The Dark Tower: Search for the Tower

By Jayovac


The Gunslinger was go across the dessert to find the tower. He was search for twenty days and twelve nights but he hasn't find it yet. The sun is beat against his and the thirst was thirsty and the heat was hot. The dessert winds were blow against him leather jacket and blocks at his eye visions but he didn't not care.

He knows the man in black is nearby because he sees him earlier and tried him but could not because he were too slowly.

Roland Deschain must was walks more until the mirorages are in his headed, but then suddenly he sees it, in the far distance, could it be?

Yes, for it is the tower! Roland is run fastly to the tower across the sanded plains. Him cowboy boots get stuck and he has a hand on gun just in case so he approached with some caution.

He goes over the next hill, but then he sees the man in black by the tower door.


"You cannot have the tower!" shoots Roland at his.

But then the man in black say, "It is not your tower but mine and then for the highest power!" he yell and laughs.

"It if for him!"

"What doyou mean?!" yells Roland loud.

"It is not your time!" replying teh man.

"not if i can do things about it!" Roland say again.

But before Roland gets to his, and gun with out, the man steals his tower and puts it in his pocket.


"NOOOOO! WHAT DID YOU DO!?" scream Roland out.

Then the man in black flees across the dessert but Roland tries chase again couldn't catch aynmore.


Now Rolan was sit in the bar having a drink. He was depersed about the loss of tower.

"On the house," barkeep says and give Roland a freedrink. Roland thanks his and drink it all in one.

"What is rong?" Barkeep say because he notice Roland's worry.

"It is the tower," Roland begin but stop. "Do not owrry. It is not for you."

"But I do," Barkeep say and wipe down a cup.

"I know where it is and what you speak of."

"You do?!" Roland excitement.


So then barkeep tells Roland where to find the new, more better tower, and Roland thanks of the information and give barkeep some money but not much because he is too poor.


Roland walks more through the dessert. He is hot and the sand goes against him again, sting but this was okay. Because now Roland sees the biggest he has ever sawed, and it was the best tower ever. Roland shout like happy, and he runs with maximum speed to the tower.

But when he gets to the tower, he finds the door is locked and he cannot get in.

"NO, NO! WHY??????" shouts Roland in more anger.

The End?