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Sono Shitsuji, Père d'un jour

Chapter 1: J'ai une demande à vous

A sigh came from inside the room.

Ciel was speechless. He was sitting in his huge armchair. He buried his head in his arms that were resting in the large oak desk inside his office.

Another sigh escaped his lips.

He can't comprehend the contents of the letter in his hand. His mind doesn't seem to be working. He raised his head and read the letter a few more times hoping that he read it wrong and that the contents would change. But its contents remained the same.

He sighed again.

"Young Master is something wrong?" said a voice that came from the door. He looked at the owner of the voice.

'Ah, Sebastian', he said in his head, and then looked down again at the letter in his hand.

"What do you want? "He asked his butler angrily without looking at him.

"I just want to know if the Young Master has any problem" Sebastian answered.

"What makes you say that I have a problem?" he asks coldly while lifting his gaze to meet that of his butler's.

He wasn't surprised that Sebastian was now in front of him, because he knows that Sebastian is no ordinary butler for he is a demon, and being able to move that fast without creating any noise and without anyone noticing is just a piece of cake for his demon butler.

"Because the young master has been sighing and looking at that letter in his hand for quite some time now" came his butler's quick reply.

"hmmm" that was his only reply. He looked at the letter again. Read it. And he sighed again.

"Is it another mission from Her Majesty? "His butler asked him.


"But there hasn't been any serial killings, kidnappings or illegal drug dealings recently Young Master?" his butler points out.

"Sebastian, those things are not the only things that distresses Her Majesty, besides this is not a mission but a request" he replied, he was starting to get annoyed with his butler.

"Then what kind of a request has Her Majesty asked that it distresses the young master so much." Sebastian asked with interest.

"Here, find out for yourself" he replied, as he handed the letter to his butler.

Thus, Sebastian read:

My Cute Little Boy,

How are you? I hope you're doing fine.

I have a favor to ask you My Cute Little Boy

A couple of my friends from France are coming over.

I have told them a great deal about you and your company.

They are very ecstatic to meet you, but they do not know that you are just a cute little boy.

They think that you are already an adult who knows so much about the world.

And they wish to spend a day in your company.

So I must ask you this little favor.

Do find yourself a person that can pretend to be your father just for a day; I know this is a sensitive

subject, but do please excuse me for asking you to do this.

They are arriving tomorrow; I will have someone escort them in your estate.

Please do take care of my guest.


'Ah, so this is what's been bothering him' Sebastian thought.

"Well..?" Ciel asked.

"Well what, Young Master?" Sebastian answers calmly.

"Well, where am I going to get a person who can act as my father? " Ciel asks frantically.

"Hmmm..well there's Tanaka-san." Sebastian suggested.

"Too old" Ciel answered.

"Finny?" the butler asks.

"Too young and too stupid " Ciel answers.

"How about Bard? " Sebastian suggests.

"He's a good choice if you want the guests to go back to France in ashes." Ciel sarcastically replied.

He was running out of time. The guest will arrive tomorrow, where will he find a person who can be his father. But it's not just the task of finding the person; they must educate him about the company, about its franchises, and teach him about the Phantomhive family. How can he do that in just a day?

Then suddenly an idea came into his head, he looked at Sebastian and smiled at the confused butler.

"Young Master?" Sebastian asked confused, it seems to him that his master has an idea.

"Sebastian, I have a person in mind perfect for the job." He smiled mockingly at the butler in front of him.

"Well Young Master tell me who it is so that I may go and fetch him for you." Sebastian tells his master.

"There's no need, for he is standing in front of me" Ciel answers mockingly and grins at his butler.

Sebastian was shocked, but he didn't show it. He eyed his young master and frowns.

"Young Master, there is no time for jokes. We must find the right person to represent the Phantomhive family as your father. And we must also educate him about the company." Sebastian replies seriously.

"But I'm not joking Sebastian. I'm just saying, you know about the company, about the franchises, and you look old enough to be a father. So you're the perfect candidate." Ciel explained.

"You are right young master and you have a point, but who will take care of my duties as a butler? And what about the other three" Sebastian questions his Young Master.

" Tanaka-san will take care of your duties as for the other three, they can still be their idiotic selves. " Ciel answers his butler.


"No buts Sebastian, you will represent the Phantomhive family as my father whether you like it or not."Ciel tells his butler. He was starting to get annoyed. "And that's an order!" he adds after seeing the look on Sebastian's face.

He was starting to get irritated at his young master, but he forces himself to understand the situation. That his master is short on time and is desperate and that his family name is also on the line. Besides it's an order from his Master, he cannot disobey no matter how much he dislikes it.

"Yes My Lord" he answers then bows before leaving his master to tell Tanaka-san and the others of the upcoming event.

~The Next Day~

Ciel opened his eyes and looked around. He rubbed his eyes then yawned and stretched his arms as he heard tea being poured in a cup.

"What tea is it today, Sebastian?" he asked sleepily without looking at the person next to him.

"Ho ho ho "came the reply.

He suddenly realized that it was not Sebastian who was with him, but Tanaka- san. He quickly grabbed the eye patch at the bedside table and quickly tried to tie it. Panic could be seen in his face. What if Tanaka-san saw the contract that was engraved in his right eye? How would he explain it to Tanaka-san and the others?

"Umm...Tanaka-san where's Sebastian?" He asked without looking at the old man.

But before Tanaka-san could even answer him the door swung open, which nearly made him jump in surprise, and Sebastian came in. He looked at Sebastian with a frown in his face while his butler smiled at him. He was walking silently towards Ciel with a huge smile on his face.

"You may leave, Tanaka-san." Sebastian said to the old man.

Tanaka bowed at Sebastian respectfully (which really surprised Ciel), then left without saying a word.

Suddenly Ciel felt something soft touch his forehead, He blushed heavily as he realized that Sebastian just kissed him in the forehead. He closed his eyes and clutched the covers. He must be dreaming, that's it, this is just a dream a very weird dream. He tried convincing himself that it was just a dream by pinching his face.

"Ouch!" he screamed.

"This is not a dream Ciel" Sebastian stated. He was clearly amused by his master's actions.

Ciel was silent. He just stared at the wall and didn't look at Sebastian.

"Bonjour, mon fils" Sebastian stated looking at Ciel. The amused smile present on his face.

"Bonjour, mon père" Ciel answered. He looked at what Sebastian was wearing. He was wearing a dark blue frock coat, with a decorative double-breasted waistcoat and a narrow bow tie. His hair was tidy and is swept back on one side. He looked like a real noble. He was smiling at Ciel and was holding something in his hand.

~A few moments later~

Ciel was looking at his reflection in the mirror. He was staring at the clothes he was wearing. He was wearing a blue knee-length breeches and a white shirt with a sailor collar and blue linings to match the trousers and he was also wearing dark socks with black boots, He was also wearing a white hat with blue outline.

"What the hell is this Sebastian? What the hell am I wearing? "He questioned his butler who was standing behind him.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow. Then placed a hand on his mouth, as if he's trying to stifle his laughter, but stopped when he saw the look on Ciel's face.

"Why this is what you are going to wear for the rest of the day." Sebastian replied nonchalantly.

Ciel sighed; this is going to be a long day.

To Be Continued…


*A French Lesson with Sebastian:

Sebastian: Bonjour, mon fils

Ciel: That means "Good morning, my son" right?

Sebastian: very good young master. Now what is the reply to that?

Ciel: hmm…"Bonjour, mon père" that means good morning, Father...

Ciel: *thinking to himself* what if Sebastian is my father? Would that make me an evil child? Will my nails be black as well? Will I live at hell? What would I look like? *looks into the mirror* hmmm...

Sebastian: Young master is something wrong?

Ciel:* too busy looking at the mirror…*

Well what do you think...hehehehe..