Chapter 1: life once again is mission impossible

Her life could have been easier. It could've had a little bit more love. At one time she could have had her real parents and they could have gotten her back from the Moons. But she already knew they were dead, so there was no point in wishing something that couldn't be.

No, not while there are a million other things to do.

The Moon's told her that they had important guests coming and that the house has to be as perfect as can be. Apparently they were very important guests. It was ridiculous. They already had a kid. A boy named... Tancred, she believed. It was a very unusual name but Emma knew that she couldn't question. She would get piled high with even more chores than she already had.

And that was something she could defiantly live without.

Her job was to cook and clean, listen to the Moons, for they were her foster parents. They had told her she was "adopted" but Emma would never in her life believe that. Well adopted maybe but they had always made her suspicious because they had never told her anything about her parents or why her parents had given her away. If they had given her away at all.

As she cooked dinner for them all she couldn't help but wonder what the.... Torrsons were even coming for. The Moons wouldn't say but apparently they weren't exactly happy about it, but obliged to have them there anyway out of courtesy. Something Emma didn't understand at all. If they didn't want them there then why invite them at all.

"Emma," Said a strict and slightly annoyed Mrs. Moon.

"Yes?" she answered distractedly.

"Listen closely," she said her eyes narrowing.

"You will not ask questions or even speak when the Torrsons are here. Alright?"

Emma thought for a minute to give the mocking effect. But then her expression change because then she thought of something.

"Wait a minute. You mean that I'm going to eat with you and the Torrsons?

"Yes." Answered Mrs. Moon distastefully.

"But, Why? Shouldn't I eat in the servants quarters like I always do?"

"Well," Mrs. Moon hesitated, "Because there wondering about... you."

As soon she said that she gave Emma a look that said, if you ask one more question you won't eat at all.

Yikes, thought Emma. And she went back to work. "o-kay" she breathed to herself.

When the Torrsons arrived Emma was called down stairs from her room. she took a breath then stumbled down the stairs. As she reached the bottom she saw a family of three who must be the Torrsons. She saw Mrs. Torrson first who looked like a fairly kind lady. She was about middle aged and a fairly pretty lady. Then she looked at Mr. Torrson. Well you know you're typical dad, she thought. Then she look and Tancred and took a sharp breath. He was one of the best looking boys she had ever seen in her life. He had spiked blonde hair that almost seemed electrified and a smile that could light up the world. And strangely enough he looked so.... familiar. It was as if she had seen him before. Maybe in a dream? Well that might make sense but why?

Emma realized she had been staring at him for a full minute. She finished coming down the stairs and look up at Tancred again.

He looked down and smiled at her. Now THAT looked freakishly familiar.

Emma shivered. Everything about this family was eerily familiar.

"Emma, what is going on?! I called you 5 minutes ago!" said an absurdly irritated voice of Mrs. Moon.

"I'm sorry. I guess I didn't hear you," said Emma's strangely quiet and calm voice, despite her heart pounding with excitement.

"It's alright, we don't mind waiting." said Mrs. Torrson. She had a sweet and motherly tone to her. It was very pleasant Emma thought.

"well, dinners ready, so we should probably get going before it gets to late." Mr. Moon was hoping to get the meeting done and over fast. He led everyone to the grand dining room which was set with a beautiful table cloth, elegant plates and silverware with gorgeous designs. It was far to fancy to Emma, and Tancred for that matter. Everyone took a seat and the servants came out with food. The Torrsons all sat together on one side of the table while that Moon's and Emma sat on the other side of the table, Emma being across from Tancred.

And dinner started.

It was quiet with little talk. Tancred had tried on several occasions to pull Emma out of her on shell, but too avail. She was nervous with him so close to her. Here she was, plain and simple in style, and passably good-looking, while there was Tancred. Strong, good-looking, and an every girls dream boy. And her was trying to engage in conversation. Emma remained as silent as possible with as few word said as she could manage, for fear of sounding like some blundering idiot.

"Honestly, do you speak much at all?"

"Of course I do." Said Emma a little indignantly.

"Oh, really? You could've fooled me. Either you ignored me or you had a one word answer."

"Well then maybe you shouldn't ask one-word answered questions." Emma replied a little playfully.

He rolled his eyes. as sarcastic as he remembered.