Hermes flew down the stone road, Kino holding the handlebars tightly. The occasional backfire of the engine reminding them both of just why they were in such a hurry. "

Kino, don't you think going this fast will make my condition worse?"

"I don't see how, that part is about as bad as it's going to get, the faster we get it replaced the better, besides I've always wanted to visit "The country where motorrads were born"…haven't you?"

Kino asked, leaning her head back, seeing the thin line of smoke they were leaving behind. "Not particularly, should I?"

"Well it's said all motorrads were built there and sent out into the world, everyone wants to go visit home at some point right?"

""Do you Kino?" Hermes asked just as the country came into view, the question unanswered, replaced by an obvious statement from the rider. """I think we're here."

In the distance they saw, what looked to be a small city though oddly enough it didn't seem all that industrialized, there were no smoke stacks, billowing blackness into the sky, like in other countries famous for producing machines. Kino brought Hermes to a full stop, and reached into her pocket to retrieve her scope.

"This is odd, it looks like there's a guard booth."

""I don't see how that's very odd Kino."

"Well normally no it wouldn't be, but this one is at least a mile away from the main gate. It's just sitting there next to the road."

" "I wonder what that's all about." "Suppose we'll find out when we get there."

Kino took off once again, though at a more conservative speed knowing the guard post was coming up. Once they'd reached the free standing hut with the long striped arm hanging over the road, (despite open fields on either side.) they came to a full stop once again. Kino turned looking through the small window at a perplexed looking guard. "Excuse me, is this the way to "The country where motorrads were born?" She asked in her usual fashion. The guard moved from the small booth scratching his head, and upon looking down upon what this young….(girl?) rode became somewhat distraught. "Uhm, please state your name and business."

" "I'm Kino, I'm a traveler my motorrad here seems to be in need of a replacement part."

The guard looked for a long time at the motorrad and then back up to Kino, though at this point he wore a more pleasant if not somewhat astounded fate. "So that IS a motorrad." He finally said, which caused Kino a great deal of confusion. "You've never seen a motorrad before?" She inquired, maybe they'd gotten bad directions.

"Well not a real one, they gave me a picture so I would know what one looks like…Oh and yes, this is the way." It was Kino's turn to look perplexed now those two statements seeming contradictory. "So you're saying this is the way, and that you're guarding the road, and that you've never seen a motorrad before?" The guard slapped his head as if coming to some great realization.

''Of course, you don't know the rules, sorry I was suppose to tell you when you told me you were a traveler..." He clears his throat looking rather excited, the same way a child does when their parent allows them to help with something for the very first time.

"Rule number one: no traveler may stay more then three days." That got her attention

right away, but she said nothing and allowed him to continue. "Rule two: No motorrads are allowed within one mile of the country's borders. Rule three: All motorrad riders must bring in at least one part from said motorrad into the country with them."

Kino had come across odd laws and customs before and these were certainly that. "I'll need you to answer me a few questions before I decide whether to go in or not. What happens to my motorrad while I'm inside?"

"I'll store it in the guard house, it has a lock and a sturdy door, you'll also be given our solemn promise no damage will befall it."

"Okay next question, can the part I bring in be the broken one I need replaced?"

""Shouldn't be a problem."

"Alright then, that's all I need, I'll go in and be back here at sundown in three days."

"KINO, you're just going to leave me out here." "

"He'll take good care of you Hermes and besides we're too far out to risk getting your part anywhere else." "

""Well when you put it that way…just try to be quick about it." "

Kino nodded and knelt down, to remove the offending part and the motorrad went cold. "Well then I guess I'm walking from here, take care of Hermes for me." Kino said staring straight into the guard's eyes, her own narrowing slightly making them slightly menacing through her goggles. "Uh yes…I promise." Kino smiled a half smile and nodded before wrapping the part in a cloth and slipping it into her pocket. She turned seeing the short road ahead to the country, and began walking.