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Characters for Chapter 1: Ren Suzuki; Xth Form Keyblader

Megumi Suzuki; Xth Form Keyblader

Joey Laramie; Xth Form Keyblader

Meghan Laramie; Xth Form Keyblader

Hiromi Fudo; Xth Form Keyblader

Rebecca Hathaway; Xth Form Keyblader

Yes, that did sound too business-like, I apologize. But, I feel intelligent for putting that down. So, now, without any further ado, here is the first chapter (although this could be considered to be the first and second chapters) of Pokémon: New Chronicles!

Episode 1: Meeting Eevee

A young male stands outside of Professor Oak's lab, eyeing a book with his auburn eyes as he flips through the pages. Any other normal day, he would probably be reading in the confines of his own home. After all, its nine o'clock in the morning and it is practically taboo for him to leave so early. Well, at least its taboo for him to not spend some time in his house. It was quiet there and he didn't need to ask for too much out of his parents. They knew him and his books. They knew that he likes to read them, at least when he's bored. He then closes the book, putting it into his red knapsack before he lets out a soft sigh. He wouldn't spend any more time in his house anymore, though. Starting from today, instead of reading stories about adventures, he'll be having his own. Yes, he's one of the new pokémon trainers that Professor Oak is supposed to be meeting with today. And even though his face doesn't show it and body language doesn't say it, he's actually got butterflies in his stomach about all of this. It's a mixture of feelings: there's happiness for actually getting this opportunity to anxiety about how well his choice for a partner will really be. Of course, there is also the lying idea that his personality may not be good for him to connect with a pokémon. His mom addressed that so for the last couple of days, he's been practically yelled at to somehow crack a smile sometimes. And of course, he's been obliged to listen but mostly has not bothered to act upon his mom's words.

He heaves a sigh before he scratches his thigh through his blue jeans. Realizing that its time for him to go inside, he straightens out his black shirt, taps the ground a couple of times with his white sneakers, and readjusts the arms of his jacket before glancing up, noticing the ever present small hem of white that is his hair draping over towards his face. 'Focus,' he thinks to himself before he lets out a sigh. 'Everything will be fine.'

With that thought in mind, he walks into the lab, glancing around. He did expect this somewhat. But, its still amazing to him that a place so devoted to research really existed. He takes a few more steps cautiously, almost as if he is burglar trying to not trigger an alarm. He blinks a couple of times before he mutters, "Oh, yeah... I need to find him to get my pokémon, don't I?" He glances around the lab, putting one hand in his pocket and the other on his waist. 'Hopefully, I'm not too late or anything...'

Already inside, the male looks around to catch sight of a couple more people, all around his age, already inside. Knowing that he didn't see them pass him while he was outside, he must assume that they were already inside when he had stopped at the front door. In the room there are three people:

One is a girl in a blue shirt, red jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers. If he had bothered to take a whiff of said girl, like a dog, he would notice that she smelled of cherry blossoms as well. She was petite, as she is only ten-years-old, and has a orange mop of hair that almost makes him miss her sea-colored eyes. Next, he looks behind him, knowing that someone is there with a sound. It sounds like music to him and as he looks back and notices that headphones, he assumes that it is from that male.

The male is leaning up against the wall, bobbing his head in rhythm with the music itself, which is blaring into his ears through his headphones. He is wearing a yellow shirt, with a black denim and sleeveless jacket over it. He is wearing a pair of red sweatpants, and now that the male notices it, the other male does have what looks to be sweat coming down his face right now. However, that's really all he can see of his face right now. His black hair is mostly hiding the real features of his face, including his expression and such. Not really finding anything else to observe, he looks back ahead.

At this moment, he then begins to pay attention to the last person in the room. It is another girl with a white wool hat, with a pink trim around the rim of it and a symbol of what seems to be a pokeball in the middle. It is covering a mop of brown hair, messy hair. She is also wearing a white, sleeveless shirt and is slinging a yellow knapsack over her right shoulder, no doubt that it might be for her pokémon. Although said girl is wearing a miniskirt, the male notices that she is constantly fiddling with it, making it completely obvious that the girl does not to wear said miniskirt. The girl, soon, must have noticed that the male because now her eyes are right on him. He just simply turns away and pretends as if nothing of the sort had just happened.

He puts his hands into his pockets as he looks towards a sliding door that has opened and a man, someone who looks as if he would call him 'grandpa,' stands in front of the sliding door, looking into the room. As he has seen him before, the male is able to recognize him as Professor Oak. Professor Oak then looks around the room and then looks to the orange-haired girl and says, "Rebecca, I guess you can go first." The orange-haired girl then nods in agreement before she heads into the lab behind Professor Oak, the male standing patiently outside, tapping his foot in wait. Then, Professor Oak steps outside and says, "Okay… Uh… Joey, right? You can come in now." The male then glances back to the other male in the room, having heard the music stop and footsteps coming from behind him.

And with that, he believes that he will be the last one to choose his pokémon, considering the fact that he arrived the latest. Then, a couple of minutes later, Professor Oak steps out to look over to the girl before he cautiously says, "Hiromi? Your turn." The girl then stands up and then smiles a little bit. She then heads on her way inside before the male blinks a couple of times. He then puts his hands into his pockets and rocks back and forth on the heels and tips of his feet. After all, he is the last one. And with that, he'll have to be stuck with a pokémon. He won't even really have a choice in the matter. Then, a couple of minutes later, the male begins to notice something: not only is Professor Oak not coming out but the lights are beginning to flicker.

The male blinks a couple of times before he takes a few steps forward and then sees nothing but black. 'The lights turned off…' he thinks to himself before a large crash can be heard in the direction of Professor Oak's lab. The male then moves towards the lab before he puts his hand up against the door. He then peers inside before he asks, "Professor? Is everything-" As soon as he notices a couple of people in black, he closes his mouth and then moves away from the sliding door.

"What was that?" a person in the room asks.

"Who knows. Keep on loading up the truck," another person says. Hearing this, the male knows at least one thing: this isn't supposed to happen at all. He then begins to think to himself, not sure as to what he should do. He should go to the authorities… But, with the electricity off, he would need to open the sliding doors manually. He bites his lip before he looks around and then notices a couple of windows filtering light through above him.

"The window… But, that's too large of a drop…" He then looks around the light, as that is really the only thing that can give him sight at this moment. And he notices that there is a ventilation shaft at the top of the stairs. "Ventilation shaft… Maybe it'll lead me into the other room…" He then moves up the stairs hastily, but quietly, and begins to force the ventilation shaft open. However, it turns out to be too much of a task for the male and he ends up losing his grip and his balance and falling to the ground. He then lets out a couple of gasps before he bites his lip. 'That won't work either?'

At this moment in time, he begins to hear voices from within the vent and then, catches sight of something moving towards the entrance to the vent. "Darn it… Is this no good too?" a voice rings out of the vent, a voice similar to that of a female. Then, she catches sight of the male on the other side and finds her eyes brighten up a little bit. "Hey, can you help me open this?" she asks, before the male nods in agreement and then positions himself at the vent once again, takes hold of the metal bars and begins pulling as the girl begins pushing from the other side. The male soon begins to notice that he can take a couple move steps back and continues pulling as he steps back. And then, all of a sudden, the cover leaves the vent and the male finds momentum playing a part in his landing, with him once colliding with the floor. The girl who was in the vent was now resting on the floor as well, just a few feet away from him. He then puts down the cover to the vent before he stands up and brushes himself off. Looking to the girl, he remembers her as the girl who was called Hiromi and asks, "What's going on…?"

"Team Rocket's here," Hiromi whispers before the male blinks a couple of times. Team Rocket? He's never heard of them. "And they're trying to steal the pokémon. I just came inside and they just came out of the sky and crashed through the windows. Professor Oak is still inside his lab with his aides but he was able to get me into the ventilation shaft before they could notice that I was there too." Hiromi then blinks a couple of times before she continues, "And apparently, everyone outside of the lab are trying to get inside to help… But, because there's no electricity… It's taking a little while."

The male gets the gist of everything and nods in agreement. He then glances over to bottom floor, realizing that the sliding door just got opened up and that some of the people in black are coming into the room. Hiromi then takes out something from her knapsack. It's a small ball with a red coloring on the top and a white, or more silver-like coloring on the bottom. No, wait… That's a pokeball! The male then looks to Hiromi before she smiles and says, "Luckily, I got a little trick up my sleeve… Let's start moving." The male nods in agreement before Hiromi heads for the railing and then jumps off of it, heading towards the ground. She lands on top of one of the men in black before the other turns around and catches sight of her. However, before he could reach out and do anything, Hiromi clicks the pokeball button and then jumps off of the person she just jumped on top of. She then throws the pokeball and yells, "Charmander! Let's go!"

At this moment, the male is down the stairs, not confident enough in his own physical prowess to actually be able to replicate Hiromi's feat. And he makes it down there quick enough for him to see the small red, lizard-like pokémon standing before Hiromi. With the burning tail that seems to illuminate at least some of the bleak darkness in the room, the male is sure that it has to be Charmander. Hiromi then yells out, "Charmander! Use ram into him!" Charmander then charges towards the other man in black and rams into his stomach, knocking him out.

"Squirtle! Tackle!" a female voice rings out from the room beyond the sliding door. Knowing that they should check it out, Hiromi and the male nod to each other and run to the now open sliding door. Soon after squeezing their way through, they take a look at the lab and blink a couple of times, seeing the other two trainers from earlier on one side of the lab and a large burly man on the other side. In between the three of them are two pokémon, a Squirtle and a Bulbasaur.

"Giving up yet?" the male originally recognized as Joey says to the burly male.

"No, not yet," he says with a smirk on his face. He then holds out two pokeballs in front of him and says, "I would like to try out my new pokémon, if you don't mind." Joey ends up letting out a sharp breath as the burly man throws the two pokeballs into the air. "Come on out! Seviper and Eevee!" And with that, a dark-colored snake with two large fangs for teeth appeared alongside a small, brown cat-like pokémon, colored with white fur. "Now, Seviper! Use bite on Squirtle! Eevee, use tackle on Bulbasaur! Let's go!" Seviper charges towards Squirtle before Charmander comes out and head butts Seviper out of the way. The burly guy looks at the Charmander before he yells out, "What?!" And Hiromi moves towards Joey and Rebecca. "So, you three are the new trainers, huh…?" the burly guy then speaks out. A smirk then comes to his face. "Perfect. I can take all three now… Along with this special fourth one…"

"No way," Joey interjects before he looks to Hiromi and Rebecca. "Let's go! Bulbasaur!"

"Squirtle!" Rebecca yells out.

"Charmander!" Hiromi yells out.

"Tackle! Scratch!" the three new trainers yell out in unison before the three pokémon charge towards Seviper. However, the man they are going up against is only simply amused at them. He lets out a couple of laughs before Seviper simply swings its tail and sends all three pokémon back.

'You see how useless it is?" the burly male says, crossing his arms. "Now, Eevee! Attack them with Tackle!" Even though this is what the male commands, Eevee just sits there, looking straight at another male in the room: the fourth trainer. Said pokémon is looking at him, almost as if Eevee is expecting him to do something. It's almost as if Eevee knows: it knows that chances are, that person is supposed to be the trainer for it. However, the burly male from Team Rocket is starting to get annoyed and says, "Seviper! Bite that stupid Eevee so maybe it'll snap out of its thinking!" Hearing this, the Seviper moves towards Eevee but then is stopped by a head butt, this time from Squirtle. The burly male looks towards Squirtle and then to Rebecca.

"This pokémon…" Rebecca says simply. "I won't allow you to hurt it!" Even though Rebecca says this, Seviper then regains its bearings and without even a command, uses Poison Tail on Squirtle, sending it back near Rebecca.

"Squirt- tle…" escapes out of the Squirtle's mouth before Rebecca instinctively moves towards Squirtle.

"Now, Seviper! Use Wrap!" the burly male yells out before the snake begins to slither around Squirtle and begins holding onto it tightly with its own body.

"Squirtle!" Rebecca yells out before Charmander and Bulbasaur move past Rebecca and charge towards Seviper.

"Charmander, use Scratch!" Hiromi yells out before Charmander begins scratching at the base of Seviper, doing nothing to him really.

"Bulbasaur! Try out Tackle!" Joey yells out. And then, Bulbasaur comes up and rams into Seviper with all of its strength. However, Seviper barely even budges at all. Knowing that she has to do something, Rebecca looks around for something for her to use. But, not seeing anything, she begins to move towards Seviper by herself. "What are you doing?! You'll just get hurt!"

The young male, observing this scene, blinks a couple of times and wonders if pokémon truly have that much power: to create such a strong bond after just meeting each other. However, the young boy quickly snaps himself out of his way of thinking and looks around himself to see a fire extinguisher nearby. Quickly taking it out of its box, the male moves quickly towards Seviper, which is bracing itself to let go of Squirtle and go after Rebecca. Then, the male makes his move and begins spraying the gas from the fire extinguisher on the Seviper. Doing this catches Seviper off guard and the shock is enough to make it drop Squirtle prematurely. However, Seviper's tail now wraps around towards the male and begins to constrict the male. 'Darn it…' the male thinks to himself before he sees something flying towards Seviper and strike it. As soon as he regains his bearings, he realizes that said something is Eevee, attacking Squirtle with its Tackle. "Eevee!" the malle yells out in glee before he wrestles himself out of Seviper's grip and moves back, along with Rebecca.

"That's your pokémon," an elderly voice rings out before the male looks towards the nearest door to the lab. Professor Oak is standing there, crossing his arms. "Those guys were stopped before they could leave the town. The only problem is this guy here. And after all, you do need a pokeball, right?" The male nods in agreement before he looks to Eevee.

"Stupid Eevee! Return to your pokeball, where you belong!" the male in black yells out before he takes out the pokeball once again.

"Eevee, use tackle on him and get your pokeball back!" the young male yells out before Eevee begins running, dodging out of the first red light, beckoning it to go back to the pokeball.

"Seviper! Grab that Eevee!" the older male yells out before Seviper begins moving towards Eevee.

"Bulbasaur! Stand in Seviper's way!" Joey yells out before Bulbasaur steps in the route of Seviper as its moving and stands as it faces a collision with Seviper. "Can't allow you to interfere, after all…"

As Bulbasaur begins to lose its footing, Seviper decides to move around it, only to be met by both Charmander and Squirtle on either sides of it. "You don't have a place in this," Hiromi says with a smirk on her face.

"Now, you can't get away that easily," Rebecca says.

"Now, Eevee, use Tackle with all of your strength!" the young male yells out before Eevee jumps up and collides with the older male in the stomach. This is enough to release his grip on Eevee's pokeball and make it fall to the ground. Then, the pokeball gets smaller, just enough for Eevee to put it in its mouth and begin running back to the younger male. As soon as Eevee gets back to him, the younger male takes the miniature pokeball out of its mouth and pats Eevee's head. "Nice job there, Eevee." At that moment, without too much warning, the area where the member of Team Rocket is becomes filled with smoke and as soon as the smoke clears, it is discovered that he is no longer there, as is the same with Seviper. "He… got away."


About a half an hour later, the four trainers and Professor Oak are standing in the lab, the Professor working the police to describe what exactly happened. Luckily, all of the pokémon were saved and no one was seriously hurt in the whole incident. Two of the Team Rocket members: the ones that Hiromi and the young male originally encountered were put into custody, although their actual leader got away. Done with most of the explanations, the police dismissed the group of four and Professor Oak looks to them and say, "Thank you for all of your help. That was a pretty bad situation we avoided there. I don't know what you are going to do now, whether you are going to start travelling now or wait until your pokémon heal up, as some of you ended up with some pretty bad damage… But, regardless, if you come by in about an hour or so, I'll have some rewards prepared for you. Just a way for you to have an easier time with your pokémon journey."

Satisfied with everything, the other three trainers leave. This leaves the male with his Eevee and Professor Oak remaining. Professor Oak puts on a smile before he says, "Of course, you want your Pokédex, right?" The male then nods in agreement before Professor Oak moves towards the table and picks up a red piece of machinery and hands it to the male. "Well, I'm assuming that you're going to stay with Eevee? It seems to have taken a liking to you." The male nods in agreement and then looks down to Eevee. Eevee then looks back up to him and the look in Eevee's eyes is enough to make the young male smile.

The young trainer then bends down to Eevee and holds out his hand to it. "Eevee, right?" he says, not sure how he should do this. "My name is Ren. Ren Suzuki. And I hope that we'll get along." He the nods in agreement before Eevee puts its paw on Ren's outstretched hand.

"Eev," Eevee says before Ren nods in agreement, almost sure that the pokémon just said his name.

Episode 2: A Desire to Stay

Ren now looks to Professor Oak and says, "We're leaving now."

"Good luck, Ren," Professor Oak says before Ren begins moving out of the Pokémon Lab and back outside. When he ends up outside, he notices that someone is standing outside, waiting for someone. The features on her face make him realize that it is the red head from earlier: Rebecca. Believing that she is there to speak with Professor Oak, Ren begins to walk towards Rebecca's side before she says, "Thank you for earlier!"

Ren hears this and blinks a couple of times before he looks over to Rebecca. However, Rebecca has already run off in the opposite direction, back towards the town. Well, he wasn't exactly expecting that but he'll take it. It makes him feel better about the whole situation. Well, knowing the Professor Oak will have something ready for him within an hour or so, he asks Eevee, "Do you want to meet my family?"

Eevee then nods and says, "Eev."

So, with that, Ren walks with Eevee to his house. It is a quaint little place that's for sure. As Ren walks inside, he observes their living room, which consists of a couch, an armchair, and a wooden table, which are all huddled around a TV. Next to the couch is a door-size opening, although there is no door there, and that leads to his kitchen. Ren then says to nowhere in particular, "Megumi? I'm back for a little bit."

"Oh, really?" a female voice lets out from the kitchen and then a young woman, possibly not even beyond her twenties walks down the corridor between the kitchen and the room before appearing before Ren and Eevee. She is a person of brown hair and green eyes, with a more curvy and all-rounded look to her. Underneath the apron that she is wearing is a blue skirt, of which reaches the top of her kneecaps. At this moment, she is carrying a spoon in her hand, which has some pasta sauce dabbed on it. "Are you okay? I heard sirens from Professor Oak's but I believed that you were already gone by then."

"We're fine," Ren says simply, sure that he won't need to mention anything else.

"We, huh?" Megumi then looks down to Ren's feet before she notices Eevee. "Ah! You got an Eevee!" She then grabs Eevee and hugs it, having a smile on her face, although the Eevee looks as if it's getting blue in the face instead. She then holds it out at arm's length before she says, "So, you're here for lunch?" Ren nods in agreement before Megumi claps her hands together. "Good. Then you can help me with it."

Ren then heads towards the kitchen with Eevee on his heels. As soon as they arrive in the kitchen, Ren opens a door and says, "If you want to play outside, that door will be open." He then moves to help Megumi prepare the food.

Eevee, being the curious pokémon that it is, looks to the door and then looks to Ren and Megumi, who are preparing food. Eevee ends up moving towards Ren and when Ren accidentally drops a couple crumbs of bread, Eevee takes in the bread and chews it a little bit, letting a satisfied sigh when it is finished with it. Apparently, Eevee likes bread. Eevee then rubs itself against Ren's leg and the sudden contact is enough to make Ren drop the bread roll in his hand onto the ground. Eevee reacts quickly as the bread roll moves away from Ren and rans after it, moving past Megumi briskly and clamping its claws down on it. "Ee-vee," escapes out of Eevee's mouth before Ren looks over to Megumi, who shrugs and puts on a smile on her face.

"Looks like Eevee's a pretty attached one, huh?" Megumi says before Ren blinks a couple of times. He then moves to grab the bread before he realizes that Eevee is already beginning to bite into the bread and eat it.

"Eevee!" Ren yells out before he bends down and wrestles the bread roll out of Eevee's grip. "Bread's not good for you! You might get sick from it!" Eevee, however, looks disappointed and hangs its head before Ren returns to making food. Eevee, upset about being yelled at, keeps its head down as it moves towards the door and then through it. And once outside, Eevee lets out a soft, "Eevee…" Seeing a hole near a fence that would make it easy for it to escape, it heads over to it and then, realizing how much of a hassle it would be for Ren, goes back towards the entrance to the yard. Deciding to rest on the ground, Eevee moves around in a circle a couple of times, almost as if its stating its territory, before laying down on it.

A couple of minutes later, Ren yells out from the kitchen, "Eevee, time to eat!" And with that, Eevee heads into the kitchen to see a bowl of pokémon food. Seeing this, Eevee is a little bit disappointed. It wanted some more bread, after all. However, it moves over and begins to eat its food as Ren and Megumi move over to the table and begin eating as well.

"So, tell me everything that happened," Megumi says before Ren nods in agreement.


"Team Rocket, huh? Talk about ruining a mood," Megumi says simply before Ren shrugs his shoulders. "But, it's good that you two got together and that now they're gone. And even better, you're considered to be a hero!"

"Not really…" Ren says. "We didn't even do well in pokémon battles."

"But, that's expected! You're rookie trainers!" Megumi says with a smile on her face. "You're supposed to stink!" Ren runs his hand through his hair as he tries to take what Megumi just said in stride. "I'm just poking fun at you, Renny." Ren nods as a formality before he picks up his plate and begins to move towards the sink. Noticing the Eevee is done with its food as well, Ren says, "Well, looks like we'll be leaving soon, Eevee." Eevee nods in agreement before it moves over to Ren and rubs against his leg once again.

"Oh, yeah… Ren, shouldn't you put Eevee in its pokéball now? Especially if those Team Rocket guys are going to show up again…" Megumi says, heading upstairs now.

"True," Ren says before he takes Eevee's pokéball out of his knapsack and turns around. However, at this point, Eevee is already gone. This quickly makes Ren worried and he begins to look for Eevee. First, he looks around the kitchen and when he doesn't see anything, he heads outside, saying, "Eevee?" But, Eevee doesn't seem to be outside either. Then, Ren notices the hole near the fence before he says, "No…" Ren then frantically heads into the house and looks around once again, hoping that his eyes are just fooling him. However, it turns out to be that Eevee is seriously gone and with that, Ren yells out Megumi upstairs, "Eevee's missing! I'm going to go and look for it!" Without even a possible response from Megumi, Ren rushes outside and then looks around and then begins running in any random direction. After about half an hour, Ren begins to lose his focus. And in that moment, he bumps into someone from behind, making him topple over them and have both people fall onto the ground. Knowing that it was his own fault, he quickly gets up and says, "I'm sorry." He then looks down at the person he fell out before he notices the red, long hair from somewhere. As soon as the person is able to raise themselves to a sitting position, Ren realizes where he remembers the hair from. "You're-"


A few moments earlier, a little girl goes running out of the house in tears. After all, her brother was going to leave her to head out on his pokémon journey. And to her, leaving equals goodbyes and she doesn't want to say goodbye to him. So, she decides to leave and try to come up with an idea to get her brother to stay here with him. Catching sight of a little fur ball-like object moving down the street in front of her, she sniffles a couple of times and rubs her eyes. She then runs towards the fur ball before she realizes that it's not just a randomly moving fur ball. No, it's a pokémon, an Eevee for a matter of fact. The girl then stops in front of the running Eevee, which at this moment, is a little bit distraught itself, and looks down at it. The girl then picks up the Eevee and says, "You're my new best friend." She then pulls Eevee into a hug that rivals Megumi's hug from earlier.

Hey, maybe it is even worse. Eevee, as soon as the girl lets go, is happy for its air supply and begins breathing once again. It then looks up to the girl and says, "Eevee?"

"My older brother's leaving today. He wants to go out and capture pokémon and stuff…" the girl says with a pout on her face. "I want to see him… But, he won't listen to me. He just brought his pokémon back too… So I know he's going to leave soon." Even though Eevee was originally afraid of the girl, it understands that Eevee may have a similar problem as her. It doesn't want to have things change. Things have already changed so much and it was barely out of the care of the Professor. What would happen if Ren loses the pokéball and it is released by another person? It's that simple. "I don't want to say goodbye…"

"Ee-vee," Eevee says in agreement to what the girl is saying.

"So you understand!" the girl yells out before she nods in agreement and smiles. "My name's Meghan. It's nice to meet you, Mr. or Ms. Pokémon." Eevee lets out a small sigh before it nods in agreement. Then, Meghan gets an idea. What if her brother could catch this pokémon? Then maybe he'll stay longer and then she'll have more time to convince him to stay! It makes perfect sense! And Eevee understands her so it'll be no problem at all! "Pokémon friend," Meghan begins before Eevee turns towards her. "Could you please be my brother's pokémon? I think that if he could catch a pokémon before he leaves, then he won't leave so quickly." Eevee blinks a couple of times and even though it understands what Meghan is going through, it's still Ren's pokémon. Eevee shakes its head before it begins to walk away.

It then looks back to Meghan and says, "Eev, Eevee." And then proceeds to walk away.

But, Meghan is not one to give up on her ideas. "Why?" she asks, not sure as to why Eevee won't do what she asks of her.

"Eev Eevee Eev Ee Eevee," Eevee says informatively before Meghan blinks a couple of times and begins crying. Realistically, Meghan can't understand what Eevee just said, which is something along the lines of: 'I already have a trainer.' And all it seems to be is that Meghan is that she's being rejected by another one of her friends. So, when Eevee begins to move away, Meghan sniffles and begins chasing after Eevee.

"I won't just let my brother leave without me doing anything!' Meghan yells out before she chases Eevee out towards the outskirts of the town and then up the path to Route 1.


Meanwhile, going back to Ren and the person he ran into, said person looks towards him and Ren can easily tell that it is Rebecca. "Oh, no. It's my fault for not knowing that you were coming!" the girl says frantically before Ren sweatdrops. After all, how could the girl know he was coming if it was from behind? "I was busy trying to find Joey's little sister." Ren blinks a couple of times. Joey? The guy from earlier, he remembers. Ren then holds his hand out to Rebecca, offering her to let him pick her up. And Rebecca obliges. After being raised to her feet, she brushes herself off and says, "What are you looking for? Maybe I could help you." Ren then makes an even larger sweatdrop. Wasn't she actually looking for something already?

At this moment, Joey runs up to the pair and says, "Hey, I think I got a clue! Someone said that my sister was following an Eevee up to the edge of town." Hearing this, Ren's eyes perk open. "What are you so-? Wait, is that the same Eevee as-" Ren then nods in agreement before Joey lets out a sigh. "Well, at least we know that it's not wild. But, why is your Eevee-? Forget it. Let's just go." And with that, Joey, Ren and Rebecca take off towards the edge of Pallet Town and begin looking around. Worried that his sister may have gone up Route 1, Joey looks to Ren and says, "Let's split up. I'll look in Route 1. You two can just look around here." Ren and Rebecca nod in agreement before they head back towards the city to continue looking. About ten minutes pass and after searching the outskirts of town, they arrive at the entrance to Route 1 once again.

"Joey's not back yet…" Rebecca thinks outloud. "Maybe we should go out to Route 1 too. Without our pokémon though?"

At this moment, Ren begins walking towards the Route 1, making Rebecca blink a couple of times. Rebecca, then realizing that she can't just let Ren go by himself without his Eevee, decides to tag along for the sake of safety. Not seeing Joey at all, the two continue their travel up Route 1 in earnest, with even Joey's safety and whereabouts now in question. There was a nice breeze out, customary of spring in Kanto, and was able to create a soothing sound of grass blowing as the two continue their search. Although interested in looking for Joey's sister and Ren's Eevee, Rebecca couldn't help but notice the silence between the two of them, something that is usually not customary for someone who is frantically looking for his missing partner or even looking for anything.

"Hey, Ren?" Rebecca asks, trying to break the silence. Ren then looks back to Rebecca while continuing his pace of walking. "Why is Eevee out here?"

Ren then simply says, "It ran away from me." He then turns around and begins to walk off. "Apparently, it was afraid of the pokéball."

Rebecca blinks a couple times as Ren turns back around. Although she can't really read Ren's expression, she can assume that he is at least a little bit hurt. And Rebecca, feeling a little bit sorry for the young boy, murmurs, "Maybe it was just afraid…" The murmur amongst all of the calm silence around the pair travels far enough for Ren to hear her statement. Hearing this, Ren turns around and looks at her. Rebecca, a little bit embarrassed at her lack of tact closes her eyes and waits for some show of disapproval on Ren's part.

"What do you mean?" Ren asks Rebecca.

And with that, Rebecca gains a little bit of confidence and continues, "Eevee was promised a good life with a trainer that cares for it. However, the first trainer that used Eevee was a person from Team Rocket who tried to use his Seviper to attack it." Ren blinks a couple of times but decides to not again. I think that no matter what, it wants to stay with you. And… I think that Joey's little sister is the same way."

Ren blinks a couple of more times before he turns around and then looks down to the ground. What Rebecca says does make a little bit of sense. At that moment, Ren catches sight of a person running down the road in front of him, yelling out, "Meghan!" Knowing that voice and recognizing it as Joey, Ren accelerates his pace into a run, only to notice that Joey is taking a pokéball and throwing it ahead of him. "Bulbasaur! Help out Meghan!" As Ren gets closer, he begins to realize what is going on. Eevee and a little girl were the targets of a trio of Spearows. Bulbasaur appears and then ends up charging towards Eevee. However, two of the Spearows head for Bulbasaur and begin pecking on top of it.

As the other Sparrow moves towards Eevee and the girl known as Meghan, Ren runs faster before he yells out, "Eevee! Move towards me!" Ren then pulls out his pokédex and points it towards Spearow.

'Spearow, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. Unlike Pidgey, Spearow has a terrible attitude. It is very wild and will sometimes attack other Pokémon and humans.' The pokédex reads, making Ren sweatdrop a little bit.

'It's not like I haven't noticed that already…' Ren thinks to himself.

Eevee then ends up looking around and then catches sight of Ren. "Eev," escapes out of its mouth before it continues running, it slowly getting towards Ren. The girl behind it, however, slips and falls in the grass and due to the fact that she is a stationary target, the Spearow begin to move towards Meghan. Eevee turns around and heads towards Meghan and the Spearow. Then, in quick fashion, hits into the diving Spearow and sends it to the ground.

'Whatever. Guess I'll just let Eevee handle this.' Ren yells out, "Eevee! Use Sand Attack!" Eevee then moves over to the downed Spearow and kicks sand into its eyes, helping it become more alert as it quickly takes to the sky once again. And then, not being able to see clearly, the Spearow simply flies off. At that moment, Rebecca comes by. Glancing over to Meghan and believing that the girl would be in capable hands if left with Rebecca, he silently turns his attention elsewhere. Ren then looks over to the situation unfolding between Bulbasaur and the other two Spearows and then takes off in that direction, with Eevee ahead of him. "Eevee! Use Tackle!" he yells out, Eevee hitting into one of the Spearows before Bulbasaur hits into the other one. Seeing how well Eevee handled the first Spearow, the other two decide to follow in pursuit of the first one and fly away. Seeing this, Ren lets out a sigh. 'Close enough…'

"Meghan!" Joey's voice rings out before he runs over to the little girl and sweeps her up into his arms. "Are you okay? You're not hurt anywhere right?" Meghan just simply sniffles a little bit before she bursts out into tears. Amongst all of the crying, Ren is able to make out some words like 'stay.' Hearing the word stay reminds Ren of what Rebecca told him. That Eevee and Meghan were very similar to each other.

Ren then looks over to Eevee and says, "Eevee, I-"

"Oh, looks like the problem's been solved already," an elderly voice lets out nearby. Ren and Rebecca look in the direction of the voice to notice that Professor Oak, Megumi, and another woman was close by. At the other woman's appearance and her similarities to both Joey and Meghan, Ren assumes that she is their mother, only emphasized more by her quick movements towards the two of them. As Professor Oak moves over to Ren and Rebecca, he says, "A missing pair have been found and thanks to our heroes, safe and sound."

At this moment, Megumi lets out a sigh and simply clicks her fingers, similar as to how someone would in a poetry session. "Complete genius, Professor." Megumi then puts her hand on her waist and says, "But, it is nice to see that everything's alright. No broken bones or anything…" Ren nods in agreement and then Megumi puts a smile on her face. "Good. Oh, and the Professor has something to give you."

Professor Oak's eyes then perk open. "Oh, yes! I do!" he says, making Megumi wonder if he had just simply forgotten all about it. He then takes out a couple of miniaturized pokéballs out of his lab coat and hands some to Rebecca and also some to Ren. "That's the reward. Well, realistically, I should give this to all starting trainers but at least it makes me feel better." Professor Oak then rubs the back of his head and laughs nervously. However, the only thing that Ren is focused on is that Eevee has retreated back to the grassy patch as soon as the pokéballs came out.

"Excuse me for a moment, Professor," Ren says simply before he walks away from Professor Oak and kneels down to Eevee. "You okay, Eevee?" Ren notices that Eevee is eyeing his knapsack, where he usually keeps his pokéballs. Ren then lets out a sigh before he asks, "Do you want to stay?" Eevee blinks a couple of times, not sure what Ren means by that. "With me?" Eevee blinks a couple of times once again, not sure as to what is going on still. After all, Ren's communication skills are somewhat lacking. Anyone around him knows that.

"I think he's asking if you want to stay outside and travel alongside him, Eevee," Professor Oak says, kneeling down to Eevee. Although at the beginning, Ren was taken a little bit aback by the Professor's presence, Eevee then just simply looks at Ren expectedly, understanding with Professor Oak just said. Ren then simply nods in agreement before Eevee nods in agreement. With that, Ren simply opens his knapsack and puts all of his pokéballs inside. Then Eevee moves over to Ren and rubs against his leg. Looking over to Professor Oak, he listens to him say, "I've run into a couple of these cases before. Don't worry too much about it."

Ren then simply stands up before he looks down Route 1. He's about a quarter of the way towards the first town, after all. Maybe he should just start going from here on. "Megumi, Professor Oak, I'm going now," he says simply.

Megumi lets out a small laugh before she says, "Surprise, surprise…" She then hugs Ren, although it's a little bit awkward between the two of them, and simply says, "Be careful out there… And remember to call often." Megumi then kneels down to Eevee before she says, "And you, take care of Renny for me, okay?"

"Eev!" Eevee exclaims in complete confidence.

"Good," Megumi says simply.

"Take good care of Eevee," Professor Oak cautions. "And remember to make sure that you two watch each other's behinds." Ren just simply nods in agreement, not sure as to what else he could really do in response to that.

Then, Rebecca walks up to Ren and says, "Well, at least everything's working out…" She then nods in agreement with herself, not sure if Ren was going to do so. However, it turns out to be a little bit awkward, forced, and more importantly, nervous. "So, you're leaving? Squirtle will be ready to go soon too. And Joey's going back to give his sister a proper goodbye." Rebecca then smiles to Ren before she say, "W-Well, thank you for your help and I hope to see you somewhere on the trail." Ren then nods in agreement before Rebecca nods nervously once again before she takes off down the road.

Then, Meghan moves over to Ren and looks up at him. She then looks over to Eevee and asks, "So, you already have a trainer… That's the reason why you can't go with my brother…" Eevee then nods in agreement and then rubs against Meghan's leg before moving back over to Ren. "Yep, we're still best friends. And my brother says that he can call whenever he can." Meghan then moves over to Eevee and picks it up once again. "Take care of yourself." She then places Eevee back down and then looks over to Ren. "If you get my Pokémon friend hurt, then I'll have my big brother take care of you." Ren nods and sweatdrops. He's being threatened by a kid that's even younger than he is… And with that, Meghan heads in the direction that Rebecca, Joey, and her mother are going towards.

Ren then glances down to Eevee and asks, "A friend of yours?" Eevee nods in agreement before Ren looks back towards Professor Oak.

Ren then turns around and says, "Well, see you." And as Professor Oak and Megumi shout off goodbyes to him, Ren marches off towards the slowly-setting sun.

With that, his story as trainer is finally beginning.


Next Episode: With Ren beginning on his journey, he begins his trek past Viridian City and into the Viridian Forest. While he's travelling through there, he runs into a bug enthusiast known as Buzzy Grover and gets caught into his scheme to find a Butterfree. Next time: Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

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