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Suigetsu walked over and immediately began to annoy Karin.

"Bitch," he taunted her.

"Fang boy," she called back.

"Whore," Suigetsu grinned.

"Asshole," Karin replied.

"I love you," Suigetsu winked mischievously.

"I hate you," Karin shot back.

"I hate you," Suigetsu said promptly.

"I love you," Karin retorted without thinking.

When she realized what she had said, her jaw dropped.

"I'm going to kill you," Karin growled, getting up.

"But you said you loved me," Suigetsu pouted.

"That doesn't make a difference," Karin told him.

Suigetsu watched her closely, but saw no attack, only a blush.

"So you do?" he smirked.