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The darkness was horribly suffocating. Teito couldn't see anything other than Ayanami, whose eyes were narrowed in concentration. Teito found he could hardly breath, and gasped for air, trying to fight off the oppressive darkness.

In a moment of sheer terror, Teito screamed and clung to the only thing in the blackness with him – his captor.

Pushing his pride aside, Teito pressed his face into Ayanami's military jacket. Horrified to feel tears creeping out of his eyes, he assuaged himself by imagining the tears staining the golden embroidery permanently.

His body began shaking, though in a far, dusty corner of his mind, he laughed at the thought of the pristine uniform getting drenched. The arms that held Teito tightened around him and he took a moment to appreciate them before hating the fiber of their being.

Unseen to Teito, Ayanami sent him a smirk, then receded the darkness to reveal the empty bridge of Ayanami's battle ship. Teito lifted his head and blinked at the sudden light, positive feelings returning to his body. Also, the light brought the realization of whose arms were wrapped around Teito protectively.

He pushed away from Ayanami, but Ayanami wasn't too keen on that. "Let me go!" Teito said, pushing against the man's hard chest.

Ayanami chuckled coldly, "After you were so keen to have me hold you only moments before?"

Teito's brain, unfortunately, was so overwhelmed at the fact that his sworn enemy was standing there hugging him, that he couldn't formulate a proper, snappy retort. It didn't help Teito's thoughts any to feel soft lips against his forehead.

Teito realized he had stopped fighting and couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with him. He wasn't used to this kind of affection. Sure, he got hugs from Mikage, but it was never this intimate. He never received any non-platonic hugs, kisses, or caresses from anyone. Until now.


"Let me go!" Tieto cried, fist pounding against Ayanami's chest.

"As much as I'd like to stay here, we have some business to attend to, Teito Klein," Ayanami smirked.

Teito narrowed his eyes, not understanding what Ayanami meant. The older man began walked, one arm tight around Teito, the other puching open a door into his private quarters.

After the door was firmly shut behind him (and locked, Teito suspected), Ayanami released Teito from his grip and moved towards the middle of the room.

Teito sneaked glances around the room, elegant even for an officer's quarters. Looking back at Ayanami to make sure the man wasn't up to something, Teito was started to see him pulling off his uniform jacket and undershirt.

Teito looked away quickly, but his eyes soon flicked back to Ayanami who was taking off his boots. Teito's eyes caught the rippling muscles down Ayanami's back and found that he couldn't take his eyes off the man.

Purple eyes met Teito's own, a clear question swimming in the orbs. Like what you see? His eyes asked, and Teito was too shocked and ashamed of being caught looking to respond.

Ayanami sent him another smirk and walked closer to Teito who had leaned against a wall for support.

Uncharacteristically tender, Ayanami placed a hand under Teito's chin and lifted so he could easy meet Teito's soft lips with his own. Teito's mind stopped and again, the feeling in the pit of his stomach swarmed up and he felt himself responding to the chaste kiss.

When Teito's mind finally caught up with what was happening, he felt disgusted with himself. Affection from his worst enemy shouldn't affect him like it did, but he couldn't stop himself. Ayanami's hands sought the hem of Teito's shirt and slid under, caressing the smooth skin of Teito's sides.

Teito forced himself to pull away and regarded the man warily, too tired to put up much of a fight. "Why am I here?"

"Why don't you tell me, Prince of Raggs?" Ayanami said, his face in a seemingly perpetual smirk.

Teito decided to answer the man's question with another question, "why haven't you killed me?" Even though he knew the man wouldn't let him die without first finding out the secret of the location of Pandora's Box.

"I have better uses for you," Ayanami answered smoothly. "Though believe me, it would be quite pleasurable to kill you." He trailed off for a moment, and then said with an evil grin, "but not before playing with you first."

Teito sighed, staring at the ceiling of his small cell. After eating a bit of food, he was locked away in this small cell, cheek burning from the lingering kiss Ayanami left him with before sealing the cell from all ziaphon attacks and anything else Teito could manage.

He had been in there for a while, or least it felt that way. He hadn't been able to sleep much, and when he did, his dreams were plagued by nightmares of Pandora's Box and the insanity that it holds.

Teito resolved to fight the man next time Ayanami paid him a visit. If he didn't let the older man touch him, then there would be no breaking point for Teito. He planned to attack physically when Ayanami least expects it, and then flee the ship. How he was going to pull it off was questionable, but he had his plan, all else were details.

It was much later when he received a visit from Ayanami. The tall man looked out of place in the small cell, but he made no move to sit on Teito's cot or on the floor.

"Have you searched inside yourself for the location of Pandora's Box?" Ayanami asked.

"I don't know where! And if I did, I wouldn't tell you!" Teito hissed, radiating defiance.

Ayanami's eyes narrowed. "You will remain locked away here forever if you don't tell me the location."

"I don't know!" Teito yelled. The man strode forward suddenly and grabbed Teito's chin, forcing him to look into Ayanami's eyes.

"You haven't seen the beginning of all the ways this prison will break you. Tell me now or I will be forced to turn it on," the man's voice was low and dangerous, making Teito shiver.

The fight seemed to seep out of Teito, directly through the hand around Teito's throat, squeezing cruelly.

The last thing Teito remembered before blacking out was Ayanami's cold, cruel laugh.

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