It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.

~Johann Schiller

As I sat there snuggled into Edward's arms, I felt like something horrible was coming this way. I knew that whatever was coming this way I wouldn't be able to stop the danger from happening. I was suddenly snapped back into reality when Edward's lips brushed up against my ear. He whispered,
"Why don't we go take Renesmee back to the cottage and get our homework out of the way..." I smiled as we walked out of the kitchen door. Edward had sung Renesmee to sleep like every other night. I was already in the master bedroom when Edward came in to join our study session. I was almost in my study mode when my cell phone rang.

"Bella! It's Billy. I need you to get down to the La Push hospital IMMEADIATLY!"
"WHAT!? WHY!? Is Jacob okay? Did Seth---"
"It's Charlie!" He cut me off and hung up.

I turned my head and Edward was gone I heard him talking to Alice and telling her to babysit Renesmee. And he had already had the Volvo waiting outside. Edward's Volvo was burning hot trying to change the temperature of our skin; I could even feel the hotness of the A/C. But that wasn't the only thing on my mind. I was thinking of Charlie and what could have possibly happened.

"Bella, I'm sure everything is okay." Edward's voice was trying to calm me down as I was gripping the door with all my strength.

I released and when I looked out the window I saw the hospital in the distance. Edward dropped me off at the entrance and I ran a little faster than a human but no one noticed. I even fake a few stumbles just in case someone was watching. There was Billy waiting for me in the hallway. I heard Edward's footsteps coming up behind me. He put his arm around my shoulder. Then Billy Lead us into the hospital and there was Charlie in a hospital bed...

Okay, That's chapter one okay this story was posted on but it wasn't working for me but since I'm like always on this site, I figured I would post it on both. On this story is called Life after breaking dawn but I like this title better. Okay so review and chapters 2-21 should be up in the next 24 hours :) (Yeah I'm just that good) =)