him. And then when Mizuki lost his job for embezzling, the man turned to alcohol and constantly took out his anger on Naruto.

A few months after his birthday, Naruto and he had gone around town, trying to locate a place for the blonde to work at. It had taken them a few days, but they had landed him a job in the customer services department at Target of all places. A few months later, working when he didn't have school and sleeping three hours a night, Naruto had saved up enough money to get himself a small, one room apartment on the shadier side of town.

Sasuke hadn't really agreed at the time, seeing as how Naruto's neighbor was a sixty year old hooker and a man on the floor below him was a convicted child rapist. But when he saw how important it had been, he let it slide.

Now Naruto was running low on money, his boss had found out that he had school and almost fired him and now the blonde wasn't allowed to work more than twenty hours a week. That, and Naruto was drastically falling behind in school, to the point of having to possibly repeat a year if he didn't watch it.

Sasuke sighed, his best friend really could be a handful sometimes, but he was worth it.

Looking up at the red digital clock on the wall, the teen noticed that the bell was one minute away from ringing and stood up, grabbing his stuff and walking to the door.

Glancing behind him, he saw that Naruto was leaning against the desk next to Sakura's, talking to her probably about the notes that the two of them had just exchanged. Sasuke rolled his eyes when he saw Sakura burst out laughing, and turned and walked out the door before the shrill bell had even finished ringing.

While he was walking towards his most hated class, Sasuke remembered that they were starting sex-ed today. Groaning to himself, Sasuke walked slower, deciding that maybe it would save him from having to hear their teacher, Mr. Hatake, talk about sex.

But seeing as how the Health room was only two doors down from his previous period, the only thing that walking slower got him was strange looks. Witch in turn resulted in him having to kick people.

Walking through the door to the room, Mr. Hatake looked up from the bright orange book he had been reading. "Ahh. Why if it isn't my favorite little delinquent."

Sasuke looked at him strangely and walked to his desk, which happened to be in the front row, all the way to the left. Setting his pack next to his desk, Sasuke noticed that a piece of paper was on his desk and picked it up. 'Letter to Parents'. It was the form that students were supposed to get signed by their parents to ensure that it was okay their kids learned about sex.

Looking at his teacher, Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Weren't these supposed to be sent out yesterday? Seeing as how we are starting sex-ed today?"

Mr. Hatake looked up from his book and shrugged. "Give them to 'em anyway. I still need signatures." The last part he addressed to the students that were in the class.

A small, brown haired girl in the back piped up. "What if they ask why it's a day late?"

Kakashi frowned. "Lie." He continued reading.

Sasuke snorted and sat down, folding up the paper and shoving it in his pocket. Glancing at the clock, the teen saw that there was only a minute left before the final bell rang. Mr. Hatake had written on the white board that they would be having a power point presentation that day, so Sasuke didn't need to get out any folders or paper.

"Hey Sasuke, un! I didn't know you had this class, too!"

Sasuke cringed as he heard the voice of the one person he detested most. No. Not Itachi. Deidara.

Slowly turning his head, the teens suspicions where confirmed as he saw the bubbly blond sit down in the desk next to him, carefully placing his unicycle on the ground.

"So, what's all going on in class today, un?"

Sasuke jerked his finger at the white board, where in abnormally huge letters it read "SEX-ED TODAY! PREPARE TO BE ENLIGHTENED!" He smirked when he saw the other teen lose color in his face.

"Just my luck, un."

Mr. Hatake flung himself up from his desk and pointed enthusiastically at Deidara. "Indeed you are, young man. Everyone! Sit down and shut up!" He yelled the last part out to the class, and surprisingly all of the students immediately stopped talking and took their seats.

Mr. Hatake smiled under his turtle neck and rubbed his hands together. Starting to pace back in forth in front of the class, he started to speak. "Good, good. Now, as you all know, today is the first day of sex-ed. Today, we will be going over the negatives that you need to know about. During the rest of the week, we will cover abstinence, protection, pregnancy, and how everything works."

The small, brown haired girl in the back piped up again. "What do you mean how it works?"

Mr. Hatake glared at her. "I meant it literally. As in pertaining to PENIS and VAGINA!"

The girl smiled.

Taking a deep breath, the man continued to speak. "So, today we will go over a slide show that I put together, not to seriously cover anything, more so to skim over the contents of what we will be talking in-depth about tomorrow." Mr. Hatake picked up a small remote off of his desk and aimed it at the projection machine hanging from the ceiling. The machine whirred to life and he pulled down the screen in front of the white board and the first slide to the presentation appeared on the white plastic sheet.

Standing to the right of the screen, Mr. Hatake picked up a pointer stick off of the pen tray at the bottom of the white board and smacked the screen with it. "Okay, today we will look at some pictures. I will briefly tell you what they are. If you need to excuse yourself, please do so now." Nobody moved. Except the brown haired girl, she took out her DS and started playing Mario. Sasuke sighed, wishing he wasn't in the front row so he too could take out some entertainment.

Mr. Hatake nodded. "Okay, good. First slide." SMACK "Penis!"

SMACK. "Vagina!"

SMACK. "Informational page about said penis and vagina, though I doubt anyone in this class needs to read it. Next up, STD's!!!"

SMACK. "Herpes!"

SMACK. "More Herpes!"


SMACK. "The 'Tree Man'."

SMACK. "Barnacle Bill!" Sasuke groaned at this picture. Deidara shuddered and sunk down in his chair.

SMACK. "Herpes of the mouth!"

SMACK. "HPV of the everywhere else!"


SMACK. "Abrasions caused by AIDS! Next up we will look at a sample of blood infected by AIDS."

SMACK SMACK SMACK. "AIDS virus in the blood stream."

SMACK SMACK. "The white blood cells left in the bloodstream. NOT HEALTHY. Remember, all of these horribly disgusting things come from having sex."

About twenty minutes later, Mr. Hatake announced that he was almost finished. Sasuke swore that he was bleeding from the eyes, and when he looked over at Deidara he saw that the blonde was whiter than an albino.

"So class, this next slide is going to depict the most horrible, ugly, horrendous thing that can come from having sex."

The slide changed. Mr. Hatake was hunched over, eyes widened, and hands gripping the metal pointer stick so hard it was bending. And then he hissed. "Bay-biiieeesssss."

Sasuke snorted at his teacher, and then he and the class laughed when Mr. Hatake started spouting crap about how evil children where, only to be interrupted by the bell.

Sasuke sighed in relief and scooped up his back pack. Standing up, Sasuke smirked when he saw that Deidara was still sitting there, looking like someone just came by and sucked his brain out of his skull. Poor kid.

Sasuke shrugged and walked out of the classroom, rolling his eyes as Mr. Hatake told whoever would listen to use protection to prevent babies. Leave it to Sasuke to get a teacher whose bane of their existence is babies.

--Deidara's POV

The blonde twitched for the fifth time that minute, his eyes still glued to the now blank pull-down screen at the front of the class. Deidara had not been enlightened. Actually, his mental state had digressed so much that he was now reliving second grade in his mind.

The warning bell snapped him out of his shock induced trance and Deidara flung himself out of his desk and out the classroom, almost forgetting his bag and Bronswick along the way. Grabbing his abused schedule out of his pants again, the blonde scanned the paper and saw that he had Pre Calculus. Knowing that he had seen his classroom earlier that day, Deidara turned and lightly jogged towards the hall that he knew his next class was down.

Making it through the door as soon as the bell rang, he received a disapproving look from his teacher, Mrs. Anko, and went to the back of the classroom and took a seat. Glad that he got a window seat since the room was muggy, Deidara cracked the window and withdrew his new math book and spiral notebook from his bag.

They were supposedly going to be looking at radians, and Deidara detested radians. So, instead of doing what is purple-haired teacher was telling them to do, Deidara pulled out his sketch book and plugged in his ear phones.

Leaning his chin against his hand, Deidara absentmindedly looked out the window next to him. He had a pretty good view of the student parking lot and all of the trees peppering the pavement. Taking advantage of the really good angle, Deidara decided to sketch out the lot. Smirking when he got to faintly outlining Sasuke's car, he replaced the sleek vehicle with a pile of scrap metal.

Deidara spent the rest of the class sketching the parking lot, then going back and penciling in more detail and shading. The trees would have to wait until tomorrow though, since foliage wasn't his strong point. Leaning back away from his sketch book, the blonde smiled faintly to himself when he saw that he had about half of the drawing done, the majority of the cars were finished with full detail already done.

Deciding to let his hand take a break for the last eight or so minutes of class, Deidara sighed and looked out the window, laying his head down on his folded arms. The blonde teen closed his eyes and smiled when a faint breeze seeped through the window and lightly moved through his hair. It was a nice day, and Deidara cracked his eyes and glanced down at the parking lot again.

The blonde's eyes widened slightly when he saw Sasuke walking out of the main entrance of the school, undoubtedly walking to his car. Looking up, Deidara saw that there was only one minute of class left and picked up his bag and Bronswick and went to stand in front of the door. As soon as the shrill bell rang, the quickly walked down the hall, down the stairs back to the first floor, and out to the parking lot, seeing Sasuke about fifty feet away.

Grinning to himself, the teen sprinted low to the ground, keeping himself hidden behind the trees from Sasuke. Effectively making it to the raven's car before Sasuke, Deidara crouched in front of the car, waiting until the other teen reached the vehicle and got in.

--Sasuke's POV

Sasuke sighed and opened the door to his car. That day had been extremely long, bland, boring, and loathsome day. First with Deidara, then with lunch, then having a class with the blonde, and then having nothing to do in any of his other classes. He hoped that Itachi might be a good brother for once and actually interact with him that day.

Tossing his bag over onto the passenger seat and slid into the car, carefully shutting the door behind him and starting the engine. Pressing the button on the side of the door, Sasuke rolled down his window to let the cool breeze in. He was glad that it was starting to heat up, since he wasn't really partial to cold weather.

Leaning back in his seat, Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed, deciding to enjoy the nice breeze for a minute or so.


Sasuke shrieked and lurched forward, effectively cracking his forehead into his steering wheel.

The teen hissed in pain, gingerly touching his forehead with one hand while the other steadied himself on the car door. Slowly turning his head, he glared at the blonde who was happily grinning at him. Deidara was leaning on the door; his arms folded on the ledge where the window would have been if Sasuke hadn't been stupid and rolled it down. "What's up, un?"

Sasuke glared at the other teen, momentarily at a loss for words. What the HELL just happened?!

The blonde giggled.

Sasuke just growled, pressed the button to roll up his window, and quickly pulled out of the parking space, smirking when Deidara was knocked to his butt.

Driving out of the lot before the usually traffic and congestion started up due to impatient students, Sasuke clenched the steering wheel and angrily stared ahead at the road. That little blond fuck was really starting to piss him off. After lunch, he might have been warming up to the fact that he was in their group now, but no. He just ruined the chances of being accepted.

Instead of taking him roughly ten minutes to drive home, it only took Sasuke five that day. Being uncontrollably angry at someone tends to make you temporarily acquire a lead foot.

Pulling smoothly into the driveway of his house, Sasuke grabbed his bag and got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. He was past the point of caring about chipping the paint right now. Stomping childishly up the path to the front door, Sasuke quietly cursed the fact that he could see a huge red mark on his forehead in his reflection on a window.

Getting to the front door, Sasuke took a few deep breaths to try and calm himself down. He wasn't going to let Itachi see him like this; he would never hear the end of it. Slowly turning the knob, Sasuke stepped into his cool house and quietly shut the door behind him. Walking a little further into the foyer, Sasuke set his bag down by the shoe rack and slid off his converse, placing them next to his other shoes.

Walking down the hall to the living room, Sasuke called out. "Itachi! I'm home!"

Looking down quickly when his cat dashed across the carpet, Sasuke stumbled a bit before catching himself and muttering insults at his daredevil feline. Looking up, Sasuke froze.

His older brother, Itachi, was sitting on the couch looking at him. And sitting on his brother's lap was none other than Deidara.

"Wow, Itachi. You never told me Sasuke was your brother."

Sasuke's eyes widened and his accusing gaze shifted to Itachi, who chuckled at his younger brothers expression.

"Wow, Sasuke. You never told me you were friends with my ex."

-- Twenty Minutes Later

"Itachi? I think he's dead."



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