The door caved in with a solid crunch, and Hacchi winced as Ichigo stepped past him.

"Ah!" Mashiro gave a small, delighted cry as Ichigo walked into sight, battered, wounded, but overall, very, very pissed. However, the ever energetic vizard didn't seem to notice that fact. "You're back!"

Her eyes lit up as he stepped through the doorframe, a gorgeous white grin streaking across her mouth as she stood and ran to him like a child welcoming her father home from a long business trip. He could only stand dumbfounded as her lithe form slid gracefully across the room to him.

"It's Berry boy!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck with a squeal. Still in his state of shock, it took Ichigo a moment to react and place his own arms around the thin waist of his fellow exile. He buried his face in her neck, enjoying the warmth of her alabaster skin on his cheeks and the lemony scent of her hair in his nostrils. He felt her arms tighten around him and her breathing quickened, her small breasts heaving up and down against his chest.

After almost a full minute, they pulled away from one another, his amber eyes looking deeply into hers. "Hey." His glare softened slightly at the sight of the ever exuberant vizard. How Kensei was so rattled by her antics he could never understand, but there was just something about Mashiro Kuna that he found so very, very endearing.

She wore an expression of childish glee on her face as she returned his gaze, her grin turning slightly soft, as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his.

His mind exploded into white as his arms took control, spreading themselves across her back. He was so completely taken by her kiss that he hardly noticed when his left hand began to cup her ass and his right palm took up residence on her jaw. He deepened the kiss as he pressed his body against hers, pushing her back against the nearest wall. Her hands were just as explorative, her nimble fingertips running along his chest and stomach...

"Blech, save it you two!"

The two hybrids shared the brief, heated embrace a moment longer, then finally broke apart under Hiyori's piercing glare. Kensei could be seen standing to the far left, silently seething at the scene.

Reluctantly, Ichigo disentangled himself from Mashiro. He'd come here for a reason, the reason he wasn't in Hueco Muendo, the reason Ishida and Chad, maybe even Renji and Rukia, were probably getting themselves killed, even now.

"Where's Shinji?"

"Whatsamatter, Ichigo?" The strawberry turned at the voice, and found his target sitting on a nearby scaffold. The leader of the visored gave a small yawn, then ceased the twirling of his cap as Ichigo advanced on him. "Ya look like you've got something on yer-

Without warning, Ichigo burried his fist in the blonde's face.


With a loud crunch, Shinji fell from his perch, and into the ground, several stories below the abandoned building. Ichigo leapt after him, Zangetsu drawn and crying for blood, but before he could even reach the blond, laughter reached his ears, giving him pause as he landed.

"Oi! What's so damn funny, huh?! Why the hell did you have Hacchi drag me outta Hueco Muendo?!"

"Bout damn time." Shinji grinned, flashing a pearly white smile from beneath matted blond bangs. "Ya see," With a grunt, the lanky ex captain hoisted himself out of the rubble and grabbed his zanpaktou from the ground.

Briefly, his sight swept over his fellows, but as his gaze settled on Ichigo, all joviality faded from Shinji's smile, replaced by the serious, seasoned expression of a seasoned military officer. Shouldering his blade, sheathe and all, Shinji Hirako spoke.

"We were waiting for you, Ichigo."

"Huh?" The former ryoka blinked, drew his hand away from forming the mask. "You were-

"You heard him, gaki." Love nodded, jerking a thumb toward the door, a small smirk forming at Ichigo's own stunned, befuddled, and overall complexicated expression. "Hacchi got you here, so heal and saddle up. We've got a world to save."

As one, the remaining visored rose.

"Let's roll."


"Oi!" A voice cut through the confusion, and sense of hopelessness that had enveloped the captain's. The arrancar paused suddenly, equally aware of the reaitsu warring about them.

Still, the disembodied voice beckoned.

"I think that's enough, don't you think so, Aizen?"

Abruptly, the air sudden tore itself apart, spreading a tooth filled spatial abyss that the shinigami knew all too well. Now, the dark whirling cracks in the sky opened, parted, revealing one, two, three,

Nine garaganta.

Ichigo Kurosaki, wearing the tattered remains of what looked like a captain's haori, stepped into view, followed by Shinji Hirako and the rest of the visored. The hybrids emerged directly between Aizen and the espada.

Each was geared for battle, zanpaktou drawn, and held at the ready.

Nine visored, for three espada, four if you counted that other one and even more with all their fraccion milling about. Not to mention Ichimaru, Tousen, and Aizen himself.

Hiyori muttered something about it being pathetic that the shinigami had been getting their asses kicked all the way to next week, and that the old man and the rest captains' sucked just as bad.

Ichigo cast a glance to some of the shinigami, who looked both relieved, and alarmed at the same time to see them. As his gaze swept over the battle weary captains, it became a scowl at captain Yamamoto.

"Don't think for a second, that we're your allies old man." That being said, he brought his attention back to the matter at hand. With a burning glare, the vizard spoke, directing the full force of his spiritual pressure towards the traitors'.

"We're here to end this, Aizen."

Sosuke smiled gently, but said nothing.

The giant creature behind him reared back its head, and spat forth a mass of intagible liquid. Upon exposure to the air, the black goop took the form of many menos grande, something Ichigo and the visored remained unfazed at.

As one, each vizard reached to his/her face.

Shinji donned his mask first, followed by the other's.


Don't worry, explanations will be given soon enough, for now just enjoy the fight. Next time: War in Karakura! Reminiscing flashback on the battlefield!