iBroke My Promise

Author's Notes: I don't own iCarly. This is 100 words (not counting title or author's notes.)

While Sam and Carly were playing with their balloons, Sam couldn't stop thinking about her kiss with Freddie.

Suddenly, he entered the door.

Oh my gosh, Sam thought. How's my hair?

"Well you sure liked it last night," Freddie said.

Yes, Sam thought.

"Just stop, it didn't work," Sam said.

"Huh?" Carly asked.

Freddie said, "Then you have to say there is no Melanie, I'm not gullible, and I'm too smart for you."

Sam sighed. "Okay, you're right. There is no Melanie, you're not gullible. But Benson- you're not too smart for me." Sam smirked and walked to the elevator.

iBroke My Promise