Chapter 7: Unsuccessful Rest

Chance's POV

I closed my comm after receiving a message from Felina. She had told me Uly was on his way home and had very badly swollen legs. She feared I would have difficulty getting his shoes off and I had to admit her worry was a valid one. Good thing he had several pairs as the one he's wearing was going to be cut off.

Sighing, I checked the dinner I'd already begun a half hour ago, then went to the fridge. I pulled from the freezer the packs I'd gotten from the pharmacy meant for swollen feet. I laid them on the table then went to the linen closet to fetch some pillow cases and brought them back to the kitchen.

I was glad Jake and I had a fairly quiet day at the garage before the emergency with Uly so it wasn't hard for me to get away and prepare things for my family, especially after the trying day they'd put in.

I also remembered to call the doctor's office to tell them what happened to Kiara. They were shocked and sorry but glad both she and her mother were alright. I promised to have Uly call and make another appointment soon.

Dinner was nearly done so I turned down the burners. Turning to the freezer packs on the counter, I began to stuff each one into a pillow case then carried them to the bedroom. I laid them on the bed before going to the closet and retrieving the foot wedge. I paused at the bed to think.

Should I open the bed or just let Uly lay on top? I decided to open the bed. I didn't want him on his feet again tonight if it could be helped, so I pulled down the bedding far enough to be able to place the foot wedge. I took a moment to pull the sheets out from the bottom. The bedding would pull down on his feet and that wouldn't be good.

When I had things the way I wanted it and had laid out his night clothes, I hurried back to the kitchen.

By the time dinner was ready, I heard a horn honk from the garage. I hurried out and made for the passenger side. Kiara was just waking up when I reached in to release her from her seat. She shouted for joy and leaped into my arms the moment she was free, hugging me tightly for a long minute.

I heard my mate chuckle softly. I flashed him a warm smile then pulled my kitten from the car, snagging her diaper bag and pulling it over my shoulder.

"Be back in a jiffy, love. Just let me leave her with the nanny bot. Don't try to get out before I get back," I warned. I didn't miss how bad he look and how pinched his face was indicating the amount of pain he was in.

He nodded his understanding, not arguing with me which was a first and worried me even more. I hurried inside and handed my daughter off to the patiently waiting bot. Kiara wasn't exactly thrilled to be handed off but seemed to sense I was going to help her mother so didn't complain too much.

With her safe, I hurried back out to the garage. Uly had opened his door but sat waiting for me. "Turn so your legs are out here but don't stand."

He sighed in annoyance but complied. It took him a bit of effort to turn around as his belly was large enough to hang up on the steering wheel a bit.

As soon as his legs were before me, I knelt down and began rubbing first the left then the right for several minutes.

Feral's POV

I alternately groaned and hissed as Chance worked to get the circulation to move more in my legs so they wouldn't cramp when I finally stood up. His efforts were successful because, with his help, I was able to get to my feet but I had to lean heavily on him. It just hurt too much to try and stand completely on my own.

"Ahh, love your poor legs and feet. I'll do what I can but you'll still have a rough time until they stop throbbing. The bed and ice packs are ready for you so if you can just manage to get inside, I'll take Kiara back and have the bot carry you to the bedroom. Don't argue! I just don't want to drop you and the bot won't have any such trouble," Chance insisted.

I had been about to object but then thought better of it. Chance was right ... I would need help as there was no way I could go further than into the house. I barely reached the couch before I sank down gratefully.

Chance left me sitting but returned quickly with a pair of metal shears. I grimaced. I knew exactly what he was going to do. Sure enough, he sank down to his knees and picked up my right foot then proceeded to cut the boot off.

I grit my teeth together as the shears were a tight fit between my foot and the boot so it hurt fiercely as he worked. I couldn't hold back the groans and hisses of pain though.

"Sorry, love...I'm hurrying," my mate murmured.

As he cut the boot open, my foot began to throb horribly as it was freed from its prison. When he had the boot off completely after several minutes work, I wanted to scream. He could see I was in agony as he made me swivel and lay my foot on the couch then hurriedly set to work on the second boot. Now both my feet were throbbing hard and the pain was unbelievable. No way could I stop the tears from falling.

"Oh, love...they look awful. We need to get you upstairs quick and get them elevated," Chance said in concern. "Nanny bot!" He called.

Immediately, the little robot appeared with Kiara in it's arms. "Yes sir?"

"Here, give me Kiara and you carry Ulysses to bed. Careful of his feet," Chance ordered.

"Yes sir," the little bot said handing Kiara off. Our daughter watched everything in silence, eyes wide and worried. The little robot came to my side and gently got its metal arms around my chest and under my rear then lifted without any effort. It felt weird being carried by something so small but very strong.

"Ooohh...mommy gets to ride," Kiara said excitedly.

"Yes, mommy rides because her feet are too sore to walk," Chance smiled down at her then followed the robot as it carried me down the hall to the master bedroom, very careful not to bump my feet on the walls or doorway.

With infinite care, the nanny bot placed me on the bed. "Thank you," I told it.

"You're welcome, sir," It said politely then waited to see if it would still be needed.

"Okay, Kiara...daddy has to help mommy, you stand here and be good," Chance said as he put our little darling down so she could stand near the bed and watch. Unlike most two year olds, ours is smart enough to do as she's told and understand most of what is going on as well.

"Now, let's get you undressed, love," he said to me, reaching forward to help me get my clothes off.

Keeping ones feet on the bed and trying to undress is not easy. At one point, when I had to get my pants off, Chance had the nanny bot raise me up. My feet hurt the whole time and I was hard pressed not to cry out and scare my kitten. After my work clothes had been removed, Chance carefully had me put on P.J.'s. Normally, I slept with only my underwear but apparently, Chance was taking precautions against the chance I might need medical treatment sometime tonight.

I hope that doesn't happen. My feet were throbbing masses of pain by the time I was finally laying propped on a pile of pillows and they were raised on the foot wedge with the ice packs wrapped around each one. It hurt enough to make me want to scream. Only when Chance placed the ice packs on them, did I feel any kind of relief. As I rested, he gave me the TV remote so I'd have something else to focus on while I waited for my pain to ease.

"Dinner's ready so let me get that served up for you and Kiara. Be back in a jif. Nanny bot come along," Chance ordered then reached down to pick up Kiara.

"No daddy, I want to stay with mommy. Can I eat here?"

He looked up at me. I shrugged and nodded. I imagine he was thinking as I was, that she needed to stay close to me after what had happen. We'd indulge her this once.

"Sure, if you'd like." He smiled. She grinned back and before he could pick her up, she'd already crawled up onto the bed and took a seat next to me. Shaking his head, Chance just smiled then headed to the kitchen with the nanny bot on his heels.

"Watch cartoons, mommy?" She asked.

"Sure." I tap in the numbers and try to bury my pain in watching some mindless cartoons with her.

Chance's POV

With Uly settled and Kiara keeping him company, I hurried to serve up our food. My stomach was grumbling loudly, reminding me I'd missed lunch too.

I made up a plate for Kiara and filled her sippy cup with milk. Placing it on a wide tray and adding a bib, I gave it to the nanny bot to carry then I put together another tray for Uly and I. While I carried our tray the nanny bot followed me with Kiara's.

"Yeah" Kiara shouted when she saw the food. Poor thing must be starved by now.

"Okay, sit up straight, honey." She did as I asked, even kept her paws out of the way as I placed the tray in her lap and waited until I had her bib on before digging in, hungrily.

I told the nanny bot it could go then served my mate, his meal. I went to the bathroom to get him a pain pill then returned. Climbing onto my side of the bed, I settled then turned and handed him the pain pill. He smiled, gratefully and downed it quickly. With him taken care of, I reached for my food that I had placed on my night stand.

Though it wasn't my favorite cartoon, I watched it without comment. Uly and I seemed to have come to the same decision on not discussing what had happened today. Surprisingly...or perhaps not...Kiara didn't babble about her day either...normally, she's a chatterbox but she was very subdued right now. I only pray she doesn't have nightmares from her experience.

Feral's POV

I'm hungry but my painful feet make it difficult to eat. After attempting to force myself to eat at least half my meal, I had to give up and set it aside. I drank my meal and looked down to see how Kiara was doing. She was practically stuffing her food into her mouth as fast as she could.

"Slow down, kitten, or you'll choke," I admonish her. She flashes me a messy smile and tries to do what I say but obviously she's just too hungry. So far, though, she hasn't gagged on anything so she must be at least chewing it enough.

I shift my rear a bit as its beginning to get sore from staying in the same position too long but the movement is a big mistake. Such a small shift and my feet are screaming, forcing a pained sound from me.

Chance shoots me a worried look. "You need me to adjust the ice more, honey?" He asks anxiously.

"I don't know if that will help," I'm forced to admit. Kat's Alive! It hurts so much. I set my cup down before I spill it.

"It's too soon for the pain pill to work. Let me take a look at them." Chance sets his tray on his night stand, his meal nearly finished, then climbs off and goes to stand over my feet. Carefully lifting one of the packs, his expression shows he's not happy with what he sees and neither am I.

My feet don't look good at all. They've swollen twice their size, are inflamed, and throb horribly making my head pound. I bite my lip and tears threaten to fall. His look is worried.

"I think we'd better call the doctor and have him see you," he said, finally.

"But that would compromise our security," I remind him through gritted teeth.

He rubs his face in thought. "Yeah, that's true so there's only one other thing we can do," he says more to himself than me. "Try to rest and not move, love. I'll be right back."

He's gone from the room in seconds. What does he plan to do?

I look down at my kitten and see Kiara looking back at me with concern in her lovely eyes.

"Poor Mommy," She said, gently patting my arm.

It's pointless and wrong to lie to her when she can clearly see I am, so I try and play down how bad it is.

"Yes, a bit."

"Can I do something to help?"

"No sweetie, thank you. Just finish your dinner, that will make me happy," I gently reassure her.

She doesn't really believe me as a frown remains on her face but she does as I ask. Fortunately, she seems to be nearly done with her meal.

As she finishes her milk, her father reappears. I blink in unhappy surprise. He's dressed as T-Bone. I have a feeling I'm going to be transported. He confirms this a moment later.

"Razor is on his way with the jet. Nanny bot will carry you to the jet. I'm sorry love but you really need to be seen. I've already contacted Dr. Forster and he's waiting for you at Chandly Maternity Center. All we have to do is get you there." He doesn't allow me to argue as he turns to our daughter.

"Honey, nanny bot will take you to Professor Hackle. I've already let him know you're coming. Now you be good for him and don't worry we'll be back really soon, alright?"

"Yes, daddy."

She didn't look very happy but even as young as she is, she is very aware of how dangerous our lives are. Professor Hackle had told us how one day Kiara had sadly said she wished she didn't have to hide who her father was from her friends but understood why it was necessary. He questioned her about it so he could see if she really did understand and was blown away when she told him she knew the difference between bragging and revealing a secret that could get her parents hurt. That just wasn't something someone so young should know.

Of course, we knew she was above intelligence but she always manages to surprise us regardless. But that brightness insures she doesn't get upset when she's required to be left behind on many occasions. Considering what our lives are like, that is a blessing.

However, to insure she doesn't become too arrogant and lacking in social skills, I opened a day care in my headquarters where, at least twice a week, she could interact with kittens her own age. And she understands why she's here because she deliberately checks her higher intelligence at the door and simply behaves like any other two year.

She told me recently, that playing dumb allows her to mingle more easily and just have fun, using the time to exercise her body rather than her mind. Doing this allows her to enjoy herself and make friends. What a grown up point of view. It takes me aback at times. From what Professor Hackle has told us, her mental level is that of a 12 year old. Good thing she gets the right amount of mental stimulation from the professor when she's not at the daycare.

While I was ruminating, Kiara had finished and was now picking up her tray carefully to move it out of the way so she could get up. Her father came over and took the tray and set it on the dresser. She got to her feet and came to my side so she could give me a farewell hug.

"Be careful mommy and get better. I love you!"

"I love you too honey. Please don't worry. Mommy be back soon."

"I know but will worry anyway."

I could only smile sadly at that adult comment while her father could only gape at her. He's always taken aback when she says things like that. After another tight hug. She releases me.

"I go get dressed, daddy" she said. Both of us blinked at her in surprise. Seeing this she said impishly, "I know how to put PJ's on. Will save time."

I give a small laugh and T-Bone simply shakes his. "That's very helpful of you, honey and a very good idea," he said.

She flashes us both a smile then slides off the bed and runs out the door to her bedroom at the end of the hall.

"She is so amazing, love," my mate sighs.

"She is indeed."