". . .It's pretty unususal isn't it?" Kino asked as she matched the stride of the tour guide, eyes alternating between him and the people hurriedly putting their parts in the large metal boxes.

"Is it, I wouldn't know I've never been out of this country, it's one of the laws, once you leave you can't come back." Still trying to steer the conversation back to the culture of his country, looking somewhat uncomfortable talking about himself.

"So the guard?" Kino looked perplexed a moment, before nodding with understanding.

"Oh the one out on the road, it's like a voluntary exile, he lives out there food, water, and letters are brought to him by the same auto-postman that collects the parts at the end of the day." Demonstrating his point by extending his hand towards what looked like a minaturized dump truck with a set of mechanical arms out stretched on either side, the exhaust on the back sputtering out light clouds of smoke as it rolled along collecting the parts from each home.

Lily nodded knowing better than to question the traditions of any of the countries she visits. "I see, is there any where in town I can rent a room for the next few days?"

Kino shook his head. "No sorry, I mean we're so far out of the way, and our three day law doesn't make this a very appealing spot for travelers, any inn would go out of business pretty quick. As a tour guide I'm obliged to offer you a room in my home though." He hid the blush on his face with the collar of his jacket as best he could. Unaccustomed to speaking with members of the opposite sex, let alone one his own age.

"Well if it isn't any trouble I don't suppose I have much choice." She noticed the color coming to his cheeks, not that he'd poorly hidden it, Lily knew how to watch people carefully, a defense mechanism, should anyone wish her ill she'd know it by their face. This look however was alien to her, a flushed face usually meant guilt but there were no other signs of it, no indication he might be leading her into a trap. There was also the matter of his face itself, familiar almost comforting, though she knew there was no way the two of them could have ever met before. Without realizing it, she was blushing herself as well, and studied him too close or too long causing him to notice when they came to a stop.

"Do I have something on my face." She shook her head with a somewhat awkward half smile on her face.

"No it's just you remind me, of someone that I don't quite remember." Cryptic as her words were he understood, there was something about her that gave him that same feeling, though not her face.

"Anyway, this is my home." Making a sweeping motion with his arm towards a small two story building, not far from the main gate, like all the others this house also had a large metal box on the front.

"I sent word to my mother someone would be joining us for dinner." With that he motioned for her to follow as he made his way up the steps and onto the porch. As they pushed their way through the old door, it's paint peeling Lily smiles a little smelling the food Kino's mother was preparing. She was a stocky woman, only a few inches taller than her son. She was stood over the large gas oven when they walked into the kitchen, turning to greet her son and the traveler the color drained from her face.

"Kino!" Eyes locked on the girl who'd been calling herself Lily, not her son.