Island of the Demon Women

Part 1

I don't own anyone or anything but TMNT Girls and the Women of the Island

The Girls were training with Genkai and Splinter at Genkai's Compound with Hotoki watching and drinking tea.

"Girls, you want to be faster or your enemies will beat you in battle." Genkai hollers.

"Yes, Master Genkai, "The Girls replies back as they were fighting a dummy.

"Now, Girls, watch out for flying enemies." Splinter spoke as the costumed helpers were flying around.

The Girls kick all of the flying enemies.

"Now it's time for a lesson in spotting an invisible enemies and when you are blinded in battle." Splinter explains as he puts blindfold on each of the girls.

"What does this teach us, Master Splinter?" Ninji asks.

"How to detect an enemy."

"Who's our enemy we need to detect?" Tami asks.

"Someone closer than you think." Splinter hints.

"It must be the boys." Kiri squeals excitedly as does the other girls

"No, it's not the boys." Genkai groans.

"Aww!" The girls pout.

"Stay focus, young ones." Splinter reminds them.

"Ok," The Girls say as the shadowed enemy attacks the girls.

The Shadow Kicks Kiri to Yukina and both falls down. The Shadow kicks Ninji toward Botan cause them to fall, then Shizuru tries to spot the shadow and grabs the shadow but the shadow grabs her arm swing here over and slams toward Tami. Then the Shadow picks up Keiko and throws her toward Sashe who then falls down toward the ground and all of the girls were on top of each other.

"Great, we were defeated by whom?" Ninji asks as she took off the blind fold and it revealed to be…

"Legend!" The Girls yells in shock as they saw Legend Matrix.

"You thought it was the boys didn't you." Legend replies.


"Well, I need your help, girls."

"What's the problem?" Ninji asks.

"I have the problem." A voice says as it came up from Genkai's Temple coming toward the girls

"Girls, I like to introduce Gail, the Queen of Demonzon." Legend replies.

Gail had light brown hair, elf like ears, she had a queen outfit which was royal purple, it was ripped and she had high heel shoes which were the same color.

"Demonzon? Where's that?" Kiri asks.

"It is island that is far away from the rest of Demon World only Demon Women live there." Gail replies.

"It's like my home." Yukina replies.

"Yes, but unlike the ice maidens' world ours doesn't float." Gail explains.

"What the Problem, Gail?" Sashe asks.

"My half-sister, Queen Dragna, has taken over my kingdom and plans try to take over the rest of Demon world by ruling it with an iron fist and enslaving all who oppose her."

"Oh, no." Keiko chirps out.

"Well, I originally came for the boys but I remember men aren't allowed on my island." Gail explains.

"Well, we'll help queenie, the best way we can." Shizuru replies confidently.

"Let's go." Botan replies.

Meanwhile on the Demonzon

"That's right, my slaves, and work faster!" Queen Dragna orders.

Queen Dragna looks like a Dragon with a black gothic like dress that look more like a queen's dress she has a staff that has a heart shaped crystal beside her.

"Queen Dragna, your half sister has escaped from sight." A female voice states in commander like voice.

"You let her get away!" Queen Dragna yells in anger as she used her staff to turn her guard into liquid substance to add into a vase. "Now, don't fail me again. Serpentae, come here."

Serpentae comes and she looks like Medusa in snake form including the snake like hair. Has the body of snake and human like hands has a gold warrior outfit.

"Yes, My lord." Serpentae replies.

"Find my half sister, Gail, before she gets help." Queen Dragna says.

"My Lord, "A female voice calls.

"What is it, Lionetta?" Queen Dragna calls as Lionetta came closer

Lionetta looks like a female lion that had gold warrior outfit on.

"My Lord, your half sister is on her way back toward Demonzon." Lionetta replies.

"Oh, good." Queen Dragna replies.

"But she brought help from the other world."

"Those Detectives and Ninja Turtles."

"No, she brought their girlfriends."

"Good, I'm going to use them to help out."

Queen Dragna laughs.


"Are we there, yet?" Kiri asks.

"NO!" Ninji replies annoyed.

"We're almost there, girls." Gail says as they got to the Demonzon. "We are here, girls."

Girls gasp in shock to see Demonzon with Tropical trees and a castle.

"We must be careful because Dragna could be sending her warriors after us." Gail warns.

"Ok." Girls replies as they pull out their weapons.

The Bush rustles

"What's that?" Tami asks.

"It came from that bush." Keiko points out as the girls got closer.

"Don't hurt us please." A young girl's voice pleads.

"We won't go back anywhere with you, Queen Dragna." Another voice states seriously.

"We're not Queen Dragna." Kiri replies.

"How do we know you're not her warriors?" The second voice asks seriously.

"Because I'm with them, May and June." Gail replies as she recognized their voices.

"Queen Gail!" The Girls squeal as they ran to her and hugged her.

May looks like a tiger cub with a junior outfit of a warrior's and June looks like a mouse with a bow on her head also with a junior warrior outfit.

"Now, what are you two doing here?"

"We were trying to escape and we ended up here." June explains.

"Who are the women, Queen Gail?" May asks. "They are human and mutants."

"These are the girlfriend of the famous spirit detectives and ninja turtles."

"I'm Keiko." Keiko introduces.

"I'm Botan." Botan introduces.

"I'm Yukina." Yukina introduces.

"I'm Shizuru." Shizuru introduces.

"My name's Sashemie, Sashe for short." Sashe introduces.

"Mine's Hikiri, Kiri for short." Kiri introduces.

"I'm Ninjara, Ninji for short." Ninji introduces.

"I'm Tamarei, Tami for short." Tami introduces.

"Hi," May and June replies.

"Now that's done we must get to that castle." Gail points out as she points to the castle.

The Girls start walking

From a high tree

"Well, well they're here." Lionetta reports. "Serpentae, get ready they're coming toward you now."

"Good," Serpentae replies as she got her troops ready.

"So, do you girls have strength like you boyfriends?" May asks.

"We do." Shizuru replies.

"Are powerful as them?" June asks.

"Not quite." Botan replies as arrows came toward the two young girls.

"May and June, watch out!" Yukina yells as she blocks them with her ice shield.

"What's going on?" Keiko asks.

"It's Queen Dragna's warriors." Gail replies.

"That's right and this time you won't escape." Serpentae states. "We'll also have the girlfriends of the Spirit Detectives and Ninja Turtles."

"No, you won't!" Ninji yells as she threw her sais at Serpentae and her warriors.

"We will." Serpentae replies. "Attack!"

The Female Warriors attack the girls

"Spirit Gun," Keiko call outs as her index finger glows and shot at the warriors.

"Icicle shards." Yukina calls out as icicles shoot out from her palms.

"Spirit Arrow!" Shizuru calls out as she shot golden arrows at the warriors.

Botan was slashing at the warriors with her sword causing the warriors to back up.

Kiri throws her nunchucks at charging warriors causing them fall.

Tami throws her bo and trips more of the warriors.

Sashe uses her sword to knock the weapons and shield off the warriors.

Meanwhile Queen Dragna was watching on her crystal ball.

"Hmm, these girlfriends are as strong as my warriors. I have an idea when they come here I'll make them warriors instead of capturing them." She replies.

The Girl finally beat the warriors and starts walking again.

"That was awesome!" May states excitedly.

"Thanks." The girls reply.

They get to the castle

"Alright, Dragna, come out." Ninji states seriously as all the girls were ready for attack.

"On the contrary, girls, why don't you come in?" Queen Dragna replies as she uses her staff to magically pull the all of the girls in the castle. "Now I will make you powerful women into warriors."

Queen Dragna chants a spell that causes the Girls except Gail, May and June to hold their heads and they start glowing….

To be continued….