A/N: Yes, yes! I'm breaking my own personaly rule to myself. I promised that wouldn't start another stoy until i FINISHED one of my other ones. O.o Especially Under The Influence of Alcohol, Vampire Hunter and Le Sang Brise.

But i don't care! I'm obsessed with a good heaty (sober) Jasbella story (unike my very UNsober Jasbella: UIA. Please take time to read as i hope it's very very funny!)


I didn't feel right...i felt wrong, all wrong. My gasps shook my body as i focused on keeping myself sane, to try and make sence of what was going on.

I ran but my legs felt like lead underneith me, not fast enough, the tree branches wiping my face...casing so much pain.

Pain i wasn't use to.

Everything felt like it was going dark as i stumbled, blind in the black as dark as pitch.

I felt something hot run down my cheeks...tears.

And i tripped, sending my body crashing to the forest floor. Pain shuddered through me as i let out a moan...nothing was right anymore.

I inspected my hand that had reached out infront of me to stop my fall.

There was blood...and i felt woozy.

Not that kind of dizzyness when i was controling my inner bloodlusts but a feeling of sickness wrenching in my stomach. I smelt iron, rust and salt. Bringing the hand up to my face, i tasted the red.

This brought relieve to the pain but little so. The blood didn't taste like something beautiful and desireable. It tasted like i was sucking on metal.

When i had licked my hand clean, there was a cut. It ran deep and more blood spilled out of it.

I looked up, feeling hot as my body shuddered, a sweat breaking out.

This shouldn't be happening to me...it wasn't normal. These things i hadn't experianced in centuries...cut short.

I crawled over to a nearby lake, whimpering pathetically as his movement unseattled the grazes on my knees.

Another thing so wrong.

Swallowing back bile, i looked into my reflection.

My blond hair was in dissaray, my fringe messily stuck to my forehead with blood and sweat. Mud smeared all over my face...my pale skin, tanned; a tint of green in my face. My usually sharp angles softer.

My blue eyes bore back at me.