What if? Naruto

Chapter 1: The Doctor is In.

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It was a peaceful day in Konoha village, the citizens going about their daily schedules, the ANBU keeping guard, and the academy students enjoying their break before they would return to the academy in a month to see which team they would be placed in. All in all, it was a rather normal day for Konoha. It was normal for all, except one citizen of Konoha. This citizen had gravity defying hair, bright blue eyes, three strange whisker marks on each cheek, and answered to the name Naruto. Naruto currently found himself at a place he'd normally never be, the Konoha Village Library. The night before, he had found out that he was the holder of the legendary nine-tailed demon fox, Kyuubi. After waking up and eating a quick breakfast he had rushed over to the library to find all the information he could about the demon. Unfortunately, there wasn't much information. Just the normal stuff taught at the academy, it was big, evil, and could level mountains. With a dejected sigh, Naruto began to leave the library. As he was leaving, he noticed a tall, imposing looking man with two long scars on his face looking at a book. Naruto saw that he had a black Konoha forehead protector bandana on his head. 'Wow, he's strong.' Naruto thought to his self. He could just feel the strength radiating off of this man. Soon the man had put the book back on the shelf and walked away. Naruto went to were the man had been and looked at the row of books he had put the book on. A few of the titles caught his attention, Torture: Physical or Mental?, Mediation: Discover the Inner You, and Breaking the Mind, where the three that grabbed his attention the most. Naruto picked up the book he had seen the man holding, Torture: Physical or Mental?. The book was about different ways to torture people both physically and mentally, named the pros and cons of both types of torture, and even how to use the techniques in the book. 'He's got to be really strong to use this. I want to be stronger, so maybe I should try this.' Naruto thought as he tucked the book under his arm. The next book Naruto took of the shelf was, Mediation: Discover the Inner You. The book was about how to properly mediate, clearing your mind, and unlocking your mindscape. Naruto was about to put the book back when a thought struck him. If he wanted to know more about the Kyuubi, why not mediate and ask him? With that though in mind, Naruto tucked that book under his arm with the other one. The last book he took of the shelf was, Breaking the Mind. This book was about shattering a person's mental state, and how to withstand mental torture. Naruto thought this would be a good addition as well, so he quickly checked out all three books and made his way outside. 'I'm going to lean this and become strong like, Bandana-san. Then, I'll be one step closer to becoming Hokage.' After several minutes of walking and a quick trip to Ichiraku Ramen Bar, to get some ramen of lunch later, Naruto arrived at a clearing in the forest to do some undisturbed reading. He began reading Mediation: Discovering the Inner You, because he was eager to speak with Kyuubi. After an hour of reading he had the basis of what the book was talking about down. Naruto then quickly ate an early lunch and then began to mediate. With some work, he was able to clear his mind. He sat on the forest floor for an unknown amount of time before he heard a drop of water splashing into more water. Opening his eyes, Naruto saw that he was no longer in the forest, but in a sewer like hallway. "I'm guessing this is suppose to be my mindscape?" Naruto asked his self. What he hadn't expected was a reply. "That is correct mortal."

Naruto looked around frantically, trying to find where the voice came from. "Who said that?" he asked in a slightly quivering voice.

"I think you know who, boy. Come."

The voice replied. Naruto saw that at the far end of the hallway, there was a red glow and he began to make his way through the ankle deep water to it. Soon he walked into the room and saw that it was massive in size. At the other end of the room, were giant bars of like a cage going from the floor to the ceiling. On what looked to be the door of the cage was a slip of paper with the word 'seal' on it.

"Come closer." The voice said. Naruto carefully stepped forward, when suddenly out of the darkness came large, razor sharp claws aiming at his head. Naruto jumped and scrambled back as fast as he could, as the voice laughed.

"THAT ISN'T FUNNY." He yelled out at the cage.

"It was to me." Came the reply as two very large, slightly glowing, red eyes appeared.

"Kyuubi," Naruto spoke in a hushed whisper.

"Yes, it is me. Now, what does my jailer want? It doesn't take a demon of my age to know you've come here for something." Kyuubi said. Naruto looked at the eyes and said,

"Yeah, if you're going to be in me, I want your chakra. It's time you start paying rent."

"No." Was the response he got from the demon.

"Hey, if I die, you go with me." Naruto cried out.

"So? If you die, I go to hell. There, I just have to rip open a portal back to this plane. Death doesn't concern me. You where wanting to use some of my power to help you, weren't you?" Naruto nodded at the question as Kyuubi continued speaking, "You aren't strong enough to use my power. However, I could make you stronger. But, there's a price."

Naruto looked questioningly at the eyes. "What's the price?" He asked.

"As far as demons are concerned, you now represent me. With you being weak, it means I'm weak. With you being an idiot, I'm seen as being stupid. So, I'll help you get stronger if you stop being an idiot." Kyuubi told him.

Naruto stared, wide eyed. "How am I, an idiot?" He asked the demon.

"Well, the first and biggest reason for how you're an idiot, is the pursuit of that pink haired-haired menace."

"What's wrong with Sakura-chan? She's the greatest." Naruto cried out angrily at Kyuubi's eyes.

"Does this look great to you mortal?" On the side o the room, images began to flash. All of them, showing how Sakura treated Naruto. Sadly, none of them, showed her as being the kind of girl Naruto had built her up to be n his mind. His fascination with her began to crumble with each passing image. Soon, even he had no choice, but to admit the fox was right. As he looked back up, into the demon's eyes, he's pursuit of Sakura died. Although, a part of him hoped they could still one day be friends.

"You said that was first. What are the other reasons?" Naruto asked, wanting to know more.

"The second reason is how you went about getting attention. That's not the kind you want. You want to get attention for being a strong ninja, so no more pranks. Or rather, not as many as before. Third, your clothes scream 'Here I am. Kill me,' to the enemy. Ninjas aren't suppose to be seen. Since you have a hard time buying things in the village, use Henge to buy what you need. Finally, you may not have noticed last night, but what ever your Kage Bunshins learn is transferred back to you when they expire. If you summon a group of them and have each of them read a different book, when they expire the knowledge of what each of them read is then transferred to you. Now, only knowledge is transferred. If you summon a group of them and have them each pratice punching a log, when they expire it will feel like you did all of that. You will be able to punch more accurately, but your punches won't be any stronger. So you will have to build up your muscle yourself." Through out Kyuubi's talking, Naruto could see the fox's point to each of them. Granted though, he did like orange. "Now, I agreed to help you get stronger and I will, but you must do something for me."

"What would you have me do?" Naruto asked curious as to what the fox could want from him.

"That night I attacked all those years ago wasn't an accident. Someone was pulling my strings. No one uses me. I want you to find them and kill them. I'll I know is that it involves a man in an orange mask and another, that smells like snakes. I'm sure there are more though." Naruto stared slightly wide-eyed at the fox's eyes.

"And how, do I go about finding these men?" He asked.

"I believe that they will find you. I've had a hunch that their plan all along was for me to be sealed in someone. So, sooner of later they'll come for you. Until then, you need to get stronger. I'm going to teach you a technique to help you. It is Kage Buttai. This technique will make a perfect copy of any object until you dispel it. Use it on the books you have with your clones to learn faster. These are the handseals for it." Kyuubi told him as up on the wall images for the handseals appeared. "Use what you have learned for no to become stronger." Kyuubi told him once he had memorized the handseals.

Just before forcing his self out of his mindscape Naruto asked a growing question, "Why are you doing this?"

"Simple, I don't want to be seen as weak and I want those who tried to use me to pay dearly for trying to use me." Was the reply he got from the fox as he left his mind.

As Naruto opened his eyes, he could see that a bit of time had passed while he was in his mind. When he had entered it was just after 12 'o clock. But now, it looked to be around 3 by the sun. 'I guess I should get to work.' Naruto thought to himself as he summoned two clones. To one clone, he gave Torture: Physical or Mental? to read and to the other clone, he gave Breaking the Mind to read. While he, took Mediation: Discovering the Inner You and began to practice making copies of it.

Several hours later, as the sun was setting, Naruto had mastered the Kage Buttai and was able to make a hundred perfect copies of Mediation: Discovering the Inner. He then dispelled the books followed by the clones. Naruto jerked slightly as the knowledge of what the clones learned was transferred to him. "Wow. I'm going to need to get a lot more books to do that stuff effectively." He told himself as he headed to Ichiraku Ramen Bar for supper.

The following day Naruto went out and bought a dictionary. Afterwards, he checked out several more books from the library. He got books on Low level jutsus, manners, how to do it yourself repairs, styling, torture, interrogation, chakra usage, and counterintelligence. He then brought all of the books he had with him to the field he had been at the day before. Naruto used Kage Buttai and made 15 copies of each book. This gave him 180 books. Naruto then summoned 200 clones and had 180 of them start reading. He had 10 practice throwing, 5 practice kicking, and 5 practice punching. While the clones did as they where ordered, Naruto began to work on building his muscles. He then spent the entire day training until the sun was setting. The backlash of the knowledge he was absorbing from his clones caused him to lose his balance for a moment. He did this same routine all week long, with the addition of 40 clones to practice what practice what he had learned. 20 of them would practice jutsus and the other 20 would practice torture and interrogation. Everyday he improved by leaps and bounds, until finally it was time to take his first real step to becoming stronger. He used Henge and bought himself some new clothes to make him look intimidating. Naruto went to his apartment and put his new clothes on. He then left and made his way to the Hokage's office. As he walked down the street, he saw that he was receiving the usual cold looks, but some where giving looks of interests. Everyone gave him a wide berth as he walked down the street.

Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of Konoha, was sitting at his desk going over paperwork and wishing that something would come along to give him a break from the paperwork. "Hey old man, we need to talk." Came the voice of Naruto. Sarutobi thanked the gods for Naruto; he'd give him a few hours off from the paperwork. When Sarutobi looked up, he wasn't prepared for what he saw. Standing before him was Naruto in completely different clothing than from what he had last seen the boy wearing. Naruto had black combat boots, slightly baggy black pants, a black leather belt with a steel skull buckle, and a well fitting black shirt. He also had a black trench coat that had silver buckles, a high collar that covered the lower half of his face, and at the base of the coat were orange flames.

Taking in the boy's new look he asked, "What would you like to talk about, Naruto?"

Naruto sat in one of the chairs in front of the Hokage and began to speak. "You know it's my dream to be Hokage right?" At this Sarutobi nodded. "Well, I can't become Hokage if I don't become stronger. Not just physically or mentally, but being able to handle doing certain things. I want to become the first ever Genin interrogation and torture specialist of Konoha."

Upon hearing the boy's request, Sarutobi's pipe fell out of his mouth. "Naruto, I don't think-"

Naruo quickly cut him off. "I know what the job entails. I've been studying and practicing. I wouldn't be asking you for this, if I wasn't sure I could do it."

"I simply can't make you an interrogator, because you ask for it." The Hokage explained.

"Then let me prove it. I can interrogate someone and if I do well, you can let me join. You've got Mizuki, so surely I could interrogate him."

Sarutobi looked at the boy. "You're going to be leading a much harder life, if you choose this."

"It will make me stronger." Naruto replied.

"Well, let's head to the ANBU headquarters. The interrogation head is there. If you do well, you'll be trained be him." Sarutobi said as he stood up from his desk. The two of them walked to the ANBU headquarters and where soon going inside. Once inside, Sarutobi turned to a passing ANBU and ordered him to get the interrogation head. Soon, the ANBU returned, bringing a man with him. Naruto's eyes widened slightly as he saw that it was the man form the library. "Naruto meet Ibiki Morino, Head of ANBU Interrogations" Sarutobi said.

Naruto smiled and shook the man's hand. "Hey you're that guy from the library, Bandana-san." Naruto said. At this everyone sweat dropped. It seemed that Naruto hadn't thrown away his disrespect for authority.

Sarutobi took Ibiki to the side and explained what was happening. Ibiki looked at the Hokage surprised. He then looked back at Naruto and then back at the Hokage. After a few more minutes of talking the two men came back over. Ibiki looked at Naruto and spoke gruffly, "Look brat, I don't know what gave you idea that you could do this, but since the Hokage is asking I'll go along with this. If you can get that piece of shit to crack, and it had better be a good show, I'll take you as my apprentice. However, if you fail you'll fuck any chance of ever getting into the ANBU. Also, the entire ANBU will be watching from a closed circuit. Do I make myself understood?"

Naruto nodded his head.

"Alright, then you can conduct the interrogation anyway you see fit. You'll be doing it alone, but we'll be watching. You can do anything you need to do to get him to talk, except killing him." Ibiki explained.

Naruto pulled a small stack of papers from his inner coat pocket and handed them to Ibiki. "Please prepare the room as I have stated and bring the items I have requested. Also, may I have an hour to go over the case files?" He asked.

Ibiki didn't show it, but he was surprised at the boy's request. He looked throw the papers and was impressed with what he saw. He looked back at Naruto for confirmation, who nodded. Ibiki arched his eyebrow, wondering just what the greenhorn Genin was planning, as he walked off.

Meanwhile, word had spread through the ANBU headquarters that a Genin was going to be evaluated by Ibiki to see if he could be an interrogation specialist. Soon bets where flying back and forth on wither or not the kid could do it. After 10 minutes, Ibiki came back and handed Naruto Mizuki's case files. "We're putting the room together as you asked. You better put on one hell of a show brat, I'm wasting a lot of manpower on this. The questions we want answered are inside the folder. Get him to answer 4 of them or the last question and you're in."

"Don't worry Bandana-san, you'll get a great show. You should get some popcorn and a soda for it. Now, if you don't mind, I'll need to get well versed with the details of the case." Naruto said confidently.

The ANBU near by just stared. "Think he'll do it?" One of them, with a bear mask, asked.

"No way, the kid's dreaming." His, hawk masked partner, replied.

"Care to make a make a bet then?" The bear ANBU asked.

"Okay. 10,000 ryu says he fails." The hawk ANUB replied.

With that, the bets were on. Each one, having more money and being crazier than the last one. Sarutobi frowned at the open gambling, but even he placed a bet, on Naruto.

After 45 minutes, 30 minutes of reading the file with 10 clones and 15 minutes of sorting 5 and a half hour's worth of reading, Naruto got up and said to Ibiki, "I'm ready." The man nodded his head escorted him to the chamber. Naruto saw that over 75 ANBU were watching from the closed circuit. "I'll need 10 minutes to set everything up. Bring him in after that." Naruto said, as he was buzzed into the room. Once he was in the room, Naruto summoned his clones and went about fixing the room up. Giving it some last minutes touches. If they wanted a show, he was going to give them one and make them shit themselves. After a few moments, Naruto called over the intercom, "You can bring him in now. Also, I would like to have an ANBU in here to start off the show." Ibiki signaled for two ANBU to get Mizuki, while a purple haired, female, Neko masked ANBU went inside the room. Once inside, she saw that the usual interrogation room had been turned into a cross between a surgery room and a torture room. The where chains hanging from the ceiling, different body parts preserved in jars around the room, including one, with an almost beating heart, there was a creepy looking operating table, a fire roaring furnace, the usual metal table and interrogation chair, and an over all feeling of death and decay in the air. Well, she for one was creped out. Removing the cover from the one way window was Naruto. He had changed outfits. He was now wearing a sadistic looking white scrub uniform and a white lab coat. As he turned to face her, she saw what looked and smelled like blood on the front of his shirt and pants. "Well, what do you think?" He asked her. Neko nodded her head in approval.

Meanwhile, people where looking at the closed circuit television and into the room in both shock and awe. "What is Kami's name is that kid planning?" one of the ANBU asked.

"I don't know, but I like his style. I think I will go get some popcorn." Replied the snake mistress Anko as she got up to get some.

Back in the room, Naruto turned to Neko and said, "Tell me when they're almost here." He then put on a pair of latex gloves and a surgical mask.

"They're a few steps away, Naruto-san." Neko told him, feeling her comrade's chakras.

Naurto nodded and made a quick clone. The clone, then henged into random looking male thug. It got on the operating table and Naruto tied it's limbs to the shackles. About this time, just as Naruto was cutting open the chest, the two ANBU walked in with Mizuki between them. "NO. NO. PLEASE GOD NOOO…." The clone yelled out, seeming to die, as Naruto pealed away the skin. He then took an instrument off of the table next to him and spread the ribs open.

All of this was seen by the ANBU in the next room.

"Damn. That is fucked up." One of the ANBU spoke up at what was happening.

Back in the room, Naruto had had removed the heart and put it in an iced medical cooler. Making sure everyone saw it, but not his face. He then, undid the shackles and picked up the body; carrying it to the furnace. Naruto lowered the furnace wall and threw the body in. He quickly shut the wall, so no one would see the clone dispel. He removed the bloody gloves and mask. He grabbed the cooler and wrote, urgent, on the outside with a black marker. Finally, he turned around to face them for the first time. The three ANBU felt a slight shiver go down their spines, as Mizuki nearly outright pissed himself. Naruto was staring at them with cold, hard eyes. His gaze was so intense, he could have frozen water. Naruto walked over to Neko and handed her the coller with the heart. "See that the he gets this. It will give him something to remember his brother by." Naruto spoke in a cold-hearted voice. Naruto then turned to Mizuki and the guards. "Ah, I see that my 10 o'clock is here. If you please gentlemen," he said gesturing to the table and chair. The ANBU took Muzuki over to the chair and latched him onto the shackles. The three ANBU then left the room.

Muziki stared at him. "What the fuck are you doing here demon?" He asked angrily.

Naruto paid him no mind and went over to a table by the wall and picked up a clipboard.

"Answer me, you piece of shit. What are you doing here?" Muzuki yelled out, nearly foaming.

"I think it would be obvious what I'm doing here, Muziki. You're going to be my guest for a while." Naruto replied coolly.

"Huh?" Was the only intelligible reply he got from the former Leaf nin.

Naruto sighed and said, "Long story short, I'm going to be the first ever Genin interrogation specialist of Konoha and you are my first. I've heard the adults call it a different name, popping the cherry I believe? I overheard some women talking about it at the grocery store. I know, it's used when trying something new. They also said, the first time isn't good. So, we'll have to practice a lot. Won't we?"

Inside the closed circuit room, the ANBU, Ibiki, and the Hokage watched in stunned silence. Suddenly, the ANBU begin to laugh.

"Man that is some fucked up shit." One of them cried out between laughs.

"Damn, that is funny." Another one added.

"This brat is going to be fun to play with." Anko added.

Ibiki had a sadistic grin himself, at the kid's style.

Sarutobi, looked appalled, but had to admit it was effective.

Back in the room, Muziki stared wide-eyed at Naruto. Taking in what the brat had told him. Muziki scoffed in disbelief. "They wouldn't let a failure like you do such things. And, what the hell is up with that outfit?" He asked.

"Oh, you mean this? Well, before I wanted to be Hokage, I wanted to be a doctor. I find the human body so interesting. Sadly, sometimes the body will start to brake down and at that point you need to remove it." Naruto replied as he picked up a jar with a severed head. "As for letting me do this. It's perfect for a failure like me."

"Fuck off brat I'm not buying your at." Muziki screamed back.

"Muziki, you taught me at the academy for 7 years. You know what kind of failure I am, right?" Naruto asked.

Everyone looked confused.

"When I fail, to get something right, I go at it again and again. Until finally, I get it right. Now, I don't expect to get this first one right, so we'll keep doing it over and over until it's done right. The only orders I was given was to make you talk and not kill you, so we could be here for days. There's a lot of things I want to try." Naruto replied as he pulled out a book and opened it. Naruto then continued saying, "I doubt I'll get them right the first time, so doing them over and over is more than likely going to hurt like a bitch. Now, here's the first question. Who where you taking the Forbidden Scroll to?"

"Fuck off, you piece of shit." Muziki screamed back, though not as strong as before.

"Well, Muziki, looks like I have to torture you. I'm going to get myself a cup of coffee while I think on what to give you." Naruto told the man while he undid the man's shackles.

"How the fuck did he get a key to the shackles?" One of the ANBU asked. The first rule of interrogating was to never give the key to the interrogators.

"Well, Ibiki, you said you wanted a show and I think you're about to get it." Remarked the Third, as everyone watched Naruto walk over to the door.

"You're leaving me by myself?" Muziki asked wondering just how stupid the brat was.

"Oh, I would never do that. I'm leaving you in the hands of the nurse." Naruto replied as he stepped out of the door.

"Nurse?" Everyone asked as one.

"Well, this is going to be good." Ibiki said. Everyone turned to stare at him. "That door can only be opened from the outside and no one pressed the button for it." Ibiki told them as he pointed to the button for the door. Everyone looked into the room waiting to see what was going to happen.

Muziki was looking around him wondering who the idiot could have been talking about. Suddenly, the lights went out. Bathing him in a thick darkness.

"Hey what the hells going on?" Anko yelled out. No one could see anything on the monitors or through the window.

"H-hello?" Muziki called out in the darkness with a stutter. Without warning, something smashed into the side of his face and sent him flying.

Everyone jumped in surprise as something smashed into the window. The window was steel reinforced, one way, mirror window. So, whatever hit the window had to have hit it hard to make those crack lines, everyone watched as a piece broke off, very hard indeed. The lights flickered for moment before finally coming on all the way. The ANBU stared in awe at the sight, smashed up against the window was Muziki. His face was bloody from cuts, his nose was broken, and he seemed to be choking. Suddenly, he was flipped over against the window. Everyone heard him gasp at what he saw. Slowly, his body was lowered, giving everyone a view of who was in the room with him. They saw that it wasn't Naruto, but a woman. She was a tall, busty, red headed, woman with ivory white skin. She wore a figure showing black nurse's uniform, thigh high black stockings, and 6 inch high heels. The most noticeable features about this woman was the black eye patch with the medical plus symbol over her left eye, her sharp feral looking teeth, and how her only remaining I was silted and glowing red eye. "Who the fuck, are you?" They heard Muziki ask. For the first time the woman took her eye off of Muziki and looked at the window, looked at them. She then lowered her eye back to Muziki.

"I am Kyuubi, mortal." She replied with a growl. At this, everyone took great notice of the 9 large swishing tails behind her. And Muziki screamed.

On the other side of Konoha, two look-a-like figures were practicing kicking at some logs. "Gai-sensei, what is that most unyouthful noise?" The smaller one asked the taller one.

"I'm not sure Lee. What ever it is, we should avoid it. It sounds like it would take away out youthfulness." Gai replied to his student.

Back in the closed circuit room, people where freaking out at what the kid was doing. One of the ANBU had fainted and Anko was laughing like a woman possessed.

Ibiki had shit eating grin on his face. He liked the kid's style.

Sarutobi had an eyebrow arched in surprise. Naruto said he'd give them a show and this was turning out to be one hell of a performance.

"Holy shit, Muziki just pissed himself." One of the ANBU noticed. At this a few people groaned, having lost the bet on if he would piss himself.

Back in the room, Muziki stared at the woman in front of him, terrified. As fast as lightening, she grabbed him by the throat and threw him over her head, slamming him down on the operating table. Before he could register what happened, his limbs where bound to the shackles. He looked at the woman and saw that she had pulled out a book from somewhere. He looked at the cover and took great notice of the cover, 100 Ways to Cook Humans. At this Muziki began to feel squeamish. "First, make sure meat is properly prepared before you cook it." She said while reading. Muziki felt his blood run cold. "Meat should be tenderized." The woman spoke next and then looked at him. She grabbed the top of his shirt and ripped it off. Looking at his chest she said, "Well you aren't well muscled, so how much tenderizing could you need. Even that Ikari guy is more muscled. But then again, anyone who stares at the snake woman's ass as much as he does better be."

Inside the closed circuit room, a few of the ANBU risked a look at Anko while everyone had the same thought, 'Ikari? The academy teacher?' Anko herself was giggling in excitement. She was going to have some fun, next time she saw Ikari.

As Anko giggled, the ANBUs closest to her inched away.

Back in the torture room, Kyuubi continued her cooking. "Next, you need to properly season the meat." She began to pour bottles of steak sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper, steak seasoning, and garlic powder all over the man's body. "Then, add greens to go with your meat." She read aloud. Kyuubi than lifted up a bag and began to remove different vegetables from it. Cutting them up and spreading them up and spreading them around Muziki's body. She finished by stuffing an apple in his mouth. She then turned back to the book and continued to read. "With your meat prepared you can begin to cook." She read aloud from the book. For the bag she took out a packet of matches and lit one. She then turned to face Muziki and gave him a sadistic grin, causing him to whimper. Kyuubi flicked the lit match at him, where it then proceeded to land on his crotch and began to set him ablaze.

All of the men watching, crossed their legs at this. They all stared in shock at what the kid was doing. He really must have wanted Ibiki's approval. A few of the ANBU glanced at the Head of ANBU Interrogations and saw that he had his hand up to his chin and was stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Ibiki himself was impressed. The brat had style, was taking torture to a whole new level, and was being funny about it. If he could get that sack of shit to confess who he was stealing the scroll for, the boy was in.

Anko was busy planning on how to get Ikari out on a date. Luckily, she always did her best thinking when someone was screaming. She'd have to thank the kid later.

Back in the room, Kyuubi saw that the weakling was screaming something over and over again. She lifted up a bucket of salt water and poured it over his burning crotch. Once the fire was out, she yanked the apple out of his mouth and leaned closer. "Yes?" She asked him.

"I'll…talk. I was…stealing…it for…Orochimaru-sama." Muziki sobbed out in pain.

With a poof, the woman disappeared and in her place was Naruto. "Now was that so hard, Muziki?" He asked the burnt man. Naruto leaned in close and grabbed Muziki by his hair, forcing the man to look at him. "Now, if I found out you're lying to me, I'll send you to the real Kyuubi and you do not want to meet her." He said in a cold voice.

The ANBU in the closed circuit room were staring at the kid. "He actually did it." One of them said. A moment later several people groaned at the money they had lost and the things they would have to do. Yes, it was going to be an odd day tomorrow when some of the ANBU go out patrolling tomorrow in pink tutus.

Sarutobi, looked at Naruto with pride in his eyes. It may not be an easy path, but Naruto could handle it.

Back in the room Muziki was confessing to everything. How he planned to gain entrance to Orochimaru's village, killing a former teammate, and dozens of other things. Including, stealing panties at the local washeteria.

Ibiki nodded his head in approval as Naruto walked out of the room slightly shaken.

Naruto was taken aback by the cheering and whistling for the audience of ANBU. Naruto proceed to look at the for a moment, before puking. As two ANBU carried an unconscious Muziki out, Ibiki stepped up to him and said, "Not bad brat, you passed. The first time is always the worst. I'm going to train you just like I said I would. When you aren't with your team, doing missions, training, eating, or sleeping you'll be learning from me. You are now the first ever ANBU apprentice straight out of the academy. Welcome to the ANBU, kid." Ibiki grinned at the end.

The ANBU watching clapped as Naruto raised his head and replied. "Thanks." He said, to the taller man.

Sarutobi, then stepped forward and asked, "Naruto, where did you learn to do this?"

"Oh, well nearly a week ago I saw Ibiki-san at the library and thought he looked strong. I wanted to get stronger, so I looked at some of the books he was looking at and practiced with them. I picked up the books, Torture: Physical or Mental?, Mediation: Discover the Inner You, and Breaking the Mind. Afterwards, I went out to a field and began to mediate, as I wanted to meet Kyuubi after learning that she's sealed inside of me. Once I met Kyuubi, she told me I was to weak and stupid. So a challenge was brought forth. The stronger I get, the more power she'll let me use. She taught me how my clones transfer the knowledge they leaned back to me and how to make perfect copies of objects. The following day I got some more books and made copies of them and clones to read them." Naruto explained to the Hokage.

Ibiki arched an eyebrow in surprise. He knew the book the kid was talking about and it was a high level book. No need to tell him though, he did want the kid to get a big head over it. Nodding his head at Naruto's explanation, he looked at Naruto and asked, "What did you mean, when you said you'd send Muiziki to meet the real Kyuubi?"

"Just that," replied Naruto. "Kyuubi has been teaching me a lost jutsu. The jutsu takes the soul of another and puts it into the casters body. The person the gains the life force and knowledge of that person. Normally, there would be a fight for dominance. However, due to the seal, they would be stuck with Kyuubi asa roommate, while I got their knowledge. I would also have their life force, unless Kyuubi got bored and ate them." Naruto explained to him. Upon hearing this, most of the ANBU stepped back, as none of them wanted to meet Kyuubi.

"What did the demon say, Naruto?" Sarutobi asked slightly shaken at what Naruto had said.

"Kyuubi, wants me to find and kill those who forced her to be sealed. She said one of them smelled like snakes and the other and an orange mask." Naruto told him.

The Hokage nodded his head thinking about what Naruto had said.

"Well, go hme and get some rest kid. I'll see you day after tomorrow." Ibiki said walking up to Naruto, right before he puked again.

"Oh gods, do I feel sick." Naruto mumbled out.

"Don't worry about it brat. It means that you're human. I want you to come in tomorrow to get your ANBU tattoo, signifying that you are an ANBU apprentice. Get here early and Anko will get it taken care of." Ibiki said as Naruto nodded and walked out, heading back to his apartment to rest. Even though, it was only noon.

Once Naruto was gone, Sarutobi turned to Ibiki and asked, "What is your opinion, of he boy?"

"He has great potential. Maybe one day, he could become Hokage. However, we need to act quickly. If the council gets wind of this, they may try to stop him from being my apprentice." Ibiki replied to the weathered leader.

"Don't worry. By nightfall, Naruto will be your apprentice and the council won't be able to do anything about it. Take care of him, Ibiki. He is like a grandson to me." The Third replied as he left.

Meanwhile, deep in the recesses of a dark swear, two glowing red eyes opened. 'So, the brat is getting strong. This is going to be fun to watch.' The 9-tailed fox demon, Kyuubi thought to herself, with an amused laugh. Mortals were such fun and tasty too.

The next morning, Naruto made his way to the ANBU headquarters. Once inside, he was surprised at how people greeted him. Several of the ANBU's had their masks off and smiled at him. A few even waved. As he watched the people go about, Anko came over to him with a sleepy look in her eyes. "What happened to you?" Naruto asked her.

"Oh, shut up. I had a late night, last night." Anko replied. "Now listen here, worm. You are an ANBU apprentice. When doing ANBU work you outrank Chunin and are on the same level as a Tokubetsu Jounin. Until your training is over. You're training will be done in a year or when you make the rank of Chunin. Once your training is over you will join as a main interrogator. We can't have your identity known, just yet. So, for a while, you will be wearing a mask. Afterwards, you'll be known to the world. You'll have a room here at HQ for when ever you need it. After six months, you'll be allowed access to the ANBU library. You now have access to the training grounds. Understand?" She looked to see him nod.

"Why are they all staring at me?" Naruto asked. Commenting on all of the stares he was getting.

"You're now the youngest student of Ibiki. The most feared interrogator in the Five Great Nations." Anko replied, as they entered the records room. There a member came in and took a picture of him, creating his record. He was then given a standard ANBU weapons kit, a key to his room, and access codes to the training grounds.

Next, he was brought to the ANBU tattoo artist and given his ANBU apprentice tattoo on his right shoulder. As he let the pain subside, Ibiki came in. "Come with me," the older man told him.

Naruto followed his teacher to his office. Once there, Ibiki sat behind his desk and Naruto in front of him. "You're talented kid, but I'm going to refine your techniques. We, as interrogators, are prime targets. And you become a bigger one being my apprentice, who you are, and what you want to do. However, you shouldn't slack off on your training. Now, we can't have you getting too strong just yet. But, we'll help level you off with the other Genin an give you some pointers. You will need to learn the human anatomy, psychology, medicine, and poisons. You'll be with me to watch and learn how a real interrogation works. Once your training is almost done, I'll let you try some. The best way is like you told Muiziki, through failure after failure." Ibiki told him.

Naruto took what his sensei told him to heart.

"Now, for the matter of your identity, we've come up with this." Ibiki said as he reached into his desk and pulled out a featureless black mask. The only noticeable mark on the mask was an orange colored rip going from the top left of the mask, between where the eyes would be, and ending at the right cheek. "You are to wear this when you are here. When you put this on you are no longer Naruto Uzumaki, but The Doctor." Ibiki told him, as he tossed the mask to him. Naruto stared at the mask in his hands, he had to admit, he liked the orange rip. "The mask will automatically stay on your face." Ibiki told him when he saw Naruto was looking to see how to put the mask on. "Now don't let all of this get to you, because you're training with Anko this morning." Ibiki told his student with a pleasant grin. Naruto, stared at his sensei for a moment before he fainted.

The Weeks Later

Over the last three weeks Naruto improved in leaps and bounds. Thanks to the training from Ibiki, Anko, Inoichi Yamanaka and tips form other ANBU members, Naruto had a better understanding of what he had missed in the academy; Even, history. Although, he still didn't like it. Soon enough the three weeks where over and it was time to go to the academy and find out which Genin team he would be on. 'Well, here goes nothing.' Naruto thought to his self as he stepped out of his apartment and headed towards the academy.

Very soon, things were going to change.

Next chapter: Meeting the Team

I hope you enjoyed reading the story. I've been reading several Naruto/Temari fan fictions for a while now and decided to try my hand at one. This story shows what life would be like for Naruto, if after he found out he was the Jinchuriki for the Kyuubi, he made contact with the fox demon. Kyuubi in this story is female. She isn't overly evil, a misjudged good girl, or have the hots for Naruto. She has an agenda and Naruto is just a tool to help her accomplish it. Also, he isn't afraid to die, but want to make her captures suffer. Naruto isn't going to be overly strong at first and no where near god-like. He'll be slightly battle smarter and a little bit stronger. Please don't send me reviews saying that my spelling and grammar is wrong, without telling me what is wrong. If you tell me what is wrong, I'll do my best to fix it. Well, the story is rated M, as it will have some more adult situations later in the story. I hope you will all vote in my poll for Naruto's base weapon. Also, the more you vote; the faster I'll update.