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Chapter 1

Severus looked at the forest around him wondering where he was. Rubbing the back of his head he looked around trying to find anything that would look familiar to him, but he was finding nothing. Even thou he had no clue where he was he thought that we would try to appirate back to Hogwarts. "Here goes nothing" Severus said out laud. With his wand in hand he thought of Hogwarts and let the magic flow over him. Then he opened his eyes when felt the magic stop to find that he was still in the same place as he was before.

"Will that did not work. I wonder if I can use any magic at all". Looking to his left he spotted some dead old trees and with his wand pointed at them cast incendeo at them. Nothing happened. At this point Severus started curing in all the languishes that he knew because he was trapped in a place that he did not know and could not use magic. With a frustrated sigh he sat down on the dead trees.

"Ok Severus, thank about what you need to do to get out of here. First thing first I need to see if there is a path out of this forest because by the look of things it will be dark soon." With that Severus looked around and upon closer inspection found a little used path. Getting to his feet he started down the path that he found.

Severus had been walking down the path for what seemed like hours and could have been hours he heard the sound of claws scarping the ground near where he was. Looking to the spot that he heard the sound he found nothing. Shaking his head he started walking down the path again. "Get a hold of yourself there are going to be animals around here it is a forest after all" Severus said to himself.

The light in the forest was getting darker and Severus started to think he needed to find some shelter because he was sure that he was no going to make it out of the forest this day and he had no desire to be left out in the open to be attacked by any animals since he could not use his magic in this forest. It sometime but he was able to find a tree that had a large part at the trunk carved out enough that he could set in it and have shelter.

Little did Severus know that would be the biggest mistake of his life.

Severus was awoken from a fitful sleep by loud growling. At first he could not make out what was happing to him, but it all came back to him when he heard the growling again. Before he could get to his feet he felt a pain unlike any other that he has ever felt before. Severus looked around him to see if he could find anything to help him get this beast off of his leg but was having trouble finding anything due to the fact that his eyes would not focus on anything because of the pain. Before he knows it he was being dragged out into the open where to his horror there were more beast. Beast that he has never seen before, or heard of. As the Beast where about to attack him all he could think about was the fact that he would not be able to tell Albus what he learned about what the Dark Lord was planning to do. Then the Beast started biting him and he lost his fight with the pain and surrendered to darkness.

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