Authors Note: So, uh, hey guys! After, what, a year? Two? Here's a bit of continuation for you guys, in time for Christmas, kind of. This has been kicking around on my comp forever, so here you go. To explain: the rest of this fic will now come in the form of oneshots, glimpses of events taking place AFTER JakX was over. Because I'm sorry, but I can't write the full story I'd intended to anymore.

This is only the first of a few oneshots, don't worry. Till next time, adieu!

Chapter 6: A Finale of Sorts

Taking one last look around the room he and Tera had inhabited for the past five months, Jak grinned, nodded, and pulled the door shut behind him, the distinct 'click' of the lock a welcome note to his ears.

It was over. Despite all of the danger, misconceptions, accidents, brawls, and deaths, the Championship Games were won and over with.

He was alive. His friends and family were alive. Most importantly, despite the poisons deadly influence on her only days ago, Tera was alive.

Though she'd been pale and weak and frail barely a day ago, the antidote had quickly brought her back to full health, energetic and antsy now that she was no longer affected by the poison.

And, he hoped, much more receptive to certain gestures. The blonde stuck a hand in his left pocket, reassuring himself that the tiny object he'd placed there earlier was, in fact, still there.

Amongst all the commotion and bustle caused by Mizo's death the day before, Jak had managed to sneak away unnoticed. He'd gone to a little shop in downtown Kras that Damas had mentioned to him before, procuring an object that he hoped would dissipate his girlfriend's worries once and for all.

Keira's actions towards him that night at the bar and Tera's subsequent withdrawal told him he needed to make his choice more clear, more permanent. He'd even consulted with Damas before going through with it, and the king had agreed; this was something he should have done ages ago, as soon as they'd defeated the Dark Makers, really.

Honestly, Jak wondered why he hadn't.

He had never been the nervous, worrier type. Hell, he was the one who usually charged into a situation with no plan at all, consequences be damned.

Even when they were kids, Tera had always been the one to patch him up after he'd done something stupid, mumbling about needing to be more careful but never trying to change him.

That was a big part of what he liked about her. No matter how many flaws he had, she didn't care; didn't try to change or redirect or correct him. She loved him for who he was, rough and arrogant and occasional jerk that he may be, not for what he could be.

Which was why he loved her, too.

Unlike Keira, she wasn't afraid to jump into adventures alongside him, had proven herself strong enough to fight on her own more than once, and had been on the track racing almost as much as he had been.

But now, knowing what he was about to do, he was somewhat... hesitant. Anxious. Concerned.

And he didn't like it.

Walking down the long hallway of the Racing Garage, Jak frowned, alone with his thoughts for the first time in months.

What was there to be worried about? For Precursors sake, he knew Tera loved him. She'd proven it more than enough times. (His favorite, of course, being when she'd slapped Keira across the face after the bar incident. Hell, even Samos had been cheering her on for that!).

There was no plausible way she'd say no. She'd stuck by him no matter how stupid or cocky he acted, followed him into innumerable dangerous situations, and taken care of him no matter how bad his wounds were (though admittedly not as much since he'd gained the ability to channel Light eco).

There was no way in hell she would say no. So why was he so fucking nervous?

"Jak, I see you're running late as well?"

The familiar posh voice snapped him from his thoughts, a lopsided grin forming on his face as he nodded at the blue haired woman. Rayne smiled back, motioning for him to continue into the garage itself with her.

"Just a little. Everyone else is gone, yeah?"

"Yes, I believe the last of the stragglers left but a moment ago. I wished to discuss certain matters with you privately, however."

Jak only nodded, leading the way to the Sand Shark, still parked where they'd put it at the beginning of the competition, "About what you told Tera and I?"


Immediately after dispensing the antidote to Tera and Jak, Rayne had made a private confession. She'd explained the whole story to them; her own poison free wine, Krews involvement in the whole thing, and her new status as Head of Kras.

"I would rather not tell the others," she'd said, hands clasped easily in front of her, "But I trust you two, and I want you to know that should you ever need it, my resources will be at your command."

"We won't tell anyone." Tera had sworn, and now Jak echoed those words, climbing into the driver's seat of the Shark.

"We made a promise and we'll keep it." He swore, speeding off towards the Bloody Hook, where everyone else would be waiting for them.

"Of course you will. I know you're both good to your word. So. Did you find that little shop I told Damas about, Jak?"

The blonde slanted her a look, eyebrow up. Rayne only smiled.

"Yes, thanks."

"You're asking her today."

Jak only grunted, the woman laughing delightedly, "I'll take that as a yes."

"A toast!" Daxter cheered as the final two guests arrived, grinning wickedly at his best friend, "We're all alive, and we won the damn competition! Cheers!"

A cheer went up, everyone holding a glass downing the contents of it, Jak and Rayne grabbing their own beside the door and toasting along with the others.

Placing his glass down, Jak immediately made a beeline for the other end of the bar and the one person who hadn't had a drink, grinning at his girlfriend, "Hey."

"Hey yourself." Tera grinned back, kicking her legs back and forth against the side of the bar, "What took'ya so long, slow poke?"

"Did you seriously just call me that?" Jak faked a shocked look, moving to stand right in front of her and planting his hands on either side of her hips, "I'll have you know that I am no slow poke, miss Omagi."

"Never race a blue channeler." She teased, eyes glinting. Growling playfully, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her forwards, silencing her laughter with a smooth, deep kiss.

Barely pulling back, he smirked, digging in his pocket and whispering "I have something for you."

"Oh?" she whispered back, eyes half lidded and lips tilted in a grin, "And what is that, Mr. Mar?"

Jak said nothing, simply taking her left hand and slipping the object onto a certain finger, stepping back to let her look only once it was snugly in place.

Tera blinked before lifting her hand, eyes going wide when she saw what he had done. Nestled perfectly on her left ring finger was a ring. A ring that, quite obviously, represented him; the band made from glistening, seductive dark eco, and the sparkling gem glimmering from within that could only be made of light eco.

An engagement ring.

Tera's startled gaze flew from the ring to Jak, grinning smugly, then back to the ring, mouth working soundlessly. She didn't even notice that the room around them had gone silent.

Finally, pale blue eyes meeting deep navy ones, she managed a quiet "Jak?", searching his face, wanting to make sure that she wasn't misunderstanding.

Jak only grinned wider, lips quirked in that arrogantly sexy way that both irritated and excited her, "Marry me."

Laughing, the blue channeler had to blink back sudden tears, throwing her arms around his neck even as she cried, "Yes! Precursors, yes, yes, yes!"

Jak laughed back, kissing her deeply before grabbing her around the waist and lifting her from the bar, spinning her around in an uncharacteristically happy motion. Neither really noticed their friends and family applauding around them, that Keira had slunk out of the room or that Samos and Damas were already arguing about where the wedding should take place.

Because nothing mattered other then the fact that, finally, for once, life was perfect.