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Mugen sat along the rock wall of the hot springs, looking around uncomfrotably. There was a notciable difforence in the male to female ratio inside the large hot spring and it was making him feel uncomfortable. Natsumi seemed to pick up on this because she moved to his side, her black hair shining with the condensation that had gathered on it. He gave her a funny look, which fadded when a cup of sake was placed in his hand.

"I never understood why a bunch of dudes would want to get together in a tub of water to drink and be naked" Mugen explained, eyeing the mixture of American and Japanese soilders in slight disgust. Natsumi giggled. "I think that in this case it is an excuse to get the wemon naked" She explained with a laugh. That had bothered him too. Not only was there an abundence of naked men surounding him, but Fuu and Natsumi were naked as well. Normaly, that part would be quite good, but now he had to be on gaurd of them. He watched cautiously as the soilders would move past, acidently bumping into them or brushing up on them under the water. He was having a hard to finding excused to intervein.

"Lets play a game" The officer sugested, making his way to Natsumi's side. Natsumi smiled and laid a finger on her lip in thought. "I know. Lets play a game called "never have I ever" She sugested, an sneaky look across her face. "What are the rules?" One of the soilder's asked. "We go around the circle. Each person says something they've never, ever done. Anyone who has done it has to drink" she explained with a laugh. A group had started to gather, and Mugen eyed Fuu as some of the meen got a little closer to her.

She looked so uncomfortable. Her hair was pulled up, much more fancy then usual. It was in one of those weird buns with the red in the center. Her make up had mostly disolved from the humidity of the water and her skin was covered in sweat. She had a distant look on her face and although he couldn't see anything below her chest he could tell she was trying to cover herself.

"I'll go first!" natsumi declaired, sluring slightly. "Lets see. Never have I ever....gone fishing" She spoke, placing her hands under her chin. "Are you serious?" Mugen questioned, shooting her a sideways look. "Nope. Never have" She replied assuringly. "You and Jin are perfect for each other" Fuu noted teasingly. Mugen snickered at the memery of Jin trying to fish. "Do you remember what he said?" Fuu questioned, turning to him, already holding back a giggle. "Fishing is a great battle between man and fish!" They both spoke at the same time, each doing their best impression of Jin. Natsumi covered her mouth, amused by the impression. A few of the other men chuckeled, not really getting the joke. The majority of the group drank, and Natsumi turned to the officer.

"How about you officer, whats something you've never done?" Natsumi questioned, turning to the older man. "Hm. Never have I ever... been in an eating contest" he muttered with a shrug. Fuu and Mugen laughed again. "I can't bleive you lost" Mugen teased. "Me? You passed out! I would have won if it wasn't for that damn fly!" Fuu exclaimed, splashing water at him.

"I supose both of you have to drink, then" The officer noted with a chuckle. Mugen held up his cup to cheers and the two drank them down. "How about you, Hima? Whats something you haven't done?" The officer questioned, leaning close to her, as if to challenge Mugen. Mugen's eyes narrowed, and his fists clenched benteath the surface of the water. Fuu blushed and lowered her head. It wasn't from the question the officer had asked, but from the way Mugen was looking at her.

"Oh come on, I doubt its that hard" A soilder teased. "I'm sure you've never even kissed a man" The officer offered with a smile, as if to test her. Fuu's eyes widened and her face turned an ever darker shade of red. Mugen smirked a little, lowering his head to hide it. But Natsumi caught the look on his face, a slight suspicion crossing her eyes.

"I know! I've never been to America" Fuu exclaimed, trying to change the subject. The men chucled, and many of them took drink. The officer seemed disapointed how ever, as if he was begining to grow suschious as well. "You trickster. Out of all the things you could say you chose to put all of us at a disadvantage" the older man teased, leaning his arm over the rock behind her back. Fuu forced an uncomfortable smile.

Mugen was about to explide. His fists were shaking beneath the water. He wished he had his sword. He wanted nothing more then to slice the pompus old man to ribbons for even looking at his Fuu. His Fuu. The idea settled into his mind. Just then, he felt a drop of cold water hit his cheek. he glanced up, and began to see many more start to fall.

"I belive we'er going to have to stop the game" Natsumi spoke up, raising a hand in the air. "The weather seems to be turning sour and I for one have had way to much" She added with a shy laugh. The soilders laughed with her, and many began to fallow as she moved across the water. The officer eyed Fuu intently, as if waiting for her to move. "I left my slippers over there, I'll just be a moment" She explained, blushing wildly as she ducked away from him. "I can't just leave you out here in the storm. What if you slip and fall?" The man questioned with a playfull smile.

"But my kimono is over there to and its all I have to wear. I can't have you coming around and peeking now can I?" she said teasingly, after some hesitation. She forced a laugh. The man smiled and nodded, seeming to understand. He began to wade off in the direction the others had headed, but stopped when he noticed the shadowy form of the man across from him.

"Aren't you going to join us?" The officer asked him suspichoulsly. "Nah. I like the rain" Mugen replied, a stern darkness in his eyes. The man noticed the gaze and stared him down for a moment before giving in and heading off after the group. Mugen watched his back until he'd disapeared. He sighed, and looked around, noricing Fuu was gone as well.

She'd waded off into the opposite direction, behind a large rock wall that blocked that section of the springs off from the house near by. Mugen fallowed her through the dark water, cold drops sizzling out around him as he moved. The rain had picked up pace and was falling harder. She stopped and leaned her back against the wall, stands of hair falling and clinging to her face. She looked sad, her big eyes staring off at nothing imparticular.

"Whats up?" Mugen asked, trying to sound casual as posible. He leaned against a rock in the middle of the water, not wanting to get to close. He hated seeing her upset. He felt useless. Fuu's face tensened, as if she was focus on something. It slowly dawned on him that she was trying not to cry.

"Mugen, you've done so much for me. You protected me for so long. You saved my life many times, and last night-" she smiled a little towards the end, her cheeks growing a light pink. Mugen grinned, his ego getting the best of him. "I feel so guilty. I know that theres not much of anything I can do in return, but I hate the idea of leaving you...unsatisfied" she contenuied, stuttering a bit. Mugen raised an eye brow. "So, if theres anything else I can do. If you wanted me to touch you or..anything. I-I'd be glad to" She finished, big eyes staring up at him cautiously.

Mugen looked surprised. He hadn't been exspecting that. His mind began to race. He wanted her so badly. Knowing that she was right there, sweaty and wet and complently naked was driving him nuts. He wanted to kiss her and taste her liked he'd done before. He wanted to be inside her. But he knew that couldn't happen. He thought about other things. A hand job would be torture. It would only push his need further without giving him any release. She could go down on him, but the thought of forcing Fuu to give him head seemed wrong somehow. Probobly because he knew he'd be so desperate that he'd probobly cause her to choke. He didn't want to do anything dirty. Andything that would freak her out or make her uncomfortable.

"Fuu" He spoke, his voice alot more rough and gravily then either of them had exspected. She shuttered a little bit at the sound, enough for him to notice. "Can I just...look at you?" He questioned, and for the first time in Fuu's life she saw him look nervous. She nodded, taking a deep breath. She was nervous too. As she headed towards the edge of the water, she thought of the numerous times he'd made fun of her. How many times he'd called her flat chested or plain or boyish. She stiffned a little as she pulled herself out of the water, keeping her back to him.

Mugen watched as she pushed her uper body up out of the water, her long back shimmering with sweat. His breath caught in his throat. She turned her head slightly, eyes sparkling. She was biting her lip. He could feel himself growing at record speed. Her body turned a little as well, the shadow of her small brest hinting at the outline of her body. He got up onto the rock, water falling from her body. He took her in slowly. Her soft, curvy back flowing down into wide round hips, and a firm round butt. Her legs were long and slender, tiny ankles that fit in his hands. She watched him over her shoulder as he moved closer to her through the water.

"Turn around" He ordered, a hint of desperation in his voice. She hesitated for a moment, but obayed and turned so the front of her body faced him. A grin corssed his face that made her blush wildly.

"I was right. Your nipples are the same color as that kimono" He spoke teasingly. She smiled, lowering her head. She put her hands behind her back and shfted her weight. Mugen gulped. She had no idea how beautiful she was.

"Sit" He ordered, moving to the edge of the water. She looked a little surprised, but nodded and carefully lowered herself down. She sat on the rocky surface, her legs hanging over the edge so that only her lower body was under water. She put her arms across her chest, covering herself. "Don't" He said roughly, grabbing her wrists and moving her arms away. Fuu gaped at him in mild shock but smiled as his mouth fell onto her chest. He kissed her breasts and her chest and down her stomach, his hands running up and down her thighs.

"Mugen" She sighed, sucking in a sharp breath. "You don't have to-"

"I want to" he practicaly growled as his headed decended below the water. She felt his lips touch her and she arched her back. She closed her eyes and began toying with his hair, feeling her little toes go numb. They aways did that when he went down on her, she'd noticed. It was like all the sensation she had in her body was centered to one place. She moved her hips lightly and gave little sighs, wondering where he'd learned how to do the things he did.

He seemed more eager then before, and she could feel him breathing heavily, which only made the sensation more enjoyable. One of his hands reached up and cupped her breast. She cried out, throwing her head back. He pulled his head out of the water and began rapidly toying with her clit. He was breathing hard, and his wet hair clung to his face. He took the opertuninty to look up at Fuu, watching her legs begin to shake as he moved his fingers. He grinned, loving the way she looked. She had her back arched, suporting her weight on her hands. Her head was back and her hair was falling out of its bun. Her small nipples pointed up into the air, her little breats jiggling lightly with the movement of her hips. She cried out again and covered her mouth.

Grinning, he ducked his head under the water and grabbed her hips tight, burrying his face into her core. He could hear her moaning even underwater, which actualy made the sound louder. Fuu couldn't beleive it. She was about to cum again. Just as she was on the brink of ogasum, she heard a splash in the distance and stiffend, her legs clasping around Mugen's head.

Just as she exspected, a shadowy figure emerged from behind the rock wall. Mugen tried to lift his head to see what was going on but she shoved his head back down, using her free hand to cover her chest. Mugen caught on, and glanced over to see a pair of feminin legs aproach beneath the water. He grinned into Fuu's thigh. He'd have to find some way to gloat about this to Jin.

"Fuu! What are you doing out her?" Natsumi asked, sounding concerned. Fuu relaxed a little, releavied that it was only Natsumi. "Sorry. I was going to get my robe and then I just kind of spaced out" Fuu explained, stuttering a little. Natsumi gave her a worried look, eying the gleen of sweat across the young girls body and the way her hair was sticking to her face. She looked flushed and she was shaking.

"Fuu, are you feeling ok? You look..." Natsumi was going to say terrible, but thought better of it. Fuu gulped. "Now that you mention it, I am feeling a little sick" Fuu replied, not even really lying. She stiffened as Natsumi began to move towards her, a concerned look across her face.

Mugen's eyes widened as he watched Natsumi's curvy form aproach, unable to beleive his luck. Sure, he was stuck underwater and he was begining to lose his breath, but atleast if he drowned to death it would be between the bodies of two beautiful wemon.

"You look flushed. Maybe your running a fevor" Natsumi explained, stopping infront of Fuu and placing a hand on her forehead, unaware that her abdomen was now directly infront of Mugen's face. He couldn't help but snicker. Fuu felt the movement against her legs and squeezed them tight around his head, coughing to excuse the movement.

"Your burning up" Natsumi noted, worridly, after feeling Fuu's sweaty brow. Wild lesbian fantasies began to dance around in Mugen's head as he listened to the two beneath the water. "Perhaps you should just head home" She sugested, reluctently. Fuu nodded. "Are you sure?" She asked, sounding a bit guilty. "You we be no use to anyone if your sick" Natsumi assured, forcing a small smile. Something had just come to her attention.

"Where is Mugen?"

Fuu went stiff again. He had worked at sea alot and had gotten used to holding his breath under water for long periods of time, but even so he was begining to strugle and coped by squeezing at Fuu's thigh.

"He's not with you?" Fuu questioned, doing her best to look surprised. "No. Hmm. Must have left" Natsumi noted with a sigh. "He's verry protective of you" She added with a little sigh. "I'm worried he might cause some trouble when it comes time-"

Fuu did her best to repress a squeek when Mugen bit into her thigh. Natsumi noticed her jump however and gave her a confused look. "I'll handle it" Fuu assured, sounding desperate. "I'll talk to him" she clairified, giving her a reasuring smile.

"Well, I better get back" Natsumi spoke, giving her a cautious smile. Fuu nodded and Natsumi waded off, disapearing behind the rock. Fuu crained her neck, watching to make sure she was gone. After a moment, Mugen's head emerged from the water. Droplits flug from his hair as he gasped, caughing a little.

"That was close" Fuu whispered, eyes wide and body stiff. "Yeah" he replied breathlessly, looking at her in slight concern. A smile crossed her features. "It was kind of a turn on with you having to hide there" She admitted, blushing a little. Mugen grinned and slid his hand up her thigh. "Wanna keep goin'?" He questioned playfully, positioning himself between her legs. Fuu nodded, biting her lower lip.

"Not here, though" She explained, laying a hand on his chest. "Fallow me" She ordered, taking his hand. Mugen didn't know what she had in mind but he certainly wasn't going to complain, exspecialy after he watched her naked body emerge from the water and bend over to pick up her cloths.

The two through on their robes quickly and ran across the grass of the massive yard, doing their best to keep quiet. Fuu lead the way to an old empty barn that sat far out off the property. Careful not to make to much noise, mugen pulled away at the wood that blocked the door and carefully pried it open. It was a ricket old barn, with large gaps between the wood. It was dark inside and eerily silent. Moonlight shown in through the wholes in the roof. They walked inside, looking around. Mugen stopped and watched as Fuu moved forward, her fair skin shining in the moonlight. She wore a thin Juban and as she hugged herself, it clung to her figure tightly. She stopped moving when she noticed him look at her and smiled, blushing lightly.

"Come'r" He murmured, pulling her into his arms. She rested her head on his chest. He ran his hands up and down her back, loving the way the silk felt. He brought one hand up to the back of her neck and cradled her head, tugging a little until she lifted her chin. He kissed her hard but slow. His toung entering to taste her mouth. Even after the time it took them to get to the barn, his erection still remained, and grew a little in surprise when Fuu's hand reached down his pants and caressed it.

"Fuu!" He gasped into her mouth, pulling back to look at her. "Please!" She whimpered, shutting her eyes. She gripped the back of his short, moving her hand a little faster around his hard cock. Was she...begging for it?

"I want to make you feel the way you made me feel" She explained, her big eyes opening as she contenuied to stoke him. Her hand felt so soft and warm against his skin. Mugen closed his eyes and tried to block out the sensation so he could concentrait. Suddenly, and idea occured to him.

"Here" He spoke, plaching his hands on his shoulders. He guided her over to a space beneath a loft where a pile of hey rested. He layed back, and guided her to sit beside him. She looked confused and a little nervous. He brused the hair out of her face and pulled her towards him in a deep kiss.

"sit on my lap" He ordered roughly against her lips. Fuu complied and sat with her legs on eatherside of his body. He wraped his arms around her waist and pressed his hips up so that his cock rubbed against her through his pants. Fuu moaned, surprised by the hard presence between her legs. She was begining to understand what he wanted her to do, and she pressed her hands to his chest, rocking her hips against him. Mugen groaned and threw his head back, holding her hips in his hands.

Her small hands creeped up underneath his shirt, her soft palms roaming over his hard chest. He pulled his shirt off and laid back, tilting his head up to watch as she moved ontop of him. They grinded into each other, and the friction began to make her wet. He could feel the damp heat through his pants and sucked in a breath. Unable to control himself, he sat up and pulled her to his chest.

"I want you so bad Fuu" He whispered, his lips right at her air. The sound of his voice sent a chill down her spine. His arms were holding tightly to her waist, pressing her against him. She grabbed his hair and began rocking harder, burrying her face into his shoulder.

"Your so small and clean and tight" he contenuied, rembering the way she'd felt around his fingers. He trusted up against her core, gripping her ass in his hands. Fuu moaned into his neck and he squeezed harder in response.

"Your so beatiful. You have such nice round hips and an amazing ass. I love your cute little tits" He muttered into her hair. Fuu couldn't help but smile at the compliments he was giving. It felt good to hear, exspecialy in his voice. She bucked her hips, picking up speed. She could feel moisture and heat rolling around between them.

"I want you too" She whimpered, digging her nails into his back. "I want you so bad" She contenuied, her voice almost cracking. She was shaking in his arms. "Oh god, Fuu" he murmered, kissing her neck. He was bucking his hips against her to the point where they were rising off the floor completly, amazed at her ability to keep up with his pace. He was overwhelmed, but knew that this wouldn't be enough.

He slipped and hand between them and began playing with her clit. Fuu squeeked loudly when he touched her and he grinned, holding her hip down against him with his other hand. She rocked her hips against his touch, wigling and clutching at him.

"Oh! Fuck! Mugen!"

She was screaming. He moved his fingers faster, watching in delight as she climaxed ontop of him, her hips shoving against his croch with surprising force. That did it. He began to feel something smoldering inside him rising to its peek. He squeeked her hips until his fingers left bruises, and bit into her shoulder as he came in his shorts.

They fell onto each other, gasping for air. Mugen held her to his chest, enjoying the lingering warmth that tingled through his body. Fuu glanced up at him, chin pressed against his pecks.

"You have straw in your hair" She pointed out with a giggle. Mugen couldn't hlep but smile. She she was with her big sweet eyes and her child like grin, giggling adoably, when just seconds before she'd been cursing and screaming his name.

"Yeah, well...so do you!" He replied, and trew a fist full of staw at her face. Peices clug to her damp hair, that had fallen entrily out of its bun. A look of shock crossed her face that was fallowed by one of vengence. She grabbed a chunk of hey and threw it back at him.

"Your dead, bitch!" He threatened playfully, as an all out hey-war was waged. She hopped to her feet and tried to run but he grabbed her ankle, causing her to fall into a pile. She tried to push herself up but he climbed ontop of her and her ass conveinetly pushed right into his crotch. She paused, and looked at him over the shoulder.

"Your still hard" She noted, seeming amazed. "Yea" Mugen replied with a sigh. He was beginging to think that as long as she was around his erection would never end. She bit her lip, seeming a little concerned.

"Can I tell you something?" She said, seeming nervous. She tuned under him so that she was sitting facing him. "Shoot" He replied, suporting himself with one arm as he contenuied to lean over him.

"I don't want to lose my virginity to him.." She admitted softly, looking a little embarassed. Mugen eyed her curiously, not sure what to think. "I want to lose it to you" She added softly, starting into his eyes. Mugen studied her face, brushing his hand across her soft cheek. She was so sweet, so adorable. He loved that about her. Loved her child like ways. Loved her innocence. He wasn't that way at all. He was dark, vulgar and corrupt. He would ruin her.

"No" He spoke after some time, looking away from her. He sat back, and Fuu blinked in surprised. "I don't understand" She whispered, fighting back tears. She pulled her robe shut and bowed her head. She didn't understand why he was rejecting her.

"Stop. Its not like that" He tried to be comforting, pulling her to his chest. Fuu liftered her head, eyes shimmering as she stared at him in confusion. "I just...I don't want to hurt you" He explained, hating the way that sounded. "You won't" Fuu replied sternly, tensing up a little. It was his turn to be confused.

"If you think I exspect you to marry me or something, its not about that" She said, beging to grow annoyed. "I just don't want to lose it to him" she added hotly. Mugen frowned. "Fuu, I'm not just going to bang you as practice" he replied defensivly, anger rising inside him. Fuu looked offended. "Please, you've bannged plenty of wemon for lesser reasons" she scoffed, crossing her arms. He pushed her off his lap. She looked up in surprise as he rose to his feet.

"Hey!" She protested, yelling after him. She was pissed, but still, she didn't want him to leave. He stopped in his tracks, fists clenched. Slowly, he turned.

"You know, I was actualy starting to think you wanted me. But i'm never going to be good enough for you, am I Fuu?"

The remark took her by shock, leaving a dumbfounded stare across her face. She wanted to tell him that that wasn't the case, but she couldn't bring herself to speak.

"I'm sick of you toying with me. I'm not going to be your pawn. I'm sorry I'm not some rich old perv. Sorry I didn't grow up with everything!" He ranted, without looking at her.

Fuu tried to speak but he didn't give her a chance.

"I'm sick of this shit. Every time! Every fucking time I start to care about someone" he trailed off and finished instead by pulding his fist through the rotted wooden wall. Fuu jumped, frightened by the forch.

"Stop it!" She yelled, finaly catching his attention. He looked at her with firey eyes and she began sobbing as she rose to her feet.

"Don't you get it you ass whole!" she screamed, little fists balled at her side. "I want you! Not some rich old perv! I WANT YOU!" She was shaking from crying so hard. Mugen frowned. She looked so small. All anger faded away and he moved over to her quickly. He reached out for her but sopped when she flinched. The two stood there, neither knowing what to say. Fuu finished the last of her sobs.

"I didn't think you thought about me that way" Fuu explained, brightening up a little. Mugen blinked at her. "Why did you think I was doing all that stuff for you?" He questioned, eyeing her as if she were insane. "I dunno. I guess I thought you were just trying to get laid" She answered with a shrug, sitting down on a bale of hey.

"In case you don't remember, I still haven't gotten any" He reminded sarcastcly. Fuu smiled. The sun was coming up. Faint yellow light began peeking in through the cracks in the barn. Mugen knelt down infront of her, resting his arms across her legs.

"Still wanna jump my bones?" He questioned playfully, wiggling his eyebrows as he looked up at her. Fuu laughed and tossled his hair. "I thought you said 'no" she reminded teasingly. "I'm begining to reconsider-" he replied with a devilish smirk. Fuu eyed him cautiously as he began running his fingers along her thighs.

"Maybe if you ask really-" he placed a kiss on her thigh. "really-" kissed higher. "really nice-" he nuzzled his face between her legs. "I just might". Fuu shuddered as his warm hands caressed the small of her back, and he burried his face into her.

"Please" She whispered, laying her head back. He smiled, and darted out his toung, flicking her clit and feeling her wiggle in response. "Please" she gasped, a little louder, some desperation in her voice. He repeated the gesture, and gently slipped a pair of fingers inside her. She felt mind-blowingly tight.

"Please!" She cried as his fingeres entered her, her hips darting out to meet his touch. He didn't need any more requestes. He slid his arm around her waist and climbed ontop of her. Fuu leaned back, breathing heavily as her body pressed into a pile of hey. Her eyes watched as he untied the robe she wore, slipping it off her shoulders and spreading it out so she'd have something to lay on. He studdied her again, running his hands over her body. They slipped up her thigh and pulled it to his side. He kissed her knee before looking her in the eye.

"You ready?" He asked with a slight smile, his voice quivering. She nodded, biting her lip. He leaned in and kissed her, positioning himself between her legs. The tip of his cock brushed against her center, and holding it his hand, he carefully pushed inside her. Fuu closed her eyes, exspecting pain, but felt none. He watched her expression, hesitating, even though it was killing him. She nonnded, signiling him to go further. He pushed inside her all the way. The was a bit of tenshion as he brook the barrior, but nothing close to what she'd exspected.

He began moving his hips slowly, his hand pressed against her leg, gripping her thigh. He looked down at her body, biting his lip. He was doing his best not to go to fast. Fuu watched the desperation on his face and knew that he was being gentle for her. With her eyes fixed on his, she trusted upward, smiling at his reaction. She reached a hand up and toyed with his hair, repeating the movemnt.

"You can...go faster if you like" She explained softly, running her fingers through his hair. He didn't need to be told twice. He began to quicking his pace, sweat dripping from his forhead. Beams of light broke in through the wood, flckering and shifting all around them. Mugen leaned down ontop of her, hodling her leg up at his side. They began rolling their hips together, bodys coated with sweat.

He pressed his forehead against hers and cradled the back of her head, trying to focus on anything other then how tight she felt around him. "Oh god, Fuu" He muttered breathlessly, running his fingers through her hair. Fuu gasped. Wasn't losing your virginity suposed to be painfull?

"Fuck! Mugen!" she cried in response, finger nails digging into back. Mugen was practicaly purring as he trailed heated kisses all over again. Suddenly, her hips bucked up to meet his, her eyes closing tight as a loud scream escaped her lips. He felt her tighten around him and practicaly fainted. The pair collapsed together as the intense sensations flooded their bodies. They panted together, hugging each other tight for a long while, until their heart rates had settled.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Fuu questioned softly, toying with his untamed hair. "I don't want to sneak around and shit" He replied, his head rested on her breast. "I don't think Natsumi will take it well. I mean, proffesionaly speaking, I'm kind of ruined" She reminded, jokingly.

"Run away with me?" He offered, casualy. At first she thought she was joking and gave a small snicker, but then he looked up at her with a senserity that she'd never before seen. A small smile crossed her features.

"Ok" She replied, blushing a little.

"We'er going to have to travle, alot" He warned, resting his chin on her chest and looking up at her. "I know" she replied, grinning adorably. "And we'er going to have to scroung around to find money and food" He added, sounding exausted at the thought. "Mh, hm" She replied sleepily. "We'll probobly end up getting in a shit load of trouble" he contenuied, mostly speaking to himself at this point.

"Mugen?" Fuu spook with hooded eyes. "hm?" He replied, dumbly.

"Shut up"