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Chapter 10- Addicting Wonderland

"Your body is a Wonderland

I'll use my hands"

"H-hey, where are you touching me? Wait a minute, why are you touching there? Hey stop that." Ciel shouted as he felt Sebastian's hands and the sponge roam all over his body. They were currently inside the bath tub and Sebastian was giving Ciel a bath.

"Ciel, why are you shouting? I'm just cleaning you" Sebastian questioned the boy as he cleaned the boy's back with the sponge in his right hand, while his left hand ghosted over the Ciel's thighs making the boy blush.

"Cleaning my arse, you're just molesting me you stupid demon" then using both hands, Ciel grabbed Sebastian's left hand and lifted it. "There, now you won't be able to molest me" but then he felt Sebastian's left arm snake their way to his waist and then he felt another hand on his inner thighs, Ciel could feel his blush deepen. He felt the hand go deeper into the inside of his thighs, then it brushed over something that made him gasp.

"Se-sebastian, stop that" Ciel panted as he tried to get Sebastian's hand off him but it wouldn't budge. He felt the hand brush that same part again, that he gasped and blushed some more. Then he felt the hand grab that part of him and he felt pleasure run through his body. Then the hand moved up and down in a slow pace, making Ciel moan. It continued moving in a slow pace making Ciel moan and blush some more, Ciel covered his mouth to stop himself from making noise, but Sebastian removed his hands while whispering, "Don't do that Ciel, let me hear you." Then he gave Ciel a light squeeze making the boy thrust his hips forward.

Ciel was panting heavily now, eyes filled tears and his cheeks red from the pleasure. He can feel something hard poking him at the back. Sebastian could feel Ciel whimper under his unbearable touch, so he bit the boy lightly on the shoulder and whispered "Just let it go, Ciel"


At the final moment before Ciel's release, Sebastian suddenly kissed the boy's trembling lips, sealing the sound of gratification within.

Then he released the boy.

"Haaa..." the boy was panting as he leaned back on Sebastian. Ciel was slowly drifting to sleep; Sebastain smiled and kissed the top of the boy's head.

"You left me with a pretty big problem, Ciel"

It was also warm.

Ciel opened his eyes.

He looked around and saw that he was back in his room.

Memories of what happened in the bath came flooding back to him.

He blushed.

He shook his head and got out of bed, and then he headed towards the windows, whose curtains were closed, and parted them. There was a storm outside, he could see the lightning and hear the roar of thunder. Everything was dark so it must be late. He took a glance at the clock on the other side of the room; it was already half past ten in the evening.

Then he began to wonder.

'Where could Sebastian be?' Ciel thought to himself, and so he decided to look for Sebastian. He put on his robe and exited his room. He wandered for about ten minutes until he heard laughter coming from somewhere; he followed the sound and it lead him to the play room. He took a peak at the keyhole to see inside; he saw the two old hags and Sebastian playing pool. He noticed that the old hags were a little drunk so they must have been drinking and playing for a while now. Then he heard Madame Marie speak, "Monsieur Sebastian, you're still young. Don't you want to have another wife?" then she giggled, "I have a niece who is just about your age, I would be delighted if you would meet her. I'm sure you'll like her, she's just the sweetest thing."

Sebastian chuckled and said, "Well that is very thoughtful of you Madam, but I don't have plans on remarrying." The old hags gave a disappointed sound, "Ah such a waste! You're so handsome." Then Madame Marie clung into Sebastian, "Forgive me for being forward for I am drunk. But I would to request for you to meet my niece, Monsieur. Do think about it." Then the old hags began to talk about other things, such as dresses, horses and gossip. He looked away from the keyhole.

Ciel was annoyed. How dare those hags cling to him and ask him to meet some girl. Then he stopped, why was he thinking like this? Why is he getting annoyed? He took another peak. The Madame Marie was still clinging on Sebastian.

He had an idea.

He went back to his room and grabbed a small pillow, discarded his robe, opened the first two buttons of his oversized shirt then ruffled his hair. He looked at himself in the mirror; feeling satisfied he went back to the play room. He could still hear the thunder rumbling outside.

He stood outside the door.

"D-daddy." He sobbed, and then knocked at the door. The door opened but he stayed standing by the door, clutching the pillow with his left hand while rubbing his eyes with his right.

"Oh dear" he heard one of the old hags say. He looked at them one by one, looking as if he's just woken up, then when he saw Sebastian he sobbed again, "D-daddy."

Sebastian was surprised, this was new. So he went towards Ciel and kneeled down in front of the boy and lifted him into his arms, "Shhh, don't worry Ciel. It's okay. What's wrong? Did you get scared of the thunder?" he cooed as he felt Ciel snuggle to him. He looked down and saw a small smirk gracing his young master's lips. 'What a cunning child'

"I woke up and you weren't in the bed beside me." Ciel whined from his arms. Suddenly the ladies were cooing at Ciel trying to comfort him, "Aww, it's alright Ciel. You're daddy's here." "Yes, sweetheart. We're sorry we kept your daddy from you."

Ciel smirked, 'stupid old hags. That's right you should feel sorry, I had to walk in the cold from my room to here, just to find Sebastian. Man, I'm feeling sleepy.'

"Daddy let's go to sleep" Ciel demanded cutely then yawned, then snuggled back into Sebastian. Madame Rentzel giggled and patted him in the head saying, "You must really spoil him"

He heard Sebastian chuckle, "Yes, I find it hard not to. Well, I must excuse myself for a moment, Mesdames. I'll just put Ciel back to bed. I'll be right back."

"Oh no need. It's quite late we'll head to bed as well"

"Ah, let me accompany you to your rooms"

"It's alright, we can go ourselves. You must get little Ciel to bed or else he might get a cold. Well goodnight, Monsieur." Then the ladies curtsied and left the room.

Sebastian carried Ciel back to the boy's room. When they got to the room he saw that Ciel was half-asleep in his arms.

"We're here Ciel" he whispered as he placed Ciel on the bed. Ciel yawned, ignoring Sebastian as he crawled on the bed towards the pillows when he felt Sebastian pull him back.

"Huh? What?" Ciel muttered, sleep lacing his voice. Sebastian laid the boy on the bed then towered over him; he trailed his right hand on Ciel's exposed thighs while his lips ghost over the boy's neck. He heard the boy sigh.

"Ciel, my sweet Ciel"

Sebastian connected their lips together; his tongue immediately exploring the boy's addicting mouth. He felt Ciel's arms around his neck as their lips separated. Ciel was wide awake now, his cheeks blushing and he was glaring at him. He smiled at the boy and whispered in his ear.

"Let me love you, Ciel"

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