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Pairing: Fenrir x Harry

In order to submerge myself back into the habit of writing Harry Potter fan fiction, I am going to start by this three shot which will hopefully be an effective exercise in re-familiarizing myself with the characters. Some may recognize me as the writer of Magical Feelings, which I have taken down to edit, and will be re-uploading at a later date.

Summary: When Fenrir and the Death Eaters attack the Burrow, Fenrir kidnaps Harry and attempts to court him. Harry isn't amused.

I would like the readers to note that I am basing Fenrir's looks off of the book's descriptions and the actor's original appearance, rather then the Fenrir that appeared in the movie. (I have no idea how they managed to make such a hunk look like THAT in the movie… *boggles the mind*) It cracks me up that the actor's wrestling nickname was 'lone wolf'. XD Perfect!

Contains: Lemon, sex, smut, cursing, violence. No underage readers.

Beta'd by WarriorNun- thank you bunches!

Courting a Mate: Chapter 1

"Now, puppy, aren't you more comfortable like this?" Fenrir asked in his deep, rasping voice.

Harry, who was bound and gagged in a dark, cold cave, was not comfortable. However he thus far had only managed to convey this through glares and muffled curses.

Fenrir Greyback, feared werewolf and head alpha, was quite taken with Harry Potter. He smelled absolutely divine to Fenrir, who couldn't even compare his scent to the smell of frightened children who he had eagerly bitten and turned to werewolves. Well, the ones who lived, that is.

So Fenrir had snatched up the dark haired teenager and ignored the shrieks of Bellatrix Lestrange to hide the pissed off wizard in his lair. Only his pack knew of its location, and none of them would dare betray him to the Dark Lord when he would inevitably come calling.

Fenrir hovered around Harry and nuzzled his neck. Harry swallowed harshly as he felt the hot breath on his neck and the sharp, pointy teeth hovering over the skin. Fenrir let out a bark of laughter as he caught a waft of Harry's fear and nudged his nose behind Harry's ear.

"Don't worry, cub, I won't be biting you just yet."

His words did nothing to assure Harry who was still trying to squirm away and failed horribly.

"I don't think less of you for being afraid though." Fenrir said after a moment of contemplation and dragged his pointy yellow nail down the side of Harry's face and teased the fabric of Harry's gag. "I am very scary after all."

He tugged the gag down and grinned as Harry growled at him.

"Let me go, now."

"No can do, Harry." The tone was slightly mocking, but Fenrir's eyes glowed as he tried the name out on his tongue. "It wouldn't be very good if my future mate were to escape from me."

Harry froze for a second as he comprehended what Fenrir meant by 'mate.'

"Like hell I am!"

Fenrir's blue eyes narrowed and hands tightened around Harry's arms, making Harry cry out.

"Yes, you are. Many would give anything to be in the position that you are in!"

"Well I'm not one of them!"

Fenrir watched with interest as Harry tried to escape with his hands still bound and his legs kicking and trying to find purchase.

"Just give me my wand and I'll show you-"

"Show me what?" Fenrir asked and continued his exploration of Harry's neck. "Save the kinkiness for later, we have yet to be mated."

"Hell no!"

It continued in this manner for the entirety of Harry's captivity. He kept Harry tied up whenever he left, but when he was in the cave he allowed Harry freedom of his limbs. Although Fenrir had yet to force Harry into mating, he made it quite clear how pissed off his was every time he was rejected.

On the second day of Harry's kidnapping, Fenrir left for several hours, and Harry was stuck alone in the cave. He kept his mind busy with plots to escape, each one more elaborate then the one before. When inspiration on that ran dry, he imagined all the different things he would torture Voldemort with when he finally got out of this hell.

He lifted his head from the stone pillow as Fenrir came back and was surprised with the bundle of blankets and other items in his arm.

"Until I turn you into one of us, you're human body is too fragile for the cave."

The tone of his voice indicated exactly what he thought of the fragility, but Harry was still just a little bit impressed that Fenrir cared at all. Harry was sore and achy from sleeping on the stone floor constantly and rejected Fenrir's offers to be a pillow for him.

Fenrir untied his hands and Harry sighed as he sank down onto the soft down blanket and burrowed his head into it. Fenrir stared at him expectantly, making Harry blink from behind his glasses.


The simple word made Fenrir grin broadly and pounce on Harry who cursed and tried to roll away from the enthusiastic werewolf who tried to nuzzle him.

"Fenrir." Harry growled the name in warning and Fenrir released him, but stayed on the blanket to gaze at Harry.

"You're far too cute for your own good."

"Don't call me cute, I'm a man, not a thing, and must certainly not a puppy."

"Hm." Fenrir's eyes didn't stop their exploration of Harry's form, despite having seen it many times before.


"Hm?" Although he tried to pass it off as nothing, Fenrir was feeling rather smug at Harry saying his name. It sounded nice coming from those soft lips that were just begging to be ravished and-

"When will you let me go?"

Fenrir froze and his blue eyes narrowed. "You say that like I'm keeping you captive."

"What else would you call it!?" Harry spluttered incredulously. "You kidnap me, you tie me up, and you won't let me leave!"

"It's all within my rights as pack alpha to do whatever I need to in order to convince my mate to accept me."

"That's never going to happen." Harry said with a scoff and Fenrir's patience snapped. He lunged forward and pinned Harry against the blankets, digging his nails into Harry's wrists and straddling his hips.

Harry grunted as the breath was knocked out of him and tried to buck Fenrir off of him, but to not avail.

"If that's the way you think then perhaps it would be better if I forced you to mate now." He sealed his mouth over Harry's and dragged his tongue over the lips he was fantasizing about moments before.

"Gh!" Harry tried to turn his head to the side but Fenrir simply followed the movement with a harsh bite to his lips. Fenrir finally released his mouth, only to trail wet kisses to Harry's neck.

"Get off, you mangy mutt!" Harry yelled, shocking Fenrir out of his lustful daze.

"I'm not a mutt." He said with a growl.

"So you don't deny the mangy part."

Fenrir continued to straddle Harry's hips, but he released his wrists to lift his own arm and sniff at himself. He smelled like sweat and dirt, which he was very used to now.

"I'm not that bad."

"I bet you kill flowers whenever you walk by them."

"Just because I'm not a ponce like those Malfoy's doesn't mean I'm mangy."

"Whatever." Harry crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from Fenrir, which might have been more effective if Fenrir wasn't still on top of him.

"Come on, pup, don't be like that." Fenrir leaned down and rubbed his nose against Harry's throat. His teeth ached to bite down on the tender flesh, but biting Harry would serve no purpose at the moment. He couldn't turn Harry until the moon cast her reflected light in her full glory, but he also wanted Harry to open up to him before that happened. It didn't seem like that would happen though, with the full moon in a few days.

"Harry." He murmured the name affectionately and stroked his mate's arms as he considered the situation. "Is there anything else that I can do to better…accommodate you?"

"Other then letting me go?" A growl was his only answer. "I can't live on the berries and meat you've been bringing me, I need other food then that."

Fenrir hesitated. That would mean he would have to venture into a human village to get it- muggle or otherwise- but one glance into Harry's green eyes convinced him he would risk anything to please his mate.

"Very well."

Harry quickly learned that if he wanted something (other than freedom) that Fenrir was eager to get it for him. The werewolf had even started to get things for him that Harry hadn't requested, like sweets that had no nutritional value, but Fenrir thought that he would like them.

On the fifth day of Harry's kidnapping, Fenrir took a bath. There was a creek nearby the cave they lived in that Harry requested bathing in since Fenrir wouldn't tell him where his wand was, and therefore he couldn't cast a cleaning charm.

Fenrir didn't see the benefits in bathing, although watching Harry strip down to his boxers and get soaking wet was very pleasurable indeed. He wouldn't have taken a bath either except that Harry tended to curl his nose whenever Fenrir got near and Fenrir wanted Harry to like him, even if it was a small thing like not smelling bad.

He used some of the organic soaps Harry had asked him to get and scrubbed his body from head to toe and watched in fascination as he saw that his skin wasn't deeply tan, like he expected, but instead more of a olive tone. He also washed his clothes quickly and trudged back to the cave naked, seeing no reason to put the wet clothes back on until they dried.

"Fenrir!" Harry gaped at Fenrir from his bound spot in his bedding nest. "You're naked!"

"I took a bath." Fenrir said with a frown and gestured at his soaking wet body.

"I- I see that."

Then Harry did something that Fenrir had never seen before on him and greatly wished for it to happen again. A pink tinge appeared on his cheek and he glanced away. Harry blushed! Granted it was out of embarrassment rather then pleasure, but it was still a very pretty picture.

He felt himself harden and gave an irritated huff. It would have been much more convenient if this had happened at the river so he could just get it taken care of already.

"Fen-Fenrir…" Harry stuttered and gulped as Fenrir took a step closer. "Don't move!"

The werewolf caught the scent of Harry's fear and he felt a hint of hurt at it. Pain, fear and death were something that Fenrir loved to deal to others and he got an insane amount of pleasure at his victims smell when that happened. But Harry, his mate, being afraid of him when the moon was soon going to make her presence known in its entirety, was not only painful to Fenrir, but also dangerous to Harry.

If Harry hadn't accepted their bond by the time of the full moon there was a possibility that Fenrir would force himself onto Harry. Even now the idea was tempting to solve the one sided sexual tension, but in the long run it would only destroy their bond and make it impossible for Harry to ever truly trust Fenrir. Fenrir wanted Harry to trust him. He wanted Harry to take Fenrir as his mate willingly and to love him.

Could he really get the wizard to love him, or even lust for him? Lust was easier, but Harry didn't seem to be even the least bit interested in that. He dropped to his knees beside Harry and Harry tried to scoot away hastily. Fenrir frowned and saw that the reason was because he was still hard.

"I'm not going to force you." Fenrir said and stroked Harry's hair soothingly and twisted a small strand of it around his finger. Harry looked unsure, but remained in place as Fenrir moved so his knees were on either side of Harry's slim hips. He made sure to keep his hips off of Harry's so the wizard wouldn't think he was trying to hump him, and leaned down to brush his lips against Harry's.

Kissing wasn't something that Fenrir would normally do either. It was intimate and he would never let anyone but his mate do something like that with him. In fact, the last time he allowed someone to kiss him was before he was even turned. Sure he had fucked other people, but he didn't kiss them.

Now he was kissing Harry and he was trying to remember the way it went so he could awe his reluctant mate. He lapped at his lips first, dipping his tongue in to test how rigid his jaw was before very lightly nipping at Harry's lips and making him open his mouth when he gasped.

While Fenrir was lost in pleasure, Harry was lost in confusion. There were so many things wrong with this situation he couldn't even begin to try and sort through them. Fenrir was a male who was much older than Harry and a werewolf. It wouldn't have bothered Harry that he was a werewolf if it wasn't for him killing so much.

Despite not having the Death Eater mark, and Voldemort's prejudice towards half breeds, Fenrir had still acted on those orders and was therefore an enemy to Harry. A hand gripped Harry's chin and encouraged him to open his mouth wider, making Harry inhale sharply through his nose.

The worst part, though, was that Harry was starting to enjoy it.


I love this couple! For those who read my other anime stuff, you know how much I love strong bad guys and tough 'bottoms.'

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