What If? Naruto

Chapter 9: Here Comes the Bride

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Karui stared at the letter in her hands. She had just received a letter from Temari explaining that she now knew who her husband was going to be. Through some sick twist of fate, Naruto had been picked. Karui knew she couldn't be angry at Temari, because she hadn't picked him herself. She was angry at herself for the letter that she had sent to Naruto, after Temari's last letter. If anything she was angry at the Suna and Konoha councils for ruining her chances at having a relationship with Naruto. Unfortunately, for her they were not available for her to kill at the moment.

"Hey sis, what's that?" A voice asked behind her.

Fortunately, Omoi was available for her to take out some much needed stress relief on.

Omoi stiffened as Karui whirled around and a flash of steel followed her. His eyes widened in shock as the stem of his sucker was cut off a hair's width from his lips. The teenaged genin raised his eyes in time to see Karui's right foot smash into his left cheek. The force of the kick not only sent his through the window, but also forced his mouth open and caused the sucker to fly out. On his way down Omoi thought to himself, 'That was the newest flavor, Baked Potato.'

"Omoi, we're training now!" Karui screamed as she jumped out after him.

'CRAP!' Omoi screamed in his mind as he landed. He then did the smartest thing he could think of and ran for his life.


3 days later

It was a cold night as Naruto looked up at the building that he and nearly a thousand clones had spent a week building. He had put his heart and soul into building it and landscaping the grounds. Giving one last look at the structure, Naruto turned and headed back to what would be his last night at Maelstrom Apartments. Tomorrow, Temari would be arriving. As he walked down the cobble stone path to the stone gate, Naruto looked up at the sky and gazed at the twinkling stars. 'Please let this work.' He silently prayed to whatever deity that was listening.

When he arrived back at his apartment, Naruto checked on the gifts for Temari and her brothers. It was custom in Suna to give a wedding proposal give to the bride's parents. Since both of her parents were dead, Naruto thought it would be best to give them to Temari and her brothers. He then checked the clothes that he was going to wear tomorrow; seeing that the outfit was ready, Naruto turned in for an early sleep.

It would be an interesting day in his life, tomorrow. Especially, when he brought up the strange letter he had received the other day to Temari.

Tsunade leaned back in her chair and propped her feet on her desk. She gently held a bottle of Manotsuru in her hand as she looked out the office window at the dark landscape. Tsunade took one last sip of sake, before throwing the empty bottle out. It wouldn't do well for her to be drunk tomorrow, when the convoy from Suna arrived. If she was, Suna might call off the wedding feeling that they had been insulted. She knew it wasn't Naruto's dream to get married, but he'd do what was necessary for the village. She had learned that when she gave him tips on her chakra strength, which he would be alone in learning.

Tsunade stood up and headed out of her office to catch what sleep she could. Tomorrow was not going to be a good to for her.

Gaara sat on roof of the inn that he, his siblings, their sensei, and two Suna jounin escorts were staying. The moon in the sky was full on this cold night. Ever since his fight with Naruto, the voice of whatever the hell was inside of him had grown distant. However, it was always strongest on the night of the full moon. While ignoring the voice, Gaara thought on what Naruto had said. It didn't seem like much at the time, but it stuck with him. He had tried to find some information on it at Suna's library. Unfortunately, the head librarian had passed out when she saw him coming towards her. Either that or she wasn't able to breathe very well with the tight shirt she had on.

Gaara turned his gaze down to the small town. It didn't matter; he'd get his answers from Naruto; one way or another.

Ibiki sat in his office going over the last reports of the day. A lot had changed in the last few months in the Torture and Interrogation Unit. I genin had joined their ranks as his apprentice, Anko had found a steady boyfriend and was rumored to be engaged to him, his younger brother had been found safe and alive, the Third Hokage had been killed, and his apprentice has involved in a political marriage. To top it all off, Naruto was improving by leaps and bounds. Most of his training had been on animals, written tests, and human dissection. Poor kid had to take a couple of days off training after that, but he now knew his anatomy. Soon, Naruto would be training on real people. If he kept going the way he was, people would end up fearing him more than they did a certain fox from 13 years ago. That was going to be a fun day, indeed.

The vultures were calling for her death in the form of overly happy morning song birds. Begrudgingly, Temari pulled the cover off of her face and stared out the window at the 'oh so cute' song birds that had awakened her from her peaceful respite and thrust her back into this chaos. As she stood and gathered her toiletries from her morning rituals, Temari prayed to whom ever was listening that Karui didn't kill her when her friend read who her groom was suppose to be. Especially, after Temari had told Karui could have Naruto; in her previous letter. If Temari got lucky, she could turn her friend's anger on to the Suna council. Slowly, she began to laugh until it turned into a full blow evil sounding laugh.

Unbeknownst to her, Temari's brothers, Kankuro and Gaara, were standing outside the door of the Inn's single shower room that Temari was in, waiting for their own turn. Kankuro looked at the door and then turned his head to look at his younger brother. He switched back and forth between the two for a couple of moments before thinking to himself and keeping it to himself, 'Are we sure Shukaku is really sealed in Gaara?'

Naruto groggily awoke to the sound of his alarm blaring. He turned the annoying object off and looked at the time as he sat up. Seeing that it was still early and the convoy from Suna wouldn't arrive until just before lunch, Naruto decided to get some quick training in.

He got up and threw on some simple orange pants and a black t-shirt. After a few minutes of running, Naruto arrived at his training ground in the forest. He was here as he would need a test subject. He bit his left thumb and preformed a summoning jutsu.

"Hi Naruto-san." Coco said, seeing that Naruto had summoned her.

"Morning Coco. I've got a job for you, I need you to catch me a wood mouse and I need it to be alive with no injuries. Can you do it?" Naruto asked her.

Coco thought it was an odd request, but nodded her head. She then took off looking like a white blur.

Naruto didn't have to wait long, a few seconds later Coco dumped a wood mouse into his hands. "Thanks, Coco. Go ahead and dispel yourself, I don't want this little guy getting scared." Naruto replied.

With Coco gone, Naruto sat on the forest floor and held the mouse in his hands. He closed his eyes and concentrated a small amount of chakra to his eyes. When he opened them, his eyes looked the same, but he was seeing things completely different. He had the kouingan activated and was going to try to learn how to use it. He was able to see almost through the mouse in his hands. It was as though mouse had its skin taken off and replaced by a plastic-like-wrap. Black vein like things covered the mouse's body. He had learned that these things were called nerves and with the kouingan he could touch them. Depending on how they were touched, it would bring about different reactions from the receiver of the touch.

Naruto summoned chakra into his left thumb and rubbed the back of the mouse's back. That was when Naruto's peaceful morning ended, as the mouse had started screaming. Naruto's eyes widened in horror; at what was happening. He gently tossed the mouse from his hands. As the mouse was in mid-air, its tiny heart exploded from pumping to fast. Its heart was pumping faster than it should have, causing it to simply burst. The small creature landed on the ground dead.

'Okay, new rule. This is to never be used on a human until I've done a lot of training with it.' Naruto thought to himself.

With the mouse dead, Naruto deactivated the Kouingan and went back to his apartment. He took a quick shower and had a light breakfast. As he was lounging about, a knock was heard at the door. Naruto opened the door to see Hinata standing in front of him.

"N-Naruto-kun, I need your help. It's an emergency." Hinata said breathlessly.

"What wrong, Hinata?" He asked her.

"It's the Hyuuga elders." She gasped out. She then continued saying, "They've decided to place the cage bird seal back on Neji-nii-san."

"Get back to your house and I'll meet you over there. I need to make a quick stop first." Naruto told her.

Not sure what Naruto was planning, Hinata ran back to the Hyuuga Clan Compound. When she arrived, Hinata snuck into the clan meeting room where the elders were arguing with some of the more promenade members.

"You can't do this." A tall female branch member yelled at the elders.

"Heklo-san, you are speaking to the elders; do remember that." A withered old man at the elder's table replied. The man then continued saying, "As for what we can do, if it involves the prestige of the clan we may do as we please." He then activated Heklo's seal which sent her to the ground screaming in agonizing pain. The pain would have continued, if it wasn't for the elder's concentration being broking at that moment by an object that was thrown at his head. The object burst as it hit him and splashed him with water. One of the great elder's of the Hyuuga clan had just been hit with a water balloon.

"Who threw that?" The wet elder yelled.

"I did." Came the reply from the entrance of the room. Everyone turned to see Naruto standing at the door.

"You?" An elder screamed. Then shouted, "Guards, remove him."

As two guards advanced upon him, Naruto stood waiting for them to get closer. Once they were to close to distance themselves, without getting hurt, Naruto blinked Kubikiri into his hand and held it at neck of one of the guards. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Naruto told the guards. The two of them decided that it would be best if they wisely backed off.

With the guards out of the way, Naruto spoke saying, "Sorry for arriving late to this little meeting you're having, but I had to pick up a few thing. First was that water balloon." He indicated to the wet elder. "Next was the guest of honor." Naruto had walked forward towards the center of the room with a bound and gagged Neji. "And finally, this." Naruto blinked a large stone next to him.

Naruto cast his eyes over the Hyuuga elders and said, "I understand that you would like to reseal him. Is this correct?"

The elders looked down at the bane of Konoha and began to nod their heads.

"Very well, I only ask one thing." Naruto said, before asking, "Who will do the sealing?"

"I will," replied the soaked elder.

"And your name is?" Naruto asked the old man

"Rotojo Hyuuga."

Naruto knelt in front of the stone and focused chakra into his right index finger. He then, began to carve into the stone. After a moment, Naruto looked back to the elder and asked, "Your date of birth?

"What does my date of birth have to do with this?" Rotojo demanded.

"I'm making your tombstone. For when you die, for trying to seal Neji." Naruto replied.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at what Naruto had just said. "You dare to threaten to kill me?" Rotojo yelled.

"No, of course not. You're going to commit suicide, when you try to seal Neji." Naruto explained.

"And how, would that make me commit suicide?" Rotojo asked.

"Because, you'll be over loaded by the backlash from the unsuccessful sealing and it will kill you." Naruto told him. The blond haired boy looked at the shocked expressions on the faces of the elders and said, "What? You didn't think that I wouldn't have prepared for this? Go ahead, do your worst you can to him." Naruto the untied Neji and walked over to the side and stood next to Hiashi.

Neji stood up and looked at the elders, waiting to see what they were going to do. Rotojo had sat back down and now the elders were talking in hushed whispers. "I wonder what she would say." Came the voice of Naruto from the side. Neji turned to see that Naruto had a photo in his hand.

"What would you wife say, Hiashi-san?" Naruto asked the man. "You've pushed one daughter away because she looks too much like her mother, trained the other one into the ground because she is the reason your wife died, avoided your nephew due to feeling responsible for your brother's death, and have let the elders take control of you precious clan." Naruto said to him; all the while not looking at him.

"Remember, just before the Chunin Exam finals, I said that if I won my match against Neji that I would make a request of you?" Naruto asked the man.

Hiashi gave the slightest of nods, acknowledging the boy's question.

"My request is this, take control of you clan once more and do what is right or you may find yourself absent a few branch members. I freed Neji and I can free the rest." Naruto said.

Naruto then turned and walked away, but not before hearing Hiashi say, "Neji go." Naruto inwardly smiled to himself. Maybe, just maybe, things were starting to change for the Hyuuga clan. Naruto rushed to his apartment and took a quick shower and got dressed for Temari's arrival.

Tsunade was pacing back and forth at the main gate of the village. 'Where is he? Where the hell is he?' She mentally asked herself. Everyone that needed to be here was here; even Kakashi was on time, much to everyone's shock. Everyone was there; everyone but Naruto that is and he was the one that needed to be there at the moment.

"Don't worry Hokage-sama. I'm sure Naruto will be here." Sakura said out loud; while thinking to herself, 'At least I hope he will be.'

"You mean me?" came a voice from behind them. The members of Team 7, along with Asuma, Kurenai, Gai, Tsunade, Shizune and Ton-ton all turned around to see Naruto walking towards them.

He was no longer wearing the simple orange pants and black t-shirt that he had bee wearing earlier. Naruto was now wearing black shinobi sandals, black pants, a metal chain belt with a cut out of the leaf insignia as a buckle, and a dark chainmail long-sleeve shirt. Over the chainmail Naruto had on a slightly dark orange trench coat jacket. On the right arm of the jacket, he had Zabuza's old forehead protector, with a new black cloth, tied around his bicep. On the left sleeve of the jacket, the kanji for 'kitsune' was stitched in. Strapped around Naruto waist was a large scroll. He also, had four smaller scrolls attached to his belt; two on each side. The hood on the jacket was up and, with the jacket being open; the necklace that Naruto had won off of Tsunade was visible.

"Where have you been?" Tsunade asked him.

"I was getting ready." Naruto replied with a shrug.

He walked forward and stood at Tsunade's left; as Shizune was standing on the woman's right, holding Ton-ton. Behind them stood Team 7, Gai, Kurenai, and Asuma.

"Here they come." Naruto said as he looked down the road and saw 6 people approaching. In front was, who Naruto assumed, was the jounin sensei to the Suna Siblings. Behind him were the siblings themselves. Bringing up the rear were two jounin escorts.

As everyone watched them come closer, Naruto started to get a little nervous in his stomach. Never once, has he ever thought that he wouldn't be Hokage, but he always thought that he would be alone when he got there.

As the six Suna shinobi entered into the village, Tsunade walked forward and said, "I am Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure. I welcome you to our village."

The sand siblings were surprised to see that the new Hokage was so young looking for a woman that was rumored to be in her 50s'. At least two of them were, Gaara didn't seem to care.

Naruto walked forward to Temari and said, while bowing, "I welcome you to my home and offer you safety."

Temari was impressed; she hadn't expected such a formal Suna greeting, which was normally used for visiting leaders. She returned the bow and said, "I am thankful and honored for your hospitality."

Naruto smiled at Temari, he then summoned two kage bunshins and blinked a wooden box into his hands and into his clone's hands. Making it a total of three boxes; each one of them being a different size. The one Naruto was holding was the largest. The clone on his right was holding a much smaller box in height. Width wise is was the widest. The clone on Naruto's left was holding a box only slightly smaller than the one Naruto was holding.

"What's with the boxes?" Whispered Sakura to Sasuke as they watched the proceedings with interest.

"In Suna, it is custom to present the bride's family with gifts, from the groom's family." Kurenai answered from behind them. Everyone looked on with interest to see what Naruto had picked as gifts.

Temari looked at the box and then at Naruto. "Thank you." She said as she opened the box. Inside the box she found a medium size scroll about the size of her arm. Temari looked to see that the title 'Weapons' was written on the side. Okay, so maybe he wasn't expecting her to be some fragile housewife. She took the scroll out of the box and inspected it, before looking back at Naruto.

Naruto stepped back and blinked a table in between them. "Would you like to see them?" Naruto asked her.

Temari nodded her head as she placed the scroll on the table and unrolled it. She saw that there were seven large seals and a few smaller seals, with markings in the center of each to indicate that something was sealed in each of them. Temari summoned chakra into her hand and ran her hand over the seven large seals.

When the smoke cleared from the unsealing, Temari saw that it was seven battle fans like her own iron battle fan. She picked up the right most fan and realized that it was much heavier than her fan. When Temari opened it she saw why it was heavier. Even though her fan was called an, iron battle fan, it was only iron at the end points the fan. The inside was chakra conducting wood. This one was completely made of iron with chakra conducting metal! This was a war fan. The chakra conducting metal for weapons was very expensive. Most weapons that used the metal were small. The largest was supposed to be a tanto that was made with the metal. Only once before had she seen a fan that was made completely out of iron and it had been half the size of her own. This one was about seven inches longer than her fan.

"Are the other fans, made out of iron as well?" Temari asked him.

"Yes. Is that alright with you? I'm not a fan user and I remembered that you used a fan in your fights, so I thought that these would make an appropriate gift to give you." Naruto replied.

Temari's eyes widened, none of the wind user's in Suna had weapons of such a high caliber and here she was having just been given seven war fans! "I accept the gift most generously." She replied as she resealed them. Temari then looked at Naruto and asked, "If I may ask, how did you come across such rare weapons?"

"They are part of the Uzumaki family vault." Naruto replied.

This statement had the jounins raising their eyebrows as well as Tsunade.

The right Naruto clone stepped forward and presented Kankuro with the box in his box. The puppet-nin accepted the box with a thanks. Kankuro opened the box to see two large vials and a smaller one between them. "What are these?" Kankuro asked Naruto.

"I read that puppet users often use poisons in there weapons, so I was able to get some poisons for you. Ironically, each of those comes from Orochimaru's snake summons. The one in the middle was taken from Manda the summoning boss for the snakes." Naruto replied.

Kankuro raised his eyebrows at that. With these poisons he'd be able to make his puppets much more deadly. The poison from Manda was indeed a welcomed gift, as no one had ever been able to have the chance to use the snake boss summon's poison before. This would be quite an advantage for him in a fight.

"Also, I read that puppet users often use dead bodies for there puppets. Is this true?" Naruto asked Kankuro.

"Yes, that does happen. Why?" Kankuro replied.

"I was able to come across an interesting body and was wondering if you would be able to use it. Originally, I was going to study it, but this just seemed better. It's an animal, if that is acceptable." Naruto explained.

Kankuro nodded his head. Animals weren't often used, but one could turn and animals body into a puppet. Most puppet-nins simply made their own puppets to use in a fight.

Naruto unhooked one of the scrolls on his right. He placed it on the ground and unrolled it. He then summoned chakra into his hand and swipped his hand over the seal. The resulting poof was extremely loud and the smoke was immense.

As the smoke cleared, everyone looked to see that the animal was a very large snake. The snake was one of Orochimaru's snake summons, that had drowned in the swamp that Jiraiya had made nearly two weeks ago. The snake was being held up by a large pole with a fork at the top supporting the head.

Kankuro stared in awe at the animal. 'That thing is freaking huge.' He thought to himself.

"So, can you use it?" Naruto asked him.

"It'll do." The puppet-nin replied.

Naruto resealed the dead summon and handed the scroll to Kankuro, who accepted it with a thanks.

It was now the left clone's turn to present Gaara with the box in its hands. Everyone waited with baited breath; how would Gaara react to the shinobi that had beaten him?

Gaara accepted the box without a word. Silently, he opened the lead and stared at the contents in the box. With a slightly puzzled expression on his face, Gaara picked up the object in the box and lifted it up. "What is this?" Gaara asked holding a whitish looking rock.

"These are uncut diamonds, that I had lying around." Naruto replied, informing Gaara of what the rock in his hand was. As well as, the 99 others still in the box.

All of the shinobi around them widened their eyes at this statement. "How do you just have diamonds, lying around?" Shizune asked aloud. Several of the others where wanting to know as well.

"I have them because they're kept in the Uzumaki Vault." Naruto replied to her.

"I didn't ask before, but just what is this Uzumaki Vault?" Tsunade asked.

"The Uzumaki Vault is where everything valuable, materialistically wise, is stored by the Uzumaki family for the Uzumaki family." Naruto told her. Which got Temari to wondering; just what was stored in this vault.

"What are the contents of this vault?" Tsunade asked.

"I'm not really sure. I've spent sometime looking through it, but there is still a lot to sort through." Naruto replied.

"I want to see this vault when you have a chance to show it to me." Tsunade told the blond haired boy.

"Certainly," Naruto then closed his eyes and began to concentrate for a moment.

There was a sudden flash of light, forcing everyone to shield their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, oh what a sight did they see. Gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, all around them were precious metals, rare stones, jewelry, and so much more.

"W-what is all of this?" Temari asked, ankle deep in emeralds.

"Baa-chan said she wanted to see what I had in the vault. Well, this is it." Naruto told her.

"How did you get all of this?" Tsunade asked with great wonder. There had to be ten times the amount her dept was, here in theses metals, stones, and jewelry.

"It was inherited, so to speak." Naruto told her.

The jounin looked on in awe; there was so much of the gems and jewelry that it was unfathomable. Sakura's eyes had gone nearly as wide as dinner plates. Sasuke stared on with annoyance written on his face.

Temari bent down and picked up an emerald by her ankle. The green gem was about the size smoke bomb and was probably worth enough money to pay for a couple of A-rank missions and still have a bit left over. Now, Temari had never been what one would call a 'girly girly', she was happy with her kunoichi lifestyle. However, even a small part of her had to admit; that she was feeling slightly giddy being surrounded by all this treasure.

Naruto closed his eyes and blinked all of the treasure away, sending it all back to the pocket storage dimension he had started to call the, Uzumaki family vault.

Gaara looked at Naruto and said, "I do not understand this gift," revering to the box in his hands.

"Diamonds are the hardest of the minerals. So, when you grind them into dust and add them with your sand, your defense will be even stronger." Naruto explained.

"I see. Thank you, Uzumaki-san." Gaara replied as he placed the diamond back into the box.

Everyone, except the Suna siblings and Tsunade, were looking wide-eyed at what Naruto had done. Wither it was intentional or not, Naruto had just given the Suna siblings the tools to become even stronger then they currently were.

Gaara approached Naruto and said, "Uzumaki-san last time I was here, you said something that has stuck with me and I want to know more about it."

"Please, just call me Naruto, Gaara. Do you want to know more about what I said after are fight?" Naruto asked.

"No, that's not it Naruto-san." Gaara answered. The young red-haired boy stared at Naruto for a moment before asking, "What does 'gay' mean? During your fight with the dog-shinobi, you said that the Uchiha was gay and that he had been staring at me."

Everyone in the vicinity heard Gaara's question and face faulted at his question. The boy was known for slaughtering people, at least before his change, and the biggest thing on his mind was what the word gay meant?

"Oh, that's no problem." Naruto replied. He then leaned over and whispered into Gaara's ear.

When Naruto finished his explanation, Gaara looked at Sasuke then turned his gaze back to Naruto and asked, "Can I kill him?"

This caused everyone to tense, at hearing Gaara's words.

"Sadly no, you may not Gaara." Naruto replied. "He's my friend, even if he is a uke-teme." Naruto explained.

The moment was quickly ruined by a voice behind Naruto yelling, "How many times do I have to tell you dobe? I'm not fucking gay."

Naruto turned around and shouted back at Sasuke saying, "Oh yeah? Well, for a guy who wants to revive his clan you sure are doing a crappy job of it by ignoring the girls that have an interest in you. It would be nice to see you talk to a girl when it doesn't have anything to do with shinobi duties or we're at a restaurant and our server happens to be female. That's all I'm saying."

"Shut up dobe." Sasuke shot back.

"How about you make me, teme." Naruto retorted.

Tsunade sighed to herself. 'So much for this going without an incident occurring.' The busty Hokage thought to herself. She dug around in her robes until she discovered that she did have something small in them. Turned out it was an eraser. She threw it at Sasuke's forehead, while bobbing Naruto on the head. "Will the two of you shut up?" She yelled.

Temari and Kankuro took a step back at the display of the woman's temper.

Naruto stood up from the hit and shot Tsunade a small glare. He then turned back to Temari and her brothers. Gaara stared at Naruto with his emotionless eyes for a moment before speaking. "Naruto, will you protect my sister as you protect your precious people?" the Suna jinchuuriki asked the Konoha jinchuuriki.

Naruto was slightly taken aback by Gaara's question. He blinked his eyes in surprise and said, "Yes, I promise and I never break a promise."

"Good. Then I have no reason to kill you." Gaara replied.

"Why would you kill me?" Naruto asked him.

"My sister is important to me. If it was anyone but you she was marring, I would be very opposed to this marriage." Gaara explained.

"Okayyy." Naruto said, nodding his head slightly at what Gaara had said.

"Have any of you had lunch yet?" Tsunade asked, addressing the Suna shinobi. When they answered no, Tsunade said, "Alright, let's get something to eat then, before Naruto shows Temari to her new house. I found this great place the other day called, Carmela. It's by the Fox Fang weapons shop."

Naruto was surprised when he heard the name of the restaurant Tsunade mentioned; because he owned that restaurant. He turned back to the Sand siblings and said, "Do you want to carry the boxes with you or do you want me to store them?"

The three siblings thought about it for a moment before deciding to have Naruto put away the gifts that he gave them.

After blinking the gifts to the new house, Naruto turned to Temari and asked, "May I be allowed to hold your hand?"

Temari had to admit to herself, she was slightly impressed. At least, he wasn't automatically assuming that he could have his way around her. Because of this, she allowed Naruto to hold her hand as everyone walked to the restaurant.

As they walked to Carmela, Naruto decided to get to know his bride better. "So, what exactly do you do?" Naruto asked her.

"I'm a long range, ninjutsu fighter. I fight by strategically outsmarting my opponent and using my wind element chakra." Temari answered.

"Wind element chakra? What's that?" Naruto questioned aloud. The book that he had read about on chakra, only covered the discovery of chakra, its change in history, and uses for it. It never talked about elements being part of the chakra.

"Wind element chakra, is one of the five basic elements along with earth, fire, water, and lightning. Every shinobi has at least one. Sometimes they have two, but rarely do they ever have three." Tsunade answered. She then looked at Naruto and asked, "How is it, that you don't know what element chakra is? You should already be learning about it. The other genins are, from what I've heard."

This caught both Naruto and Sakura's attention. The two young members of Team 7 looked at the jounin senseis of their classmates, who nodded their heads. Then two then turned to Kakashi with a rather deadly glare in their eyes.

"Kakashi-sensei…WHY HAVEN'T YOU TAUGHT ELEMENTAL CHAKRA TO US?" Sakura yelled at the silver-haired jounin.

"Um… I forgot?" Kakashi replied, hoping they bought it.

"Hey Sasuke, why aren't you mad?" Naruto asked the avenger, seeing that he wasn't reacting. "Learning your element could help you get stronger."

"Kakashi-sensei already showed me my element. My affinity is with lightning, with a secondary for fire." Sasuke replied to Naruto.

Kakashi suddenly felt a chill run down his spine, as he felt two powerful killing intents directed towards him. Slowly, he looked over to see both Sakura and Naruto glaring heavily at him. Sakura had fire in her eyes, where as Naruto's eyes had an over whelming sense of death.

"You forgot; my ass." Sakura muttered out.

"Um…, would you like to learn what your element affinity is?" Kakashi asked them, while everyone else looked on with shock and interest.

Tsunade was surprised that genin weren't required to know their element affinity before graduating. When she was graduating from the academy it was one of the primary things to know before passing.

Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai were shocked that the great Kakashi hadn't taught his students something so basic. Their own students had known their elements before going into the chunin exam.

"What was your first clue?" Naruto replied to his sensei's question.

Rather than say anything, Kakashi just handed both Sakura and Naruto a small 3x3 inch square slip of paper. "Focus your chakra into the paper. How the paper reacts will reveal your element. If the paper crinkles, you will have lightning. If it gets wet, then you've got water. If it becomes burnt at the ends, then you've got fire. It will split in have for wind and turn to dust for earth." Kakashi said, naming what elements affected the paper in which way.

Sakura took the piece of paper in her hand and began to focus her chakra into the paper. She watched as the paper began to crumble away into dust, revealing her earth affinity. 'Never would have pictured myself as a kunoichi with an earth affinity.' She thought to herself as she looked over to see what Naruto's element would be.

Naruto held the paper in his hand and closed his eyes, focusing his chakra into the paper. He felt something happen and the paper got wet. He opened his eyes to see that the paper had been cut cleanly in half, but it was soaking wet. 'What the heck?' Naruto thought to himself, not knowing what to make of it.

"That's interesting," commented Tsunade, who had watched what happened along with everyone else. "It seems you have an affinity for wind with a rather high second affinity for water." She continued. 'Well, this is an odd turn of things. The brat has to two rarest element affinities in Konoha.' Tsunade thought to herself.

'Must be from Haku's bloodline.' Naruto thought to himself. 'Wind is most likely my own affinity since it appeared first. Now, the questions are is water my own second affinity or do I have third affinity? And, were can I learn wind and water based jutsus? It's no wonder I haven't been able to use any ice based jutsus yet,' he reasoned.

"With your affinity for wind you will be able to learn how to use wind enhanced chakra from Temari." Tsunade stated.

Naruto quickly stole a glace at Temari's face and saw that her eyebrows had arched ever so slightly in surprise.

The group of shinobi continued walking to the restaurant in relative silence. Within a few minutes they had arrived at the entrance of Carmela and were walking in.

"Welcome to Carmela. How many- Oh Naruto-sama! We didn't know you were coming in today." The hostess said as she saw Naruto entering the restaurant. "Are you here for the books?"

"Afternoon Chloe," Naruto replied to the hostess. Chloe was a young girl at 18; with an average height and a slim build. She had purple hair and green eyes. "I wasn't planning on coming in today, but Baa-chan wanted us to have lunch here. However, go ahead and get me the books anyway, alright?"

"Of course, Naruto-sama."

"Good. Now, I need a table for fifteen."

As Chloe went to look for a large enough table, several of the Konoha shinobi were wondering why Naruto was being titled with '–sama'.

Chloe returned a moment later and said, "I'm sorry Naruto-sama, but we only have a table for thirteen and a booth for two free."

Before Naruto could say anything, Tsunade replied, saying, "That's okay. We'll take the table and Naruto and Temari can take the booth."

"The booth is on the other side of the restaurant." Chloe replied meekly to the Hokage.

This had gotten Tsunade's attention. She had wanted the two close by to observe how they interacted. Unfortunately, she wouldn't get her chance as Naruto spoke up saying, "Not a problem. Go ahead and show them to the table."

The others followed Chloe a she led them into the back of dining area of the restaurant. The table was pushed up against the wall; allowing six to sit on each side and one on the end. Tsunade sat on the end with Shizune on her right, with Ton-ton sitting between them on the table. After Shizune, came Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, Asuma, and ended with Kurenai sitting next to the wall.

Baki sat on Tsunade's left. After him, was Gaara, Kankuro, Then the two Suna jounin escorts, and ended with Gai sitting next to the wall.

After taking everyone's drink order, Chloe was about to leave, but Tsunade stopped her. "Why do you address Naruto as '-sama'?" The Fifth asked her.

"Because, he owns the restaurant." Chloe explained as though it was the most obvious thing in Konoha.

After being escorted by Chloe to a small, but comfortable booth for two, close to the front of the restaurant, Naruto and Temari sat across from each other and looked everywhere but at each other. Once the drinks arrived, Naruto decided that the silence between them need to be broken.

"So, how are you feeling?" Naruto asked, as she was the one that was having to leave her home.

"Not good." Temari replied honestly. "I'm being removed from my home and being sent to the village that was attacked and forced into a political marriage to someone I barely know. No offence."

"None taken."

"I will not be apart of my brother's lives anymore and just when we were starting to repair our relationship with each other. Also, I may have lost my best friend, due to marrying you."

"Oh? Did he want to marry you?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Actually, it's her. She was wanting a shot at having a relationship with you." Temari said, correcting him.

Naruto was slightly surprised by this and asked, "Her name wouldn't happen to be, Karui, would it?"

"You remember her from the hot springs?" Temari asked, slightly impressed that he would remember someone that he had only met for roughly 5 minutes, a little over a month ago.

"Well, there's that and this letter she sent me." Naruto explained, and he dug into his pockets. As he handed the letter to Temari, Naruto said, "I received this, just the other day."

Temari took the letter and started reading it. When she finished, Temari had a small blush on her face. "Karui is an out spoken person, but she means well. She's a good friend; who I'm very close to." Temari said, recalling just how close she and Karui were.

Flashback no Jutsu

2 Days before the Chunin Exam Finals

(A/N: Lemon warning)

Temari and Karui sat silently in the hot springs. The blond haired shinobi known as Naruto had just left and quickly chasing after him where the two fan girls known as Ino and Sakura.

"Too bad Naruto had to leave." Karui said with a sigh. As she leaned forward, her towel opened completely, having already been rumbled from when she jumped onto Naruto, and fell off into the water.

"Why? Were you hoping to jump him again or maybe that he'd jump you?" Temari asked with a slight grin.

"N-no!" Karui said, blushing as she did so.

Temari leaned over towards her friend and wrapped her arm around Karui's back. Grabbing Karui's exposed breasts and rubbing her fingers over the girl's hardening nipples, Temari said, "Your mouth says no, but your tits say yes."

"Okay, fine." Karui replied, moaning a little at the attention her sensitive breasts were receiving. "He was here, we were here, and all of us were naked. It was the perfect chance for us to both have sex with him, before one of us got him in a relation ship."

Temari pulled Karui onto her lap, softly kissing the back of her neck and asked, "You wanted your first time to be outside?"

"Well, no. But, I wanted both of us to have a shot at him." Karui moaned out as her nipples were pinched. "I figured we could share him before getting him."

"How about this, first one to get a chance with him will share him with the other?" Temari asked, as she lowered her hand down into the water and rested it in between Karui's silky smooth legs.

"Sounds good to me." Karui replied. She then let out a pleasurable moan as Temari pushed two over her fingers into Karui's submerged womanhood.

Karui lifted up her left arm and gripped the back of Temari's head. Grabbing a fist full of sandy blond hair, as pleasure coursed through out her body. Carefully, Karui placed her feet on Temari's knees and pushed herself up.

"You like that, you naughty girl?" Temari whispered huskily into Karui's ear, as she increased the speed and force of her thrusting.

"Y-yes," Karui gasped out. She then gave a strained yell of pleasure as she reached her climax. With a shutter, her juices shot out; squirting far across the hot springs.

With the afterglow of pleasure leaving, Karui's muscles relaxed; the lower half of her body submerged back into the water.

"Nice squirt. Did you enjoy yourself?" Temari asked her friend.

Karui turned her head back to face her friend and said, "Yeah." She then leaned forward lightly kissing the Suna kunoichi on the lips, before breaking it and saying, "Arigato, Temari-chan."

"Do itashimashite, Karui-chan." Temari replied, before she leaned forward and captured her friend's lips in her own once more.

The two girls kissed for several more minutes, before getting up and leaving; as Karui needed to pack her belongings as she would be leaving the next morning.

(A/N: Lemon end)

End Flashback no Jutsu

"When I was told that I would be in this political marriage, I immediately wrote to Karui and told her about it. I also told her, that she should try and start a relationship with you. All the while, I was unaware that you were the one that the council had picked to be my husband. When they finally did tell me, I sent another letter to Karui telling her that I would be marrying you. I've yet to receive a reply from her, but I hope that she'll be sending me one soon." Temari explained to Naruto.

"So, what do you feel should be done?" Naruto asked.

"I think you should respond and see what develops. Neither one of us is being giving a choice, so I think a small bit of freedom should be allowed while it can for you. Especially, if someone's showing interest in you. No one's ever shown interest in me, so I don't have anyone wanting to date me." Temari explained.

"I see." Naruto replied. He took a quick sip of his water before saying, "Really? No one's shown an interest in you that way? You're an exceptionally beautiful woman, so I thought someone would be dating you."

Temari blushed slightly, at Naruto's comment. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Naruto replied. He then continued saying, "Though, I doubt you'll find much love in Konoha at the moment."

"I'm well aware of that." Temari replied testily. She wasn't stupid enough to think that she'd be welcomed with open arms into Konoha.

"I don't think you are." Naruto told her. "I can't tell you the reasons yet, but the people of Konoha will hate you simply because you're going to be connected to me. Several of the shops won't allow you into their stores. And the ones that do will over charge you. Food venders will refuse to sell anything, but the stuff that's expired. The worst will be the crowds of people. If enough of them are drunk and together, they will attack you."

Temari grimaced at what Naruto was telling her. She knew things were going to be bad, but not this bad.

"However, I was able to get some things changed." Naruto said. "As you may or may not be aware, I'm able to gain multiple bloodlines; how I do this will be explained later. I plan to put two of them into you." Naruto explained.

"Why and which ones?" Temari asked, curious at the thought of having two bloodlines.

"The first one is Omoide no Miru. I picked this one, because a new law has recently gone into effect here in Konoha. It basically states that should anyone assault us, weather it's verbal or physical, we are allowed to handle the situation anyway we see fit; which includes permanent solutions. The second one is Utsusu. This is so that you'll be able to access the Uzumaki Vault. It would unwise for us to put our money in a bank, because they would most likely lose our money. Plus, Utsusu is a great help in a fight." Naruto told her.

"So, how do you plan to make it so that I'll have these bloodlines?" Temari asked.

"I've found away to separate the strands of D.N.A. that hold the bloodline and transfer then to others. The downside is that its extremely painful."

"Interesting," Temari said, as the waiter walked over to them. After giving their orders, she looked back at Naruto and asked, "Is this transferring of bloodlines what you were talking about when you said, that you do questionable work?"

"Well this is part of it. As for the real questionable work, that will have to wait for me to tell you; since, I don't have permission at the moment." Naruto answered.

This had Temari mentally raising her eyebrows. "So, any idea where we're going after lunch?" She asked him.

"Well, I thought after lunch we could go by the house. Tsunade will probably want you to stop by her office sometime today for your papers. Then, we'll have to go to the administration's office."

Temari nodded her head at what Naruto was saying, before deciding to chance the subject by asking, "You know what I can do. So, what can you do?"

"I'm a close to mid-range fighter. I fight by overwhelming my opponents with kage bunshin and then striking them down. I also have several weapons that I use. Among them are Kubikiri Hocho, Raijin no Ken, and The Immortals. Utsusu is also helpful in a fight for calling weapons to myself, however the more intense the fight or larger the object the harder it is to blink it where I want it to go. Now that I know what my chakra element affinity is, I'll soon start training in Futon and Suiton techniques." Naruto explained.

"Impressive," Temari remarked upon hearing about his fighting skill. "I can't help you with water chakra, but if you want I can help train you in wind chakra."

"Thank you." Naruto replied.

Soon their meals arrived and the two ate in respectable silence. The two young genin enjoyed their meals while listening to the simple sounds of everyday life going on around them.

Once they were finished eating Naruto turned to her and asked, "Would you like to go and drop your stuff off at the house?"

"Yes, I would like that very much," replied Temari. "But, shouldn't we wait for the others?"

"There really is no need." Naruto told her as he stood up.

The two genin made their was out of the restaurant, as Naruto sent a clone over to Tsunade's table to inform her that they had left the restaurant and would meet her in her office later.

Naruto and Temari walked in silence, a little ways away from the restaurant, as they came towards the passageway of a large stone wall.

"Well, here's the front gate of the house," spoke up Naruto.

"So, this is ours?" Temari asked him.

"Yeah, as you can see there's no clan symbol, yet. Once we talk about the design of our clan, I'll put one up. I built the wall up, because I'm not really sure how people would react. There's the whole thing about you being from Suna that people aren't going to like. Plus, there's the foxes on the property, too." Naruto told her as they walked through the passageway.

"Foxes? Why would foxes be a problem?"

"After the Kyuubi attack, thirteen years ago, people here really don't like foxes anymore. But, I think they're alright," answered Naruto.

"If we've got foxes on the property, just how much land do we have?" Temari asked, as foxes were known to enjoy spacious areas.

"We have nine acres of land."

"Why do we have so much land?" Temari asked stumped by the amount of land they own.

"It's actually not that much. The Uchiha clan has only one member and they have an entire district. The Nara clan is also a small clan, but they've got nearly twenty acres of land. Besides, I thought we could use the privacy. It'll take the citizens of Konoha a while to accept you, so I thought it would be nice if our home was away from all of the hate."

Temari could see Naruto's point about having their home out of sight for a while; still she had no idea that the clans of Konoha owned so much land.

"Come on," spoke up Naruto. "It'll be faster if we run through the trees."

The young shinobi ran quickly through the bending and twisting branches of the trees around them. After a minute of running, Naruto jumped out of the trees with Temari hot on his heels. She landed on the ground and looked over at Naruto, to see he had stopped.

"This is it," he said as he nodded his head forward. "Welcome to the Uzumaki clan house."

Temari turned her gaze to where Naruto was looking and gasped in shock. 'This isn't a house. It's a fucking mansion,' the blond female thought to herself. She turned her gaze back to Naruto; arching an eyebrow at him questioningly.

"Yeahhh, I kind of went overboard in building the house," Naruto remarked; starching the back of his head.

"You think?"

The two slowly walked into the house, so that Temari could explore her new house.

After hearing that Naruto and their sister had left, Gaara and Kankuro had decided to explore around the city. Baki and the other Suna jounin had gone ahead and gotten a few rooms at a nearby hotel for the next couple of days. The young Suna genin brothers had decided to split up, as Kankuro wanted to look for some weapons and types of woods for his puppets; while Gaara, just wanted to wonder around the village, without stopping at several shops.

Currently, the youngest Suna sibling found himself wondering around Konoha's hospital district. Gaara had started wondering around the village when Kankuro had left to go shopping; and the young redhead showed no signs of stopping. While Gaara was walking, he was also thinking about what Naruto had said to him and thinking back on his life. True, Gaara had felt alive when he killed those people, but it was such a fleeting feeling; it was small and quick. Was it even worth it, to call it a feeling? The more Gaara thought on it, the more he realized that it wasn't truly an existence. So now, his question to himself was this; would he try Naruto's way of existence?

Gaara was pulled from his thoughts as he noticed someone walking down the street. Normally, Gaara would never take notice of a person doing such a simple thing as walking, but this person was different as he was walking with a crutch. This person was wearing a green spandex suit with an orange leg warmer on their good leg. Gaara knew who this person was; his name was Rock Lee and Gaara had nearly killed him.

Feeling a pair of eyes on him, Lee looked up from the spot that he had been staring at and was greeted with the sight of seeing the Suna nin, who had for all practical reasons ended his shinobi career, walking towards him. The young taijutsu user would be lying to his self, if he tried to tell himself he wasn't afraid. The cold hard truth was; Rock Lee was scared. Sure, he knew about the coming peace treaty with Naruto and Temari's wedding. But, whoever said Gaara was going to follow it?

He took note as the younger genin stopped a few feet from him, but not within arm's reach. For what seemed like an eternity they both just stared at each other. Finally, Gaara broke the silence by doing something that was completely unexpected of him.

Gaara bowed deeply at the waist and said, in his gravelly voice, "I am sorry for what I have done to you, Rock Lee of Konoha."

Of all the actions that could have been taken, of all the words that could have been spoken; Lee would have never guessed that Gaara would have done what he just did. A small smile formed on Lee's face; as he remembered Gai-sensei telling him that one of the greatest showings of the Flames of Youth, was when a shinobi could admit they had done something wrong to another and apologize for it.

"You are forgiven, Gaara of Suna," Lee replied.

Gaara raised his head and looked at the boy he had nearly killed and wondered why. Why was he forgiving him? Hadn't he ruined his life? "Why are you forgiving me?" Gaara asked Lee.

"Gai-sensei once said that as shinobi it is very easy for us to ruin and destroy. However, it is difficult for us to admit when we have done something wrong and ask for forgiveness of it," Lee explained to the confused Suna genin.

With everything that had happened in his life and everything that he had done, Gaara was surprised that someone was willing to forgive him for what he had done to them.

"You are one of the strongest fighters that I have ever fought against and I look forward to fighting you again," Lee commented.


"Tsunade-sama has been looking into my condition and is working on a treatment to return me to active duty," Lee explained. Of course, he left out the fact that she hadn't finished her research yet.

"That sounds nice," Gaara said to Lee. Maybe things were starting to look up for him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the village Kankuro was finishing up his shopping.

'Okay, I've been able to get some new parts and weapons for my puppets. Now, let's see about getting some weapons for me. I was caught to easily by that Shino kid,' Kankuro thought to himself.

'This store looks like a good one.' Thought Kankuro as he looked at a simple two story weapons shop, that's sign read 'Taku Family Weapons'. As he made to open the door, Kankuro stopped as he heard the sounds of grunts from an intense workout coming from behind the building.

Walking around the building, Kankuro saw a familiar looking girl with dark brown hair in buns in the midst of throwing weapons at different targets.

'That's the girl who lost to Temari,' Kankuro suddenly recalled. 'She's pretty good. Shame she had to go up against nii-san. No one beats her but Gaara.'

With a yell, Ten-ten threw the last of her senbon needles at the paper targets on the wooden posts. 'I still don't get it. How could I have lost to that… that bitch?' Ten-ten asked herself.

The young kunoichi of Team Gai was brought out of her thinking as she heard the sound of clapping coming behind her. Ten-ten spun around to see a guy roughly her age, wearing a black jumpsuit leaning against the back of her family's weapon shop.

"Who are you?" She question.

"I'm Kankuro," replied the guy. "You may know me better as the younger brother of the girl who beat you in the Chunin Exams."

Ten-ten's eyes widened in surprise. "What are you doing here in Konoha then?" She questioned him.

"My sister was the one they picked to be the bride for this political marriage," replied Kankuro.

Upon hearing that Temari would be staying in the village, Ten-ten's heart stopped. 'She's here. Right here in this village. I have to know how to beat her,' the weapons kunoichi thought to herself.

Noticing the look on the girl's face, Kankuro spoke saying, "I know what you're planning and it won't work."

"What? What am I planning?" Ten-ten asked as she snapped out of her thinking.

"Your planning to figure out what makes my sister a better fighter than you. You're then going to take advantage of any weaknesses she has and challenge her to a fight. But, it won't work. You're a throwing weapons specialist and nee-san is a wind chakra user. No matter what you throw, she'll just blow it away."

"And I suppose you could do better?" Ten-ten questioned, in a slightly challenging tone.

"I might be able to. However, I don't have my puppets with me," replied Kankuro. (A/N: He left them at the hotel.)

"Sound's to me like someone's scared."

"Alright then, when they announce the date for Temari-nee-san's wedding I'll be coming to attend. We can have a spar then."

"Fine. You're on."

Nodding his head, Kankuro turned and walked away. It wasn't until he was halfway back to the hotel that he realized that he didn't do the shopping he wanted to do at the weapons store.

"This is our house?" Temari asked her fiancé once more.

"Yes, this little abode is all ours," Naruto replied.

"Little abode? Naruto this place is bigger than the Kazekage Mansion in Suna," proclaimed Temari.

"Oh, it is? Well, when I started building I just couldn't seem to stop." Naruto commented. "Come on, I'll now show you to your room."

Naruto lead Temari though the mansion up to the third floor where their rooms were. "Here's your room Temari. Mine is down the hall." Said Naruto as he gestured to each room.

"Thank you. I'd like to take a rest a moment before we go to see the Hokage."

"Sure. I'll be in my room if you need me," replied Naruto as he walked down the hall to his room.

Upon entering his room, Naruto closed his door and sat on his bed. Closing his eyes in concentration, he began to focus chakra to his eyes. 'Byakugan!' Naruto mentally shouted.

Using his now 360 degree vision, Naruto did his best to concentrate on the row of trees planted behind the mansion. 'Okay, so far so good…' Naruto began to think to himself. A few seconds later, Naruto began to feel a starting of a major headache building. His vision began to o fuzzy.

'Damn it. This isn't good. I still can't get past a minute with out this bloodline starting to cause pain," Naruto cried mentally as the pain built more and more.

Soon enough he was on his knees, from the pain. "K-kai!" Naruto said, releasing the Byakugan. Naruto stayed on his ands and knees as the room slowly began to stop spinning. He could feel a warm substance running down his cheeks. Already knowing that it was his blood, Naruto began to focus on closing the cuts. Breathing heavily for a moment, Naruto's stomach then clenched as he threw up; spilling his lunch on the carpet.

'I've got to talk with Hinata or Neji soon. This bloodline is going to be the death of me,' Naruto thought wearily as he made his way to the bathroom to clean up. No need to let Temari know about this just yet.

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