Chapter 1: Here we are again!

Author's Note: I never thought to be visiting here again. My Life series was the first stories I ever wrote when I started posting in August 2006. I now have 135 stories to my credit (including this one). My writing style has improved and I think you'll see the difference from Life Changes (that started the whole thing) to Life Goes On to this sequel. Hope all my loyal readers will enjoy this short story on our favorite couple.

As much as I was happy to be expecting again, I conveniently forgot how much trouble being pregnant was. Hiding it was no longer an option this time around. I'm told this happens with succeeding pregnancies.

I was only three months and my stomach sticks out very plainly. I sigh and try to ignore all the odd looks I'm receiving from my enforcers as I walk briskly to the elevator at the start of yet another work day.

"Good morning, Uncle. How are you feeling today and what did the doctor have to say?" Felina asked me as soon as I stepped from the elevator. I had asked her to come by this morning.

"Everything's going well except for looking bigger so early on," I said mildly irritated.

She smiled and followed me into my office. "Well, it is your second, Uncle. That's to be expected. Anyway, what did you need me for this morning." She said, wisely changing the subject.

I grunted and pawed through the reports on my desk that I had left there the night before. After a moments search, I finally unearthed the file I was looking for.

"I need you to check this out. An electronics store owner has complained of serious pilfering going on. Even though he has state of the art security equipment, someone is taking supplies without being captured on the video. Oddly enough the things stolen are used for building electronic devices. The thief ignores all the expensive high end electronics the store is stuffed with. The owner is just as confused as us that stuff one can buy for very little cost was what was stolen," I tell her, still puzzled by this strange case.

"Sounds weird alright," Felina commented, her brow furrowed as she thought about who could have done this.

"Yeah, just weird enough to make me suspect an omega might be behind it but it doesn't seem to fit any of them. CSI has been over the scene and found nothing. The employees have all checked out and all have airtight alibis. Check it out and if it isn't an omega turn it over to the burglary squad," I ordered her while handing over the case file to her.

Felina reached for the file and glanced through it. "Okay, Uncle, I'll give it a look see. Sounds like an interesting mystery." She flashed me a brief smile as she turned and left my office.

With that problem being dealt with I dug into the pile of other reports on my desk. By the time I look up again, it's nearly lunch time and I yawn unexpectedly. I hate it when I feel so drained even when I've gotten a good night's sleep. I call in my assistant, Sgt Fallon and have him get me some lunch, meanwhile I think I'll take a short nap.

When I awake more than an hour later, my lunch is sitting on my desk in a foam container keeping it warm. I stretch, get up carefully and make for the restroom. Refreshed and really hungry, I return to my desk and gratefully open the box, the delicious odor making me salivate. I dig in eagerly. Finished, the food and nap having given me a second wind, I set to working again.

I leave by quitting time. I no longer stay over time since I have a youngster waiting for me at home and besides, Chance isn't happy about me over extending myself when I'm pregnant. He's right, of course, because this second time around, I tire more quickly.

I sigh happily as I pull into our garage at our hidden home. Stepping into the house, I'm greeted by our two year old kitten, Kiara..

"Mama!" She shrieks in delight and leaps for me.

I smile with joy and catch her small body in my arms. "How is my little one, hmmm?" I purr lovingly at her. Her nanny bot is standing patiently nearby. I signal it to leave, I'll get its update on how my daughter did later this evening.

"Okay......daddy be home soon?" She asks as she gives me a sloppy, wet kiss.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll be along shortly." I soothe her. I carry her to the bedroom and set her down so she can watch me undress. She chatters brightly about her day while I change to more comfortable attire. I glance at her from the corner of my eye as I dress. I'm always amazed that I produced such a little beauty.

Kiara has black hair from me that right now is soft and thick and reaches her little shoulders, green eyes from her father, and a lighter brown body fur (somewhere between I and Chance's colors) and black stripes on her arms and legs, definitely from her father. She'll be a real heartbreaker when she's in her teens and Chance will be trying to beat off the suitors as the doting father he is then again, it just might be me that does the chasing off as well. I smile inwardly at that thought before turning, fully dressed to my still chattering daughter.

"Sounds like you had a lovely, busy day, sweety. Want to help me make dinner." I ask her warmly, picking her up and heading for the kitchen.

"Yeth! Can me set table." She asks excitedly, bouncing in my arms so I'm forced to put her down.

"Well, the plates are kinda of heavy, honey......." I hesitate while looking through the fridge and cupboard for something to make for dinner.

"Please, be careful." She pleaded, hovering near my legs.

I sigh and try to think of a way to answer her that won't make her upset when, to my relief, my mate enters the kitchen. We had failed to hear him come in.

"Daddy!" Kiara shrieks and practically attacks her father.

Chance chuckles, sets something on the counter and sweeps his daughter up into the air, playing airplane with her. That effectively makes her forget about setting the table.

After swinging our daughter in the air a couple of times, Chance cuddles her in his arms and leans close to give me a kiss.

"How are you doing, love?" He asks in concern.

"Tireder than usual but I did take a nap at work so not so exhausted right now." I tell him honestly. Trying to fib or not tell him anything has never worked because he will nag at me till I capitulate.....he's a pest that way. It's just much easier to come clean.

"Well that's good. Don't worry about dinner. I picked up something special before coming home." Chance said blithely.

I could smell the food and it did smell good but....."Chance! What did I tell you about having take out so often? It's just not good for Kiara." I growl at him in annoyance.

"Easy, love. It's not just any take out. There's this new place Jake told me about that serves really healthy meals for the busy family. I just wanted to give it a try to see if it will help give you a break." Chance defended himself.

I sigh. It's pointless to argue since the food is right here and I can see Kiara eyeing it hungrily. "Fine. Let's serve up then."

Chance smiles with a hint of a smirk and puts Kiara in her high chair then ties her bib on.

"Ready to eat, sport?" He asks his daughter as he helps serve up the food.

"Yeth! Hungry!" She shouts banging her spoon on her tray.

With a chuckle, he swoops her special dish to her. She stares at the food for a moment, not recognizing anything. Fortunately, she isn't picky and since it smells good she begins to shovel it in.

Chance and I sit down with our filled plates and glasses of milk. He hands Kiara a sippy cup. She gives him a food laden smile and grabs the cup, drinking nosily.

Giving her a tender look, he turns back to me and we talk about our day.

I told him about the odd robbery case that I'd given Felina. He frowns a bit and I can tell he's running through his mind why the thief could be doing this.

"Sounds weird alright and I can't fathom how he or she is getting away with it every time much less why they chose to go to this one place rather than others." He said shaking his head. "But I do have a suggestion you could try."

"What might that be?

"Jake could rig up a spy eye the crook wouldn't see."

"Hmm, well it's not my case now. Let's wait a bit and see what Felina finds out. If she's still stumped, you can have Jake talk to her."

Felina had known I was mated to T-Bone but hadn't learned their true identities until she began going with Razor. After they'd been together some months, she managed to discover their secret and mine. She'd been a little put out that we'd kept her in the dark but has since forgiven us. She's still with Jake and they have taken to living together recently.

"Sure, I'll give Jake a heads up about it, but somehow I think Felina may tell him about it and he'll automatically want to help," Chance said in amusement.

"You're probably right," I'm forced to agree, equally amused.

I glance over at Kiara and sigh. My little angel loves her food so much she ends up wearing a goodly portion of it on her face.

Chance looks over too and grins. "I'll take our little messy kitten for her bath and you can do the dishes."

I smile and nod then say before he lift's Kiara from her seat, "by the way, the food was good but I want to make it plain, I don't want this to become a habit," I tell him sternly.

"I promise, love."

Mollified I watch as he removes Kiara's food laden bib and equally messy tray, leaving it for me to clean up. He's learned not to coddle me just because I'm pregnant so doesn't take the chores away from me. However, my body is far too awkward now for me to take care of Kiara at bed time as is my normal routine. On this I bow to necessity.

I smile in amusement as I observe Chance's method of trying to stay clean by holding his daughter a distance from his chest as he walks her toward her bedroom. Kiara thinks this is hilarious and giggles at him while kicking her feet in mirth.

I listen as he coos to her while he's pulling her clothes off then I hear nothing more as he turns the water on in the bathroom and closes the door. I sigh as I climb to my feet and begin to slowly clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.

I'm done before Chance is so I walk down to our bedroom to change for bed. I hear laughter and smile knowing Kiara has most likely splattered bubbles on the wall and herself. His sudden bellow tells me she's also targeted him. She so loves playing with bubbles.

The door of the bathroom opens just a short while later and steam rolls out as damp Chance steps through the door carrying a dry and giggling Kiara wrapped in a towel. They vanish into her room where I hear him talking to her as he prepares her for bed.

I walk down the hall and step in behind him so I can kiss Kiara good night. I watch as Chance dresses her in a sleeper then tucks her into her crib. He leans down and gives her a kiss then moves back so I can do the same.

She gives a tired 'goodnight' as we leave her to sweet dreams.

Chance wraps an arm around my waist and we walk to our bedroom, pushing our door nearly close. I check the baby monitor then pull down the bedding. I groan with relief when I slip into the bed, my feet are aching.

"Sore love?" He asks as he too climbs into the bed and wraps me in his arms.

"Some. My feet get a bit swollen. At least it wasn't too busy a day," I say giving him a kiss and nuzzle.

"If it gets too bad, I'll get some rubbing cream and take care of your feet before you go to bed. Don't want you to have painful feet and be bed ridden. You'd be impossible to live with," he murmured, I could just sense the smirk he sported.

I snorted but said mildly, "maybe I'll just let you do that."

"Anything you need, love," he said in a more serious voice.

I smile in the dark, "I know and that's why I love you so."