Chapter Two

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"And now, first up, Naruto."

Naruto perked up when he heard his name called first. He honestly didn't care who he got as a bunkmate, though he did think it would be pretty awesome to get someone he had never met before. Or maybe not, if they were major assholes. Naruto frowned to himself, suddenly hoping he didn't get a bunkmate from another school.

Kakashi scanned his list, looking for the blonde teen's name. "Ah, here you are. Well, Naruto. You are going to be rooming with Tobi from Oto High." Kakashi looked up from the paper and smiled at the dismayed Naruto. "Have fun with that. Next is Ino."

Sasuke sighed and looked at his friend. Naruto looked pretty worried. Putting a hand on his shoulder, Sasuke patted the blonde in a reassuring manner. "No worries, dobe. If the guy's a dick, I'll kill him for you." They both chuckled when they saw Gaara nod sharply in agreement from his desk in front of them.

Sasuke wasn't that surprised when Ino's bunkmate ended up being Sakura. Seeing as how majority of the people going were male, the chances of women getting bunked with their friends were much higher. Kakashi called Kiba and Shino out as bunkmates, and the brown haired teen excitedly clapped his silent friend on the back. No one could read Shino, so Sasuke settled with assuming the boy was cheering on the inside.

"Next up is Hinata. You and TenTen are going to be bunkmates."

Hinata turned her head to smile shyly at TenTen, the other girl grinning back in response. Sasuke rolled his eyes. Enough with the women, he wanted to hear whether or not he got paired with Gaara, dammit!

"Gaara Sabaku. You are going to be paired with…"

Sasuke sucked in a breath and stared at Kakashi like the man was about to tell him whether or not he was about to win a fifty billion lottery. Actually, being able to room with Gaara would be way better than winning a fifty billion lottery.


Sasuke slumped about a foot into his chair and glared in dismay at his silver-haired teacher. If he squinted, Sasuke could have sworn Kakashi was smirking at him. Sasuke watched as Gaara nodded minutely and continued sitting motionless in his desk. Sasuke could at least be thankful that Gaara didn't appear to be pleased with the arrangements. And maybe Neji might let him switch roomies or something.

"Sasuke. You are going to be bunking with Lee."

If he was any less macho than he was, Sasuke would have started crying. It was now Naruto's turn to pat him on the back in a reassuring manner, a duty which he fulfilled immediately. Numerous sighs of relief could be heard from around the classroom as Lee bounced and flounced over to Sasuke's desk and scooped him up in a massive hug. "Oh Sasuke, this is the most youthful news I have heard all day! Finally, I will be able to increase your level of youthfulness! Maybe even-"

Lee's rave about youth was cut short by a very irate Kakashi. The teacher deftly flipped the clipboard in his hand then smacked it hard across the back of Lee's head, effectively cutting off the strange teen. "No… more… youth," he hissed.

Lee stared in horror at the man and backpedaled to his desk where he hunkered down in his seat and clutched his head, muttering to himself about things no one really cared about. Nodding to himself and very pleased with his handy work, Kakashi continued on with the list. Sasuke listened half-heartedly, more intent on trying to devise a way to get Neji to switch roommates with him rather than hearing more about other people's roommates.

"Last but not least, Shikamaru and Chouji."

Chouji grinned and Shikamaru continued sleeping. Sasuke glared at the duo with jealousy. Why was it that everyone else in the class with the exception of he and Naruto got to bunk with the people they wanted to? Maybe Gaara didn't want to bunk with Neji, but at least Neji isn't a spandex-wearing freak! Sighing darkly, Sasuke glared at Kakashi, silently daring the man to make matters any worse than they already are. Really, it was already as low as it could get.

Kakashi glanced at the clock quickly before addressing the class again, clearing his throat before he spoke. "Okay, seeing as how there are only two more weeks of school…" he paused, accurately predicting the outburst of whoops and excited hollering, "…please take note that there really isn't that much more time until this vacation of ours. I will be constantly reminding you all to have everything packed and ready to go for the trip."

Through his haze of depression and angst, Sasuke made a mental note of everything that he intended to bring. Sasuke looked disinterestedly at the wall clock when the bell rang, finding it ironic that time flies when you are having fun but time goes even faster when you get depressing news. Leaning down the side of his desk, Sasuke scooped up his bag and stood up. Slinging his bag around his shoulders, Sasuke nodded at Naruto to indicate that they should get going to their next class.

Sasuke walked out the classroom door, followed by Naruto and then by Gaara. Even though Gaara didn't have 6th period with him and Naruto, he still walked with them halfway to class before branching off and going to his own class.

Over the last month or so, the three of them had fallen into a nice routine. They walked together in the halls, Naruto and Gaara merged with Sasuke's group; they got together occasionally to do homework and hang out even. Sasuke felt that he could call Gaara and Naruto his friends, although Sasuke and Gaara were closer to Naruto than they were with each other. Sasuke didn't really care much though; he figured that he would make his move on the red-head during the vacation.

As soon as they were out the door, Naruto started talking immediately about the bunking choices. "How in the hell am I supposed to spend a month with some teenager that I don't even know! This is so not fair! I mean, what if he's a creep? What if he tries to kill me in my sleep?" Naruto was flailing his arms along with his outbursts, almost hitting Sasuke and Gaara multiple times.

Sasuke glared at the blonde and knocked his arm away. "Calm down, idiot. Your roomie honestly can't be any worse than Lee."

Naruto instantly stopped freaking out and turned to Sasuke, pointing at him with one hand and covering his mouth with his other hand while he snickered. Huffing at the blonde, Sasuke half-heartedly slugged his friend in the arm. "Shut up loser."

Gaara smirked amusedly at the duo before nonchalantly waving at them and turning sharply to his left. Sasuke and Naruto sobered up when they heard the one-minute bell echo around the halls. That meant they were almost late, and if they were late Mr. Orochimaru would have them lick the test tubes clean. Both of them shuddering at the thought of having to lick used test tubes, Naruto and Sasuke half power-walked, half jogged to Chemistry. They made it into the classroom seconds before the final bell rang, walking hurriedly over to their desks and collapsing in their chairs.

Sasuke glared at the creepy science teacher when the man frowned at the two almost late teens. He could tell this was going to be a long 6th period.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_Time Skip: Two Weeks Later-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Sasuke walked through the door a few minutes before the final bell rang, having given up his quirk of walking coolly through the doors mere seconds after the bell. He was friends with Gaara now, after all. There was no need to go out of his way to impress the teen anymore. Also, Sasuke had realized that coming in late was only earning him attention from the chicks and not Gaara.

Quickly scanning the room, Sasuke found Naruto and Gaara lounging in the back corner of the room. Sasuke started to weave through the rows and groups of desks, trying to make his way to his friends when he was suddenly pulled aside by one of the random girls in his class. The girl was small and had dirty blond hair cropped around her face. If Sasuke were straight, he would have found her attractive. But alas, he batted for the other team.

"Hey Sasuke, I was wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out with me at my house after school today? Just you and me?" She added after a few seconds, batting her eyelashes at him in a way she thought to be seductive.

Sasuke scoffed and jerked his wrist out of her hand. "No, I don't want to hang out with you," he remarked rudely, "and I'm going on the vacation trip regardless."

The blonde nuisance pouted and batted her eyelashes at him again. "Awww. Maybe when you get back?"

Sasuke glared at the girl. "Why would I want to hang out with you?" Out of the corner of his eye he could see that Naruto and Gaara were observing the confrontation. Gaara was smirking at Sasuke whereas Naruto was staring blankly at him.

The blond girl huffed, obviously not liking it when men played hard to get. "Because I like you a lot, Sasuke. And you should like me too!"

The raven haired emo stared disgustedly at the frustrated girl. How hard was it for people to understand that he was gay?! Really! Sighing in frustration, Sasuke rubbed his temples before addressing the girl again. Thank god today was the last day of school. "Look… I'm gay. Deal with it."

The blonde stared at him in confusion. "What?"

Sasuke huffed and threw his hands up in the air exasperatedly. "I'm GAY! I like PENIS! Not vagina and certainly not boobs. Now fuck off." With that, Sasuke turned on his heel and started on his way back to his desk when he heard the suddenly angry blond girl yell back after him.

"FAGGOT!" she shrieked at him angrily, standing up with her fists clenched and shaking at her side. Sasuke was about to start yelling back when Gaara decided to speak up and intervene.

"Shut up, breeder. Why don't you go be a good little bunk bunny and open your legs for someone else, hm?"

Sasuke stared in awe at the red-head. I'm going to marry this man one day. Naruto buried his head in his arms on his desk, trying and failing to muffle his hysterical laughter. The blond girl screamed angrily at Gaara through clenched teeth before grabbing her stuff and running out of the room, too embarrassed and humiliated to stay in the class.

Half grinning, half smirking at Gaara, Sasuke set his bag down next to the desk beside Naruto's before sliding into the chair. Shaking his head when he saw that Naruto was still trying to stop laughing, Sasuke turned to Gaara. "Thanks for sticking up for me." Somewhere deep down, Sasuke's ego was flinching at having to thank someone for something. But hey, it was Gaara, and that chick was being a bitch and not leaving Sasuke alone. His ego could suck it.

Gaara shrugged nonchalantly before shifting his attention to the front of the class as Kakashi strolled in, a couple of minutes late as usual. Glancing at the clock, Sasuke realized that in the middle of his spat with the blonde girl, the bell must have rung. Rapping his knuckles on the top of a still-laughing Naruto's head, Sasuke also gave Kakashi his attention.

The man was wearing sweat pants and a tight fitting shirt along with his face mask, obviously in the mood for some sleeping. Sasuke was pretty sure everyone just wanted to go home and catch up on all the sleep that is lost during the school year. But alas, there was a vacation to go to. A free vacation to a resort. Underwater. Sleep didn't matter compared to a free vacation at a resort… that was underwater.

Kakashi walked to the front of his desk and leaned against it, stuffing his hands in the pockets on the side of his pants and lazily scanning over the class. Since today was a half day because it was the last day of school, not that many people where actually present. Sighing, Kakashi shrugged his shoulders. "You guys can do what you want. Class is only twenty minutes today and I'm not taking role. For those of you that are going on the trip, I will remind you again: have your bag packed and be at the Westport Ferry Dock by six this evening or else you will miss the boat."

Sasuke nodded absentmindedly at the teacher before turning to Naruto. "Do you want to come over to my house while I pack?" Naruto was still rubbing his head where Sasuke had hit him. The blonde teen nodded but then frowned. "All my stuff is still at my house. Do you mind if I get it first?"

Sasuke paused for a few seconds before answering. "Why don't you just come over, help me pack, and then I'll give you a ride to your house and then to the docks?"

Naruto grinned at him and nodded again, this time more enthusiastically. "Sure thing sounds great! Do you need a ride too, Gaara?" Naruto addressed the seemingly half-asleep red-head.

Gaara blinked lazily before shaking his head. "No, my sister is giving me a ride."

Naruto shrugged and turned back to Sasuke and opened his mouth, obviously going to start talking again when the bell rang shrilly through the school. Smirking at Naruto's frustration, Sasuke scooped up his bag and slung it over his shoulder before walking out of the classroom. One more period, just one more period, and then he would be that much closer to spending a month with Gaara. And, y'know, a large group of other teenagers too, but as long as Gaara was there, Sasuke didn't care. Although, Itachi being there was pushing it.

Sasuke was flanked by Naruto, and he by Gaara. The blonde instantly started blabbering again about how amazingly awesome this vacation was going to be. Lips twitching to form a small smile, Sasuke had to agree with his friend. Amazingly awesome indeed.

Sasuke sighed in frustration and rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying to concentrate on the task at hand. Once again picking up his shirt and starting to fold it, Sasuke glared at his open suitcase as it started bouncing slightly on his bed. Turning his head slowly, he glared at Naruto who was sitting at the foot of his bed and bouncing, causing his suitcase and clothing to flop around.

"Naruto," he ground out quietly, "stop… bouncing."

Naruto stopped and swung around to face him and pouted. "But Sasukeeeee! I'm bored! You are taking too long to pack! We've been here for what? Three hours?" Pouting, Naruto flopped onto his back and huffed, glaring childishly at the ceiling.

Glancing at the clock on his desk, Sasuke frowned. "Idiot, we have only been here for half an hour. Stop being stupid. You could help me – that's why you came."

Naruto rolled over and rest his head on his crossed forearms, staring innocently at the irate emo. "I dun wanna."

Scowling, Sasuke continued folding his shirt. "That is why I want you to stop bouncing. It is making it harder for me to pack, and the sooner I finish packing, the sooner we can leave."

Groaning, Naruto rolled off the bed and landed with a thump on the carpeted floor. Pushing himself up, the blonde brushed off his pants and wandered to Sasuke's closet. "You need pants right?"

Sasuke 'hmm'-ed affirmably and finished folding his shirt, placing it on top of the other shirts that he had already packed. He had decided to only get together a week's worth of clothing, seeing as how Kakashi had mentioned there was the availability to do laundry at the resort. All Sasuke needed to pack now were his pants and then grab his toothbrush, hair stuff and everything else from the bathroom.

Silently contemplating whether he should pack a pair or two of shorts, Sasuke's trail of thought came to an abrupt end when a waded pair of jeans connected with the side of his head before falling to the floor. Sasuke turned to look at his closet when another pair of waded jeans met his face, and as soon as those fell to the floor, another pair soared over to say "hello".

Sasuke lurched to the side to avoid the next pair of sailing pants, noticing that Naruto was pulling jeans off the hangers, wadding them and then chucking them over his shoulder. He obviously wasn't looking where he was throwing them, and because he wasn't looking he didn't see Sasuke walking up to him.

Naruto, still obliviously staring into Sasuke's closet, brushed his hands together and slowly turned around with his eyes downcast. "Hey Sasuke, were those pants okay?" Finishing his sentence and looking up, Naruto came face to face with an angry Sasuke, a pair of pants still draped over his shoulders where they fell after hitting him in the face.

Naruto stumbled to a stop and looked happily at Sasuke before he caught sight of the jeans sitting on his shoulder. "You threw my jeans at my face," Sasuke stated in a monotone voice.

Naruto blinked a couple of times before gulping nervously and slowly taking a few steps back. "I didn't mean to, I was aiming for the bed. I wasn't trying to hit you with them, I swear!" The blonde had his hands up in front of him defensively and was still stumbling backwards. Sasuke took a few steps forward and glared at the blonde. Naruto squeaked and sprinted out of the bedroom, thumping down the hallway and into a distant room.

Sasuke rolled his eyes before picking the jeans off his shoulder and up off the floor. At least Naruto had chosen good pants, rather than the old ratty ones at the bottom of his closet. Making sure that there were seven pairs of pants, Sasuke folded all of the pants and placed them in the last vacant spot in his suitcase. Now all he had to was grab his toothbrush and all that jazz and then he and Naruto could leave and go get the blonde's baggage before meeting everyone at the docks.

Walking out his door, Sasuke crossed the hallway and entered the room directly opposite his bedroom. Sasuke was the lucky one since the bathroom was right across from his bedroom, allowing him to be the one who got to the bathroom first in the morning. Itachi had to trudge to the floor below to use the bathroom, which gave Sasuke the chance to use all the hot water before Itachi could get his shower. Immature? Yeah, but Sasuke didn't care.

Opening the linen closet, Sasuke pulled out two towels, a hand towel and a couple of washcloths. Wrapping his toothbrush and tooth paste in one of the washcloths, Sasuke piled everything in the crook of his left arm. Reaching into the shower, he grabbed his shampoo and conditioner before turning around and scooping his hair styling products into his arms as well before walking back into his bedroom. He put his shampoo and conditioner into a large Ziploc bag and put it in one of the compartments of his suitcase.

Picking up his towels, Sasuke paused and looked up at the ceiling when he heard loud thumps coming from upstairs, followed by a shriek that was obviously Naruto's and some angry barks. Sasuke frowned to himself…they didn't own a dog. Rolling his eyes, Sasuke somehow managed to stuff the towels into his suitcase as well, along with all of his hair styling bottles. Jerking the zipper harshly around his suitcase, Sasuke stood back and admired his handiwork. Yanking the case off his bed, Sasuke made his way out of his room, down the hallway, down the stairs and to the front door of his house.

Setting his case by the shoe rack, Sasuke calmly slipped his feet into his converse while absentmindedly listening to more screams echo down from two floors up. Waiting for a pause in the shrieking, Sasuke yelled at Naruto. "COME ON, IDIOT!! We are LEAVING!"

A few seconds later, Naruto came barreling down the stairs and skidded to a stop in front of the cool and collected teen. Naruto was extremely out of breath, and there were random tears in his shirt and a long strip of fabric was missing down the side of his pants. The blonde looked like he got in a fight with a wooly mammoth or Sasuke's grandmother when she wasn't on her meds.

Raising an eyebrow at his friend's disheveled appearance, Sasuke picked up his suitcase again and motioned with is head towards the front door. "Open it for me, will ya?"

Naruto nodded his head, still too out of breath to speak apparently, and moved around Sasuke to hold the door open for him will he lugged his suitcase out to his car. Naruto shut the door behind them and dutifully followed the dark haired teen to the similarly dark car. Sasuke had popped the trunk and was busy fitting the suitcase in the small storage area, trying to mentally figure out how he was also going to stuff Naruto's case in there as well. His car only held two people, so there wasn't the option of loading everything in the second row of seats since there wasn't a second row to begin with.

Naruto opened the passenger side door and flopped down on the leather seat, slamming the door shut behind him. Sasuke shut the trunk and then walked around to the driver's side of the car and got in, being more careful with shutting the door then Naruto was.

"Seatbelt, idiot. I'm not getting a ticket because you're being stupid."

Naruto stuck his tongue out at Sasuke but buckled up nonetheless. Sasuke ran over a checklist in his head, nodding to himself that he had clothes, money, his keys, his phone and everything else. He could care less about Itachi – last he knew. his brother was sleeping still in his room the floor above. Itachi could be late for all Sasuke cared.

Putting the key in the ignition, Sasuke carefully pulled out of the driveway and turned left, intent on driving to Naruto's house. Having never been there before, Sasuke looked at Naruto expectantly.


"Directions. Give them to me."

Naruto frowned and patted his pants pockets. "I don't have any directions. What are you talking about?"

Sasuke glared at the road in front of them. "To your house? I don't know where I am going, stupid."

Naruto blinked at him a few times in confusion before he understood what Sasuke meant. "Oh! Okay. Yeah. Go that way!" Naruto pointed vaguely in front of them and to the left. "Wait… that way!" This time he pointed straight behind them. "Actually…"

Sasuke reached over quickly and smacked the blonde in the back of the head. "Figure it out now, idiot. The light is about to turn green."

Naruto pouted and rubbed the back of his head before waving generically forward.

Sighing, Sasuke continued driving down the street when the light turned green. Every time they encountered a light or an off branching road, Sasuke would look to Naruto and Naruto would flop his hand dejectedly in the direction they needed to go.

After a few more minutes, Sasuke started to feel bad for hitting the blonde. Naruto was staring glumly out of the window, the only time he moved was to motion where they needed to turn.

"Look Naruto, I didn't mean to-"

"OH MY FUCKING GOD, DEER!" Naruto shrieked and bolted forward, pointing and screaming inaudibly at the front of the car. Sasuke's eyes snapped forward and registered that there was an extremely large moose standing in the middle of the road. Not a deer. A moose. A moose that obviously thought it owned the whole frigging road.

Sasuke quickly put all of his weight on the break peddle, skidding to a stop a few feet away from the adult moose.

Naruto and Sasuke had both been slammed back into their seats with the force that the car had stopped. Naruto had the handle above the door clenched in his right hand; his left hand was braced against the dashboard.Sasuke was still clutching the steering wheel madly with both hands, eyes wide and staring at the moose. Who was staring back. The two teens were breathing heavily as they watched the moose snort at them and lazily walk away into the light forest surrounding the road. Sasuke absentmindedly wondered to himself when they had driven out that far.

Naruto and Sasuke shakily turned their heads and stared at each other, basking in the near death experience. Whether it was their near death experience or the moose's, the world may never know.

Waiting a few moments to calm down, Naruto turned to Sasuke with a questioning look on his face. "Were we about to have a moment before that?"

Sasuke blinked to himself and realized that by god, they were. "I think so."

Naruto blankly stared at the group of trees that the moose had disappeared through. "Stupid deer."

Sasuke frowned at the road while he carefully starting driving again. "It was a moose."

"Shut up, Sasuke."


Sasuke pulled up into Naruto's driveway, eyeing the rundown house suspiciously. This didn't look like a house that one would find an energetic teenager living in. It looked like one of the rundown places that hobos slept at night. It was a small house that looked like it used to be white, now it was a gross shade of light old yellow. Sasuke assumed that it only had two or three rooms total, and the windows of it were unhinged and a couple of the panes were broken. There wasn't an actual door, just the screen door, letting Sasuke get a slight view into the house. It looked worse on the inside.

Naruto looked at him sheepishly and mumbled something before jumping out of the car and bolting into the house, the screen door swinging dejectedly behind him.

Sasuke sat in the car, waiting for Naruto to get his stuff and wondering whether Gaara knew anything about the teen's personal life at home.

A few minutes later, Naruto came running out of the house, clutching a small duffel bag to his chest. Skidding to a stop by the car door, Naruto quickly jumped into the car and slammed the door behind him. Naruto's eye spun around wildly, looking like he was frantically searching for something when they finally landed on Sasuke. Naruto looked at him like he was stupid. "GO! Why aren't you driving?!"

Sasuke looked confusedly at the blonde but pulled out of the shabby driveway nonetheless, turning back onto the main road and driving towards the freeway. Naruto had quickly buckled up and was still clutching his duffel bag like it was his life line, his eyes darting around the car nervously. Giving Naruto a few minutes to calm down, Sasuke merged onto the freeway and then decided to ask his friend what was up. "Hey, Naruto? You okay?"

The blonde wasn't so twitchy anymore and had seemed to have calmed down a bit, but he still looked nervously at Sasuke when the teen had spoken to him. "Yeah, I think so."

Sasuke brought the car up to 65 mph and set the cruise control, readying himself for a two hour minimum drive. It was only 1:30 or so, and they had to be at the docks by six. They would make it, Sasuke reassured himself. Maybe they could chill and grab something to eat when they got there. "What happened?" Sasuke glanced over at Naruto before bringing his eyes back to the road.

Naruto sighed and waved his left hand at Sasuke nonchalantly. "Oh nothing. Mizuki had just forgotten I was going to this vacation thing, I guess."

Sasuke could tell by Naruto's tone and body language that the teen wasn't going to be saying anything else about the subject. Sasuke didn't mind, he had things about his family that he wouldn't even dream of telling Naruto. Sasuke respected his friend's silent request to drop the subject.

"This is going to be a long drive. Put on some music, the radio is self explanatory and my CDs are in a case under your seat," Sasuke told him while pointing to the small space behind Naruto's feet.

Naruto immediately lurched to the radio and began pressing button and turning knobs, not even caring if he found a clear station with good music. Sasuke rolled his eyes and put up with the excessive static for a few minutes before smacking Naruto's hands away from the dials and pressed the button to turn off the radio. Apparently, letting Naruto have free reign over things that go 'click' wasn't such a good idea. "Get the CDs."

Naruto pouted at him but dug around under the seat for the CD case regardless. Naruto yanked it out and then set it on his lap, brushing the light layer of dust off the top before opening the plastic case. Grabbing the first CD in the box, Naruto quickly read the label on it and shrieked happily. "Amanda Palmer!" Jamming the CD into the player, Naruto started bouncing in his seat, excitedly clapping his hands together while he waited for the CD to load.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the blonde's antics, but was glad that Naruto was better than he had been before.

"I want a…coin…operated boy…"

It was going to be a long drive.

Like Sasuke had predicted, they had made it to the docks well before they actually had to be there. It was a little after four, meaning that Sasuke, Naruto and about five other early arrivers had two hours to blow.

Among Sasuke and Naruto were Shikamaru, Chouji, Sakura, Ino, and Gaara. Due to the obvious…variety in the people that were present, it had taken them awhile to decide and agree on how they would be spending their spare time. Apparently, it was extremely easy for everyone to agree that they should stick together, but harder then hell to agree on what to do.



"Let's go shopping!"


"It's Westport, Naruto. A fishing town. These people don't know the meaning of rave."



"It's Westport, Sasuke. A fishing town. They don't know the meaning of 'oh lookit me! I'm Sasuke Uchiha! Everyone worship me! I only speak in noncommittal grunts because I think it's sexy."

"Someone should hold Sasuke back."


"How about no."

"I like living."


"Alright. I agree with Chouji. Let's get something to eat."


"Sorry, blondie."

And so, six teens and a mottled husk of a teen left the dock parking lot and wandered towards the boardwalk. They decided to stop at what looked to be the equivalent of a McDonalds and bought some food, consisting of fish…more fish…and some fish.

After buying the fish, the small group of teens moseyed back to the parking lot, deciding to eat there rather than sit in the small fast food joint that stank like fish. Though the logic of that was flawed, since the whole town stunk like fish. But at least they could eat their fish next to a really cool car!

"Sasuke, your car is ugly and I hate you."

SLAP. "Shut up, Naruto."


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