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Fable of An Eagle

Year 2012

Renia. That's my name, and it means rebirth. Renia Nicole Emilios, 15 years old. I was told by my mother that I am a descendant of a well-known Italian nobleman from the 1400s. Unfortunately, we don't have enough proof of my lineage to be given the treasures and property of the Auditore family. My ancestor is Ezio Auditore de Firenze and no, I'm not from Florence, Italy. It appears not much is known about my ancestor. All I know is that he was a nobleman, but then something happened and he became an assassin for an unknown reason. Hmph, what an amazing and knowledgeable ancestry I have. I sigh as I sit on my family's front lawn and fall back to lay in the grass, relaxed. I close my eyes. Memorial Day vacation has never been so great.

"Renia!" I open one eye before looking to the front door. It opens and out steps my mother, clad in a green long-sleeved shirt and faded blue jeans. Her shoulder length, dirty blonde hair bobbed up and down as she walked onto the porch. Blue eyes focused on my green ones. She crosses her arms and sighs. "Renia, I've been looking all over for you." I raise an eyebrow and sit up before turning around to face her.

"What is it?"

"Taylor just called. She wants to talk with you." My eyes light up. Taylor is one of the few friends I have. When she's not around I just hang by myself. I stand up and bend over brush off the grass on my jeans. After that I stand up straight and nod to my mom.

"Alright, I got it. Thanks, Mom." She nods and I follow her into the house, making sure to close the door behind me. I walk forward and begin to ascend the stairway that leads to the second floor, where my room and my dad's old study reside. My dad left Mom and I when I was 4 years old. The only thing I remember about him is seeing him locked up in his study, reading and writing all the time.

I reach the top and begin to walk down the hallway to the left. The only door in that hallway is the one on the very end, which is my room. Dad's study room is the last door in the hallway to left, and his is the only door in that hallway as well. The bathroom is in front of the staircase. I stop at my door and open it, before stepping in and closing it behind me. I stand in silence for a couple minutes, then I sigh and lean back against the door.

My room is a bit of a mess. There are a few shirts and pants left on the floor, even papers and books because I like to do my work on the wooden floor of my room. My closet is in the right wall of my room, and a small mirror is hanging right next to it. My twin-sized bed is against the left wall and is in the very corner, and there's a nightstand right beside it with a lamp and alarm clock. There's a window in the far wall, and below it is my desk, piled with papers, drawings, pencils, and books. I'm kind of a mix between an artist and a writer. There's a light on the ceiling, and the switch is next to the door.

I look down at the phone in my hand, and begin to dial Rebecca's cellphone number. As it begins to ring, I decide to head over to my bed. I lay down on my bed back-first, and wait for Taylor to answer. After a few rings, I hear a click.

"Hello?" a cheery voice greets. I smile and respond,

"Hey, Taylor." I can sense the smile on her face.

"Oh hi, Renia! I'm so glad you called back!" I nod with a chuckle before blinking my eyes questioningly.

"Yeah, so what's up?" She laughs.

"Well~Guess who I saw at the mall today?" I deadpan in silence, and Taylor continues. "I saw David!" she practically squealed. "We talked and you know what he said?" I roll my eyes with a smirk.

"Do tell."

"He asked me if you like flowers!" An even louder squeal greets my ears. I arch an eyebrow.

"And how is this significant?" She sighs.

"How can you be so dull? He obviously likes you, Ren! In the future, I see a love letter and flowers with your name on it!" I close my eyes with a long sigh and turn to lay on my stomach.

"Well, I'm not interested..." I drawl in a bored tone as my fingers play with a feather sticking out of my pillow.

"What?! Renia! You so need a boyfriend! Or at least a crush!" My ears are in pain.

"I don't need one!" I protest embarrassingly, a dust of pink on my cheeks. I nuzzle my face into my pillow so only my nose and up are visible. "I mean, I don't want one..." my muffled voice mumbles.

"Man, how can you not want a boyfriend?" Taylor asks, whining. I sigh and lift my head.

"Because...there's no way I can get one..."

"Um, hel-LO? I just told you that David likes you! Why not try flirting with him, Ren?" I think for a moment, and shake my head.

"No, thanks. I'll just stay single. Education and work are my main priorities right now." Another sigh and I know Taylor's pouting.

"Aw, c'mon! You say that all the time!"

I scratch my head and reply, "Because it's true. If I want to reach my goal, I'll have to focus on school." Silence.

"Yeah, I gotcha. Anyway, what's up?" I pause.

"Um, nothing really...But lately I have been thinking about-"

"Your ancestry?" I turn red in embarrassment, and mutter,


My friend whistles and replies, "Why don't you, you know, let go of it? So what if your ancestor Endo-"

"Ezio," I correct her.

"Yeah, Ezio. As I was saying, what's so important about him becoming an assassin? I mean, how long ago was that?"

I let my head fall into my pillow with a sigh, my answer coming out in a muffled voice, "536 years..."

"Exactly!" Silence once more. "...Wait, you actually know how long ago that was?!" I nod my head.

"Yeah, I've been keeping count ever since I learned about my ancestry."

"...You are so obsessed," she mutters.

I lift my head, smile, and reply in a cheery voice, "Yep! Anyway..." My voice grows serious and my eyes narrow as I question, "Isn't it weird that he just turned assassin all of a sudden? He was a noble, totally set for life, Taylor, and he just went and rejected it all." I am sitting up straight at this point. "That's why I'm so obsessed about it! I want to know why my ancestor, my great-great-great-and-so-on grandfather, joined the assassins."

"Okay, girl, calm down." I take a deep breath. "...So you're serious after all." I nod.

"Yeah...I am. Which is why I'm going to the public library tomorrow."

"...Then I'm coming with you." My eyes widen and I gasp softly.

"What? Taylor, you don't have to-"

"Oh yes I do! If you're serious about this, then I am too." I sit there in shock, until my mouth curves into a smile.

"Thanks, Taylor."

She chuckles and replies, "Hey, what are friends for?"

I grin. "Alright! Meet you there?"

"You got it, Ren. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, you too. Bye, Taylor."

"Bye." We both hang up.

* * *

I shift my dark blue messenger bag as I walk down the sidewalk, the strap hanging onto my shoulder. I always walk to town, because it's not that far away. Also, I like walking, it gives me time to think. Speaking of which...I look down at my bag, which was hanging by my waist, and place both of my hands into it to get my notepad and a pen. I successfully pull them out, and I click the pen button. As I walk I stare at my notepad, tapping the pen against my chin. I'm going to have to pinpoint the logical reasons for Ezio's...withdrawal. I deadpan and sigh. What was it? Was it blackmail? Money problems? Personal issues? Betrayal?

"Ugh...What is it?" I groan. I felt myself bump into someone's chest head-on, not very lightly either. I grunt as I fall onto my back on the concrete, my notepad and pen landing right next to me. "Ow..." I mutter as I grit my teeth and use my arms to push myself up, my eyes clenched close. "S-Sorry about that...Are you okay?" I hear a small laugh, coming from the voice of a male.

" 'Are you okay?' I should be asking you that question." I blink before looking up.

"Huh?" Standing before me is a man, perhaps in his 20s. He has a small smile on his face and his eyes are the same chocolate brown as his hair. There's a little stubble on his chin and there's a small scar that goes down the right side of his lips. His clothes are simple. A white jacket, dark blue denim jeans, and white shoes. His smile widens and he adds,

"I'm still standing, aren't I?" I smile in embarrassment and reply,

"Yeah, and I'm on the ground. Guess I'm gonna have to watch where I'm going." He bends down and holds out his right hand in front of me. I take it with mine and he pulls me up."Thanks...Again, I'm sorry about running into you." He shakes his head.

"Nah, you have nothing to be sorry about. No harm done. ...I'm Desmond, by the way. Desmond Miles." He holds out his hand again and I shake it with mine. I smile.

"Renia Emilios. Pleased to meet you." He nods.

"Likewise. Pretty interesting name, by the way." He smiles at his last sentence. I can feel my face grow warm as I blink. I give a sheepish grin.

"Ha ha. Thanks." I watch as Desmond notices something on the ground and he bends over to pick it up. I realize that it's my notepad and pen. He stares at them and he looks up at me with a playful smirk, dangling the notepad with two fingers.

"Working on your homework?" I chuckle and take my belongings from him.

"Not really. It's more of a..." I pause, then finish awkwardly, "personal research project." He arches an eyebrow.

"I've never heard of a kid actually researching for a project that's not school-related. What's the project? Just out of curiousity." I sigh.

"It's on one of my ancestors. The one I got my Italian blood from." He hums.

"Got a name?"

I nod and respond, "Ezio Auditore de Firenze."

He whistles. "Long name." He leans forward to look at my notepad. "Anyway, why are you researching him? Something happen?" I look down.

"Yeah. He was a nobleman, but then he uh...became an assassin..." Hearing no reply, I add, "There's not that much known about him, so nobody knows the reason why..." I blink after a minute of no response from Desmond. I finally look up, to see him staring at me with wide eyes. I raise a brow. "Desmond...?" I take a step toward him. "What's-" I hear my cell ring, cutting me off. I freeze, take out my phone, and answer before holding it to my ear. "Um, hello?"

"Ren, hey where are you?" I curse and reply,

"Oh my god, sorry Taylor! I..." I pause and glance at Desmond. "I-I got a bit sidetracked..." She clucks her tongue.

"Uh-huh. Just get your ass over here, okay?" I nod.

"I'll get there as soon as possible! Bye!" I hang up and turn to Desmond, who seems to have recovered somewhat from his unusual shock. I smile. "It was nice to meet you, Desmond, but I have to go. I forgot that my friend's waiting for me." He blinks, before he shakes his head and smiles back.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too, Renia." I hold up a hand.

"You can call me Ren." I turn around and begin to run, turning my head to glance back at Desmond. "Bye, Desmond!" He holds up his left arm and waves slightly with a grin.

"See ya later, Ren!" I smile before turning to face forward; I don't want to run into another person, but I'm glad I ran into Desmond. I think I've made a friend.


"Alright, so what made you 'sidetrack'?" Taylor asks as I sit down at the table in front of her. I set my bag in front of me, before registering what she has just asked.

I blink and look down shyly, muttering, "Um, nothing..." Oh no...I know what that smirk means, along with the gleam in her eyes. Taylor leans forward slyly, her left elbow on the table, supporting her weight. She raises an eyebrow.

"Ah, a guy, hm?" I immediately blush at her question and shake my head.

"N-No! Um..." My friend leans even farther, smirk widening.

"Ah ha! You reacted immediately! That means I'm right! Yes!" She punches her fists into the air, before she draws them back and excitedly gets into my face. "Well?! C'mon, tell me about him! How'd you meet?"

I sigh and reply, "It's really not that surprising about how I met him." She raises an eyebrow. I shyly mutter, "Er...I ran into him..." She begins to laugh. I feel my face burn, but I ignore it and continue, "He helped me up and we introduced ourselves, since we were having a friendly conversation." Taylor leans back and rests her elbow on the spot in front of her, her cheek resting in her hand. She grins.

"And~? What's his name?" I sigh again.

"Desmond Miles." She gives a small delighted squeal and, taking her fists, drives her face into them excitedly.

"Ohhh, this is perfect! Now you can just flirt with him and-" I cringe and lean back in shock, my eyes twitching.

"What?!" I exclaim. I immediately hear a response from an unknown voice behind me.

"Shush!" I feel something hard make contact on my head. I groan, lifting my hands to rub a small bump that has formed on my skull, before I look behind me to see the librarian standing there with disapproving eyes as she glares at me. After I mutter an apology, the librarian leaves, and I stick my tongue out in her direction as she walks away with her back to me. I frown and turn back to Taylor, who is attempting to stifle her giggles with her right hand. I give her a little glare and begin to explain my...word of protest.

"Alright, Taylor, listen...He's over 20 years old, probably 24 or older." I whisper. At this I see another sly gleam in her eyes and she holds up an index finger, with an impish smirk played on her lips.

"Ah, forbidden love~ Now I understand~" I can feel my whole world exploding and I let my head fall onto the table with a thunk.

"Ugh, I give up...Convincing you is just a waste of my breath." Taylor gives a little squeal and leans toward me.

"So you admit it?" she asks cheerfully.

I glare halfheartedly at my friend and whisper, "You're ridiculous..." She giggles and stands up.

"Alright, that aside...where do we start looking?" I sit up straight and look around.

"Um...Italian history would be a good start." I stand up as well and begin to walk to one of the library computers. As I'm walking I look back to Taylor. "C'mon. Maybe we can find something on the computers." She nods and begins to follow me.

I sit down in front of an unused computer and as I place my hands on the keyboard I sense Taylor leaning on the back of my chair. I begin to type in 1400s Italy in the search bar.

"1400s?" I hear my friend question.

I look back at her and reply, "All I know is that Ezio lived near the end of the 14th century." I turn back to the screen when the search results come back up. "So the 1400s is the best place to start," I finish. I scroll down the results and sigh. "Why is there nothing but DaVinci?"

Taylor sighs and answers, "Because he made many discoveries and famous artwork in the 1400s."

I gape at her and ask, "When did you start paying attention in art class?"

She glares at me. "When you first started your little ancestry obsession..." I sigh and turn back to the screen. "By the way, if you keep saying your ancestor was an assassin, wouldn't other people think you're one too?" I deadpan and look back at Taylor.

"Do I seriously look like an assassin?" She looks me up and down before she gives a simple shrug.

"Looks can deceive..."

I whine, "Taylor..." She ignores me, but she grunts when she's abruptly bumped into by a man in a black suit, who just sternly walks toward the exit without giving an apology.

Taylor fumes and turns to shout, "Hey! W-" I hastily slap my hand over her mouth to stifle her yells.

"Taylor..." I bite out as I attempt to stop my friend from breaking free of my grasp. "Let it go. If you shout, you'll get us kicked out. The man's not worth it anyways." She calms down and I release her before sitting back down at the computer.

"Geez, what a weirdo. Did you see the get-up he was wearing? Looked like he thought he was some secret agent." She smirks. "Probably went to tell his boss that you're an assassin," she guesses, obviously trying to get me scared. I scoff as I continue scanning the results.

"Taylor, please focus on the task at hand..." She chuckles before leaning on my chair again. I pause in scrolling down the results when a book title catches my eyes. Italian Secret Societies of the 1400s. I blink before I quickly grab my notebook and pen and begin to scribble down the book's location. I turn to Taylor and hold up the note. "This is where we should look." She blinks at the note and before she can speak, I am already walking over to the book's location.

"H-Hey, wait up!" she whispers. I know she's caught up and we both walk up the staircase to the second floor of the library. I stop at the top to take a look at my note before I look to the right and begin to walk in that direction. We head to the very corner and there are plenty of bookcases filled with many titles. I stop midway in an aisle before I scan the books for the one I'm looking for. "There are a lot of books we can look through here. They're all on Italy, but they're so dusty," Taylor comments. I nod and reply,

"I don't think the custodial staff for this area come here often. How cruel, mistreating these books that hold so much history and knowledge, even answers to-"

"Okay, Renia, enough with the historian lament. Let's find that book." We scan the shelves, and after a few minutes I spot it.

"Aha! Here it is!" I pull it from the shelf and turn to Taylor. I open the book and flip to the first page. Taylor walks over to my side to peer at it.

Dear reader,

In this journal I have written, I tell of what secrets were held deep within the noble families of our great country, Italy. Whether or not you will believe it is not for me to decide. I write of the assassinations that have taken place, crimes, rivalries between families and how they were betrayed by their allies. My life might soon be ended for writing the secrets I have discovered in my journeys, but I shall endure my oncoming death. By reading my journal, you will learn these secrets, and I hope you treasure them forever, and use them to bring justice to our people.

"What the hell is this about?" Taylor asks me.

I blink before answering, "I don't know, but look at that." I point to the word 'assassinations.' "Maybe my ancestor was responsible for some of the assassinations of people in the 1400s. And this..." Next I point to the 3rd sentence, and I point to the words. "'Rivalries between families', 'betrayals...'Maybe Ezio became an assassin to avenge his family. It's the most logical solution, right?" I look to Taylor for an answer and she clucks her tongue.

"Well, there were many fights between families...." She looks at the bookshelves. "Maybe we should look for any books on the Auditores." She looks at me. "Of Firenze, right?" I nod. "Then your ancestor's family was a noble family that lived in Florence. Alright, let's start looking. You can leave that book on the floor there." I nod and place the book on the ground next to me. As Taylor goes down the aisle, I walk in the other direction, scanning books. Who knows how much we'll find.

* * *

We find several books and we bring them down to our table to read. As I sit in my chair, I am reading a dark-red book and I flip to a random page. I raise an eyebrow at the picture that is on the page. It was an A symbol of some sort, with...feathers attached to it? There are what seemed like jewels on the top of the symbol, where all the feathers meet. I set the book down and lean over it to get a closer look at the insignia before I ponder on what it stands for. Hm...A...Afterlife? Assessment? I pale as I come to another solution. Assassin...

"That's it..." I whisper.

I look up to my friend, who is sitting opposite of me with a book in front of her as well.

"Hey, Taylor." She looks up to me and raises an eyebrow, signaling for me to continue. I shift my book toward her. "Take a look at this." She takes the book and sets it in front of us so we both can see the page. She and I lean forward to stare at it. Taylor blinks and points at it.

"Looks like an insignia for some organization..." She looks up at me with an arched eyebrow. "Why?"

I narrow my eyes and mutter, "Yeah, but look at it again. What letter does it look like?" I ask. She takes a quick glance and returns her gaze to me.

"An A...?" she answers in an obvious tone.

I nod and add, "Yes, an A...A stands for Assassin." She sighs.

"C'mon, Ren. It could mean anything. Like it could stand for "Able" from the Scarlet Letter."

I shake my head. "No, it must stand for assassin. I know it..." I mutter my last sentence half-heartedly, staring down at the letter. I scan the page, taking in every detail. Old, yellow parchment with brown smudges. Careful lines. ...Backwards writing? I blink and my eyes widen before I lightly slam my hand on the table, just before Taylor's head. She gives a little yelp and leans back as I move toward her. "Leonardo Da Vinci!" I whisper excitedly, my face smiling.

She raises an eyebrow and mutters, "Um, what about him?"

I point to the picture. "It's Leonardo Da Vinci's art! Look..." I move the book closer to her and point at the writing. "Backwards writing! That's his kind of writing, isn't it?" Taylor leans back in awe after examining the writing. She exhales and runs a hand through her red hair.

"I can't believe it..."

I nod and say, "Now we've got a good lead!" She arches an eyebrow and looks up to me.

"Ren, do you know what this means?" I blink, and I wait for her to finish. "Leonardo Da Vinci, The Leonardo Da Vinci, was working for the assassins." I freeze and Taylor adds, "Your ancestor, Ezio, he might have known him. Heck, Da Vinci might have even invented things for him." I ponder on this before standing up.

"Well, now we have a good resource. Let's go look up some Da Vinci, and if you're right, we should try to find a journal or two of his." Taylor's eyes widen comically.

"Ren, all of Da Vinci's journals would be in the Vatican Archives, all the way in Italy! There's a rare chance we'll find one here." I shrug.

"I'll look someplace else later. Right now, let's just find a few Da Vinci books, take a few of these Italian History ones, check em all out, and be on our merry way. I'm getting tired." Taylor chuckles.

"After all that reading, I'm not surprised. I'm tired, too." She pales. "Don't tell me you're going to read all of that tonight!" I ignore her, and she continues. "C'mon, Ren! You'll tire yourself out with all that reading. And we have school tomorrow!"

I shrug and reply, "I'll manage." I turn around and look to Rebecca. "C'mon, let's go find some Da Vinci."

* * *

"I'm home!" I called out as I entered my home and closed the door behind me with my foot, since my hands are preoccupied.

"Renia! You got here just in time for dinner! How did it go?" I smile sheepishly.

"There was a lot of reading. But..." I struggle to hold up the pile of several books and I drop them on the dining room table, with them making a loud slam noise. Mom blanches at the stack of books.

"Dear, don't tell me you're going to read all of that in one night." I chuckle nervously before I shake my head.

"N-No. I think I've done enough reading today back at the library." I blink before smiling. "It was fun being with Taylor, though." My mom grins and asks,

"So how was your trip there? Anything happen?" I open my mouth before closing it, a light pink dusting my cheeks. I hold up both of my index fingers and I childishly poke their fingertips together.

"Um, it was...nice. Very nice," I mutter. Too bad my mom knows me oh so well. She arches an eyebrow.

"Alright, who did you run into?" I chuckle before answering timidly,

"A-A guy..." My mom's face brightens and she suddenly turns from suspicious to excited.

"Oh, a boy?!" She sits down in front of me. "Tell me more. Name? Likes? Dislikes? Do you have a crush?" I groan.

"Mom, my brain has died back at the library. Please don't pressure it with more questions!" Mom giggles and replies,

"Fine, fine...But I expect to hear about it sometime later." I sigh before walking up the staircase.

"I'm going to go do my homework!" I called.

"I'll call you when dinner's ready!" I nod as I continue my ascend up the staircase and I pause once I reach the top. I stare at the ground for a minute before I lift my head to look at the door to Dad's old study. I can feel my eyes soften before I walk to my room's door.

Mom never told me why he left. Everytime I talk of him, she changes the subject. "Renia, sometimes it's better if you don't know some things...Let's just say that he left for a very good reason..." Mom's words echo in my mind. 'A good reason...' Yeah, right. I see the pain on Mom's face. Everytime she comes up here, she would look at Dad's study, and sigh. I still remember the nights when I could hear Mom crying over a picture of him. I have a picture as well.

Thinking of the picture, I stuff my right hand into my right pocket. Upon finding nothing, I blink as a feeling of panic begins to overcome me.

"What the...?" I whisper. I stuff my left hand into my other pocket, and nothing is in there either. I resort to patting my pants for any object, only to find my cellphone. "Shit..." I curse silently before letting my head thud against my door, causing a little amount of pain to surge through my forehead. I groan...I lost my wallet. Just great...

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