Strawberry Flavored Shinigami



"Hollow Speech"

"Hollow Thoughts"

Ichigo and his friends won the war against Sousuke Aizen and now they're having their moment of peace. But Ichigo has a new enemy after him……. Women.


Chapter 1: Ichigo's New Roommate

"So are you really gonna be staying here in Karakura town Nel-chan?" Asked the well endowed orange haired teen.

"Yep since there is nothing left for me in Hueco Mundo I decided to come here." Responded the green haired women with a sad smile.

"But what will you do here the Soul Society isn't gonna like the idea of an espada living here." The dark skinned golden eyed goddess pointed out while sipping her milkshake.

"Don't worry Yoruichi-san I got that covered already." Nel told her with a big childlike grin.

"How bout your living arrangements?" A small dark haired girl asked her.

"That's easy Rukia-chan I'm gonna go stay with Ichi-kun!" Nel Said beaming with extreme happiness.

Everything got quiet around the table of four women as one made her bold statement. Orihime nervously twiddled her finger, Rukia stared at her like she was insane, and Yoruichi donned a perverted smile.

"Um… Nel-chan… does Kurosaki-kun know you're going to be staying with him?" Orihime asked still twiddling her fingers.

"Hmm I don't think so… actually he doesn't even know I'm here yet hahaha." Nel said as she laughed at the looks on her friends' faces.

"I love it hahaha… you know what we should go shopping a girl has to have clothes you know." Yoruichi said rising from her seat and walking towards the exit.

"Are you guys coming or not sheesh!" Yoruichi yelled back as she reached the door.

"Oh yea I'm coming what about you two?" Nel asked the two girls who were still sitting there shocked.

"I… I guess I'll go so I can help you pick out your clothes." Orihime said as rose from her seat with smile.

"I'll go as well kami knows this is gonna end up a mess anyway…. Wait a minute but I'm living with Ichigo!" Rukia shouted when it finally donned on her. But the other girls were too busy discussing what would look good on Nel.

~ Kurosaki Residence ~

Ichigo felt a very cold chill run down his spine which made him stop what he was doing.

"Is something wrong Ichigo?" Chad asked his friend.

"Naw I just got a weird feeling that's all let's continue. I summon my Dark Magician Girl in defense mode then place two face down cards and end my turn. I'll win this time Chad just you wait hehe." Thought the orange haired duelist.

"This is pointless can't we do something else besides play this?" Uryu asked while pushing his glasses up.


"Fine I'll sacrifice my three monsters to summon my Obelisk the Tormentor!" Uryu said with an evil glint in his eye.

"Motherfucker! When the hell did he get something like that!?" Ichigo thought while Uryu finished his turn.

"My turn I sacrifice my three monsters to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon!" Chad roared and Ichigo started to sweat.

"This some bullshit where the hell did they get these cards from… oh shit I'm gonna lose again I hate this damn game." Ichigo thought as Chad destroyed his Dark Magician Girl.

~ Back With the Girls ~

Orihime was watching her three companions grab clothes that would look great on Nel. Then a sad smile crept across her lips as she watched Nel try on her first outfit.

"They all have a strong bond with Kurosaki-kun, Yoruichi-san is his teacher so I'm sure she has a special place in his heart, Rukia probably has the strongest bond with him… they've been through so much together, and then there's Nel-chan. Even she has a strong bond forming with Kurosaki-kun, and now along with Rukia she'll be living with him. But I… I've caused him the most pain in the world because I went to Hueco Mundo." Orihime thought sadly.


Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen looked around at all the fallen espada. They and Aizen were the only ones left but sometime ago when Ichigo appeared and began to decimate their remaining forces Aizen disappeared.

"He left us he could save himself *sighs* how troublesome. Oh well we can't go out without a fight now can we?" Gin asked his partner as they watched Ichigo make his way towards them.

Ichigo pulled his hollow mask over face and flash stepped toward them. Before he could swing Zangetsu he heard Aizen's voice.

"Ichigo Kurosaki…" Aizen called from his place high in the air.

Ichigo looked up at him and his widened at what he saw along with his friends'. There in Aizen's grip was a battered and bloody Karin.

"K… KARIN!!!" Ichigo shouted his hollow mask broke away as did his concentration.

Gin had taken that chance to shoot Shinsou through his chest.

"You have five seconds to surrender or I kill your dear little sister." Aizen said with the coldest grin. That's Karin opened her eyes and saw her brother's wide eyes staring up at them.

"Ichigo don't surrender to him!" Karin shouted as tears began to brim at the edge of her eyes.


"Karin I have you're my sister I can't just…" Ichigo was torn between the world and his sister.


"How could stoop so low Aizen!?" Toshiro mumbled despite what he said he'd grown quite fond of Karin.


"Karin-chan…" Orihime said with tears sliding down her cheeks.


"ALRIGHT!!! I surrender." Ichigo said holding back his tears and dropping Zangetsu.

"ICHIGO NO!! I don't wanna be the cause of all the innocent lives he'll take… please don't give for me." Karin told her brother tears rolling down her face.


Ichigo watch as Aizen stabbed his zanpaktou through her chest he then twisted the blade and let her fall to the ground. Ichigo grabbed Zangetsu and went to catch Karin he was just two steps away from her when Aizen fired a kido blast a set young girl ablaze. She hit the ground with a sickening thud.

"Ichi… I… love… you." Karin strained out with last of her life.

Flashback End:

Tears were now cascading down Orihime's face as she remember what happened to her friend. She didn't even notice the other girls come up to her asking her what's wrong.

"Orihime!" Rukia shouted finally getting the her attention.

"Oh huh… what is it Rukia?" Orihime asked ignore the weird stares they gave her.

"Is something wrong you were just staring off into space crying." Rukia told her.

"No no I'm fine really… but I'm kinda tired if its ok with you guys I'm gonna head home." Orihime said wiping away her tears.

"Yea sure… but are you sure you're alright?" Rukia asked her one more time.

"Yea I'm fine I'll see you tomorrow at school." Orihime her and ran outta the store.

"She'll be fine just give her sometime… now lets buy these clothes and head to Ichigo's place.

~ Back At the Kurosaki Residence ~

Ichigo lost the duel against Chad and Uryu and after a quick lunch they went home. He now staring at a picture of him and Karin they took when they were young.

"Karin…" He whispered

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard knocking on the door.

"Yea who is it." he asked not looking away from his picture.

"Ichigo you have some visitors." Yuzu told him from the other side of the door.

"Then send them in jeez." He said crossing his arms.

He heard the door open and close then turned to see Nel, Rukia, and Yoruichi standing there. He looked on as Yoruichi sat on his bed crossing her legs, Rukia hopped up into her room/closet, and Nel on his lap.

"Um… what the hell?" Ichigo asked staring at the green haired women on his lap.

"So Ichi-kun its been a while now how ya been?" Nel asked the substitute soul reaper.

Ichigo eyed all three women suspiciously as they all seemed to be focusing in on him.

"I've been terrible Uryu and Chad keep beating me in duels." Ichigo said eyeing Yoruichi and her perverted smile. "Okay what's going on here, why are three here, why is Nel here and not Hueco Mundo, and the HELL ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT!!?" The young man yelled jumping up and pointing at Yoruichi.

Nel fell backwards on her ass with a thud and Yoruichi burst out laughing while Rukia let out a chuckle.

"Basically Nel left Hueco Mundo and came here so she needs a place to stay." Rukia explained letting the info sink into his head.

"Oh… hell… NO!!" Ichigo roared. Before he could protest anymore he was met by three sets of fake tears and googly eyes.

"What the… stop that… she… she… she can stay." He said surrendering.

Three yays filled his room and they began to unpack Nel's things.

"*sighs* Did ya hear that old man we got another occupant of the house." Ichigo said out loud knowing his father was listening on the other side of the door.

After getting Nel situated Yoruichi said her goodbyes and went on her way back to Kisuke's. Nel back came from the shower with a light green nightie that hugged her curves perfectly and Kon on her shoulder. Ichigo sat up to say something but stopped when he saw what she had on.

"Are… you seriously wearing that to bed?" Ichigo said blushing.

"Uh-huh Yoruichi said it would be comfortable and she was right. You don't think its looks good…?" She asked with a pout.

"Uh didn't say that… hey wait why is Kon with you?" Ichigo asked glaring at the stuffed toy.

"Oh him he want take a shower with me so I let him. You know he was really dirty." Nel said as Ichigo stared at her like she was insane.

"That's it I'm going to bed hit the light will ya." He said turning over towards the wall.

The light went out and he closed his eyes only to shoot open two seconds later. Nel crawled into the bed and snuggled into his back with Kon nestled in between them.

"*sighs* This is heaven." Kon thought and drifted into a blissful slumber.

"What the hell are you--" Ichigo was silenced by Nel shushing him.

"Relax Ichi-kun and get some rest." With that Nel snaked her arm around his waist and nodded off.

"Motherfucker… this some bullshit." Ichigo nodded off into dreamland as well with a cherry red blush of his face.


Hope you guys liked it and it wasn't too horrible. I'll be updating my other story The Orange Whirlwind soon so watch for that. *sniff* A moment of silence for Karin. The next chapter will be about Orihime and Ichigo. See ya soon (^_^)