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Duck, Cover and Run

"Gohan?" She took a hesitant step towards him, a shaky breath escaping her as her eyes slowly filled with tears. "Is it really you?"

He gulped, why did she have to be crying? Crying women are women that tend to become irrational, and from Gohan's experience that meant holding his ears in pain as they screamed at him, hoping in vain that the ringing would stop eventually. No, Gohan definitely didn't know how to deal with crying women and he knew for a fact Trunks didn't either.

"Gohan? What do you do when Mum yells at you?" Strong sturdy arms gripped the teen at his shoulders. Gohan looked at him with a determined and somewhat fearful look in his eyes.

"Trunks I'm going to give you the advice that my father gave me a long time ago." Trunks leaned in closer, his excitement at finally knowing the procedure to follow when his mother was angry with him. "Duck, cover and run." His mentor's voice was low and ominous as it echoed through the lilac haired teen's head.

Gohan covertly looked over his shoulder. Desperately hoping that there was some way for him to disappear at that moment.

His shoulders slumped in disappointment

There was no avoiding it.

Gohan gulped as he turned back toward Bulma, avoiding the curious eyes of his younger self as he did so. The tears were now flowing freely from her eyes.

The slight tilt of his head was all that she needed to know the answer.

With a cry she threw herself at him, nearly crushing the baby in her arms in the process. Gohan's eyes widened as he looked at the others for help. Seeing the shocked look on both Krillin's and his younger self's faces he decided that they wouldn't be any help, he turned desperate eyes towards Trunks.

The lilac haired Sayain shrugged his shoulders and smirked. "All I know is what you told me."

The glare he received would've made Vegeta quiver in his boots. Returning his attention to Bulma Gohan hesitantly wrapped his arm around her shoulders as her clenched his shirt tightly. Looking over at Krillin and his younger self he saw that Bulma had given baby Trunks to the duo.

'This is Gohan?' Krillin stared at the man that was awkwardly trying to sooth Bulma and the young boy beside him. 'This little guy turns into that guy? If sweet little Gohan can become a guy like that I don't want to know what their future is like.' His thoughts trailed off sadly and put his arm around the ten year old's shoulders.

Bulma pushed herself away from Gohan a few minutes later after she had finally gotten her tears under control. "Look at you." She reached her hands up to cup his face, her thumbs tracing over the raised flesh that resided on the epidermis of his skin. "You're so handsome." A small smile graced her lips as her hands fell from his face and to his shoulders, her eyes making the journey to his missing appendage.

Her eyes flooded once more.

Gohan waved his hand frantically in front of him, as if this act would dispel the woman's tears. "Please don't cry Bulma! I'm fine, really!" She sniffed as she wiped a few stray tears from her face before lifting her head once more. Only one question escaped her.


Gohan stiffened for a moment. She had hit a nerve that was not often disturbed and it sent a torrent of pins and needles throughout his body.

His inevitable shiver was only noticed by his time traveling companion.

"The Androids, we don't exactly get along." His arm came up as he scratched the back of his neck in the typical Son fashion. "A fight that got out hand, that's all." He gave a small nervous chuckle that slowly petered as he saw he shoulders shaking once more.

'Just how many tears does she have?'

The blue haired woman lifted her head. Gohan paled and slowly started to back away and noticed the others doing the same. Knowing that danger that was about to be unleashed.

She wasn't crying. Oh no. she definitely wasn't crying, she was furious.

"That's all?" Bulma stalked forward the few steps that Gohan had managed to take, effectively managing to bridge that gap between the two. "That's all?" She gestured wildly at his form. "This isn't all Gohan! You have been fighting for thirteen long years and have lost your arm in the process! You can't just pass that off with a flippant 'That's all' and a laugh!" She angrily shoved him, it didn't matter that she didn't manage to move him.

She ran her hands through her hair in a frustrated manner as she turned angrily towards the other time-traveler. "And you." Trunks started to back away much the same way as Gohan had. "I bet that you're just like your father, running off into battle without a second thought." Bulma huffed as she turned away from the group mumbling incoherently as she did so.

Trunks and Gohan stared after, hoping that when did eventually make her way back to them that she would be more rational.

"So you're really Gohan?" Krillin positioned himself so that he could see both of the half Sayain's. The present Gohan, who was still holding Trunks, on his left and the other on his right. Krillin could have kicked himself, how could he not see the similarities? Moving closer he inspected them both.

"Same basic facial features." He vaguely gestured to the older Gohan. "Except you're have more defined features." He stepped away from the two and gave a nervous laugh only just noticing the looks of exasperation on their faces. "Same expression too."

"Why didn't you tell us who you really were?" Gohan supposed that it was only natural that his younger self would pose this question. Sighing he crouched down so that he was eye-to-eye with the ten year old.

"I didn't want people to know." Seeing the confused look on not only the young Sayain's face but also on Trunks' and Krillin he continued. "It's difficult to be back here. To see everyone again after them being gone for so long and to see a world that hasn't been destroyed by the Androids makes me want to stay here and distance my-self from the demands and hardship from where we are from. By distancing myself it will make it easier to leave when we have to."

"Then why did you make your-self related to Dad through Raditz?" Gohan stood at full height once more and observed the smaller Son boy.

"Despite Father being a good man he is still going to make some mistakes. He mentioned to me once that the only person he truly hated was his brother due to him kidnapping us. Even though Father is an honourable man he still wouldn't want to get in contact with someone who had a relation to Raditz, even if they didn't act the same way that their father did."

Gohan nodded his hand understandingly as he adjusted the baby Trunks in his arms; the child was being unusually fussy. "Well I would rather be related to Raditz than to Nappa."

"My thoughts exactly."

"How does she expect me to be able to find that medicine in this mess?" Yamcha stood in the bathroom that Goku and Gohan shared, his arms crossed and a disgusted look adorned his face.

Sopping wet towels lined the floor and empty shampoo and conditioner bottles were scattered along the tiles from where they had fallen from the already overflowing wastebasket. Toothpaste still resided in the basin from the Son boys had cleaned their teeth just a few hours prior to Yamcha entering the bombsite. Avoiding as much of the mess as humanly possible Yamcha slowly made his way towards the cabinet.

He gagged as he saw that toothpaste platters marred the mirror of the cabinet, looking closely Yamcha could see that some of it was shaving cream as well.

No wonder Chi Chi refused to share a bathroom with the two.

Yamcha sighed as he slowly reached his hand it, barely noticing that it was shaking as he did so, and grasped the handle to the cabinet. Sucking in a deep breath he yanked open the door.

He screamed.

"When are you going to tell the others?" Bulma had finally calmed down enough the join the group after Gohan had finished explaining himself.

The man in question sighed as he once again stared at the blue haired woman. "I haven't really planned that far. Right now if they find out it doesn't matter, but if they don't it doesn't matter either. It's probably better that way."

The woman huffed and waved her hands in-front of her in a frustrated manner. "Alright I've heard enough depressing conversations in this one after noon to last me a life time."

Krillin nodded his head in agreement. "Me too, don't you guys have some fun things to tell us?" The bald monk looked hopefully at the two time-travelers, as Gohan stood next to him nodding.

Scratching his head Trunks tried to think of anything that could remotely cheer-up the three. 'Well there is always the story of how Gohan taught me how to swim.' Trunks quickly dismissed the idea when his master shook his head at him, he obviously knew what the Lilac haired teen was thinking.

He definitely didn't want to be on Bulma's bad side twice in one day. It was bad enough if he was on her bad side twice in one month.

"So Gohan." Krillin strode towards the man, wiggling his eyebrows as he did so. "Have you got anyone…special in your life?"

Gohan blushed and looked away from the monk in an embarrassed manner.

"You do?" Bulma threw herself at the man, nearly knocking him over in the process. With her arms wrapped around his neck she continued on excitedly. "What's her name? What does she look like? How did you two meet?"

Gohan wasn't sure if continued or not, he was too focussed on trying to get rid of what now seemed to be a permanent blush residing on his cheeks. Looking over at his companion he could see that he along with Krillin were trying to hold in their laughter.

If Bulma wasn't wrapped around his shoulders right now he would shut them up right and proper. Sighing Gohan tried to pry Bulma off of him, an action that was proving exceedingly difficult with one arm. Catching the eye of his younger self he could see that the young boy was just as embarrassed as himself. The boy was going to be teased mercilessly by the others until he finds Videl and then his mother would start on about grandchildren.

He shuddered just thinking about it.

"Mum, I think you should let go of him." Bulma looked confusedly at Trunks before turning her attention to the man that she was hugging finally seeing how uncomfortable he was. She untangled her-self from him immediately, disappointed that Gohan didn't answer her questions.

Putting a large distance between her –self and Gohan, Bulma turned her attention to Trunks. If Gohan wasn't going to be co-operative Trunks hopefully would. "I'm guessing that you would know what her name is?"

He gulped as he looked behind is mother, Gohan was shaking his while also making a cutting motion across his throat with his right hand. But his mother's eyes held a fire that promised unrelenting torture if he didn't answer, a torture which involved loss of food.

The pitying glance Trunks threw Gohan told the later that Trunks had chosen the lesser of two evils.

He nodded his head at his mother. "Yeah, she lives with us."

Krilin clapped Gohan on the back, laughing as he did so. "Alright! Who would have thought that you would be good with the ladies."

"What that's supposed to mean?" The two Gohan's chorused together, frowns marring their faces.

"Uh well-" The orange clad man shrunk back under their gazes. "You live such a sheltered life and, well, you know. I didn't really think you would know how to react to women an-"

"Just stop."

"Thank you." Krillin pressed a calming hand to his chest over his thundering heart. A relieved sigh passed his lips.

"Anyway." Bulma turned away from the spectacle that her and Trunks had been staring bemusedly at. "What's her name?" A sly smile graced her lips.

"You can't know that."

Bulma placed her hands and leant in closer to her son. Trunks paled he knew this stance, this stance meant pain. "And why, pray-tell, can't I know."

"Because if you know there is a possibility that I-." Gohan gestured to the miniature of himself beside him. "Won't meet her in this time and if we tell you know then he will know that makes the possibility of me meeting her even slimmer."

"Then we will cover his ears." Bulma took the baby Trunks out the ten-year olds arms and handed him to Krillin. Stepping behind Gohan she covered his ears. "Can you hear me Gohan?"


Bulma looked up excitedly at the time-traveler, hoping that he would now tell her.

He shook his head. "I'm sorry Bulma, but I'm not going to take the risk."

"But you're happy?" Asked Krillin as he tried to control the Sayain in his arms.

"Extremely." The smile on his face was proof enough.

"Did you find it yet?" Yamcha banged his head as the unexpected yell caught him off guard. His venture into the boy's bathroom proved to be unnecessary as the purple vial of medicine was no-where to be found among the mess. After the terrifying event of having to inform Chi Chi she had sent him to the kitchen.

He rubbed the back of his head in an attempt to sooth the pain. "Not yet." He called out to the Son matron.

"Well hurry up!"

Yamcha growled as he once again started looking through the kitchen cupboards, carelessly tossing things out of his way. "Why does she have so many pots and pans anyway?"

"I heard that! You try feeding to hungry Sayain's with a few measly pots and pans."

A mumbled "Point taken." Passed his lips.

The group was half way to the Son family home when they felt a sudden spike in energy. Gohan stopped abruptly which caused Bulma, who was seated on his back, to scream at him. "That the hell Gohan!"

Ignoring the blue haired genius Gohan turned to Trunks, seeing the look in the young man eyes he nodded his head in the direction the spike came from. "Go."

Trunks smiled and flew off to join the group, Krillin following close behind. Bulma stared at their retreating forms. "Where are they going?"

"Just checking something out." The present time Gohan answered her.

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