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Courting a Mate: Chapter 3/End

The night of the full moon was fast approaching and Harry had finally decided that he wanted to completely bond with Fenrir. Fenrir was slightly put out because he knew that Harry's primary reason for doing so was his fear of being forcefully taken by Fenrir as a werewolf, but he decided that he was just going to consider himself lucky and leave it at that.

The first thing that Harry did was take off his glasses and set them somewhere they wouldn't get crushed. He began to undress without looking Fenrir in the eyes as he tossed his clothes so the side and then crawled up to where Fenrir was already laying naked.

"Lovely little wizard." Fenrir said slightly mockingly and kissed Harry on the lips before pulling away. "My sweet, angelic virgin whom I am about to deflower and stain for life with my seed of-"

"Shut up already!" Harry hit him in the face with a pillow Fenrir had stolen from somewhere to give to Harry.

Harry was a little bit pissed off now, but Fenrir's teasing words had done the trick and made him relax a little. After Fenrir had commandeered the pillow from Harry he kissed him deeply and arranged him so he was on his hands and knees.

"What a pretty picture you make, puppy." Fenrir said with a leer. "Like a bitch in heat, ready for me to take you."

"Bastard!" Harry snarled and then jerked as Fenrir spread his cheeks apart. Fenrir leaned forward and lapped at Harry's entrance, grinning as Harry gasped and twisted his fingers into the sheet.

"That's right, my mate, doesn't it feel good?"

"Fuck." Harry drew the word out as Fenrir applied more pressure to the puckered hole. He pulled away regretfully and moved Harry so his mouth was over Fenrir's cock and Fenrir could easily reach behind Harry to prepare him.

Fenrir was about to do just that when he noticed something that would make it very awkward. His claws.

"You're going to have to prepare yourself." Fenrir said with a bit of disappointment at not being able to do it himself.

Harry looked very uncertain so Fenrir moved Harry so they where back to chest and grabbed Harry's hand to suck on them. Harry groaned and wiggled his fingers inside of Fenrir's mouth as he enjoyed the lewd feeling.

Finally Fenrir pulled them out with a pop and guided them down to his entrance. "Put them inside of you."

Harry swallowed and circled a finger around his entrance before applying a small bit of pressure so that it slid inside of his hungry body. It wasn't painful, of course, but Harry definitely wasn't enjoying it yet either.

"Add a second one." Fenrir said slightly impatiently and Harry hastily added it with a grimace. He was aware of the pain now but he ignored it in favor of wiggling the fingers around and spreading them apart.

"There should be something inside of you that feels good." Fenrir said as he watched with tight breath.

Harry swallowed and rotated his fingers around, rubbing until pure ecstasy overcame him and he cried out in pleasure. Fenrir's breathing grew erratic at the sight and he shifted Harry off of him, tugging the hand so the fingers slipped out of him.

Harry was feeling more and more nervous as the large, muscular man positioned him on his hand and knees. He made a face as Fenrir spat onto his hand, earning him a light slap on the ass.

"It's this or nothing."

Harry wasn't going to complain.

There was a wet sound as Fenrir covered his erection in his saliva and then Harry's hips were gripped tightly. He tensed as the head of Fenrir's large cock rubbed his entrance, but Fenrir still didn't enter. Harry blinked in confusion and then gasped as Fenrir continued to rub and tease the tight hole, but he didn't enter.

"Fenrir!" Harry cried out desperately as the promised pleasure began to outweigh his nerves, and only then did Fenrir shove himself in. It was painful. It was very painful.

Harry let out all sorts of noises as he wiggled around to try and get comfortable and even tried to yank away but Fenrir growled and wouldn't let him move an inch.

"Just hold on!" Fenrir rasped and snapped his hips forward so he was fully seated inside of him.

"AH!" Harry threw back his head and howled in pain, making Fenrir felt even hornier at the wolf like call.

"Relax, Harry." Fenrir whispered urgently as he realized the pain wasn't disappearing for Harry.

"O-ow…" Harry whispered and his legs and arms began to shake from trying to hold him up. "Fuck, Fenrir, this hurt really really bad…" He whimpered and much to his dismay he felt his eyes prickling with unshed tears. "I can't…I can't take this, you're too big!"

In any other circumstance Fenrir would have been flattered, but as it was he frowned and began to insistently kiss Harry's shoulders and neck, wherever he could reach him.

"Please…" Harry begged and Fenrir frowned again. His mate shouldn't be in so much pain.

He reached around to Harry's front and began to pump his cock which had lost a lot of its hardness. Harry swallowed and pressed into the touch until he was panting once more.

"Hold on now." Fenrir warned and pulled completely out of Harry before thrusting back in all in one go.

Harry's back bowed and he cried out. He reared up and dug his nails into Fenrir's hands as he began to beg Fenrir to slow down.

"I can't do this…" He panted heavily as he tried to get each word out. "It- ah! - It hurts too fucking much!"

Fenrir through caution to the window and decided to take the risk. He tilted Harry's head back to kiss him and began to slam in and out of him so hard that Harry actually bit down on Fenrir's tongue. Blood flooded Harry's mouth just as Fenrir finally hit the thing he has been searching for.

"Fenrir!!! Oh god!"

Fenrir growled and he shoved Harry down so his face was pressed against the pillow with his ass sticking in the air.

"Aah!" Harry rocked his hips back against Fenrir as pleasure and plain mixed together and he couldn't tell whether the rough actions were bringing one or the other. Fenrir grasped his erection and began to pump it for him as the both came closer and closer.


Fenrir's pride swelled at the knowledge that Harry was crying out his name and he flipped Harry onto his back (while still inside of him) and kissed him passionately. Harry kissed him back deeply and entwined his finger in the silver hair while wrapping his legs around Fenrir's hips.

"I love you!!!" Harry screamed as his body twitched and he came. Fenrir howled in pleasure and he pistoned in and out of Harry's convulsing, spasming body until he couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Mate!!!! Fuck, love you!!!" Fenrir's words were incomplete and fractioned but Harry understood.

Fenrir pressed butterfly kisses all over Harry's face before kissing him deeply on the mouth. Harry responded as much as he could with his drained energy, but Fenrir was content with it.

"There's not turning back now." Fenrir said in a low tone as he studied Harry's exhausted body. "You're mine- heart, body and soul."

"You're mine too you know." Harry muttered in his half sleep and Fenrir smiled.

"I know."


Fenrir still didn't trust Harry to not try to escape with his 'idiotic ideas that he needed to save the world,' so he left Harry tied up during the full moon. Harry was more then a little freaked out about it, but Fenrir assured him multiple times he would never attack his mate.

Having seen Remus Lupin's transformation, Harry was prepared for a violent, drooling, disgusting beast that would attack him at any moment. What he did not expect was, after a minute or so of an almost painless transformation, to see a large, handsome timber wolf. His fur was silver and Harry could see scars and old battle wounds covering all over him.

Harry tensed slightly as Fenrir padded over, but Fenrir let out a short howl and then licked Harry's face. Harry laughed and Fenrir did it again before yawning and curling up beside Harry and falling asleep. Harry yawned and fell asleep too with his face pressed against the soft fur.

He woke up again when Fenrir slid easily into his human form and kissed him deeply before untying him.

"Morning, love."

"Mmh…" Harry stretched and kissed Fenrir lightly on the lips. It was very uncomfortable to be tied up all night. Even if Fenrir used the softest material available, he had bound him tightly with magical rope that was unable to be cut or in any way destroyed, making it give less freely when it came to comfort.

"Hey, Fenrir?" Harry asked as Fenrir began to get food ready for their breakfast.


"How come you look so much more like a wolf than Remus does when he transforms?"

Fenrir abruptly stopped what he was doing and lifted Harry up to stare into his eyes.

"When did you see another werewolf transform!?"

"It was way back in my third year." Harry said in confusion and pried the fingers off of him. "Are you…jealous?"

"Of course not!" Fenrir snapped and Harry couldn't help but feel amused. Of course Fenrir would find something like that to be jealous about.

"Anyways, how come?"

"I assume the Lupin takes Wolfsbane?"


"Although that potion isn't a cure, it greatly affects werewolves like a sort of poison, which is why it is so effective to suppress werewolf tendencies, hence the name." He paused for a moment. "Even if Lupin hadn't taken it that night, his werewolf form is permanently affected, making him look like a twisted sort of wolf-man hybrid rather than a wolf that looks only slightly different than a werewolf."

"Oh." Harry wondered if Remus knew how bad he was affecting himself, which was probably why he looked so unhealthy all the time. "Fenrir, I know you don't want me to leave, but why don't you just come with me?"


"Well… it's not like you can support Voldemort anymore because he's trying to kill me, but eventually someone is going to find us and I would rather be somewhere safer and try to finish out my education."

"Your friends aren't going to accept me so easily." Fenrir growled but Harry could tell he was thinking it over.

"Dumbledore is a big believer in second chances, and knowing that we're mates now…"

"They won't be as swayed by that."

"Why not?"

"Because you're still human so I'm the only one affected by it." Fenrir said grouchily and Harry began to turn red.

"Wait, so it doesn't affect me?" Fenrir gave him a look. "So that means all of that was…"

"Was you just wanting me." Fenrir said smugly.

"If you weren't a werewolf you wouldn't have wanted me?" Harry said quietly with a small bit of hurt in his voice. Fenrir growled and grabbed Harry by the back of his head to ravage his mouth.

Harry gasped for breath as they pulled away and he looked dazed and flushed.

"Never doubt my feelings for you. I told you before that the scent was just a catalyst; everything else was me reacting to you. Nothing else."

"Oh." Harry pulled Fenrir down and kissed him again, but much more gently this time. "But Dumbledore will still let you stay near me if you promise not to hurt anyone, or give a wizard's oath."

"Why are you pushing this issue!?"

"I love you Fenrir, but I miss my friends!"

Fenrir sighed in aggravation and scratched the back of his head. "Am I not good enough for you?"

"Listen, Fenrir," Harry said seriously, "Hogwarts and magic has been my only escape from my abusive relatives and more then anything, it has been my home. I'm your mate now, and you're mine. Nothing is going to change that. Nothing."

"Say it again."

"What?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Say you're mine." Fenrir crushed Harry's body to his and he leaned down to growl in Harry's ear. "Say it!"

"I'm yours." Harry whispered seductively and slid his hand down Fenrir's chest and looked deep into his eyes. "All yours." Fenrir snarled before they tumbled back onto the make shift bed and made hot, passionate love.

His friends and special people didn't accept Fenrir as much as he would have liked, but Fenrir wasn't dragged to the aurors or killed on the spot, so it wasn't too bad. Remus was very upset with the ordeal because Fenrir was the one who turned him, but after seeing how the two interacted when they thought nobody was looking made him relax a great deal.

Harry remained unturned despite how rough they got in bed, but that was mostly because Fenrir never did anything to him when in his full wolf form.

The war was hard on both sides, and when Harry finally defeated Voldemort in the final battle it became obvious that victims came in many shapes and sizes. Kingsley Shacklebolt proved to be an outstanding Minister for Magic and was a very useful ally when Harry took up the battle against prejudice towards half breeds. Many outdated laws that made life difficult for werewolves as well as other 'dark' creatures were changed making life happier for many people.

Fenrir and Harry lived together in a strange state of contentment that seemed to revolve around a great many arguments that usually ended in sex. Some of his friends still didn't approve of their relationship, but Harry bluntly told them to get over it. Life was good for them, and Harry thought that he was truly happy until a very excited Fenrir told him all about a new potion that had been created making the ability for men to bare children possible.

After Harry had cast multiple rather uncomfortable hexes at his mate he made sure to watch whatever he ate or drank around Fenrir, who knew what the devious werewolf would do.


This was actually a pretty tame story, which surprised me the most I think, considering how many ways it could have gone (all of which I would have enjoyed, I believe).

I'm sorry that it was shorter than what a lot of readers wanted, but as I said before this story was something to push start me into writing Harry Potter again. I plan on writing another FenrirxHarry story (since I absolutely adore this couple) so please let me know what I can do better next time, and what I should still do!