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It had been two years since the travled together. So much had happened since then. Mugen had been wondering aimlessly, working on ships ocasionaly, but mostly on foot. He had been stopping through a small town to get food when he ran into a familar face.

It all started when he stopped to examin a particularly curvey geisha walking in the opposit direction. She wore a dark blue kimono and little make up. Mugen stopped dead in his tracks, and quickly turned his direction to walk beside her.

"Need an escort?" He asked slyly, leaning close to her ear. The women gave him an evil look which quickly faded into a shy smile.

"I am sorry, but I have a dona" She explained, averting her eyes. Mugen raised an eye brow at her, having no clue what that meant.

"Is that a...desease?" He questioned, making a face of discuss. The girl laughed, covering her mouth a moment later. "Some may say that, but not in my case. No, dona is like a Geisha's boyfriend. I entertain no one but him" She explained, a smile crossing her face as she looked off. Mugen frowned. He didn't like this whole Geisha thing that was going around. They were like hookers with rules. To danm confusing.

"Your not from here, are you?" she questioned, snaping him out of internal rant. He shoot his head. "You do not know much of Geisha, do you?" She asked further, an amused look on her bright red lips. He shook his head again. "Sometimes even I get confused" she admitted with a laugh. There was something he liked about this broad. She had a smilar look to the wemon he'd liked. Tallish, dark hair, good size tits. But she seemed a little difforent then the wemon he'd meet in brothles and sloons. She seemed classy.

"What brings you to this town?" she questioned, seeming genuinly curious. "Just stumbled into it" He replied with a shrug, wondering why she was still talking to him. "A travler I see? Hmm. My dona tells me many stories of his travles" She mused, getting the same far off look in her eyes. Man, this bitch is whipped.

"He is verry kind to travlers. If you need a room, I'm sure he'd be glad to acomidate you" she added, with a small bow. Mugen raised a suspicious brow. "You serious?" He questioned, wondering why a smoking, yet taken, women would not be inviting him back to her place. She nodded, a kind smile across her face. He shrugged. A bed's a bed. And if she was planning on trying something, he would have no complaints. He could take on what ever dona she had. The women lead him through town up a hill to a large house. Mugen looked around as they walked up the steps, noticing the various plants and flowers that surounded the house.

"Nice digs" he muttered, noticing a large strange yellow flower.

"Those are my maiko's favorite" the geisha stated with a smile. Mugen gave her a funny look.

"You have a kid?"

"No" she laughed. "A maiko is an apprentice geisha. She is my little sister, and I am her trainer, so to speak" she explained, as they contenuied up the stairs. "Dose she have one of those....dudes?" He questioned, suddenly intriged.

"No, no. She is brand knew" The geisha explained. Mugen's eyes pirked. He liked the sound of that. They made it up to the door and before she could open it, it slid open to reveal a tall, dark haired man.

"Mugen" Jin stated, some what surprised to see the ruffian at his door.

"You know each other?" the geisha gasped, in conufusion.

"Natsumi, this is Mugen, one of my travling companions from years ago" Jin explained, turning to the geisha. "Ah! Mugen, I have heard so much about you. I should have guessed" She exclaimed, giving a little bow. "Hu?" Mugen raised an eye brow at her, tying to figure out what was going on.

"Mugen. This is Natsumi" Jin explained, laying a hand on the geisha's shoulder. She looked up at him with a warm smile. "Jin is my dona" She added, holding her hands to her chest. Mugen eyed them in disgust.

"Come in, we have much to catch up on" Jin offered, and lead him inside. The three ate and talked for a long time. They disgust what the two had done snice the time they had parted, and also reminised over old times. After about two hours of talking, Natsumi rose.

"I apologize, but I must excuse myself. I have an important engagement to attend" She explained, giving them each a bow. "I almost forgot" Jin noted, rising with her. "Tonight is Natsumi's maiko's debue" Jin explained, turning to Mugen. "Whats that mean?" He asked, with a mouth full of food.

"This will be her first time entertaining" Natsumi explained, before exciting the room. Mugen leaned over to Jin. "Tell me, is this maiko chick hot?" He asked through his teeth. "Your not coming" was Jins response.

"Why not?" He groaned, offended. "Your embarassing" Jin answered simply, headed towards the door. Natsumi walked back into the room. "It is getting late, my dear. I must go. If you wish to stay with your friend I will understand" She explained, giving him a small bow. "No, you have spoke of this for a long time now. Besides, I am interested to meet little Himawari" He replied, reasuringly, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Mugen, would you like to join us?" She offered, turning to him with a smile. Jin frowned.

"I'd love to" Mugen relplied with a grin.


Mugen and Jin entered the tea house. Mugen received many odd glances from the other men and geisha as they passed. "Why are these fags staring at me?" Mugen questioned bluntly. Jin sighed. "Maybe its the way your dressed. Or the way you smell" He replied in anoyance.

"Shove it" Mugen grumbled in reply. They sat down, close to the small stage. A young Geisha sat down and poured them each a glass of sake. Mugen wiggled his eye brows at her and she scoffed, moving away quickly.

"Stop" Jin scolded, keeping his voice low. "Oh come on, you know you were thinking the same thing" Mugen retorted, rolling his eyes as he drank the entirity of his cup, then held it in the air and waved it about. Jin slapped his hand down and poured him a glass to shut him up. It worked. Mugen sucked it down and didn't complain.

"So wheres your women? Isn't she gonna hang with us?" Mugen asked, looking around the room, that was now entirly male. "She should be here soon" Jin answered, wondering the same thing. There was a loud crash in the next room.

"Hima, you fool!" Natsumi scolded in a hushed voice.

"I'm so sorry" A young girls voice replied. Mugen snickered. A moment later Natsumi walked into the room, smiling sheepishly and bowing to each man as she passed. She sat down beside Jin, directly next to the stage.

"Sounds like your girls given you trouble" Mugen noted, playfully. Natsumi sighed. "She is a..unique girl" She answered, forcing a smile. "I only hope these men will be able to appreciate her charms" She added, seeming like she was trying to reasure herself. Mugen laughed. This chick sounded like a mess.

"I'm sure you've trained her well" Jin stated comfortingly. This made Natsumi smile and she happily refilled both their glasses. Mugen watched them and let out a small sigh. How could a women like that posibly see anything in fish face? The lights dimmed, and daint music began to play.

"Whats going on?" Mugen questioned, leaning over to them. "Himawari is about to perform" Natsumi explained is a hushed voice, looking excited as a light fell on stage. The girl emerged. She did not look like any of the other geisha he'd seen. She wore an all black kimono, with no color of designs. It was quite bulky, and in no way shape fitting, exspecialy on such a small girl. It almost looked as if it was meant for a man. One sleve of the kimono was taken down, so that her black bindings showed on the right side. This was the only hint of femininty, but it somehow more appealing then any of the other kimono's head see. It gave a slight mystery, like there was so much to be seen beneath it. The kimino was a bit shorter in the front, falling just above her ankles. She was bare foot. Unlike the other girls who wore elaborate buns, her hair was complatly down, long brown strands falling infront of her face, obscuring it from veiw.

She raised a pair of red fans and began her dance, showing some skill as she flipped and tossed them in all sorts of ways. The music intensified and the lights dimmed as she swirled and moved about, her movements showing greatly where the tight wraps held to her form. A loud gasp sounded throughout the crowd towards the end as she tipped one of the fans upside down and lit the end on a torch that hand been placed infront of the stage. She did a few tricks with the flaming fan, dramaticaly leaning her entire body back to blow it out at the end. Her kimono parted a little as she did so and Mugen got a decent veiw up her slender legs.

An uproar sounded as the dance ended, and the young girl bowed, then darted off. The lights came on and a few geisha entered the room, bringing food and more sake. The clappling faded out and then men began talking rapidly.

"What did you think?" Natsumi asked, seeming pleased with the performance. "She is quite brave to dance with fire" Jin noted, seemingly impressed. Natsumi grinned, pleased. "I must say, I was a bit worried. Hima is quite the cluts sometimes. The whole time I was so scared she was going to burn the place down!" She exclaimed, feeling a little less obligated to be polite now that the event had gone well. And the sake she'd drank wasn't helping.

"She dosen't look like a normal geisha" Jin added curiously. "She is verry shy, and gets terible stage fright. So, i thought that if she hid her eyes from the auidence, she could pretend like they weren't there" Natsumi explained, whispering so the other men did not hear her. "Ah. How clever" Jin nodded, taking a sip from his glace. Natsumi beamed at his compliment.

"What did you think, Mugen?" She questioned, leaning forward. Mugen was still staring at the empty stage. "huh?" he asked, shaking out of his daze. Natsumi laughed. "It seems as though my little maiko's charms have worked on you" she concluded, plaufully.

"She's charming all right" Mugen replied sugestivly. Jin shot him a warning glare but Natsumi just laughed. "Excuse me" She rose, and walked off down the path towards the door. Mugen leaned over to Jin, picking up another glass.

"So whats the purpose of this whole thing any ways? If she's just hookin, why dose she have to do a weird dance?" Mugen asked, his curiosity suddenly peeked. When he first heard the music and saw the stage, he'd exspected something sexy, like a strip tease. But the girl didn't remove any clothing. All she did was twirl some fans. Still, small images were stuck in his head. Like the way her kimono rode up when she would spin and give a quick glimps of her thights, or the way the light hit the skin on her shoulder, or the long lines of white down her back.

"Geisha's aren't the same as prostitutes" Jin corrected, sounding mildly offended. "They are artists. They entrain their guests with music and dance as well as sex. And sex is only rewarded to the highest bidders" he explained, sipping his sake. "Hn. How much did you pay for your broad?" Mugen replied tauntingly. Jin growled.

Natsumi returned with her maiko close behind. The girl had pulled her hair back up into a sloppy bun, bangs falling across her forehead. She wore a full face of make up. Her skin painted white and her lips bright red, just in the center. Still, he recignized her instantly.

"Fuu?!" Jin gasped in surprise. Mugen had thought the same thing, but was too bussy spitting the sake he'd just drank all over the men next to him. She lifted her head, a look of surprise crossing her face. Her eyes grew big as she recignized the pair.

Jin rose and she ran over, lifting her skirt to keep from tripping. She gave him a small hug, smiling happily. Mugen had picked a fight with the man he'd just spat on, and was now reaching for his sword. He froze when he felt a pair of tiny arms wrap around his stomach. He looked over his shoulder to see Fuu's painted face smiling back at him.

"Wait, you know each other too?" Natsumi questioned, seeming overwhelmingly confused. "These are the men who protected me during my travles" Fuu explained with an excited laugh, releasing Mugen and walking over to meet her.

"I can't beleive it. Hima, Jin is my dona" Natsumi explained, covering her mouth as she laughed. "No friggen way!" Fuu exclaimed, looking back at jin. "Nice going jin" She added sugestivly, giving Natsumi a bump with her hip. Jin smiled, a bit shly. Mugen had ducked behind Jin and was now pouring himself cup after cup of sake and pouring them back.

"This is such a strange coeincidence that the three of you would reunite all in the same night!" Natsumi contenuied as they all sat back down. "I always thought we would meet again, but never like this" Jin replied with a sigh of contentment. Fuu seemed to be bursting with excitment. "Natsumi had spoke of her dona many times. She said he was a great worrior but I never thought it could posibly be you!" Fuu exclaimed. Jin smiled at her, feeling a bit uncomfortable seeing her face so heavily made up. It was usual for young geisha to where alot of make up. But knowing that this was the clumbsy, obnoxious girl he travled with, it just didn't seem right. And the meaning of her fate was slowly dawning on him and make him feel uneasy.

"Jin had spoken a lot of you as well but I never put it together. He always made you sound so child-like" Natsumi explained, still in aw of the nights events. Fuu frowned a little, not likeing the idea of him talking about her like a child. "So, now that you know the truth, how do you feel about her performance?" Natsumi questioned, turning to the two men.

"I now understand why you were worried about her setting the place of fire" Jin answered. The two girls laughed loudly, and Fuu covered her mouth in embarasment. "I was so nervous. I hate performing. Now that I know the two of you were watching the whole thing I feel even more embarassed!" Fuu ecplained, putting a hand on her head. "You looked...lovely" Jin reasured.

"How about you, Mugen? Do you still find her charming?" Natsumi asked, teasingly. Mugen gave her a look that whiped the smile right off her face. Fuu blinked. "Mugen, did you say I was charming?" She asked tauntingly, although she was a bit take a back by the thought.

"I couldn't see your face" he replied smartly, chugging down another cup. Fuu frowned and tightened her fists. Natsumi layed a hand on her shoulder as a warning to calm down.

"What do you think of her now that you can see her face? She must look verry difforent from the young girl you travled with" Natsumi contenuied, trying to make some peach between the two.

"You don't look like any geisha I've ever seen" was his answer. Both the girls stared at him in confusion, not sure what he meant by the comment. Natsumi forced a smile, deciding to take it as a compliment. Fuu on the other hand knew he meant difforently.

"Personaly, I think Hima looks lovley in geisha make up. She has such big eyes. When her face is painted, they are the only thing that stands out" Natsumi noted, taking a sip of her sake. Fuu blushed, and the pink hue showed through her makeup.

"It makes your face look big. Like the moon" Mugen noted, pouring himself another cup. Fuu glared at hi, narowing her eyes. "Perhaps I should have called you tsuki for moon" Natsumi concluded playfully. Fuu forced a smile.

"Whats that name mean, any way? Hima'whatever?" Mugen asked between gulps of sake. "Himawari. It means sunflower" Natsumi explained. "I told you they were ever favorite"

"Now its all starting to make since" Jin noted, taking another sip of his glass. Natsumi smiled, glad that everything was going well.

"Pardon me, but my friends and I would like to meet the young maiko you've spoken so much about" an old man inturupted, bowing to Natsumi. "Of couese" she replied, returning the bow. "Gentlmen. This is Himawari" She introduced, gesturing towards Fuu, who gave a small bow. The men nodded towards her, smiling awkwardly. "I applogize for not introducing you earlier but it seems that she and my dona used to be travling companions some time ago" Natsumi explained, gesturing for the men to join them.

"Do tell, what reason would a young girl like you have to be travling around with a samuri" The man questioned, turning his attention to Fuu. "Well, you see, I wanted to go on a jerny to find my father. He left when I was verry young and after my mother passed...I supose I wanted to know who he was. I meet Mugen and Jin by chance and they agreed to work as body gaurds to me along the trip" She explained, giving Jin a look that said 'don't tell them the truth'. Mugen snorted, and Jin jabbed him with his elbow.

"And how did you convince them to do so?" Another man asked, seeming intrigued. "To be honest, Fuu had saved our lives" Jin explained, knowing that it was the only way to make things sound good. "How is it possible that a girl so small could save the lives of two samauri?" the first man asked with a laugh, turning his attention back to Fuu.

"With all these questions I'm afraid you'll know my life story in no time" she replied with a laugh, distracted by the way Mugen was shooting her evil looks between glass after glass of sake. Then men laughed, and Fuu refilled their glasses.

"I must admit, you are quite unique. I have never seen any geisha like you" the man noted, after a moment, dring away at his sake. "I hope you mean that as a compliment" Fuu replied, shooting a sideways glance at Mugen. "Of course. I admire girls who stand out from the crowd" the man replied, looking her in the eye. Fuu blushed through her makeup once again. Mugen slammed down his cup, an evil look falling on his face.

"Hima has told me lots about you, Mugen" Natsumi spoke up, eyeing him cautiously as she poured him another cup. Mugen lifted his head, seeming surprised. "She told me once how you faught a man without your sword in order to save her life. And in the end you were verry badly injured" she contenuied, looking back and forth between the crowd.

"Yea" Mugen muttered, averting his eyes.

"Well thank goodness you did! Or else we would not be graced with her presence" The older man concluded, raising his glace. The me fallowed, as did Jin and Natsumi. Mugen shot Fuu an intense gale before chugging his drink down.

"I am so thankfull that Fuu had these two men to protect her. I'm afraid that if Mugen hadn't looked over her she may not be the aspiring young geisha she is today" Natsumi noted, placing a hand on Fuu's shoulder. Fuu lowered her head, trying to keep the sudden sadness from showing on her face.

"What do you mean?" one of the men questioned, seeming to be facinated by the tale. "I mean that if he hadn't protected her, her misuagi may not still be intact" Natsumi explained, somewhat hesitently. The men nodded, seeming to understand.

"Whats a misuagi?" Mugen questioned blatantly, to no one imparticular. The group around him suddenly looked verry uncomfortable. "You'll have to excuse Mugen. He is not accustom to tea house manners" Natsumi clarified, bowing towards the group of men. "Don't worry. We are all mature here" the older man assured, giving her a friendly smile.

"What did I say?" Mugen asked, leaning over to Jin. "misuagi means virginity" Jin replied bluntly. Mugen's eyes widened. Fuu bowed her head to hide her embarasment. She reached for a glass and quickly chugged it down.

"I must say, the girl can handle her drink!" The older man noted, impressed by the way Fuu slammed it down. "You should see her eat" Mugen noted with a snicker, chugging his own glass. "Hima has quite the appitite" Natsumi explained, smiling weakly. "I only hope that she will find a dona who can keep up with her" she added, faintly.

"I beleive food is one of life's greatest pleasures" the man replied, leaning in close to Fuu. She smiled sweetly, feeling a bit awkward with all the attention. "Then you and I have something in common" Fuu replied shyly. "I would love for you and Natsumi to acompany me to dinner sometime so we can enjoy this common intrest" he sugested, his voice soft and warm.

"I'd like that verry much" Fuu replied, looking down at her empty cup. Mugen slammed down his cup and rose to his feet. "I'm out" he stated blankly, and stepped between the two. Fuu looked up at him, slightly wounded.

"Whats that guy's problem?" One of the men questioned in anoyance. "He is simply uncomfortable" Jin explained, speaking up for the first time in a while. "When we travled with Fu-er-Himawari, she was still a young girl. Over time she has become like a little sister to us, so you see, it is quite a shock to us to find her now as an appritice gesiha. We still think of her as a child" he clairfied, meeting the mans eyes at the end of his sentence with some warning.

"I can see plainly that she is no child" the man replied, forcing a smile at him.

"I'm afraid it is gettling a little late" Natsumi spoke up, rising to her feet. Jin did the same.

"Leaving so soon?" The older man protested, standing with them. "This is Hima's first night after all. We wouldn't want her to be too overwhelmed" she explained, giving him a small bow. "Verry well. I hope you'll consider my invitation" the older man insisted, returning the bow. "Of course. Good night" Natsumi said politly, taking her place at Jin's side. "Good night" Fuu added, her voice barely a wisper.

"Good night" The older man replied with a sly grin.


Fuu sat on the floor of her new room, idly twirling one of her fans. She hadn't bothered to remove her make up or change, although they'ed been home for over an hour and everyone had gone to bed. The night had been so eventful, she couldn't even think of resting. Suddenly, the door to her room slid open and she glanced up to see Jin slip in.

"Can't sleep?" She questioned, failing to catch the fan she'd just tossed. It hit her in the nose and she wenced a little, letting it fall onto her lap. "No" Jin answered simply, sitting down across from her.

"I'm sorry if anything tonight bothered you. I know that its probobly a bit of a shock" Fuu began, pulling her knees up to her chest. Since she'd been training, she'd gotten used to constantly sit in a polite way. It was nice to be able to sit in a way that was comfortable.

"I'll admit, it worries me to think of you as a geisha" he answered honestly, looking off. "Its certainly not what I had planned" She assured with a huff, glancing down at momo, who emerged from her sleve.

"Then again, Natsumi is a Geisha and I have nothing but respect for her" He added, mostly thinking outloud. "I hope I can find a dona that treats me as well as you treat her" Fuu mused, smiling weakly.

"Yes, as long as you do I will have no worries" he concluded, feeling a little releived. He'd always excpeted Fuu to save herself for mariage. Having a dona would be almost the same. "However, I don't think Mugen is as accepting as I am..." He noted, somewhat cautiously.

"Ugh. I almost forgot. I can't beleive him! What was his problem? I know we got on each other's nerves when we travled together but after not seeing me for two years he could atleast me nice to me!" Fuu exliamed, a look if frustraition crossing her still-painted face.

"I think you made him uncomfortable" Jin offered, calmly. Fuu scoffed. "He practicaly sabitoged me" she grumbled, rolling her eyes. "I belive that was his purpose" Jin explained. "Why? Why dose he want to ruin my life?" Fuu complained, waving her hands in the air.

"He worked very hard to protect you. To insure your innocence. And now, you are about to become a geisha" Jin clarified, trying to put it in the best way posible. "Its not like I'm becoming a floozy!" She moaned, neading her kimono in agrivation. "Mugen dose not yet understand the difforence between a call girl and a geisha" Jin offered hesitantly. Fuu nodded, seeming to understand.

"Perhaps you should explain it to him" he added, eyeing her cautiously. Fuu opened her mouth to protest, but thought it over and understood why it would be a good idea. She rose to her feet, and headed down the hall to Mugen's room. She hesitated at a moment, standing infront of his door. She remembered Mugen's temper and feared having to deal with it. But, with a heavy sigh, she reluctantly pulled it open and peeked inside.

"Mugen?" She whispered, getting his attention. He was laying on his futon, propped up on his eblows. He raisned an eye brow at her and gave her an univiting stare. Just what she'd exspected.

"I brought you something" She explained cherfully, holding up a jug of sake. She knew that he would not be to welcoming to her, so she'd decided to bring bait. "Com'in" He grunted, after inspecting the jug. She came in and sat down at the side of his futon, and began pouring them each a glass.

"We ain't at the tea house. I can pour my own glass" He snapped, swiping his glass up and pouring for himself. Fuu frowned, somewhat annoyed. "If your going to sit in here and drink with me you should whipe that stuff off your face" He noted grumpily as he began drinking right away. She let out a heavy sigh, but decided to go along with it. She walked over to the large sink in the small bathroom at the end of his room and throughly washed her face. She looked at herself in the tiny mirror. Some eye make up still remained, but for the most part it was off. She then pulled the chopsticks out of her hair, growing annoyed at the amount of pressure it forced on her head. She walked back over to him and sat down, feeling a little more relaxed.

Mugen looked her over, taken a back by the way the dark eye make up made her already huge eyes stand out. Natsumi had been right about that. Her hair had grown quite a big in the past few years and fell far down her back. Her bangs had even grown some and now curled around the edges of her face. Fuu blinked at him, feeling mildly uncomfortable at the way he was staring at her.

"Mugen?" she spoke, grabbing his attention. "What did you want?" He replied grumpliy, pouring himself another glass and ignoring the fact that he'd just been caught staring at her. "You seemed upset with me tonight. I wanted to know why" She began, folding her hands between her knees nervously. Mugen sighed. He'd figured that much.

"Its just weird, seeing you all tramped out" He replied with a shrug of shis shoulders, slamming back the glass. Fuu whinched at the remark, but decided not to comment on it.

"And like that. Normaly, you'd be bitching or throwing a shoe at me or something" He contenuied, sounding a little more annoyed. "I can throw something at you if you want" She offered playfully. Mugen cracked a smile against his will, and forcefully drank some sake.

"I'm not exactly thrilled that the two of you found out. Exspecialy not like that" she admitted, sipping from her own cup. "But once I saw you I hoped you'd atleast be polite" she added with a sigh.

"When the fuck have I ever been polite, Fuu?" He stared at her dumbly. Fuu smiled. He had a point. "Lets just drop it for not, aight?" He offered, pouring himself another glass. His anger had faded some, and he now wanted to forget and go to sleep. Fuu nodded in agreement and poured herself another glass, holding it up as a sigh of mends. They both drank, throwing their heads back and finishing the contents of their cup in a smilar motion.

"Was it weird watching me dance?" she asked, feeling a bit embarssed just thinking about it. "I had no idea it was you" He answered honestly, puring them each a glass. "You couldn't tell?" she questioned, sounding surprised. "You look...difforent" He stated plainly, unable to keep from giving a quick glance at her figure. She was still small. Verry small. Her brest hadn't even grown much. But there was a curve to her figure that hadn't been there before.

"How so?" She questioned in disbelif. "You used to look like a boy wearing a dress" He stated bluntly, causeing her to spit sake out of her mouth. "But now with all that make up and stuff, you look more like a chick" he finished, sipping away at his own drink. Fuu blinked dumbly, take a back by the compliment. That was about as much as she could hope for from him.

"How'd you do that shit with the fans on fire?" He asked, sounding genuenly curious. "Man, I fucked up so many times when practicing. I had been wearing this nice red kimono Natsumi had given me. I dropped one of the fans and the whole thing went up in flames. I had to rip it off and run across the room to keep it from burning me. All the girls laughed and called me flat-chested" She explained, laughing weekly at the memoery as she slowly drank her sake. Mugen snickerd, mostly at the ending remark.

"I'm surprised you pulled something like that off" he stated, honestly. "You normaly fuck everything up" he added teasingly. Fuu went to protest, but shrugged. He had a point.

"Something else is difforent about you" he noted, looking her over. Fuu straigtened up, mildly confused. "Your don't constantly talk" he concluded, giving her a look that almost appeared to be concern. Fuu laughed.

"I'm to tired to even complain" She moaned, tucking her hand under her cheek. She'd pulled her knees up so her eblow was resting on them. "All I do all day is practice and practice and practice. Did you know that most of those girls sleep with their head off the floor?" She stated, sounding appauled.

"How?" He asked, seeming confused. "They use this little tiny pillow that goes under they'er neck. Its to keep their hair from getting messed up. Then they put rice around so that if they move in their sleep and try to get comfortable, their hair gets covered in rice and they have to go get it done again!" she explained, waving her hands around. Mugen scoffed. "What a bunch of dumb bitchs" He noted, taking a gulp from his glass.

"Meanwhile, I can't even get mine to stay in a simple bun" she contenuied with an agrivated sigh. "It looks good down" he stated, not realizing he'd said it out loud. She shoot him a look, almost offended. Mugen panicked.

"It makes you look like a girl" he added, trying to cover his ass. He must be getting drunk, he concluded internaly. "Jin has long hair" Fuu noted, poking wholes in his thought.

"Jin looks like a girl" Mugen rethroted. Fuu laughed. He had a point. Fuu yawned, not bothering to cover it. She opened her mouth wide, showing him the back of her teeth. "You are going to fail miserably" He noted at her disgustiner manners. Fuu covered her mouth suddenly and giggled.

"I know. I'm terible at this" she agreed reluctantly, frowing a little. "Hn. Lucky for you some perverts are will to fuck anything" He taunted, fnishing off his drink. "I don't think its nice to call the wemon you sleep with perverts. I mean, they are doing you a huge favor" Fuu teased. Mugen shot her a dirty look. He went to speak but all that came out was a loud, obnoxious yawn.

"Aw, danmit Fuu!" He groaned, starting to feel a bit light headed from the mixture of sake and lack of sleep. Fuu giggled. "Its getting late. And I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn" She explained, rising to her feet. "Good. I was wondering when you'd scoot on out of here and let me get some sleep" He muttered half-heartedly, laying his head back on his arms.

"Hey Mugen" She spoke, stopping in the doorway. "Hn?" he muttered in reply. "I had fun drinking with you" She stated, after a long pause, giving him a sleepy smile. "Yeah, well you obviously can't hold your liqoure cause your starting to twat out on me" He grumbled, waving a hand to shoo her away. Fuu smiled and rolled her eyes, closing the door lightly behind her. Mugen laid back and closed his eyes. He was a little surprised at her last remark. Not because she had said it. Fuu had always been sentimental. But surprised because, for the first time in a while, he'd had fun too.