A/N: I can't believe I'm doing this, but...I am.

A Silent Hill self-insert. If you think I'm masochistic now, wait till you see the crap I put my own character through... Not a Mary-Sue. I promise.


"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh."

That quote always does seem to spark a sense of nostalgia in me. Most people just wouldn't understand. What is it? It sounds creepy, doesn't it? And yet, it brings back a lot of memories; although not all the images it brings are good, I can't deny that the quote makes me think of some good times I had.

I always was too much of a daydreamer. My mind's never on the present; it's hard being a writer and not thinking of different possibilities for stories, especially when it helps keep you entertained during a long day at school. Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to get my driver's license, with how I am. I make so many wrong turns it's not even funny.

Somehow I don't think this one was my fault, though.

No, most people wouldn't understand the fear of blood and its tendencies. Most people have never had the pleasures of traversing the abandoned streets of Silent Hill...

I never imagined I'd be doing so without a controller in my hand.