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Chapter One

So many years. I can't remember, can't recount them all. Most blur together now, a sea turning in my mind. Some though, some stand out. Long, flowing red hair, sparkling blue eyes. She was the only woman I ever loved. She gave me my children, a family, for the first time in my life. I thought we would grow old together. She did; I didn't.

I remained in appearance just seventeen years of age. Neither of us noticed until our son and I began to be mistaken for brothers. Her hair bleached with the years and slowly became grey. Our children grew and had families of their own. I remained, locked in time. I couldn't move forward, not with them, and I had already settled my past.

When she passed I left. As the years passed and I moved from place to place, names, faces, all faded. Even my own name. Yet still I remained. I watched our world silently. I felt I had no say in the future as I was no longer a part of it. I became nothing more than a spectator to life.

The wizard world was discovered and our kind exterminated. Science advanced and humans reached out to the stars. The peoples they met along the way were conquered, their life-giving planets commandeered. In time, the whole of the universe was known and plotted; the bloody beginnings of their lives on these stolen planets forgotten. Forgotten almost by all.

Only one people refused to forget the brutality of their ancestors; only one people pledged to learn from their forefather's massive crimes. They called themselves Furyans, in honor of the people from which they stole. That lost race called their home Furya and so the new Furyans did also. It was one thing to steal; it was another to claim.

I sometimes wish I could remember my own name.

I came among them. After so many years I could barely be considered human. I saw the fear in their eyes. They could not look into mine. They knew I knew of their sins and they were ashamed. They saw the truth of themselves and though they could not bear to look, neither did they turn away. I was… impressed. They moved me and I felt an old emotion stir in the heart I once thought frozen and dead. Hope. And though I had allowed my own race to perish, I knew I could not allow them the same fate.

They possessed a stronger will then I had ever encountered. They could see death, appreciate it, and love it equally as life itself. They could witness and experience pain, unflinchingly, and reach out their hand. I admired them their spirit and so I gave them a gift.

I awoke within them the magic that had lain dormant since the extinction of the magical world. Not enough to be perceived, no. Just enough to make them stronger, faster, smarter than other muggles. In some unique individuals, their very senses were also enhanced; sight, smell, taste, feeling, sound, and, very rarely, mind – the gift to send thoughts, awaken latent talents in others, lend strength.

I lived among them to see four generations go by. I refused their titles for me and so I became known simply as Emerald. Though I do not know how they knew the color of something they could not bear to see. Four generations I remained until I heard a whisper upon the wind. A shiver ran through my soul as I felt a great shift in fate itself; the dawning of a new prophecy. Where mine had meant the end of a war, I knew this new path would end much more. Though the many years had given me undying patience and great wisdom, I felt compelled to know this new fate. And so I left Furya, pulled in search of a prophesy I knew was not my own. It remains, to this very day, the one decision I truly regret.


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