Vice and Virtue

Bellatrix's Point of View

I feel like I've been hit by a train. I am now sitting in the girl's lavatory on the fifth floor holding something small and plastic. It is a muggle pregnancy test and the little white box has a plus sign in it which means I'm pregnant. This is the point in a normal girl's life where her friend is supposed to say "Is everything all right Bella", but I am not a normal girl and I have no girlfriends besides my sisters. I find comfort in the opposite sex and now look where it's gotten me.

I open the stall door close to tears and walk out into the corridor, "I must find Rodolphus" I think to myself "he must know". Still holding the test I run through the crowded corridors looking for him. Finally, as I reach the third floor I find him standing with the rest of the Slytherin quidditch team. Not knowing what to do I thrust the test at him.

"What is this" he asks shocked "what's wrong Bella". I know he can see it in my worried ness in my face, in his is confusion and concern for me. Not knowing what to do I run. Rodolphus throws the test at Andromeda who passes it to Narcissa. Now I have Rodolphus, Narcissa, Rabastan, and Lucius running towards me and Andromeda is nearly on top of me. She has always been a fast runner. Andy and Cissy must know what it is because as I turn around I see shock across their faces.

As I reach the common room I get enough of a lead on Andy to make it to my dormitory in time to shut the door and lock it with a spell that a simple Alohomora will not break. By the time I hear them all on the other side of the door Andy, with her short temper, tells them to step back and she blows the door down.

"Bellatrix" she nearly shouts as she enters the room "whose is it". Before I can answer Rabastan asks "What is this thing?" for he is now holding the muggle pregnancy test. "It is a muggle pregnancy test" I say barely getting the words out "and that little plus sign means I'm pregnant. Horror comes to all of the boys faces.

"Bellatrix whose is it" Andy asks again, and I now am faced with a tough decision, tell the truth or lie. "I don't know" and unfortunately this is the truth.

Andromeda's Point of View

I nearly faint when Bella tells me she doesn't know who the father is. "Who are the possible fathers" I ask pressing her because I need answers. I already blew the door down now I'm on a roll. "There all right here in this room" Bella says in an annoyed toned I can tell she is sick of being interrogated by me. Just then Cissy faints and Lucius is immediately by her side. He has been acting quite odd around her lately.

Ignoring Cissy I focus back to Bella. "Bella you carry around three contraceptive potions at all times how can you be pregnant." Bella is pretty pissed now. "I couldn't get to them fast enough Andromeda ok." She seems to be exasperated. Rodolphulus has just come out of shock for he pulls his jaw back up. "Bellatrix" he says "you slept with my brother" this is my cue to leave. Rodolphulus needs to talk to Bella alone, but I'm not going very far.

Narcissa's Point of View

Andy continues with her interrogation "Who are the possible fathers?" she asks in a pushy sort of way. Andy has always been like this once she gets started she can't stop. After what seems like hours Bella replies "there all right her in this room". That's when I pass out.

I open my eyes to Lucius next to me and Andromeda ignoring me. "We're going to the hospital wing." I try to protest but can't. I don't think Andy sees us leave but then as we go further down the hallway I hear "you slept with my brother" coming from Rodolphulus's mouth. That's when Andy and Rabastan leave the room and I pass out again.

I drift back into consciousness when we reach the hospital wing. Madame Pompfrey says to Lucius "put her on the bed over there". I am then set down by Lucius on the hard bed. "What's wrong with her" Madame Pompfrey asks a few minutes later. "She passed out twice in five minutes" Lucius says and I can hear the worry in his voice. "Does she have any illnesses that you aware of" Madame Pompfrey asks. That when I moan because I know I must tell Madame Pompfrey. "Oh she's awake" she says "let me get my tray". As she gets her tray I think of how I'm going to tell her. When Madame Pompfrey comes back I moan again and she asks "what is it dear". And then I muster up all the courage I can and tell her "I'm pregnant".

Andromeda's Point of View

There's a lot of shouting coming out of Bella's dormitory. She and Rodolphus are really going at it this time. They've fought before but not this bad. "You were sleeping with someone else" Bella shouts loud enough so I can hear it clearly. "Its not like I was sleeping with Andromeda" even the thought of that is slightly appalling but I refrain from entering the room. Then, they start talking about this Dark Lord and how he can "take care of it". "No" Bella shouts "I want it" and then I hear a thump. That's when I run into the room. I find Rodolphus has my sister pinned up against the wall and he has lifted her by the neck. He also has his wand at her stomach where my niece or nephew is right now. "Expelliarmus" I shout and Rodolphus's wand flies to the other side of the room. He lets Bella go and she slumps to the ground, but then he comes after me.

Edit 5/28/10: I did a slight bit of editing on this first chapter because of my terrible spelling and grammar (in particular spelling Rodolphus Rodolpulus). I wanted to let everyone know who read this that as the story goes on the POV's get longer and the writings not as choppy. I know this chapter isn't a great way to start off this fanfic, but it good so please drop a review and move on to the next chapter. :D