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"You're an idiot, you know that?" I muttered to Emmett after Edward had ran out the door.

"What?" My husband grinned at me playfully, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Seriously, I think that conversation needed even more subtle innuendos to make it run smoother."

"Oh, he'll find out anyway." Emmett scoffed at me, walking round the couch to me. "Where do you think he's just gone? Cuz it ain't to the next flight to Carlisle's and Esme's."

I felt a blank look cross my features as the slow realisation of how stupid I was hit me. "Oh god!"

"Are we going to follow him, or let Bella and Jasper deal with it themselves?" Em asked. "I highly doubt Jazz will give the same secrecy we tried-"

"-I tried You were no help at all!"

"You tried, then. Meethinks Jazz will be quite happy showing Edward what he's misisng out on with Bella."

I heard a small hiss in the corner of the room, near the bottom of the stairs where the small black haired pixie had designated to herself. I gave her a momentary glance. I loved Alice, but Bella was right. She, liek Edward, had no right to the human she left behind. I turned again to Emmett. "Jasper will tell Edward, which means he'll either run away like a child, or kill Jazz."

A long silence filled the room again. "I think we should follow him. Just for protection."

By the time us three had ran out the door and had travelled to Bella's house, Edward was already inside. With our vampiric hearing, the conversation being held was audiable, even the fear quivvering in Bella's voice was unmistakable. Then Jasper, notr very tactfully, broke the news to Edward. Edward jumped out the window and ran into the trees again. Alice shot after him.

"Shall I check up on them?" Emmett asked me, gesturing towards the open window, illuminated by quick flashes of lighnting.

I shrugged. "Leave them alone. They obviously want some alone time." Emmett raised his eyebrows suggestivly. I could find nothing to throw at him, so I merely glared and raced after my two wawword siblings, Emmett quickly following behind me.

Running through the darkened forest, we came upon the clearing where Edward was being held back by the small figure of Alice. "How could he? That bastard!" He was screaming. "He's corrupting my poor Bella."

"Oh please." I growled at him, casually strutting foreward into the light of the moon. "She isn't yours anymore, dear. Get over it."

Alice gave me a harsh look. "I agree with Edward."

Once again, silence fell over me. Flicking back some blond curls, I glared her down. "I'm sorry, what?"

"They're not meant to be together! She's just a human. Jasper was meant to be with me. I rescused him. He was mine!" Before I had felt anger at the girl, no older than 16 in appearance. Now I pitied her. I wasn't sure whether she was in love with Jasper still, or just majorly pissed that she lost him as her property. The important thing was that she thought she was in love with him. It hurt her to see him with Bella.

"Both of you!" Emmett spoke loudly, stepping at my side. "I know it must hurt, but it's been almost a year since. They've moved on and so must you. You don't have to, but at least let them be happy! Thye have a chance to have a future and a family and everything you've ever wanted. You claim to love them, yet you won't let them be happy?"

When Emmett mentioned the word family, I stiffened. The fact I could not bare children was a sensitive subject to me. Then I remembered that Jasper was human. Human because of a vampire. I wasn't sure how long ago Jazz's transformation had been, but he told me it was in Washington, not to far. Cogwheels started to turn in my head. They were almost dangerous to consider. I couldn't- No. Emmett had lost his previous family to stay alive, I would not let his lose Esme and Carlisle because of my selfish need to be a mother. If I were human, little tears of regret, of long lost memory, would have surfaced on my eyes.

Alice broke the intence silence Emmett's heartfelt speech had struck upon us. "They're human. They don't know of love."

Edward chimed in too. "Human's can never know the feeling between a vampire and his mate. It is for life. Human's relationships sometimes surpass merely a week, let alone a few years."

"You can not judge what you have no knowledge of." Emmett scorned. I was suprised at his erudition tonight.


Rosalie and Emmett had given us the courtesy the next morning to say goodbye to both Jasper and myself. Although they were saying goodbye, I knew deep down that we would never be rid of them. The vampires that haunted my nights of memory. "He's never going to leave us alone, is he?" I whispered to Rosalie. She had never liked me, but in the few days that she had been here, she had shown more compassion to me than ever. Perhaps it was my decision to stay human. Perhaps she was glad I wasn't part of her family any more. Either way, I had grown to care for her greatly more.

As they left, I looked up at Jasper. Although we'd only been dating for the short period of two days, we'd been growing closer for the past several months. And we had our entire lives to look foreward to. I hoped that they would be with him.

Over the next few weeks, we tried to forget the incident of the return of our exes. I had finally managed to watch every single film that Jasper had been begging me to watch with him and, by the end, my fear of blood in films was almost destroyed. We had gone to dinner together, rode his bike along the cliffs, and even been forced into trying cliff diving with the pack, all of whom had accepted Jasper, by now, as their brother. By now, Jasper and I had crossed everything off the list I had pulled together from the recesses of my over active mind. I hadn't told Jasper, but there was one thing I had kept off the list. Something embarrasing and personal. Even when I was going out with him, this human experience would be awful to try and coax up. I decided I would put off the entire conversation until a later date, but promised that I would bring it forth at my birthday.

Summer was comming to its end and the crisp air of Autumn was blowing into Forks, reminding me that the faitful day in September was drawing closer and closer. Until I was woken with the, pulled a smell of a cooked breakfast.

I had grown fondly acustom to being cooked food by Jasper, nice to spend some time myself out of the kitchen. But this morning was not a good day. Even with Jasper here, turning 19 was death itself. I groaned as I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on a pair of sweatpants to go with the tank top I had worn to bed, pulled a comb through my tangled locks, brushed my teeth and headed down the stairs to find Charlie sitting munching on beans on toast. He smiled as I approached. "Happy Birthday, Bells."

"Thanks Dad." I smiled to him and looked past him to see Jasper milling away inside the kicthen, looking behind his shoulder to giev me a white toothed grin.

"Morning sunshine." He sang to me.

"It's too early for happiness." I grumpily moaned, checking on the clock that it was, in fact, only eight o clock and thus far too early to be up. I heard my Dad chuckle. It had weirded me out to discover that Charlie got on incredibly well with Jasper. It wasn't that they had sports to gush about like he did with Jake, but Jasper was just so accomodating and friendly, it was hard for Charlie to not like him. I sighed to myself that Charlie was probably happy I wasn't with Edward anymore, even if it was his older brother.

Food was placed in front of me and Jasper sat down on an opposit chair. We kept ourselves to ourselves when Charlie was nearby. I wouldn't think Charlie would be so nice if he found out what Jasper and I were like together when he wasnt there. I ate silently as Charlie finished his plate, grabbed his gun holster and his keys, chucked me a small wrapped cube, said his goodbyes, and exited the door. Jasper was immediatly next to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Happy Birthday darlin'." He murmered softly to me, passing me a massive, heavily wrapped rectangle. With extream predujice, I tore the old Christmas paper away to reveal a book. It was heavy, with elaboratly designed illustraitions. On the front, in calligraphy, was the words "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare." I grinned from ear to ear, throwing my arms round my blond haired boyfriend.

"Thank you!" I sighed in happiness. "I've always wanted this."

As I opened the cube Charlie got me, I saw a glint of silver. It was a very expensive looking charm bracelet, with a silver moon dangeling off and room to place more charms. I was sad that I couldn't have given Charlie a proper thank you, but he was use to me not wanting presents and generally acting ungrateful for all the attention I was given. I vowed to never complain about him making an effort again.

"I think there are some pups who wanted to wish you the same thing." Jasper told me, taking my hand in his and placing the silver bracelet around my wrist.